The Winner Takes It All


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Chapter Five


As Liam lay there with his arms wrapped around Sam, there was a discreet knock on the door, and Joe entered.  Without batting an eyelid at what he saw, he spoke to Liam

"Liam do you want me to ring in sick for you at work?  If not you had better be leaving soon or you will be late."

"It's ok Joe, I'm feeling a lot better now than I was.  I had better go into work, besides I need the money."

Joe left and closed the door behind him.  Liam leaned over and kissed Sam fully on the lips.

"I do love you Sam, but I have got to get ready."

Sam kissed Liam back.

"I know babes, and it's only for a few hours, you will be back this evening, then we can be together then."


Liam had started thinking on the short walk to the specialist Deli shop where he worked part time.  His thoughts had gone from the wonder full feeling he had, when he had been giving Sam a blow job, and holding him in his arms, to the fear he felt, when his mind wandered back to that fate full day almost four years ago.

By the time he had entered the shop he was feeling down again, and wished he had taken Joe up on his offer.

"Hi Liam, I was beginning to worry that you weren't going to make it today."  It was Sally his boss.  Liam really liked Sally and liked the job, it was different than working in a big supermarket, this shop catered for the upper end of the food market.

"I'm sorry Sally. I've just got something on my mind, that's all."

"What is it about what your dad, did to you?  If you need more time off you can have it."

"It's not just that Sally, it's about something that happened when I was younger.  Look we have customers, I will tell you after we shut up shop later.  I promise."


Liam had been working in the deli shop since he was fifteen, so was known and respected by all the regular customers, and relied upon by Sally.  In return Sally acted much like the mother Liam hadn't had in many years, he had told her first about his feelings he was having for his friend Sam, although he had yet to tell her that they were now boyfriends.

After the shop had closed at six pm, Liam sat with Sally and both had cups of tea.

"I finally told Sam how I feel.  He has agreed that we should try things as boyfriends."  Liam said to Sally.

"That's good news surely?  So why are you feeling down Liam?"

"Oh yea that is good news, but there was something else."

Liam began to recount the events of the rape, for the second time that day.  He also told Sally that the police have told him, they think they have the suspects.

"The only thing Sally, is that it's all going to become public knowledge.  I've struggled to deal with what happened in the last few years.  If it wasn't for my friendship with Sam, I would have ended it before now.  I'm not sure I can cope with going over it all again and again in court.  I'm not that strong a person anymore.  Too much has happened to me."

Liam was shaking again at this point, and tears were streaming from his eyes.

Sally wrapped her arms around Liam, and just held him. 

"I've got to go, Joe and Sam will be wondering where I've got too.  After today they will be worried." Liam stops and thinks for a second. "Sally, why don't you come to our party on Friday night?  You're like a mom to me, so I would like you to attend.  I will give you the address."

After giving Sally his address, and a kiss on the cheek, Liam leaves and heads home felling much better.


Sam was beginning to worry as Liam was almost an hour late back from work.  He was starting to panic, and think that Liam was going to do something stupid, when the front door of the Apartment opened and Liam entered.

Sam rushed up to Liam, as fast as he could on his crutches.  This was not very fast at all in reality.

"I'm glad your home Liam, I was beginning to get worried." Sam said, almost in tears.  "I thought after this afternoon, that you had gone off to do something stupid."

"Sam I won't lie to you.  I did contemplate that very Idea, but the thought of the hurt you would suffer, stopped that idea in its tracks.  I stopped and talked things through with my boss Sally.  She's the closest thing I have to a mother, and has been for the last couple of years.  I want her to come to the party on Friday, do you think your dad would mind?"

"Of course he wouldn't.  Hasn't he already said that your friends are always welcome?"

"Yes he has Sam."

"Well then, invite her, and I will tell him that she is coming."

Sam went through to the kitchen area, where Joe was cooking dinner.


"Dad, Liam would like to invite his Boss Sally to the party on Friday, I said it shouldn't be a problem."

"I don't have a problem, Sam, but you might.  You do realise his boss is Sally Edwards."

"Mums Ex Girlfriend?"

"And your other mum for five years Sam.  Are you ready to see her, to forgive her?"

"I was only 5 years old when she left.  I don't remember her very well, and it was ten years ago.  Besides it's important to Liam, and that is all that matters." 

"She was the reason you broke your arm Sam.  Your mum blamed her for that, and that's why they split up.  But as you say, she is important to Liam, so let's not worry about it."

Joe turned back to cooking dinner.

After they had eaten, Sam and Liam settled down in front of the TV for the remaining hours of the evening, whilst Joe, worked on some of his writing on his computer.

It was around ten o'clock when Sam looked at Liam, and said.

"I'm tired Liam, I need to go to bed.  Will you join me tonight?  I would like you with me." 

"I will join you in about half an hour Sam, I want to speak to Joe."

Liam kissed Sam on the Lips, "I love you Sam."


While Sam made his way into his bedroom, Liam went over to talk to Joe.

"Joe, I think I need some professional help.  I was wondering if you would help me find a suitable physiatrist to talk to help me through this."

"Of course I will Liam.  I will speak to Sam's social worker tomorrow, and see if she can recommend one, I think Sam would benefit from talking to one as well."

"Why Joe?  Sam seems ok about what my dad did."


"There is something that you both don't know about what happened.  Your father didn't just beat Sam, he stabbed him.  He tried to murder him.  That's what the bandage is about.  I haven't told Sam yet."

"You mean they didn't tell Sam in the hospital?"

"No they didn't, and there's something else.  You know Sam is worried about his friend Danny?  Well the three men who attacked you also attacked his friend.  One of them was Danny's own father, the one who committed suicide.  Sam doesn't know any of this yet, and I'm not sure how to tell him."

Liam sat down on the nearest chair, and took what Joe had said, in.

"Are you ok Liam?"

"Yea just thinking.  I will tell Sam.  Don't worry I will be careful."

"There is another thing.  Sam doesn't know, that Danny is living next door with James.  Apparently they had started dating, the day Danny was attacked, and James has taken him in"

Liam went to Sam's bedroom where he had already got into bed, and was reading a book.

"Sam, I need to tell you a couple of things.  Your dad wanted to tell you when he thought you would be ok about it, but he was worried it would upset you.  I said I'd tell you."

Sam was looking worried, and just stared at Liam.  Liam just went ahead and told him.

"Firstly, do you realise that my dad, stabbed you.  He deliberately tried to murder you?"

"I know.  I was conscious for a while at the hospital.  I heard them talking, I didn't say anything because I didn't think Dad knew.  I don't know how I feel about it at the moment.  I guess it's not really sunk in that your dad was trying to kill me.  It's scary, that he would want too." 

"There's something else.  Your friend Danny. "

Liam paused, not sure if he should go on.  He could tell Sam was on the verge of tears.

"He was raped.  We think by the same men who raped me.  Danny's own father was one of them.  It seems he committed suicide when he realised it was Danny he raped.  He confessed to that and several others in his suicide note."

"Oh god Danny, where are you, I hope your ok"  Sam said this out load.

"I need to see him soon.  He will need all the friends he has.  I should call Shona or Tom, they will know how to find him."

"Sam it's OK.  Danny is safe.  He is living next door with James.  Apparently they are in a relationship.  You should get to see him on Friday.  They both have been invited over for the party.  Either that and you pop over to see him tomorrow."

"Yea as long as he is safe, and it's far too late now to disturb anyone, and I'm really worn out" 

"Well it is your first day out of the hospital.  Let's get some rest and some sleep.  I've got a hard day at college tomorrow, and you could get to see your friend and be there for him, as you have been for me."

They both hugged and laid down together, to sleep.

Sam was snoring quietly almost immediately, while Liam held him in his arms.



Joe sat at the kitchen table.  He was thinking about how his and Toms relationship was going to develop.  It had only been a few days, and he was looking forward to the party on Friday.  The thing that was playing on his mind was the fact he hadn't had a proper date in five years, and no date at all since Sam moved in.  Then there was the age difference.  Tom was only 23, much younger than he was.  In fact Tom was closer in age to Sam than himself.

Joe decided he should ring Tom and just speak to him and hear his voice.

Tom answered the phone "Hello?" his voice was tired sounding."

"hey Tom, Its Joe."

"Hi Ya Sexy, I didn't recognise the number.  I must save it, so I can answer you more appropriately."

"Yea you must." Joe replied laughing.  "I just needed to hear your voice.  I've not done this for a few years, so I guess I'm feeling a bit insecure"

"Don't worry Joe.  I not exactly Mr Experience.  I've only had one relationship and that was quite a few years ago.  Listen I know it's late, but I was signed off sick from work for a week, because my hand has been giving me some trouble.  I'm only down the road, why don't I come over.  I'm feeling a bit insecure myself.  I could do with the company." Tom Suggested.

"Yea Tom please do." Joe tried not to sound too eager.  "Ill see you in a bit"

"About 10 Mins Joe.  Give me a moment to grab an overnight bag."

Tom was true to his word, and to avoid too much noise, he sent a text message to Joe to let him know he was coming up the stairs.  Joe opened the door to let him in, so there was no need for using the buzzer.

Liam was still awake when he heard Joe let Tom in.  Liam smiled to himself, he knew that Joe deserved some special in his life, other than Sam.

He looked down at Sam as he slept soundly.  Liam drifted off to sleep.