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This story was initially released under the title "All About Sam". I have changed Chapter 1 and re-titled the document.

The Winner Takes It All


Michael J Hudston 2007

Chapter Two

Liam had been awake for several hours, but that was all he could do. He was beginning to feel weak. The last thing he remembered with any clarity, was saying goodbye to his friend Sam.

The evening started out normally for them both. Sam had come around after he had done his school homework, and had his tea with his father Joe. They had spent the evening in Liam's room, surfing the internet, and playing computer games, whilst a film played to itself on the DVD Player.

For most of the evening Sam had been massaging his own right shoulder, and towards the end of the evening Liam had enquired about it, and offered a massage of his own.

Sam accepted the offer, secretly glad for the intimate contact with his friend. Sam fancied Liam. Liam persuaded Sam to remove his t-shirt so Liam could massage Sam neck and shoulders properly. As the massage continued, both Sam and Liam we getting turned on. Liam noticed the effect on Sam, and wondered deep down, if Sam had the same feelings that Liam did.

Liam couldn't resist the temptation any more. He leaned forward and kissed Sam, very gently, on the back of the neck. Sam acted as if nothing had happened, so Liam just continued to massage his shoulders and neck.

Time was getting on, and all too soon it was time for Sam to leave and go home. Liam walked Sam to the front door and as he was leaving Sam turned around, and kissed Liam directly on the lips.

"Bye Liam. I love you. I will see you Saturday." With that he was off down the street, on his way home.

Liam was shocked but happy as he closed the front door, and turned around.

"You Fucking Fag" Smack.

That was Wednesday evening, and now Liam had no Idea when it was or in fact where he was. He was tied up, and he had been in and out of consciousness several times.

Where ever he was it was cold, and he was blindfolded, tied up and gagged. Liam passed out again.

When Liam came around again, he could hear shouting, banging and running. It sounded like there was a group of people wrestling around.

Eventually it sounded like things had calmed down, and Liam could here several people wandering around above him and the mumbling sound of people talking. Liam tried to move and felt his foot bang something hard. There was a metallic sound. He moved his foot again, the metallic sound was there again. He started to bang his foot again and again.

"Its coming from down here!" Liam heard the voice quite clearly. "Oh my god. Someone call an ambulance, there's a kid tied up down here! You will be OK, I'm getting you some help. Stay with me". The voice faded away as Liam passed out again.


PC Tom Hodges walked back into the hospital ward, and found Joe still next to Sam's bedside. Sam was sleeping soundly, and Joe was holding his hand.

"Hi Mr Marshall, I have some news about Liam"

"Hi, and please call me Joe. I hope its good news, for Sam and Liam's sake.", Joe's reply was almost pleading.

"I'm not totally sure, all I have heard is that he was found in the basement of his father's house, and they are bringing him in to the casualty department here. Ill go down and wait for his arrival, and as soon as I know anything ill report back" With that Tom left before Joe could respond.

Joe had dosed off in the chair, and was sleeping soundly when Tom came back in. So he turned to leave again.

"Tom. " The voice was young and quiet, it was Sam. "Any news on Liam? I heard you talking to dad earlier."

"Yes Sam, he was found tied up in his dad's basement a couple of hours ago. He was dangerously de-hydrated when he arrived here, but he is responding very well to treatment. The doctors say he is going to be OK. Now you get back to sleep and rest, so you can get out of here quicker. I'm off home now for some sleep, I'm back on duty in the morning".


. When Sam awoke the next morning, he was aware of the fact that his dad was absent. He was also aware of the bed next to his being occupied. This is the first time it had been since his admittance the previous day. He looked over and recognised the young man in the bed. It was Liam. He looked like he was resting peacefully, but there was an obvious old bruise and black eye on his face.

He had a drip attached to him which was almost empty. Sam looked at his own drip that was still quite full from the day before.

Just them a doctor that Sam didn't recognise came in to the room. Seeing Sam awake he spoke, as he checked his chart.

"Hi young man, how are you feeling this morning?"

"A little sore, but OK."

"Good. You should be able to go home in a week or so, once we are happy your leg is going to heal OK"

"A week? That long?" Sam was not happy about that thought.

"Moaning about having to stay in bed Sam?" It was a quiet statement, but it was Liam. "Doc my drips running low again, I guess I'm sucking up the juice real quick"

"Well you are dangerously de-hydrated, Ill have another drip prepared for you. If all goes well you should be out of here well before this young man". The doctor chuckled at them both. "Are you both up to speaking to the police? They have just arrived."

"Yea, Doc lets get it over with" Sam said, and Liam nodded his agreement.

The Police were in with them both for well over two hours getting all the information they could.