The Winner Takes It All

Michael J Hudston

All my stories are works of fiction. Any similarities to anyone living or dead are purely coincidental. My stories are intended for a mature audience. It may contain profanity and references to gay sex. If this offends you, tough luck, you are welcome to find something more to your tastes to read.

As the author I maintain and retain all rights
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Michael J Hudston 2007

Chapter Six

It was 7:30 am when Liam awoke. Sam was still asleep, Liam was inclined to leave him asleep, as he knew it would help Sam's healing, and it was obvious that using the crutches were tiring him out. However Liam looked at the smooth body of his boyfriend, and felt himself twitch below.

He wanted Sam to wake up to Liam, pleasuring him in some way. All Liam wanted was to make Sam happy.

As luck would have it Sam was lying on his back and the only thing stopping Liam from touching Sam's cock, was the thin sheet that lay over it. Liam gently slid the sheet of Sam, and took his cock in his hand.

Liam moved himself, so he was able to start licking the cock of his cute sexy boyfriend. He took it into his mouth, and stared sucking up and down.

Sam moaned and moved. It was obvious to Liam that the act of giving Sam a blowjob, would wake him, but that is what he wanted. He wanted Sam to wake up to an orgasm.

Sam stirred and began to move his hips in time with Liam's sucking.

"Oh that feels so good. This is the way to wake up."

Liam wet one of his fingers, and stuck it in Sam's bum. Searching, he soon found the object he was looking for. When Liam's finger brushed against Sam's prostrate, he cried out, and was not able to hold back any longer.

"Oh fuck, uggghrrr"

Sam shot load after load of cum, straight down Liam's throat, and Liam swallowed it all.

Sam was basking in the afterglow of his orgasm, when Liam came up and kissed him, Sam could taste the remnants of his own cum in Liam's mouth.

"Liam, I want to make love to me. I want you inside me."

With that Sam turned over and spread his legs.

Sam had never been fucked before, so Liam was going to be careful. He lubed up his fingers and inserted one of them in Sam's hole. Sam was moaning, indicating that he was enjoying the feelings he was experiencing. Liam then put a second finger, then a third. All this, he did over a number of minutes. During this time he also had lubed his cock, which was rock hard in anticipation of being the first in this cute boys arse.

Finally Liam decided Sam was ready. Removing his fingers he lined up his cock with Sam's hole, and gently pushed. Sam was still a little sleepy, and relaxed, so the head of Liam's cock popped inside Sam quite easily.

"Oh Jesus." Sam cried quietly

Liam leaned forward and kissed Sam on the back of the neck. He held the position of his cock so Sam could get used to it.

When Sam's breathing had slowed down a bit, Liam slowly pushed his cock further into Sam.

When Liam's Pubic hair, met Sam's bottom, Liam immediately pulled almost all the way back out, just leaving the head of his cock inside. Pushing back in again slowly, again until he could go no deeper.

"Oh God Liam. That feels so good. Please keep doing it like that. Sam said, before burying his head in the pillow"

Liam kept this up, and the tightness and warmth of Sam's body, soon had Liam on the brink of Cumming.

"Sam, I'm gonna cum soon. Do you want me inside or out."

"Cum inside me Liam."

"Aghhrrr, ugnnn, Oh god" Liam cried as his cock let loose, filling Sam's insides with his Cum.

With the feeling of Liam inside him, Liam's cock rubbing past his prostate again and again, and then the feeling of the warm cum being blasted inside him, made Sam cum again, underneath himself.

Liam collapsed on top of Sam, but didn't put too much pressure on him, because his ribs were still sore, and his side was still bandaged.

As Liam softened, he pulled out of Sam, and rolled off him, and onto his back, he was still breathing pretty hard. Sam rolled over and snuggled up to Liam, and they hugged.

"Thank you Liam. That was wonderful, I love you." Sam said

"Thanks to you too Sam, for letting me be your first. I love you Sam, and I want us to be together, forever."

They kissed again, and then Liam said. "I've got to get up for College"


Joe and Tom had been awake for a while when they heard the goings on in the bedroom next door. On hearing what the two boys were getting up too, both Tom and Joe were getting hard just listening.

"Hmm." Said Tom, "I guess that things have moved on with those two then."

"Yea, I guess I'm going to have a little word to them about being careful. Sam means so much to me, and Liam is started to mean something to me as well. I'd hate to see either of them get hurt."

"Don't worry so much Joe. They are two teenage boys, who are in love. They seem so right together."

"I know Tom, but when it comes to Sam, I worry."


In the neighbouring apartment, James was awake in his bed. The boy beside him, whilst sleeping was mumbling in his sleep, and moving around a lot. Suddenly, the boy screamed, and sat bolt upright. He was visibly shaking and tears were streaming down his face. James wrapped his arms around the boy.

"It'd OK Danny, I'm here. I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you."

He rocked Danny whilst gently rubbing his back. Danny buried his face in James, crying almost hysterically.

It took about 10 minutes for Danny to calm down and look at James.

"Thank you for sticking by me James, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you."

"But you do have me Danny, and I don't plan to go anywhere, or leave you. I am going to contact the psychiatrist today to try and get you an appointment. I think it would help you if you could talk to someone about what you're feeling and going through."

"That's too expensive for you James, I can't have you paying for that."

"Danny, listen to me. Money is not an issue, and even if it was I would find away. I want to do this because you mean so much to me, I want us to be happy. I've not had these feelings for someone in four years, and I don't want you hurting, to ruin what we have found together."

"Do you mean that James?" Danny smiled for the first time today.

"I don't say things I don't mean Danny."

"So who was this other, and should I be jealous?" Danny said suddenly concerned again. This was his insecurity showing through.

"No Danny, you have nothing to be jealous about. The guy I'm talking about was called Jon. Until you turned up, he was my one true love, but he was killed over 4 years ago. I'll tell you the story one day."

"OK James."

Danny reached up and kissed James on the lips, and wiped the tear that had appeared. The mention of this Jon person was obviously something that still upset James, and Danny did not want to push the issue.

Danny started to kiss James again, this time more urgently. As he did so, he reached down with his hand and started massaging James's cock. James moaned.

"I want you inside me James", said Danny in a momentary break between kisses. "Please make love to me."

While holding onto James, Danny laid back onto the bed, pulling James with him. James ended up on top of Danny, both had resumed kissing.

Danny's hands roamed all over James back, tracing the lines of the muscles, and noticing for the first time, the scar line, from an old wound.

Danny spread his legs, and positioned James between them.

"I want you now James. I need to feel you inside me."

James positioned the head of his now very hard cock at Danny's rose bud opening. James had already lubed his cock, and now he gently but firmly pushed.

"Oh ugghhrr" Danny exclaimed as he felt James penetrate him. As James entered him, Danny wrapped his legs behind James and used them to pull him fully inside.

"Ahhhhh" The feeling was immense for Danny, despite what he had gone through less than two weeks previously.

James started moving in and out of Danny, making long full length movements. Danny was moaning. It was obvious that he was really enjoying this.

James wrapped his hand around Danny's dick, and started to pump it in time with his movements in Danny's hole. With his remaining hand he massaged Danny's ball sack, and this quickly sent Danny over the top.

Danny arched his back as his climax approached, he was trying to hold back as long as possible, to intensify his orgasm.

Danny's Toes curled up and his eyes were screwed tight shut.

"Aghhrrr, ugnnn, Ooohhh." Was what came out of Danny's mouth!

What literally shot out of Danny's cock was a jet of cum, which hit him in the face. The next shot also hit him in the face. The next few shots were of decreasing strength and landed on his torso. Danny shot six good loads, but even after that, cum, continued to ooze out of his cock.

As his ring had clamped around James cock, this triggered James to shoot his load deep within Danny's bowels and he literally coated Danny's insides with loads of his cum.

James collapsed on top of Danny, and they stayed in that position for quite a few minutes as both savoured the feelings they had just experienced.

Danny wrapped his arms around James and squeezes tight and held him close. Danny was shaking again, and tears appeared at the corner of his eyes.


It had been a couple of hours since Liam had left for College. Sam had fallen back to sleep.

Sam got up and went to the bathroom, after performing his ablutions, and pulling on a clean pair of CK's Sam went to leave the bathroom.

He slipped on a wet patch on the floor and came crashing down on his right hand side. He screamed in agony.

Both Joe and Tom came rushing in and saw Sam on the floor.

"Oh My God, Sam you OK?" Joe asked crouching down at his sons side

"No I think I heard something crack. Oh jeez there's blood."

Fresh blood was showing on the bandage on Sam's side

Tom had already picked up the phone and called an ambulance.

"I've already called an ambulance guys, they will be here shortly."

Tom placed a bandage that he had found in the first aid Kit over the top of the bandage that was already on Sam's side.

"Agghhrrr", Sam was in obvious pain.

"I know it hurts Sam, but I need to try and stop the bleeding, or at least reduce it till the ambulance gets here."

It was only 10 minutes, and soon Sam accompanied by Joe was on his way to the hospital.

Tom called Shona, to see if he could arrange a lift to the Hospital, and he was taken in a police car. Not something most taxpayers in the UK would approve of this, but Tom really didn't care at this point.

It was late afternoon, by the time Sam had been seen by the doctors, given a thorough check over and discharged again. It had turned out that he had re-cracked a rib that had just started to heal, and burst a couple of stitches.

On his arrival home, Liam had already been back from college and left for work.

"I'm going to bed, I guess this is taking it out of me more than I thought" Said Sam. "Would you join let Liam know what happened when he gets home, and let him know I would like him to be with me tonight, when he's ready for bed."

"Of course I will Sam. I think you too need to decide which room you are going to use, and Stick to it." Joe smiled at Sam when he said that. "I'll wake you up in a couple of hours for some tea. You need to eat to help the healing process."

"Ok Dad, thanks."

With that Sam went to bed.