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The Winner Takes It All


Copyright Michael J Hudston 2007

Chapter Four

It was early Wednesday morning, when Tom finally got time to see Sam in the hospital.

"Hi Sam, How are you doing?"

"Hi Tom, I'm good, now they have given me the news I want to hear. I've just called my Dad; they are letting me out today. The cast is keeping my leg stable, so I can get out of bed, and the fractured arm and ribs, are much more minor. I'm going to have a scar here where they put the Drain in though". Sam said pointing at his right side.

"Glad to hear it. I know two people who will be happy that you are getting to go home. I know Liam misses you."

"I miss him too. Shame it's so far away, that he can't visit, what with college and work. I know it's upsetting him, we were chatting on MSN last night, and he was crying"

"Well that will change once you get home."   It was the voice of a female police officer who just walked in.

"Hello Sam, I didn't realise it was you Tom was here to see? You have been in the wars haven't you? Hope your ok though." Her name was Shona.

"Hi Shona! I'm ok now; they have the person who did this.   How's your brother? You two haven't been around to the last few parties my dad has held, and we don't tend to see him often"

"I've been working both times, and James has been going through a bad patch, he has wanted to be alone for a little while. He was away seeing friends this weekend, but I know he's back now, I will tell him, you were asking after him. We better go Tom, we have that boy to interview, and I have got to drive you everywhere."

"Yea well, I can't help prisoners taking a dislike to my hand can I?" Tom Joked. "Take care Sam and I will probably see you Friday evening if not before, I've been invited around by Joe."

"Goodbye Tom, I will see you Friday, and Shona? Why don't you and James come on Friday as well. I will clear it with Dad."

"I will ask James what he says, Sam. Take Care"



It was a few hours later that Joe turned up to collect Sam. By this time Sam was out of bed and dressed, and was just surfing the web on his laptop, when a local News story grabbed his attention.

The picture was that of a boy, a picture of his friend Danny. It reported that Danny had gone missing after being attacked in a local park, and the police were now worried for his safety.

Joe saw the look of concern on his sons face.

"Everything ok Sam? You look a little worried"

"I've just read a story about my friend Danny, apparently he's gone missing. I hope he is ok"

"He was missing Sam, but I think you will find he's back. Tom was talking about that to me on Monday, Tom and Shona were looking into this, and apparently he's back staying with a friend. I don't know all the details, but I tell you what, why don't we talk to Tom later when we get home, just to make sure Danny is ok."

"Oh ok then, as long as he's safe, that all that matters."

"Don't ever stop caring for others will you Sam."

"I will always care about my friends. I have missed Danny in recent months. His Dad put him in a different school, because he's so bright, and we've only managed to see each other a few times since."

Joe had been lying when he said he didn't know all the details. He did know all the details. Tom needed an outlet to releave some of the stresses with dealing with cases like Danny's, and Joe was willing to be that outlet. Sam just didn't need to know, just yet. He had his own problems to deal with. No one had told Sam that one of the two scars on his left hand side, had been caused by a knife, when Sam had been lying unconscious on the floor.


It was over an hour later that Sam and Joe finally made it home. Sam had mastered the Crutches very quickly, but found the floor flights of stairs from the lobby of the apartment block to the top floor a daunting prospect.

"I think I will use the lift for a change." Sam said, and pressed the call button.

Back in the apartment Sam sat heavily on the Sofa.

"These Crutches are easy to use, but they tire me out quite quickly."

"You have only had them two days Sam, you will get used to them. Liam will be back from College after Lunch, and I think he will have a couple of hours before he has to head off to work, so don't wear yourself out to quickly, or you will be asleep when he gets here."

Just then the apartment door opened and Liam walked in. On entering the lounge area Liam saw Sam and a wide happy smile appeared on his face. Flopping down next to Sam on the sofa, Liam put his arms around Sam and gently hugged him.

"Oh Sam, I've missed you so much." Liam said as he continued to hold Sam in his arms. Sam returned the hug. "I've missed you too Liam, and I love you. I want to try and take what we have further." And with that Sam kissed Liam directly on the lips for only the second time.

It was a few minutes later when Joe spoke up. "Erm guys? Tom and Shona are here, they want to speak to Liam about something."

"Me Joe? I don't understand, I've told them everything about what happened last week."

"Hi Liam", It was Tom. "Can Shona and I talk to you in private please. It's OK, you're not in any trouble, and it won't take very long."

"OK. Joe can I use the Kitchen Dining area for a few minutes?"

"Sure Liam. If you need anything, just shout." That was Joe's way of saying, we won't be going anywhere and we are here if you need us.

Liam, Tom and Shona sat around the dinner table.

It was Shona that started talking.

"Firstly Liam, Your dad appeared before the Magistrate again this morning, trying to get Bail. He was refused. Looks like he will be locked up until his trial date, which hasn't been set yet."

"Well that's good to know Shona, its best he's not on the streets, because if I see him, I'm not sure I will be able to control my actions. But I doubt you wanted to tell me that in private, it does affect all of us."

"Your correct Liam" replied Shona. "The private bit is a bit more delicate. I'm not sure how you will take this. We believe we have in custody two of the three men who attacked you and tried to murder you when you were 13. It would seem you were the first of five teenage boys and one teenage girl, who these men attacked. The last was just over a week ago. The third man we believe is dead. It's complicated, but as I've seen from your records, we have good DNA profiles of all three men, and this is currently being checked against the two we have in custody and the one body we have in the morgue."

"Neither Sam or Joe know about that. It was traumatic for me and the Family. My mum couldn't cope at all, and ran away before I re-gained consciousness. Sam and Joe are the only family I have now, I need to tell them about this, could you stay here while I do?"

"Sure Liam, for this family, we could do anything" Tom replied. "I will jus fetch them." With that Tom went through to the lounge to fetch Sam and Joe.


"Joe, Sam. Can you both come through to the dining room? Liam wants you to here this."

They all sat around the dinner table, Sam sitting next to Liam, who was holding Sims hand tightly. Liam started speaking.

"It was just after my thirteenth birthday. I had gotten off the school bus, and walking through the alley way the leads past the woods towards my house. Next thing I know I was grabbed from behind and dragged into the trees. That's where they attacked me, forced me."

Liam was shaking at this point, tears running down his face. Sam put his good arm around Liam and held him close.

"I never stopped struggling and trying to scream while the three men did what they wanted to me, but they had gagged me. After the third man had finished, I managed to turn over onto my back and see them. That's when one of them stabbed me, and I passed out. Apparently I was found by a dog walker, who had heard something going on and had come to investigate. He called an ambulance, and I was in the hospital within 30 minutes."

Liam stopped talking at this point and removed his tee-shirt to show his chest. Several scars were visible.

"I was stabbed eight times in total. Five in the chest, two in my right arm and one in my right leg. That's why I limp and can't use my right arm properly. A small price to pay, to survive. I almost didn't. I am told my heart stopped twice in the hospital, and they had to revive me, but after eight hours in surgery they managed to stabilise me. I was unconscious for two weeks, and when I woke up, there was my dad, next to the hospital bed, watching me."

Liam broke down at this point and started crying. Sam held him, and Liam welcomed the closeness.

"It was six months before I was given the all clear that the men hadn't infected me with anything."

"So Liam, why have you decided to tell us this now?" asked Joe.

"The police think they had caught two of the men responsible, and identified the body of the third. They are awaiting DNA tests to confirm that they are the men that raped and tried to murder me."

Liam put his tee-shirt back on, then stood-up.

"I need to shower, and go and lay down. I'm not feeling well."

Liam left the lounge and made his way towards his room. Sam using his crutches, followed. He wanted to be there for Liam.

"I will be OK Sam I promise. It's just brought back memories that I have worked hard to put behind me, that with what my dad has done."

Liam sat heavily on his bed and started to undress. Sam stood there in awe and watched. In the three years he had known Liam, he hadn't seen him naked before.

"I love you Liam, I'm worried for you, so I'm not going to leave you alone. I'm here for you."

Sam followed Liam into the shower, and used the toilet as a seat while Liam had his shower. Sam watched closely and looked at all of Liam body.

When he finished, Liam got out of the shower and put a towel around his waist. Walking over to Sam and kissed him full on the lips.

"Stay with me while I lay down. I don't feel like going to work. I'm going to ring in sick."

"What would my dad and the others think?"

"The others don't matter Sam, and your dad wants you to be happy. I'm not asking that we do anything other than just be together, but just as you love me, I love you Sam, and I want to be with you."

With that they went to Liam's bedroom. Liam dropped the towel and put on some underwear.


After Liam and Sam had left for the bathroom, Joe turned to Tom and Shona.

"So are these the same men who attacked Sam's friend Danny?"

"We think so Joe. Does Sam or Liam know about that?"

"Sam knows Danny was missing for a while, and is worried about him. But then that's Sims way. He worries about all his friends. He doesn't know that Danny was raped though."

"Well Danny is OK considering what happened, he will need counselling, something that maybe Liam could do with as well, and probably Sam."

"That's not something have considered before Tom, I will call Sam's social worker and ask her if she can recommend someone, she's due for her six monthly visit anyway."

"Danny now lives next door, with James, so I have told James, that it would be best for Danny and himself, that they join us on Friday, if the invite is still open Joe?"

"Definitely is Shona, I think what we all need at the moment is one big united family, show the boys that we are all here for them, and that they can rely on us and each other for any support they need."

"So where is Sam then?" asked Tom.

Joe smiled "I guess he joined Liam in his room, don't worry, I've had a chat with both of them, about being careful."

"Well Joe we have got to get back to work. There's paper work to complete on these cases. We will see you on Friday night."

Tom went over to Joe, and kissed him.

"Hmm, I like a man in Uniform." Joe said and smiled.


Liam and Sam were laying side by side in Liam's bed, both wearing nothing but there underwear. Sam was laying on his back with Liam resting his head on Sam's chest, and Sam stoking Liam's Hair. Liam was dozing, as he had been for the last hour since they had left the shower. Telling the story of his attack had obviously drained Liam emotionally.

Liam stirred, looked up at Sam and smiled. "God you look gorgeous Sam. Thank you for just being with me. With that Liam sat astride Sam and was gently rubbing himself against Sam's Cock.

Liam leant forward and kissed Sam. His tongue exploring Sims mouth. They kissed until they had to come up for air. Liam then started kissing Sam over his chest stopping at each nipple to suck it and nibble it for a bit. Sam was moaning gently, his cock was rock hard and dribbling pre-cum.

Liam kissed Sam over his chest, careful of his right hand side which was still sore, and still had a bandage on it.

He soon arrived at Sam's Calvin Klein underwear which were very damp from where the pre-cum had leaked out. Liam freed Sims cock from their constraint and started to lick the end of Sam's cock

Sam gasped, and put his hand on the back of Liam's head. Liam held Sam's Cock upright, and licked its purple head. He engulfed the head in his mouth and started to suck hard on it.

He continued to Suck Sam off, taking his cock deep in his throat, and engulfing the whole thing.

By this point Sam was desperately trying not to cum, and was losing the battle.

"Liam I'm going to Cum, I can't last any longer".

Liam continues to suck, he wanted to taste Sam. And he felt Sam's cock expand even more, he could feel the cum rising up the shaft, past where he was holding it.

"Agghhhhhrrrr -- Oh Liam"

With that Sam's Cock exploded in Liam's mouth, and Liam sucked hungrily, swallowing each and every spurt that Sam's cock let out.

Liam wrapped his arms around the boy he loved. "Sam I love you. I know we have been best friends for the last three years, I want you as my Boyfriend. Will you be that for me"

Sam was still basking in the afterglow of the most amazing orgasm he has ever experienced.

"Yes Liam, I will be your boyfriend. I love you too".