By Paul Jamison


Chapter – 8

Liam Russell stared at the monitor screen on his desk. He had recently dared to type ‘gay stories’ into Google and had spent the last few nights reading stuff from the high school section of the first site on the list, called ‘The Nifty Archive’ His reading had been exciting at first, it was after all his first experience of anything like this and so easy to get at too. It had led to his using a whole box of tissues over the time since he’d discovered the stories. There was however, something missing, Liam thought to himself. Most of this seems to be…meet at registration and by lunchbreak you’re ‘doing it’ in the loo’s. Don’t think so, he thought. There’re too many assumptions for a start. One… you’re gay, two… he’s gay, three… you make that known, four… you fancy each other, five… you go do it… Um, No, not in this school where you do attend classes, do have to do some work and chatting to unknowns is fraught with danger, especially about stuff like being gay and … well doing stuff! Some of the stories seemed a little less in a rush to get into stuff… they were better. Liam wondered to himself where there might be more of those to be found.

Liam was a slim lad, of medium height with reddish blonde hair and green eyes; he had always been a keen swimmer and was no slacker in the classroom either. He was however, lonely, in the last few months he had confronted the now, to him at least, sorry fact that he thought he was gay, yes gay. He didn’t know where to turn for some help and advice. Until, perhaps today, when he met Barnes and Naylor down the leisure centre. They were the year below but he’d seen them around school and what was it they were saying about staying with the guys next door? He’d wanted to know more, ask questions but then had not been the time to probe ’cos of what had happened to Barnes’s grandparents. Still there was still the rest of the week on the course. He might get a chance to chat more to them.

He turned his attention back to the screen and the story he had been reading. His excitement level was just about to peak and he was reaching for the tissues when a fizzling sound came from the back of his computer and a second or two later the screen went black and there was a strong smell of burning from the box. Liam speedily cleaned up with one hand killing the power from the wall socket with the other. Sitting back in his chair staring at the now blank screen he turned off the monitor also and started to worry.

He got up from his chair and unplugged the monitor from the main unit. He then switched that on again, the screen showed life and the ‘no signal found’ message appeared. ‘Good,’ he thought to himself, ‘nothing wrong with the monitor. That’s something, but I need to sort out how to get this fixed without anyone telling my mum where I’ve been looking online.’ He intoned a long and loud ‘bloody hell!’ Rather less than quietly to himself.

Liam went off to the bathroom to shower and get ready to turn in. He’d been online for over two hours since supper and it was well gone eleven. ‘Swimming in the morning,’ he thought to himself as he repacked his backpack with the dried swimming togs his mother had given back to him after dinner. Then as he turned back his duvet, shed his clothes down to his boxers and snuggled into bed, an inkling of an idea came into his head; he seemed to recall in the leisure centre café that  something Barnes and Naylor were discussing about a new computer those guys were building for his birthday? He wondered if there was a chance they looked at dead ones too. With that thought floating in his mind Liam drifted off to sleep.

* * * * *    * * * * *    * * * * *    * * * * *

On the Tuesday morning, Will was up bright and early. He’d slept exceptionally well after the previous days exertions at swimming training, but was ready for another day, especially as it meant seeing Justin again. He felt more and more comfortable now that ‘things’ were out in the open between them and he felt good about how stuff had moved on. He wasn’t at all sure about ‘doing stuff’ yet. He didn’t really know much about what ‘stuff there was to do’. I mean he knew some things and had heard stories about some obvious ones and was not sure at all about some activities… There were plenty of things to ask about, but how to without it seeming too obvious? He’d have to think more on that, perhaps talk to Justin too, later after training.

With that still on his mind he dropped his boxers into the linen basket and headed for the bathroom for shower and morning business. Will was interrupted from his showering by the sound of his mobile from the bedroom. Shutting off the water and quickly grabbing a towel he headed back into his room. Snatching up the phone from his desk he flipped it open and clicked it on.

“Hi.” Jus,” he said, as the display had shown who was calling. “Trying to wake me up are you?” he laughed down the phone. He listened for a moment before replying. “Nah, already up and in the shower… Righto, thanks, I’ll tell ’em at breakfast okay?”… “Yeah see you at the centre, Bye.” Will shut the phone, hurriedly finished dressing, sorted out his backpack and scuttled downstairs to the kitchen.

Will entered the kitchen just as Rick was making tea and toast; Paul was nowhere to be seen. Rick turned to Will.

“You’re an early bird today?”

“Yeah, I guess,” he replied.

“Toast and tea again?” Rick asked.

“Please, that’s great, thanks,” Will replied.

“Where’s Paul?” Will asked.

“Right behind you!” I replied coming into the kitchen. “I was just checking some emails.”

“Oh sorry! It’s just Justin called and I’m invited to supper there after swimming today if that’s okay?” Will asked.

“Yes sure.” I replied. “Have fun; will you need collecting afterwards?”

“Nah, I’ll be okay, it’s not far, only a couple of streets away.”

“Okay, but call if it’s wet or there’s a problem, alright? Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know your computer components have been despatched and will arrive anytime,” I said and resumed preparing some breakfast.

“Oh brilliant, so we can build it this weekend? Wow! I must tell Jus right now.” Will enthused, taking out his mobile as he spoke and texting furiously for a few moments.

Rick got up from the table and taking his crockery to the dishwasher loaded the dirty items before turning to Will.

“Do you need a lift this morning?”

“Nah s’okay thanks, I can walk to Justin’s,” Will replied.

“Don’t forget to mention to Justin about the canal trip okay? It’s the last week in October your half-term break? Tell his mum to phone us if she needs more information. Not that we’ve much ourselves yet. We know the size, where it is and roughly how much its going to cost so I hope that’s enough to go on,” I said.

Rick picked up his keys and turning to us both said.

“Bye guys, see you both later.” He left through the kitchen to the garage and drove off to work.

As Will and I were finishing out breakfast the door bell went. I stood up and saw through the window the familiar green and yellow van of City Link, the carrier service the computer component warehouse used. I made my way to the front door with Will closely following and we took delivery of the boxes of components and monitor. I signed the driver’s docket and we carried the boxes through to the kitchen. Will was noticeably excited by now and was keen to unpack the delivery.
“I thought you were keen to get off to Justin’s?” I grinned at him.

“Um… well… yes, but that was before this all arrived,” he finished with a grin.

“Okay, let’s do a quick check to make sure its all here and then we’ll leave it till we have time to do it in one afternoon okay? I think Sunday’ll be the best bet on that, after brunch?” I said.

Will was hopping up and down with excitement as I slit open the boxes to take out the parts. It was as I had hoped, all there correctly. Motherboard, memory, p.s.u., processor, DVD drives, card reader and separately boxed the case and monitor. I put all the components back into one box and made a small pile in the corner of the breakfast room. We checked the monitor and the case for damage, none visible so we re-packed them until we were ready to build.

“Time you went I think?” I remarked to Will.

“Yeah, thanks for checking it through though. Can Justin be here when we build it?” Will asked.

“Don’t see why not,” I replied. “As long as it’s okay with his mum that is, ask this evening, you’re there for supper aren’t you? Oh, thinking about it. I’ll have a chat with your dad, so wait for me to call you about the canal boat trip before you talk to Justin okay?” I said.

“Okay,” Will said.
Will picked up his backpack and set off down the hall with a friendly “Bye” to me as he went. I resumed my seat and poured another coffee, then a thought struck me and I went over to our laptop and booted it up to check on a few things about possible routes and general canal boat information. I emailed Adrian to ask for a layout plan of his boat, if he had one, or a link to where I could see one, if possible that day. That done I shut down the laptop and prepared to head off into town myself.

* * * *   * * * *   * * * *   * * * *   * * * *
Will and Justin arrived at the leisure centre at a quarter to eleven and made their way to the locker rooms passing though the reception to show their course passes. Once there they took adjacent lockers and changed into their swimming togs. Looking around the changing room they spotted Liam talking to another boy his age that they vaguely recognised from school swimming team. He was a sixth-former too they thought so they wouldn’t have come into contact much, if at all. They didn’t know his name. Liam caught their glances and waved as he smiled at them both, he turned back to his conversation with the other lad.

Justin closed his locker and waited for Will to do so. The two boys went poolside to wait for instructors and the day’s training and practise sessions to begin. Again they were worked hard until the routines had been learnt to an extent they became automatic reaction. They were glad to be back in the locker room just after four o’clock. After showering and changing the two again made their way to the cafeteria to make up for some lost calories. A satisfying cheeseburger, large fries and extra large coke each just about kept the pangs down for the time being at least.

As they were munching away they noticed Liam coming off the end of the line with a tray of food just as he’d done the day before. They saw him scanning the room for somewhere to sit in the pretty crowded café and Justin waved towards him.

“Liam’s coming over,” Justin said to Will as he continued to munch.

Will turned his head to follow Liam’s progress towards their table.

“Oh yeah, I like him he’s okay, seems to like us too, wonder why?” Will said.

“Guess it’s ’cos we’re into swimming and stuff?” Justin replied.

Liam arrived and took a seat next to Justin. “Hi, how’s today gone then?” he asked them both.

“Hard work but good, we’re both going to get there according to the instructors anyway. How’s yours going? You’re doing ‘gold’ aren’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s going fine too. I just love being in the water anyway so I’m not finding it too hard. It’s just a matter of technique and practise. Um… can I ask something?”

“Yeah, what?” both replied.

“The guys you’re staying with you said they do computers? Um...You said yesterday they’re building you a new one?”

“Yeah, Paul builds them in his spare time; it’s a hobby. He helped fix up my old one then my dad asked him to sort out one for my 15th birthday next week. He’s a radio producer normally,” Will said.

“Um… I’ve got problems with mine. It went sorta bang last night as I was reading some stuff online, the monitor seems okay, it’s the main box that’s gone dead.” He said. “Do you think you could ask um… Paul if he could have a look for me?” Liam finished.

“Yeah, I’ll ask him this evening, giss yer moby number I’ll text you okay?”

“Thanks, Its 0727384950 okay?” Liam read off his screen.

“Got it,” Will said as he finished adding it to his phone. “I’ll text as soon as I’ve asked, okay? What happened then?”

“Oh I was just reading stuff and then there was a crackle and a fizz noise, a smell of burning and the screen went dead. The monitor’s okay I checked it, it’s the main box that’s dead. I’m not keen on it going to a shop they are so expensive and I don’t want them poking about much either,” he said.

“Oh wot you been looking at then? Naughty stuff?” both boys laughed.

“Not really, just don’t want anyone poking around or telling my mum,” Liam said.

Just at that moment Will’s phone shrilled a text received tone and he picked it up to read the message. It was from Paul and simply read ‘Your dad has okayed canal holiday - tell Justin and try for another friend – Paul.’

“Oh! That’s brilliant!” Will said. “Hey that’s Paul he’s fixed it with my dad, I can go on the canal narrow-boat holiday. It’s set for our half-term and you can come too if you can get permission off your p’s,” he said to Justin.

“What!” Justin muttered though a mouthful of cheeseburger. “What boat?” he continued.

“It’s Adrian and James from Sunday, they’ve this boat share and can’t use it all up this year so they’ve given Rick and Paul a week and it’s the week of our half-term so we can go if you can get permission, okay?”

 “Wow! Really? What sort of boat is it?” Justin asked.

“Paul says its sixty four foot long, about seven foot wide, um… its got six berths, central-heating, shower, toilets, fridge, cooker and all that stuff. Its quite luxury he said,” Will replied.

“Where would we go on it?” Justin asked.

“On some round trip Paul says. I’m not sure where or anything yet.” Will replied. “Can we talk about it with your p’s this evening so Paul and Rick can get things arranged with Adrian and stuff okay?”

“Yeah, let’s get going then. My mum should be outside for us soon anyway.”

Will and Justin said bye to Liam and he said bye back. Will told him that he’d text him about fixing his computer later that evening. Liam thanked them  and the boys wandered off towards the foyer to wait for Justin’s mum to collect them. They’d just got out of the foyer area near the set down pick up lane when Justin’s phone went. It was his mum saying she was in parking area ‘C’ and if they made their way there she was ready to go. The two boys hurried over to the area and picked out the car. Mrs Naylor flashed her lights so they could find it easily as she’d spotted them coming down the pavement. The boys got in, Justin in front and Will in the back and they set off for Justin’s house.

On the drive back Justin began to explain about the canal holiday, but apart from the fact that It was a boat on a canal somewhere at half term he did not have anywhere near enough information to satisfy his mother’s questions. At which point his mother turned round to Will and asked him if he knew exactly what it was and where. Will had to admit that apart from what he’s already told he didn’t know anymore either, except his dad had said yes that day to the trip.

“In that case”, Mrs. Naylor said, “I’ll give you a lift home William after supper and ask Paul and Rick for the full details, if Commander Barnes has okayed it for you, then its almost certainly okay by us but, I want all the details first. It just might be perfect as Justin’s father and I have plans for that week that’ll be a lot easier if Justin’s away. I’ll say no more now till its discussed with Paul and Rick later, so don’t ask, alright,” she finished.

“Okay Mum,” Justin said, turning round in his seat to look at Will as he answered with a huge grin and a two thumbs up sign.

 “Now all we need is one more body. Paul reckons five’s the best number, something about working the locks.” Will said.

“Who can we ask?” Justin replied. “We need the right person too.” He said with emphasis in his voice and a very knowing look at Will.

“Yeah, you’re right there,” Will replied.

They’d arrived at the Naylor’s home and Mrs Naylor parked up on the driveway, both boys got out and trailed towards the side door. She followed them after locking the car and opened up. Once inside the kitchen she demanded from Justin his wet swimming togs. Turning to Will she suggested he give her his also as it was just as easy to run two sets through as one. Will emptied his bag out and after thanking Mrs Naylor handed over the carrier bag with the wet kit. She added them to Justin’s kit and leaving the boys in the kitchen went to the utility room and set the washer going.

Justin in the meanwhile had opened the fridge and taken out a couple of cans of coke. He handed one to Will, then opened his, took a long drink and said.

“Let’s go to my room,” he said.

“Okay,” Will replied, both boys left the kitchen for Justin’s room.  

Once inside Jus’s room they faced each other and almost in synchronous movement put arms round each other and began some serious kissing. After a few minutes or so of rubbing up against each other, cocks straining in their boxers, hands wandering down backs and over jeans clad bottoms, feeling each others cheeks as they did so, tonguing deeply into each others mouths they came up together gasping for air.

“Mmmmm! Oh Wow!” Justin smooched, “that’s just amazing, you really are quite a kisser Will,” he said.

“I don’t know how, you’re the first you know.” Will replied.
“Yeah, you said before, my first was at school disco, but that was a girl, so I’m not counting that one anymore.” Justin said with a big grin. “Not likely to be anymore of those either, except aunts and grandmas and stuff,” Justin said.

“They don’t count! They’re all family anyway.” Will replied. “Hey d’ya think you can get to stay over tomorrow with me?” Will asked him shyly. “I’m sure Paul and Rick’ll say its okay if I ask y’know. I mean I would like to do some more, but in private?” he said quietly.

“Yeah let’s ask when my mum takes us over okay? Perhaps we can sort it then. I want more, but let’s not rush into too much stuff yet; it’s all new for me you know.”

“Me too, I’ve not done anything at all before… except, you know… wanking really,” Will replied.

“Yeah, me too,” Justin grinned. “I really like you though, you’re so sexy and when you posed like that picture I was so… um… horny!”

“Well if you noticed, I was horny too, at least before I tripped over anyway.” Will replied. “That was all your fault too!” he laughed.

The two sat side by side on Justin’s bed and began to squeeze their cocks through their jeans. It was not long before each was getting on heat and excitement was rising. Justin suddenly stood up and unclipping his jeans dropped them and his boxers to his ankles, He turned to Will and said.

“Let’s finish each other like this?”

Will had cottoned on already and was dropping his own to the floor, Justin lay back on his bed while Will stroked his balls with one hand and manipulated his foreskin back and forth over the glans of his cock. Within a very short time Justin’s breathing quickened and his balls tightened and with three quick spurts and some throaty noises and trembling legs he had come into the tissue Will had grabbed from the bedside table.

“Wow that’s just … um… amazing. I’m going to do you now.”

Will lay back as Justin had and enjoyed the sensations of having his balls stroked, after a few moments Justin’s fingers strayed below Will’s balls to the soft area between his bum hole and balls, Jus stroked gently back and forth and in a very short time Will’s breathing quickened as Justin’s had and with his nnng… nnng… nnnng… it was all over in as many spurts over another tissue. Justin leaned over his boyfriend and kissed him ever so gently on the full lips. Will opened his eyes closed with the excitement of the orgasm just experienced and responded as gently. The two boys kissed tenderly for a few moments, then Justin raised himself and began to pull up his boxers and jeans. Will pushed himself upright and stood to do the same. Shyly looking at each other it had begun to dawn that they were indeed boyfriends…
The moment was shattered by a loud call from the hallway. Mrs. Naylor announced that food was ready and if it was not attended to pronto, there was a very hungry dog that would oblige them by having their share.

“Crikey! Yelped Justin, “she’s not joking that hound eats anything and everything,” he exploded! “Let’s get down there now.”

The two of them dressed speedily and made out of the room clattering down the stairs to the kitchen, arriving and looking as if food had not passed their lips for at least a week.

“Oh, I thought that might stir you both,” Mrs Naylor remarked. “You can’t be that hungry though surely? You had burgers at 4 p.m.?”

“Mum! That was ages ago!” Justin moaned. “We’ve really been hard at it today.”

Will who’d taken a seat at the kitchen table had started to drink the coke that Mrs Naylor had passed to him, nearly had a fit on hearing ‘hard at it’ as the bubbles returned down his nose. That started Justin giggling and it wasn’t long before the pair of them were falling about uncontrollably. They managed to regain some sense of propriety and the odd giggle escaped from time to time when either caught the others eye. They just about managed to get through the supper without any more major giggling fits.

Mrs Naylor just shook her head in wonderment. ‘Teens never cease to amaze,’ she thought to herself. ‘What on earth could have triggered that’  She wondered? Then she remembered that she had things to say and turned to them both.

“While you two were upstairs I gave Paul a ring, he’s home and has a sheaf of stuff he’s printed off about this canal thing you want to go on. I’ll take Will back and have a look through it. I’ve had a brief word and it does seem all okay. It’s certainly going to be cheap enough but you’ll have to sort your own spending money okay?” she said more to Justin than Will.

“So I can go then?” Justin asked.

“Provisionally yes, as long as you don’t disgrace yourself before the holiday, okay?” She replied. “Your father and I are keen to get away to Paris for a break and if you’re away with Will, it gives us a chance to go on our own,” she said.

“Fantastic, thanks mum!” Justin ran round the table and hugged his mother.

“Hey, you’re growing too quickly, be careful, put me down,” she remonstrated as Justin tried to lift his mum up.

They all enjoyed the meal and chatted away about what the boat holiday might be like and what his mum might enjoy in Paris with Justin’s dad whilst they were away. Before they realised it was after nine o’clock and time to get the swimming togs sorted out for the next day and for Will to go home to Paul and Ricks.

The boys headed for Mrs Naylor’s car and got belted in, a few minutes later they pulled onto Paul and Rick’s driveway. Got out of the car and Will let everyone in through the front door calling out as he did so.

“Hi! We’re back,” echoed down the hallway.

Rick came out of the living room and extended his hand towards Mrs Naylor in a handshake. After exchanging introductions Rick took Mrs Naylor into the living room leaving Will to look after Justin. He promptly took him towards the box of computer components in the corner of the kitchen and showed Justin the bits and pieces that would soon make up his speed machine for the internet and games. They were still there some ten minutes later when Mrs Naylor, now on first name terms with Rick and Paul came to find them to set off home again. Will got up from the table where they had been checking out the kit.

“Is it okay for Jus to stay over tomorrow please?” he asked.

“It’s okay with us if it’s alright with you Mary?” Rick said turning to Mrs Naylor. “We’ve plenty of room so no problem at all.”
“I think that’ll be okay it’s not school for a few days yet so why not. If you’re absolutely sure you want two teens that is? I’ll make sure Justin has his stuff with him when he goes to swimming course tomorrow,” she said.

“Oh I think we’ll manage,” Paul said.  “Have you got the canal stuff I printed off for you okay? He asked.

“Yes, I’ve got it all here. It’ll be fine and I’ll make sure you’ve a letter of authority to act for us in case of emergency too as we’ll be away in Paris for most of the time you’re on the canal,” she replied.

“Just formality really, but we’re used to having them for the Scouts on every camp and as you’re away it makes sense to be prepared, then nothing’ll happen…” Paul said.

With that Mary Naylor gathered up her keys and with Justin in tow set off down the hallway to the front door. Will was hopping from toe to toe in positive excitement at the thought of Justin staying over the following night. They all said goodbyes at the door and Mrs Naylor drove off a few moments later. Rick closed the front door and they returned to the living room.

Once sat down in front of the evening news, Will suddenly recalled the chat with Liam in the café.

“Paul, can you have a look at a friend’s computer? It went bang last night. It’s a boy called Liam Russell, Rick met him at swimming yesterday, he lives not far away and is on the same swimming course we are… except he’s on ‘gold’  he’s a bit of a swimming star at school,” Will asked.

“Yes, I did.” Rick interjected. “Reddish haired lad seemed very nicely spoken and polite too.”

“What happened? Did he explain? Paul asked.

“Said he was reading stuff and it crackled and fizzed and went dead with a burning smell. His monitor’s still okay he said,” Will replied.
“Sounds like a psu failure,” Paul remarked. “Tell him yes, we’ll have a look and see what can be done. It might be just a power supply or it could be worse. See if he can bring it round Sunday when we’ve done yours okay? Can he get over here okay?”

“I’ll text him now and tell him you can look Sunday. I’ll ask tomorrow about transport okay?”

The News ended and Rick switched off the T.V.; we were all pretty ready for bed, but I wanted a little time with my man before sleep took over… and I had the feeling Rick did too. Will also said goodnight and headed up the stairs texting as he went. Within a few minutes he’d a reply and arranged to chat to Liam the following day about looking at his dead computer.

Will sat on his bed got undressed began to idly wonder what Liam was reading that he didn’t want his mum to know about. Probably nude girls thought Will. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind. Couldn’t be he thought. No not Liam, he didn’t seem Gay? He didn’t seem the type, but then what was ‘the type’? Justin and he were not ‘obvious’ at least they thought not… so perhaps? He’d asked questions about Rick and Paul too so perhaps he was?

Will finished his undressing and took a quick shower; he decided to text his thoughts to Justin. Within a minute or so he got a ‘praps yes he seemed keen for P to look at comp-so that may be why? Chat more tomorrow night…Jus.’ With that thought in his mind and with other more pleasant thoughts coming to him as he recalled the fun in Justin’s room earlier, Will got into bed, snuggled down and drifted off to sleep.

End of Chapter Eight.

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