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Winter Dreams
Part 10. 'Happy At Last'

Crap. What would we do? We were both naked and hugging each other. I threw the covers around me and Luke and hoped for the best.

"Eric. What are we gonna do?" He said hurriedly.

"I have no idea." I replied.

It was too late to do anything. The door opened and someone stepped in. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. There I was, naked in a bed with my love, who was also naked. This is going to be hard to explain.

The tension was mounting. What would we do? What would we say?

I then heard Portia's voice.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Templeton. Are you two here to visit Eric?" She emphasized my parents name. "Thank you Portia" I whispered. I then turned to Luke as fast as I could and told him to put his clothes on. I hope Portia could stall them for a little bit longer. I jumped out of bed and grabbed the clothes that were piled up on the floor. I searched for my hospital gown and put that on as quickly as I could. I threw the rest of the clothes at Luke and he started to put them on as fast as he can.

I could barely hear what Portia and my parents were saying.

" . . . are you . . . How's . . . mother?" I heard my mum say. I stopped trying to hear what my parents were saying and looked at Luke. My gorgeous hunk was in a rut. He did have everything but the problem was that his shirt wasn't buttoned and his pants weren't zipped.

"Luke your buttons!" I said to him.

He looked down at his shirt and winked at me.

"Oh no. You can't go in yet . . ." Portia said.

"Hurry up" I whispered to Luke. I decided to help him a bit. While he was buttoning his shirt, I zipped up his pants and buttoned it.

"And why is that? The nurse told us it was visiting hours." I heard my mum reply.

"Uncle Jarod is here somewhere. He would like to meet you two." She said.

Quick. My quick thinking Portia. I wondered if that would hold any water but I guess we had no choice.

"Your Uncle Jarod aye. Where is he?" my father, inquired.

"Umm . . . he is here somewhere. I think we went to the café downstairs for coffee. He'll be back soon though," she responded.

"Well then, we'll meet him after we go see Eric. Lets go hun. Eric is waiting for us." He motioned for Mrs. Templeton and they both went into the room.

I seemed like a slow motion scene from an old movie. I couldn't believe this. My parents were going to catch us like this. I looked over at Luke and I let out a gasp of surprise. He was all dressed and sat down in the chair next to the hospital bed just in time when my dad and mum first stepped into the room. He motioned for me to get onto the bed. I totally forgot I had gotten up to help Luke button up his pants.

I pounced onto the bed with a "CREAAAK." Just in time too.

"Hello son. How are you feeling? We heard about your little encounter on main street. Son, you need to be more careful. And don't worry, we took care of everything." Ugh. He emphasized the word little. That means it was big. I knew we were going to have another talk at home in private. My mum came up to me and kissed me on the cheek and squeezed me sooo hard.

"Mu . . . .m," I gasped. "I can't bre . . .athe." My words fell on a deaf ear. She kept her bear hug but thank god she stopped her kisses.

"Oh my poor pooh. He's all hurt. Don't worry, mum will have you all fixed up in no time." OMG. She did not just call me pooh. Now, Luke heard this and he giggled. I will have his head for that giggle. I gave him my "I'm gonna kill you" look and he just giggled more.

"Hun. Your squishing our son." My dad said to her.

"Can't a mom worry about his son now without getting criticisms." She snapped back. Tears started to fall. I didn't know if it was from me being hurt or from her hurt pride.

My dad has always been the gentleman. He would never let my mum cry. He would always console her and admit he was wrong even if he was right. LoL. Talk about funny.

"Now now hun. No need for tears. I apologize. I just think that Eric here, might like some rest. He has had a excruciating experience you know." He held her by her arms and started to wipe her tears away. Gosh it was icky, but they were in love. They loved each other very much.

My dad, 54 years old, 6 foot tall, handsome, salt and pepper hair, in a nice crisp grey twill suite, is a businessman, and my mum 45, hardly a wrinkle on her beautiful face, dark silky hair, ivory skin 5 foot 9 inches, is one of the most successful divorce lawyers in the nation. Who ever would get her to fight the case would surely get at least seventy five percent, if not more of the husbands assets.

That made me think. Is that why my dad loved her so much? Was he afraid of losing his assets because she was so successful? Who knows? But, I doubt it. She makes more money than he does anyway. When my mum doesn't have divorce cases, she is a busy helping my dad with the legalities of the business transaction. Getting papers and contracts, making sure my dad isn't cheated, and stuff like that is what she does. Talk about spending time together. Ick. They were married for 25 years now. They adopted me when I was a few months old. I never knew much about my real parents. I was told my mom died of complications with her birth. I pretty much dropped the subject. But I knew I was adopted. I mean they were white and I was Asian. Duh. Who wouldn't notice?

"I guess." She sniffled. Now don't think my mum is a weakling. She is a powerhouse when it comes to other matters. She just likes being pampered and treated like a queen. I mean who doesn't?

"Let's go hun. We already spent too much time here. We still have to get to work now. We have a 12:30 meeting with the investors and I need you present." My dad urged.

"Ok. Good bye pooh. Get your rest ok. And call on the nurse if you need anything. We have already taken care of everything." She kissed me one more time and they departed.

"And son, you'll can check out after one more night in the hospital. But we won't be able to pick you up. Your mom and I have business to attend to, in Cairo. Can you get home by yourself?"

I knew it. They come visit me, but they leave after a few minutes. They won't even be here to pick me up. Sigh. Oh well, what can I do.

"Mr. And Mr.s Templeton, I can pick Eric up tomorrow and see that he gets home safetly. He could also stay with me and my family and I promise to take excellent care of him if you like." Luke spoke out. OMG. I totally forgot about him. He was just silent and in the background. I smiled when I heard his offer though. So he wanted to take care of me aye?

"And who would you be son?" My dad asked him.

"Oh I'm sorry about my manners. My name is Luke McThomas." He stuck his hand out.

My dad shook his hand. After a bit of pondering he spoke.

"McThomas . . . hmm . . . the McThomas's" He stressed the "the" pronouncing it as "thee".

"Yes. Sir. I am the son of Robert McThomas and Lucrecia McThomas."

My dad's eyes opened. He was surprised alright. There was nothing to be surprised about really. His son isn't that shabby. He courted the son of famous and also very rich, Robert McThomas right? LoL. Hehe.

"Why to what do we owe the pleasure." My dad asked while he shook Luke's hand.

"Nothing. Eric is my friend and I would like to look out for him. He could stay with us if he likes. He'll be taken care of I promise." Luke said to him.

"Well, since you offered, we can't say no to you now." My dad looked at me. "Now Eric, be a good guest at the McThomas's you here. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Yes dad. I will behave." I looked him in the eye. "By the way, don't you have a meeting to go to?"

"Oh my." He looked at his watch "Hun. We need to go. We are going to be late."

I giggled. They rushed out the room, but not before my mom gave me one last kiss. I waved goodbye and they were out of sight. I looked at Luke and he was grinning at me.

"What are you grinning at?" I asked.

"Just at my sexy Eric." He said.

I laughed and fell back onto the bed. Oh my. Luke was always so sweet. I could just imagine myself being pampered by my love. I giggled at that thought.

"What are you giggling at?" he jumped onto the bed and was now laying beside me.

"Oh nothing. Just at how sweet you are." I said while touching his nose with the tip of my index finger. I looked into his piercing gray eyes and just smiled. I felt so happy for the first time in my life. Actually the second time. The first was out in the rain when he told me he loved me. I know its weird but I do love him. I really do. "I love you Luke."

"I love you too Eric." I kissed him on his lips and we shared a passionate kiss. No grinding, no humping. Just us two laying there kissing.

"Ah Hem . . ." Someone coughed out.

I looked back and it was Portia. I got up and spread my arms out. She came and gave me a hug.

"Thank you Portia. If it wasn't for you, my parents would have found out already and I wouldn't know what to do." I hugged her hard out of appreciation.

"No sweat." She stopped her hug and sat on the bed. She was so beautiful inside and out. He long blond hair was flowing across her face. She had impeccable ivory skin with no sign of a blemish what so ever. She looked over at Luke who seemed to just be staring at her. I pinched him in the arm and he yelled out.

"What was that for?"

"You seemed to be in a daze so I woke you out of it. What were you staring at?"

He blushed totally and moved towards my ear. "I was looking at Portia. Gosh she's beautiful." Oh. That butthead was staring at her. I got so jealous. I whispered back "Don't even think about it. Fat chance your leaving me for her, you got it." He giggled and whispered back "Green isn't your color. And don't worry. I plan for us to be together for a way long time. By that time, she won't be as dazzling anymore."

"Hey I heard that." Portia yelled out. She took the pillow and smacked it across Luke's head. LoL. It was hilarious. Seeing that scene. Luke just let out a whoop and fell on top of me.

"Hey now. Don't take advantage of the sick." I said while pushing him off. Gosh he was heavy. His head was on my thigh and I couldn't budge it. "Portia, smack him again please."

"Can do." She swung the pillow and it blazed past Luke and hit me in the face.

"OMG!" She yelled out. "I am so sorry."

I was so dazed I didn't even realize what happened. Luke's laughs woke me up. "You bitch" I yelled back at her. I took my pillow and threw it in her face, rusting that pretty hair of hers"

"Oh my. Cat Fight!!!" Luke yelled out. I turned my head sharply and looked at Luke. I got the other pillow and smooshed it on his head, which by the way, was still on my lap. The butt head was laying his head on my thigh and laughing at me. No more head rest on my thigh. No No. He kept on laughing. That got me even more furious. Just when I was about to do something else to me, I heard a voice.

"Now now boy's. No blow jobs while the patient needs rest." The bitch Portia was making fun of the situation. His head was on my lap, not between my legs. LoL.

Luke got up to that remark.

"Hey hey now. That wasn't a blowjob. I was just sucking on his beautiful nuts." OMG. I can't believe he made a joke out of Portia's joke. That asshole.

Portia was laughing and saying gross at the same time. That did it. I ignored both of them and laid down on the bed, bringing the sheets over my head. It was so frustrating and embarrassing.

They kept on laughing for awhile. But then there was sudden silence . . .

I pulled the sheets off and they were gone. I wasn't in the hospital anymore. I was on the bed but the scenery was different. It was dark and chilly. A cold wind blew through the trees, rustling the leave that were on the ground. I got off the bed my feet were put into contact with wet grass. Not wet as in after a rain, but the morning dew wet. I looked at my surroundings trying to figure out why I was here. I heard a sound. I looked up to find an owl hooting on the tree. I saw something in the shadows. It was moving but it was something that I couldn't quite discern. I walked closer. The object started to get clearer and clearer. It looked like an infant. I moved a little bit closer. It was an little cherub sitting in the lap of a woman. There was writing beneath it. I took one step closer, but then I heard cries behind me. I turned around.

It was Portia. It was Luke. My dad and mum was there. I could see Jarod. They were all dressed in black. What were they doing? Why were they crying? What were they doing here? I tried to speak but I couldn't. No words came out. What was going on? I looked back at the carved statue. I shouldn't have done that. I saw something that I shouldn't have. It . . . it . . . Underneath it was engraved, "Eric Templeton. 1982-2000" I let out a cry of shock. "Oh my god," I cried. "I'm not dead! I'm not!"


Wake up Eric!

What happened? I wasn't dead. I wasn't. I opened my eyes. It was Luke. He was staring at me. His face looked all crinkled up. He was looked relieved when he saw me open my eyes.

"Its ok Eric. I'm here with you. You are fine now."

"What happened Luke?" I asked him.

"You totally blacked out for like 5 minutes. I was so scared. I thought something happened to you." He hugged me tight.

So it was a dream. But why did I have that dream. What was going on? I didn't know. I truly didn't know.

* * * * * * * * * *

I woke up. It was morning. The sun was shining brightly through the windows. There was a cool breeze through the room. Not too cold but cold enough to give me goose bumps when it first hit me.

I could now be officially discharged from the hospital. I scanned the area. Luke didn't go home. He stayed with me the whole night. He was still sleeping in the chair, his head resting on his arms. I smiled. I wondered if I would see him sleeping for the rest of my life. It seemed foolish but I thought of it. I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. When loving someone so much, you want to spend all of your life with that person. I felt that way with Luke.

I got up and off the bed. It made a little squeak and Luke started to stir. I didn't want him to wake up yet. He didn't thankfully. I went to get my things. I wondered where they were. I forgot Luke had brought some clothes from home. It was in the bag somewhere. I searched around and found it. It was beneath his chair. I wondered how I would get it since his legs were in the way. I crouched down and tried moving his legs. But I couldn't. I guess I would have to wake him up then. I got up and whispered into his ear. "Luke. Wake up." He didn't stir. I wondered what was up. He almost woke up when the bed squeaked. I was whispering to him at this close range. The sound should be the same decibel level, just enough to wake him up without startling him.

I tried something else. I gently kissed his lips and that did it. He woke up nicely and slowly. Hehe. That pervert. Waking up to a kiss. His eyes opened and he lifted his head up.

"Mmm . . ." He mumbled.

"Good morning my love." I giggled. Gosh he looked so cute. His hair was rustled and he looked a bit tired. He had that look that you can tell when a person just woke up or not. It was so cute.

"Mmm . . . morning Eric. What time is it?" It's six a.m.

"What? Are you kidding me?"

"Nope. Why? You don't' usually wake up this early?"

"Umm . . . no. I usually wake up at seven, seven thirty for school. Weekends, forget it, noontime for me." I totally giggled at him. "What? A guy needs his rest."

"I know hun. Now can you move your legs. I need that bag beneath your chair."

"Sure" He lifted his legs and wrapped it around my torso.

"Oh Luke. Not now." I urged him. Gosh that horny pervert. LoL. I liked it and all but I really wanted to get out of the hospital. The whole environment in here is so icky. It's a place of recovery but its also a place of death. I shuddered at the thought that the bed I was in could have been the bed of somebody who died. "Luke. Please?"

He let go of my and I reached under to get the bag. It wasn't big. Just backpack sized. I wondered what he got for me. I opened the bag and took the clothes out. There was a crisp white tee, khaki pants, and some socks. That butthead. It's the middle of winter and he's bringing me spring clothes. If I catch a cold, he is so not getting any.

"Too skimpy for you?" He asked with one eyebrow raised. That was so cute.

"Luke. It's the middle of winter. Its cold outside you know." I looked at him unbelievingly.

"No its not. Check for yourself. Its 50 degrees. That's pretty warm. Plus, I brought you a coat. That should be enough. If your cold, just tell me and I'll keep you warm." He grinned at me.

"You pervert!" I said as I smacked his arm.

"What? I meant I'll put my arm around you while we walk." He snapped back.

"Oh . . ." So I was the pervert. LoL. "That's cute, but aren't you worried what people might think? We are guys you know"

"Oh please. Guys put there arm around guys all the time. Plus you need to be supported so they won't notice." He does have a point, but I didn't want this to affect him. He has family and friends and I don't want him ousted because of me.

"Yeah. It's not like they are going to see us kissing in public now." I said.

"Come here you." He motioned with his finger.

I did.

He gave me a kiss on the lips. That was so sweet and romantic.

"I love you Eric."

"I love you Luke."

"Come on now. Get dressed. We are gonna get you out of this place."

"Yes sir." I giggled

I was dressed and ready. He helped me with stuff and we checked out. A black limo was ready and waiting for us outside. I looked at him surprised.

"A limo Luke?"

"The best for my love," he responded. "Come on. We are going to meet my parents for breakfast. She hates it when I'm late." I couldn't believe my ears. I was going to meet his parents. What is he going to say to them? He saw the look of worry on my face.

"Don't worry about it. I'll take care of everything." He led me to the limo and we got in. The car started and drove off.

I turned my head back. While the hospital faded out of view, I though about my life, the things that happened this year. I finally got to be with the one I love. Even though I suffered a great loss, the death of my best friend, someone I love with all my heart, I would not sulk about it anymore.. I would go on with my life. Everytime I think of Carlos, I would smile of all the fun times he and I shared. Carlos, I love you.

I turned back around. I didn't want to concentrate on the past so much. I looked forward to the future now.. I was finally with someone I love. I don't know how long I would be with him, few months, few years, for eternity? But I didn't care. I was with him now. I was happy at last.

I gazed into Luke's eyes.

"I love you Eric."

"I Love you too Luke."


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