The Winner Takes It All

Michael J Hudston

All my stories are works of fiction. Any similarities to anyone living or dead are purely coincidental. My stories are intended for a mature audience. It may contain profanity and references to gay sex. If this offends you, tough luck, you are welcome to find something more to your tastes to read.

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Michael J Hudston 2007

Chapter Seven

It was a few hours later when Sam was woken up by a worried looking Liam.

"Are you OK? Your dad told me about your accident."

"I'll be fine Liam, I slipped that's all. I should have been more careful."

"As long as you're OK! You mean so too much to me. I've fallen in love with you Sam. I want us to be a couple, to be together for a long time."

Sam smiled. "I've had these feelings for a few years now Liam. I fell in love with you not long after we became friends, but I never managed to figure out how to tell you. I'm glad we have now got together like this I so want us to be a couple."

Sam and Liam hugged.

"That's settled then. I think you best get up and dressed. Dinner will be ready soon, then we will chat and talk to your dad about us. I don't want to keep any secrets from him, not after all he has done for me, and for you."

With that Liam kissed Sam, got up and left the room.

Sam lay there thinking. He knew deep down his dad was going to be OK.


It was during dinner that Liam raised the topic.

"Joe?" Liam paused. "I guess you need to know that Sam and I are boyfriends."

"I've kind of figured that one out for myself Liam, and just so you both know, I of course do not have a problem with it. All that matters to me is to see you both safe and happy."

"How did you know dad?"

"Well you weren't exactly quiet this morning when I think you said, Cum inside me Liam".

Both Liam and Sam Blushed bright red.

"Look guys, just a word of warning. If you are going to be faithful to each other and not be with anyone else, then I don't see a problem with you forgoing the use of condoms, but just be aware, that if you mess around with anyone else, then that rule ends. End of Lecture."

"So Joe. Do you have any objections from me moving my stuff into Sam's room?"

"It's our room now Liam, although I think it will need re-decorating a little, so its truly ours."

"Sounds like a good idea boys, but why don't we wait till Saturday, after tomorrows party."

Sam responded. "I was thinking maybe we could wait to decorate, until I'm recovered more, but Liam can move in tonight."


Friday Morning. Danny was awake. He was in bed, and in the arms of the Man he loved dearly. It was only two weeks ago that he had first met James, two weeks since... Danny didn't want to think of that.

After they had finished making love yesterday, Danny and James had visited the school. Danny was relieved to learn that the school were not expecting him to return in the final two weeks prior to the exams. They were only revision weeks, and one of the teachers had arranged to visit Danny at home and help him revise. That was a relief to Danny, because he didn't want to face anyone at school.

That was due to start on Monday, so Danny was going to make the most of today and Friday with James. He was almost looking forward to the party tonight, but was not sure as he did not know anyone else in the building. He had only been in here since he had come back with James on Monday, and both had been keeping to themselves, preferring each other's company other than that of strangers.

It was gone eight in the morning, and Danny did think that maybe he should get up and make them both Coffee, after all that's what they both like in the morning.

As he did so, James stirred.

"Hey, where are you off too?"

"Coffee, stay there and I will bring it to in bed, and Ill join you again. I thought we would have a coffee, then take a relaxing bath together in that massive tub of yours. I want to do as little as possible before Monday, as I'm going to be getting ready for, and then taking my exams."

"Sounds like a plan. Especially as we have the party tonight. You will get to meet Joe's boy Sam. I think he's a similar age to you. You could be friends.

"We will see. I do need more friend's, I've lost touch with most of mine, after I changed schools. You said his name is Sam? I used to have a friend called Sam who I haven't seen in months."

"What happened? Why have you not seen him for so long"

"I was being hassled at school so my father moved me, we kind of lost touch. He lives around here somewhere; I should try and find him I guess. But for now, Coffee."

It was late morning when Danny and James had finished their coffee, had a long soak in the bath and James was now in his home office working on his current project for an album cover.

Danny noticed that the weekly free newspaper was lying on the floor by the front door. It had obviously just been delivered.

Danny picked it up and noticed the headline "Local Mans, Suicide Rape Confession."

Danny leaned against the wall as he read the article, it mentioned his dads name, and stated that in his suicide letter, that he had confessed to the rapes of four boys and a girl.

The article also mentioned that it was thought that the man's only son was one of the victims and was classed as missing, presumed dead, by the police. It had a picture of Danny, when he was a few years younger and smiling happily.

Danny sank to the floor, put his head in his hand and started sobbing. He was wondering if this would ever go away.

James heard Danny sobbing and came to investigate.

Wrapping his arms around Danny, James noticed the newspaper article and saw the parts that had obviously upset Danny.

"It will get better Danny, I promise. I wasn't going to tell you this yet, I wanted to surprise you. But I am going to take you away from all this, once your exams are over. We will be going to go away for a while, just so you can relax, and just be yourself. No one there will know anything about this."

"But I will have to come back sometime and face what's happened might as well start now. Call the paper, I want to put them straight on some of these statements, and find out who has been miss-informing them."

Danny was angry now.

"The two bastards that are alive are going to pay for what they have done to me."

At that moment the door bell rang. On opening it James saw that it was his sister.

"Hi Shona, excuse us a moment, we are having a bit of a crisis."

"I take it you have read the local paper then! Well I have some news which may go a little way in helping. Both the men charged with the rapes entered a plea of guilty at their hearing this morning. They have both expressed remorse at what they have done. I don't think it's genuine. I guess they know that the evidence against them is so strong, that they are attempting to minimise their time in Gaol."

"I don't have to face them in Court?"

"Not if you don't want to, but there is more. Both men have also agreed to be tested for STD's, the results also were given in court this morning. I think they are trying to use it as leverage."

"What were the results of the test?" It was James that asked this question.

"They were both, negative, but that's not conclusive. I would still suggest you get tested after the months, just to be on the safe side, besides the blood tests on your father's body came back negative, but because he had been dead for a week, then that is also inconclusive."

"SO when is the sentencing hearing?" Asked James.

"Not for two weeks, the prosecution requested time to try and identify the two boys and the girl, which we don't know about, and try and obtain impact statements. This brings me to the other reason I am here. I have to arrange a convenient time for me to sit down with you Danny and get your impact statement, if you're willing."

Danny who was still sat on the floor at this point, looked up and simply said "Monday".


It was also late Friday morning when Liam and Sam woke up in the bed that they were now sharing.

"What about College Liam?"

"Never on a Friday, but I am working later. When you going back to school?"

"It may be another week. I'm still struggling with these crutches. I'm worried though about what people will say. I don't have any real friends at the school anymore. There was really only you and Danny, and neither of you are there. Also the guys that used to give Danny a real hard time have started to pick on me a bit, although I have been defending myself."

"Well the school year is going to be over in a few weeks, and they will have all forgotten it by September, you will see. I think it's time for lunch, and then I have got to go to work."