x Winner Takes It All

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A Story by Outlaw

It was with a heavy heart, and on leaden feet, that Doug Smith finally got up and dragged himself to the showers...

The silence of the room was deafening as he slowly turned on the overhead shower and stepped under the cold spray. All the other boys had left... one by one, silent, head hung low with confusion and shame, while he had sat alone, in the locker room, the captain, captain of the loosing team... his young shoulders hunched, weighed down with the pain of the loss, head bowed low with the shame and the sorrow... alone.

He had sat quiet... while the boys, battered and bruised, took their shower, and then slowly dressed and left, mumbling their 'byes', the usual boisterous chatter, the loud laughter, the back-slapping missing... He had been sitting alone, all the while... wondering... A loss that he didn't understand, that he didn't want to remember, yet that refused to leave him... All the planned, celebratory parties, gone up in smoke, seeming like a distant fantasy now... The boo's, and the jeer's, as they had left the field still ringing loud in his ears.

Oakbridge High had won the Cup, unbroken, for seven years now, and this was his third year on the team, and the first (and probably the last), as Captain... They had not only been terrible on the field, but they had been totally outperformed in every department! It seemed like an unruly bunch of untrained, junior schoolboys, pitting themselves against a far superior team of seniors! And though he had fought on valiantly, giving his very best, outperforming himself once he noticed the lackluster performance of his teammates... still he had been unable to save the day... And that too, in front of a home crowd, on their own home ground!

He just couldn't imagine what had gone wrong... each member of the team had failed him. Totally tame, they seemed listless and lost, the whole while... a bunch of unruly boys, without a plan, without a strategy... just running around aimlessly!

For some odd reason, a very old song kept coming to mind, a song by some famous group, that he didn't care to remember the name of, he had heard long back at an older cousin's place... something about the winner taking it all and the loser left standing small...

      "...Though it's hurting me
           Now it's history...

           The winner takes it all
           The loser standing small
           Beside the victory..."

Flushed with the thought of his first Final as the Oakbridge High Captain, he had been up early and had been extremely happy and excited... had spoken to the Coach, and the boys... Had gone over the planned strategy, and the practice sessions... And now... he didn't even want to think!

All the respect and adulation that he had acquired over the years, with his stunning performance in and out of the field, the debate class, the quiz... representing his school with pride and success... he could see it all evaporate on that brilliant autumn afternoon, as he struggled to rally his team.

A shudder passed through him as he saw the outraged face of the Coach float before his eyes... the flinging of those arms as he had fumed at the edge of the field, livid with impotent rage... vexed at the non-performance of the whole team.

And how would he, Doug Smith, ever face his schoolmates again... How would he ever walk back to school?

      "The winner takes it all
        The loser has to fall
        It's simple and it's plain
        Why should I complain..."

The song played on... the words surprisingly clear as it came into his ravaged brain quite out of the blue. He didn't even remember ever learning the lyrics...

Pulling himself out from under the shower, and turning off the water, he picked up his towel and slowly began drying himself... before walking out and sitting down on the bench in the corner of the locker room.

Lost in his thoughts he didn't hear the sound of footsteps on the bare cement floor of the narrow corridor leading into the locker room, as he sat, wondering... wondering... still naked, the towel thrown across his lap...

"Hi, Doug..." the greeting took him by surprise, jerking him out of his reverie. "Congrats..." said the smiling face of Dave McLeod as he looked up, "You got your wish dude... You promised to fuck my ass, but we won the match, and as per our little understanding," he winked with a sly grin, "I'm here..." he paused, his grin widening, "to fuck yours!"

With a soft groan Doug buried his face in his hands... thinking...

"Come on dude, a promise is a promise," he heard the laughing voice of Dave, his old friend, and his rival from the Central High. "And you know what is said of people who fail to keep their promise, go back on their word of honor..."

With another groan his mind rushed back to that Sunday afternoon, two weeks earlier... They had met outside Old Mac's ice-cream shop...


"We're going to win..." Dave had said as they slapped each other's back.

"Ha... Ha... Ha..." Doug had gone, reminding Dave that Oakridge High had been winning the Cup for the past seven years and in the past three, Central High hadn't even made it to the semis!

"Oh, but this time I'm the captain..." Dave had said, "and we've got the best team!"

"And I'm the captain of Oakbridge," Doug had retorted, "and our team is the Very Best!"

"Oh, well... so let's see who wins..." Dave started to say, but Doug cut him short with a huge grin and a loud, "Oakbridge!"

Doug and Dave, both seventeen, had been close since childhood. And though going to different schools, living in the same neighborhood had made them good friends... and over the years a very special bond had developed. But once they entered high school, they had also turned rivals... on the field. Both quarterbacks, they had already had many a face-offs on the field over the past couple years, and this would be the first season that they would be meeting on the field as captain of their respective teams.

Dave scowled, "OK, we'll see who takes the cup, and if we win..." but he couldn't finish.

"Your ass..." Doug cut in, quite surprising himself by voicing his long cherished desire. A desire that had made itself known with the first surge of hormones in his young body, a desire that he was afraid to give voice to... a desire that he had tried to suppress each time they were together and it threatened to burst forth. Doug had lusted for Dave since he was thirteen, dying to lay his hands on those oh-so-rounded buttocks, that prominent bulging crotch... and finally today, the words came tumbling out!

"Huh..." Dave had looked at him, puzzled.

"Your ass is at stake, dude..." Doug had explained with a glint in his amazing azure blue eyes, "you lose, and I get your ass," he grinned.

"Uh-oh..." Dave had responded, seeming very calm, "OK, you win you take my ass, and we win I take yours," he had smiled with a very pronounced wink.

"Fat chance!"

"Gentleman's word..." Dave had said, raising his hand, palm out.

"OK... fine," Doug had replied, raising his own hand, palm out and open.

Dave had nodded silently.


"Wake up..." he heard Dave say... and looking up once more, saw the wide grin on his old friend's happy face. "Won't you keep your promise? Want to go back on a your word, huh?"

With pleading eyes he looked into Dave's twinkling ones, the handsome face pale with the look of utter devastation. This wasn't how he had planned it... this wasn't the way it was supposed to happen, his entire aura of self-confidence, of that Sunday two weeks ago, was now gone... and he looked vulnerable... with a touch of horror, a child in need of help.

"Ah, I can see the lust in those lovely eyes... and the hunger..." said Dave.

      "The game is on again
        A lover or a friend
        A big thing or a small
        The winner takes it all..."

The song played on as he felt Dave reach out and remove the towel... whistling as Doug's bare pubes came into view.

He reached higher and then painfully tweaked Doug's right nipple, making the boy grimace with pain, and gasp at the electric shock shooting though his young body... but he still sat, still silent, head low... his eyes watching the crotch in front of him, seeing it slowly fill out, grow larger...

"Hmmm... " he heard Dave, "desperate to see it huh?" And with that he stood back a bit and slowly, almost sensuously, as in a strip dance, gripped his light tee and pulled it off, over his head... And despite the situation, Doug felt his eyes lift... watching the bare torso... packed with teen muscles, all sinewy and hard, rippling... the skin bronzed and smooth... The nipples were already hard and pointed and the underarms sporting a lush bush of dark hair...

Grinning at the hungry look on Doug's face, Dave moved a step further back and then swaying his hips to some soundless music, that only he could hear, undid the single button of his calf-length cargo, before pulling down the zipper and dropping the garment... and he had nothing else under it!

"Surely perfect for breaking you in, eh?" Doug heard the husky voice of his nemesis float in from a distant, "... like it?"

And as Dave moved in, closer, Doug stared, wide-eyed, totally fascinated... Here was Dave, all naked and bare, standing right in front of him, something that he had always dreamt of... finally seeing his incredible cock... His breath caught as he looked on... It was an average sized cock... a tender pink stalk, silky soft, slim and straight... and topped with the most amazing mushroom head that anyone could ever imagine, like a demented totem pole, slim and tall, mounted with this grotesquely huge orb! It flared out, large and crimson... a distinct ring where the foreskin had been removed...

He also realized what it meant... that monstrous head... that grotesque, mushroom knob... He felt a shiver pass down his spine as he thought of that cock boring into him... he knew that the head alone could totally ravage his ass hole, rip it wide open... and to think, when Dave would finally pull out... oh, the slim shaft sliding back and then that head popping out... Another shudder wracked the teen's hulking form. And without touching himself, or being touched, he felt himself go hard... twitch by fierce twitch... till his cock was standing tall from his lap, a full seven inches... the shaft above average thick, the bare glans glistening in the fluorescent light of the locker-room.

Unconsciously licking his lips he looked lower, at the large testicles, encased in the smooth sac, hanging very low... He now understood the true meaning of the word 'tantalizing'. This was it, mouthwatering... tantalizing!

"Go ahead, Doug, take it... kiss it buddy, lick it, I know, your dying to get a taste of my cock, isn't he a beauty?"

And as the moist tip brushed his full lips, Doug felt his mouth open... the tongue tip peek out as the cock head press against his parted lips...

With a loud moan he hollowed his cheeks and lurched forward, sucking in the cock, feeling it stretch his lips and push his jaw lower as the huge, polished knob slid in...

Dave smelt fresh and clean... and as the bloated head nudged Doug's throat, sliding back and forth over the soft cushion of his tongue, he tasted the first salty ooze... intoxicating!

Both boys moaned as they labored away at fulfilling a contract that they had made... a deal that had gone horribly wrong for one and pleasantly right for the other...

His cock was buzzing... He was finally having Doug, having his luscious lips wrapped around his cock... enjoying the moist, warm grip of his friend's constricted throat... but he could also sense the stirring in his balls... and he didn't want this to end yet... not this early, not before he had taken Doug's ass!

"On your hands and knees Doug..." Dave commanded, pulling his cock out of the warm grip of the latter's throat.

And like a docile boy, submissive in his defeat, Doug crouched low... getting down on his hands and knees, his breath coming in harsh gasps, his knees weak as his heart began to slam against the rib cage... He felt Dave's hands on his butt cheeks, caressing the smooth globes and then swatting them, hard and loud, the open palmed slaps stinging the tender flesh.

"Amazing..." he heard Dave's horny voice, "Oh, how I have always wanted to see them, touch them, feel them, finally today..."

The palms pressed hard against the reddened mounds as he parted the cheeks, exposing the untouched bottom hole, tiny and wrinkled, a delicate pink, totally hairless, and gasped with lust, his cock giving a violent jerk, a gush of precum oozing out and then hanging down in a long string...

"I've always wanted to look at it... kiss it and lick it, suck on it, it's truly amazing," he said as his fingers dragged along the deep cleft... gently nudging at the closed entrance. "But then... " he paused, with a hint of regret in his voice, as his fingers withdrew and returned once more, wet with saliva, lubricating the opening. "Maybe some day..." Doug heard Dave, his voice sounding distant, "but not today, today we are the victor and the vanquished and we have a deal to keep!"

       "I don't wanna talk
        About the things we've gone through
        Though it's hurting me
        Now it's history
        I've played all my cards
        And that's what you've done too
        Nothing more to say
        No more ace to play..."

The song played on...

"How do you want it, doggy or missionary?" he heard Dave ask, jerking him back to the present, as if discussing how Doug would like his coffee, with cream or black!

And then the loud chuckle, "Doggy... gosh, Doug'gy," Dave repeated a few times, swatting his butt hard before finally controlling his chortle. "Though personally, I'd prefer the 'missionary' position, wanna watch your face as I give it to you for the first time... look into your eyes, see the joy and satisfaction there," he added with a mischievous grin.

Rolling Doug over, on his back, Dave got into position, climbing over him, his knees planted on either side of Doug's hips, pressed against the sides of his buttocks, and then lifting his thighs, placed them over his broad shoulders... the rampant cock settling in the deep cleft of the parted ass cheeks... Dave looked down into the eyes of his friend, and rival, and grinned, "You know Doug, I would have given it to you, if you had so much as asked for it," he said in a low whisper, "yes, my ass I mean, you could have had my ass and whatever else you wanted..." he paused as he gripped his own cock and placed the bloated head at the violently twitching opening of Doug's ass slit.

Doug winched as the bulbous head butted against his untouched hole... and then his mouth flew open and a heavy grunt escaped him as Dave applied pressure and the large head, stretching the tight sphincter wide, forced it's way into the virgin passage...

Dave too grunted, his mouth open, and the nostrils flared... his mind insensate, enchanted by the heat and the grip of the fluttering membranes around the embedded head as they grabbed it... chewing at it. Summoning up all his strength he stilled his ass, and then with a hoarse cry and massive thrust bored right into the convulsing hole, burying over half of his slim cock into the gripping depth of Doug's colon.

Doug whimpered and he whined, pushing his ass back at Dave, slamming into the pumping pubes as his hands reached up and grabbed the powerful shoulders, digging his nails into the flexing muscles...

Faster and faster Dave went, slamming his pelvis into the parted bottom... ripping into the virgin passage with an amazing force and determination... The spine bending and arching like a metronome, a potent and flexible spring, delivering powerful thrusts... intense, frantic and furious! And that grotesquely bulbous head, trapped as it was, within Doug's convulsing rectum by the ferociously tight sphincter, felt like the knot of a dog as it tied with his bitch, so that his sperm could coagulate and impregnate her.

With his head rolling on the dirty floor of the locker room, and biting down hard on his lower lip, Doug got fucked by his friend and his adversary, crying out for more... He had never experienced a sensation like this before... and he could just moan as he lay on the bare floor, under Dave, getting fucked. It was an amazing feeling that started deep within him and slowly grew... the feeling of that slim dick with it's incredible mushroom head... sliding in and out... stretching his narrow passage... rubbing something inside of him... it was unbelievable!

Bending his elbows, Dave fell over Doug, covering him, coming to rest on his defeated rival, his mouth just centimeters away from those puffed, red lips... He brushed them lightly with his own and then burying his head in Doug's shoulder, speeded up... grunting with the joy and the effort... "Oh, how I've lusted for you, all these years..." he whispered in a husky tone, "But there, you don't ask, you demand," he continued, his hips moving like the flash of a lightening, "and that too, with clauses attached... And I just couldn't let that happen... and so, now you will just get my cock, in your ass or just to suck me, and nothing else. God, how much I've wanted to suck you and lick you all over, please you and pleasure you... but you never gave it a chance!" he grunted between harsh gasps of air.

But Doug was hardly listening anymore... he was in a different world by now... he could feel it, feel it begin and then expand... a new kind of orgasm building... deep inside him... powerful... like the rolling sea, slowly lifting higher and then surging with a mighty force as it hit Doug's last tenacious hold on reality...

With a howl and violent hunches he ground up, into Dave's pubes and exploded, his cock seeming to just go up in flames as the balls launched themselves into oblivion!

      "The winner takes it all
        The winner takes it all..."

His mind hummed... and finally, as he got back his senses he noticed the almost maddening thrusts... and the animal grunts coming from Dave... the cock seeming to grow bigger and fatter... And then, with a loud roar he reared back and slammed in with one final, massive shove, holding still, his cock vibrating deep inside the sore hole of Doug's ass, firing off, blasting his bottom with a huge load of teen spunk... hosing the burning colon with the soothing cream, filling his belly full...

It was a long while later, as Dave regained his breath and slowly lifted off, pulling out of Doug, that they heard the ovation... the loud, thunderous clapping.

"Hey, Captain... celebrating your victory alone, huh?" asked Peter, a Central High linesman, muscles rippling "don't want to share your trophy with the boys?"

"Yeah..." chipped in Charles, "want to have all the fun alone, we too slogged on the field, right?"

"Come on guys, you know that this was a little deal between us... but then, since he is the defeated foe, you may all deal with him as you see fit!" Dave grinned back at his teammates as he got up and sat down on the bench.

With raucous hoots the boys began to strip... There was Peter with his fat cock... and Sal, the hulking defense tackle... and Davis, the tall linebacker, and then there was Ron, the punter... and Doug's eyes saucered as he saw the flaccid cock, hanging halfway down the solid thighs... the only cock in that room that was uncut! Randy with his grotesquely thick member and the Wilson twins, both offensive guards... and... Doug's head began to spin as he watched the boys move in closer, form a circle around him...


It was over an hour later, that the guys slowly pulled away, leaving him on the floor... Cum was flowing out of every orifice of his sore body... mouth, ass hole, ears, nose... his whole body covered in the gooey stuff. And his own cock was leaking too... making his pubes soggy, plastering the fine pubic hair to the pelvic mound. He was exhausted, totally drained... yet somewhere deep within, highly satisfied!

With loud snickers and lewd remarks the boys trooped into the showers, laughing and swatting each other's naked butt, their dicks sated and still drooling cum from the tip. Only Dave remained, still seated on that bench, smiling down at Doug, nursing a fresh erection with loving care... "I have a confession to make dude," he said in a low voice, "Don't be mad at your guys, it wasn't their fault that they played so bad..." Dave paused as he grinned down at Doug. "It was the little something that I had, added to their pre-match drink..." he paused once more and then continued, "oh, of course, I had instructed that yours shouldn't be spiked... I wanted you to play well, and go down fighting."

And as Doug blinked his eyes open, slowly sitting up... totally horrified with what he had just heard.... dazed by the stealth that Dave had used, to defeat him... he saw the dozen, totally startled faces of his team mates, looking in at the doorway... watching him, stunned with shock to see their Captain... oh, Captain... all naked and covered in sperm!

"We... ah, um... we came to see what was taking you so long... " Chris ventured, in an uncertain voice before trailing off...

      "The loser has to fall
        It's simple and it's plain...

        The winner takes it all
        The winner takes it all..."

Doug was done!


NOTE: The song quoted in this story is by the Swedish group 'ABBA' - "THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL"