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This story was initially released under the title "All About Sam". I have changed Chapter 1 and re-titled the document.

The Winner Takes It All


Michael J Hudston 2007


Chapter Three


After a couple of days in the hospital, Liam was being allowed to leave. There were no physical injuries, and was recovering well from the de-hydration effects of not getting any food or water for over two days.

"Where do I go, when I get out of here?" It was a question that Liam needed an answer too, it was also a question that Joe knew would arise, and he already had the solution.

"You can come and stay with Sam and myself. We have a spare bedroom, which you can use for now, until you decide what you want to do." Joe replied.

On leaving the hospital, Liam and Joe accompanied by PC Tom Hodges went to Liam's house, to gather all his belongings. Liam's father wasn't there, he had been remanded in custody on charges which included assault, false imprisonment, and attempted murder.

It took Liam about an hour to pack all his clothes, music CD's and his prised Laptop, and they left headed to his new home.

"Tom, would you join Liam and me for tea tonight, when you get off duty?" Asked Joe.

"I wouldn't want to impose on you guys" was Toms reply.

"It's not an imposition. I wouldn't have asked if I didn't mean it. You have been so helpful over the last few days, and I would like to thank you some way"

"I tell you what Joe. When Sam is out of the Hospital, then I promise I will come to dinner more than once if you want. But for tonight, why don't you meet me for a drink in the pub opposite the police station, while Liam here, gets settled in" Tom Said.

"I think you should go Joe. I'm not in the mood for much of a meal anyway, and I will be busy sorting my stuff out, and I need an early night, because I am going back to college tomorrow."

Liam's input at this point, made it clear to Joe, that Tom wanted it to be just the two of them, and Joe was very interested on how that would turn out.



Liam and Joe arrived at Joe's apartment, and started transferring everything from the car up into the spare room, that Liam would now be calling his own.

The apartment was a spacious one. It was in an old converted army barracks building, and was on the top floor. The advantage was that Joe had access to some of the flat roof, along with the other apartment that shared the top floor of this building. The apartment had 4 double bedrooms, a separate kitchen dining area, and a large lounge, with double patio style sliding doors that allowed access to the flat roof area.

It also had a reasonable sized Bathroom, and a on suite with Joes Bedroom.

Joe had converted the flat roof area, to allow sitting outside during good weather, and also allowed for barbeques. Joe had also put some herbs in a large planter outside. That was about Joe's limit to green fingers.

As Sam's friend, Liam had visited this apartment several times in the past, and knew which two bedrooms were not in use. Both were on the same side of the building over looking the main road and parking area, neither Sam or Joe handled traffic noise very well, so had opted for the bedrooms that over looked fields.

"Pick either of the rooms Liam. Sorry they are both at the front, but as you probably already know, neither Sam nor me, handle traffic noise well."

"Ill have the one farthest from the front door, I like the idea of being closer to the lounge some how. Just means we will have to carry my stuff further."

"I don't mind, you don't seem to own that much really" Joe answered as he carried the suitcase which contained some of Liam's clothing.

After the had carried everything up, and put it in the room, Liam set about unpacking his clothes, and putting them in the Dresser and Wardrobe. Clothes made up most of Liam's possessions, which is what he had spent most of his money on that he earns doing work, whilst he wasn't in college.

His only other possessions were his expensive laptop, which doubled as a digital TV and DVD player, and his MP3 player. Both he had won in a competition, while still at school.

"Liam, can I ask you a question?" Joe had walked in to Liam's room, while he was still sorting his stuff out.

"Sure Joe, anything".

"How far has it gone between you and Sam?"

"When we kissed on Wednesday, which was the first thing we did. I've had these feelings for Sam fore a while. I have loved as a friend, and like a little brother since we met when he came to the school, after he started living with you. But kissing is all we have really done, and only that once."

"Its ok Liam, I'm not having a go, I just want to make sure that you are both being sensible, and are not going to get hurt any more. Sam has gone through enough hurt in his life, and what your dad did, hasn't helped matters. Look I am sorry I asked, I jest get over protective when it comes to Sam. We both had to fight so much just to be together."

"Joe, I understand. I love Sam, I don't know if it will develop into anything more than we have already. I'm going to let things take there course and see what happens. Remember my dad hurt me too, and I have also lost my mother in recent years, so Sam and I have more in common than people think. I guess that's what drew us together three tears ago."

"Ok Liam, no problem. You get finished up in here, and I will cook some supper, after all Tom is meeting me in the Pub at eight, and I don't want to be late"

"No being late on a first date would not do" Liam said, a cheeky grin breaking out on his face.

"Would you mind if I used the phone later to ring Sam at the hospital? I think he's going to miss me not being in the bed next to him"

"Of course you can Liam, your part of the family now, but if you check your computer, you may find him online I got him his own Laptop and one of those 3G USB things, so he can get online with out me having to pay the exhorborant hospital charges."

With that Joe went of into the kitchen to prepare supper.


Sam was sat up in his hospital bed, with a brand new laptop computer in front of him. Plugged into it was on of those new USB 3G interface thingy's. His dad had got them both from the computer shop earlier that day, so Sam wouldn't get too bored. Sam didn't have his own computer at home, but used his Dads one in the lounge back at the apartment, it was a high spec one that his dad normally used for writing his novels, and processing his pictures. His dad was a professional author, mainly writing technical manuals for a software company, but also was a keen semi professional photographer. Both the writing and photography had given Joe, a steady and very immodest income, enabling him to afford the apartment he now owned.

Sam was online logged on to MSN, when he saw Liam, log in. He immediately sent a message.

"Hi Liam, its me, i'm still stuck here in this bed, and the bed next to me is empty. Not the same without you here. I really want to be at home."

"Hey Sam, I know it's hard, but the Docs know best. I will come round and visit after college tomorrow, and I know your dad is planning on popping in mid morning. By the way, it's a shame you had to leave on Wednesday; I liked the way things looked like they were going. Esp. the kiss as you left."

"Yea I enjoyed the massage. Liam, I have some very strong feelings for you. But I am worried this will affect our friendship."

"Let's just see where it goes. I will be your friend forever Sam, regardless of what else happens between us."

"Thanks Liam, I do love you. Oh dam, I'm feeling really tired, must be the pain medication, I'm going to nap for a while, hope you can chat later."

"Ill be on here later Sam, your Dad is going out on a date, so I will be home alone, love you and rest well."


It was only a few minutes after eight when Joe walked into the Public House, across the road from the police station. There at the bar talking to the woman behind the bar was Tom.

"Hi Tom, how was the rest of your day?"

"Hey Joe, glad you could make it. My after noon has been exciting to say the least." With that statement Joe held up his left hand which was bandaged.

"What happened to you? You were ok this morning, when you left my place, are you sure your ok?"

"This was caused by our friend David Connelly. I was taking him back to his cell after questioning him again, and he managed to slam the cell door on my hand. I'm not sure how he managed to do that, but it's broken two on the bones in my hand. So my beat will be a desk for the next few weeks. But that's another charge we have against Mr Connelly. He won't be seeing the outside of a cell for a while".

"I'm sorry you have to go through that Tom that man obviously has a temper on him, but as long as you're ok, that's all that matters"

"Joe, this is a minor injury, they kind of go with the territory, it will be all right, now enough of work, what do you want to drink, and tell me how Sam and Liam are getting on".

Both Joe and Tom, drank and talked for the next few hours about Sam, Liam, each others lives, but all to soon it was approaching eleven pm and Joe piped up.

"Tom, I'm going to have to make my excuses, and go home. Although I work from home, I do like to start fairly early, so I will be going home to bed. Also I have a Son in hospital who will want a couple of visits from me tomorrow."

"Its ok Sam, I do understand, I was just about to suggest we call it a night myself, I've got a day and two nights left before I'm off next. I will try and pop in and see Sam if my duties allow tomorrow as well. If not I will pop in after work, even if visiting hours are over, I will use my ID and pull rank."

"Thanks Tom, I'm sure Sam would appreciate a visit. I have really enjoyed this evening, even after these few hectic days, I would like to do this again sometime, and that invitation for dinner stands."

"Well in that case Joe, how about a night in on Friday. I finish my shift Thursday morning, so I'm not back in until Monday, so that means this weekend our time off matches, and with any luck Sam might be out of the hospital by then."

"Ok then, Friday it is, I will see you then. Buy Tom"

"Buy Joe, and give my best to everyone".


Well That's all for now readers, Chapter 4 might be a little while in appearing, so please bear with me, as I have other commitments, like earning a living to pay the bills.