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Winter Dreams
Part 2.

Our laughter was cut short `cause Luke was around the corner. I elbowed Carlos to stop laughing because I didn't wanna make a bad impression in front of Luke. Luke pulled up in his 1999 Porsche with a halt. "OMG" He has a Porsche. It was amazing. The black enamel was polished so shiny that I could see my own reflection in it. He lowered the window.

"Whatcha standing there for, get in." Carlos opened the backdoor and we hopped in. "OMG," I gasped. I should stop using the almighty's name in vain before he strikes me down. If you could only see the inside of this vehicle. Carlos whispered in my ear, "Can you believe this? I wonder what his house looks like." "I don't even wanna think about it." I was busy staring at Luke. God he looks so hot. The window was down and the wind was blowing through his golden hair. It was actually shimmering. Now you know he uses some deep conditioning. LOL. Back to the subject. His muscular hands were grasping the steering wheel; gosh I wished I was the steering wheel. My little daydream got cut short when Luke said "Hey. You sure you guys wanna go to Taco Bell?" Carlos looked at me and winked. "Yep. I haven't been there in a long time." Oh no he didn't. He was there just yesterday with me. He was up to something and I didn't like it one bit.

We arrived at the place and we got out the car. "You guys go in first k. I'll park this baby somewhere and I'll be there in a sec." I giggled with glee. Wow. I'm hanging out with Luke. Carlos dragged me inside `cause I was busy daydreaming again. I didn't even notice that we were on the line until he gave me a nudge.

"What do you want?"

"I don't care. You decide."

I was looking out the window to see if Luke was coming in anytime soon, but he didn't appear. I sighed. I looked again and there he was. He just came in the door. GRRR. He was a wearing this black shirt which hugged his developed body. You could see he had some pecs. And those biceps of his. He was so delicious I could've spent all day licking him. Lol. Carlos noticed me staring at Luke and gave me a friendly stomp on the shoe.

"Ouch. What did you do that for?"

"You should thank me. It looked like you were going to drool like a dog man." I just looked at him with an icy stare. Carlos can be so sarcastic at times but I love him like a brother. He's always been there for me. I still remember the time when we were in eight grade. I got picked on by a bunch of boys and Carlos came to my rescue. He taught those people not to mess with him and his friends. LoL

Back to the subject..Luke saved us a table near the window. It was our turn to order. The girl taking the order was so cute. She had long brown hair tied in a pony tail. She had light makeup on. Her eyes were the most prettiest eyes I have ever seen. They were huge. She had almond shaped eyes and the longest lashes ever. Her hazel eyes were stunning. She kinda reminded me of a Latina Sarah Michelle Geller. If I wasn't gay, I woulda macked with her..But, I had other matters in mind. Like how to get Luke. LoL.

"May I take your order"

"Yeah. I would like a dozen taco's supreme. Half soft and half hard. Also three soda's. Two sprites and a coke."

"Anything else?"

"Nah. That's it"

"That would be $12.63." Carlos gave her the money and said one of the corniest pick up lines I have ever heard.

"Did it hurt?" He asked her with a caring tone of voice.

"Did what hurt?" She asked back.

"It must have hurt `cause you're an angel who fell from heaven." I couldn't believe he actually said that. I bust out laughing. OMG. I was laughing so hard people were starting to stare at me so I had to shut myself up. The girl didn't fall for it though. She just giggled. Carlos was macking it on while I took the tray and went to sit with Luke. I guess that Carlos wanted to be left alone but I don't think that was the right time for him to be flirting. The other people behind him seemed kinda mad if you get my drift. LoL. Anyways, Luke looked up when I sat down.

"I hope you like these. We really didn't know what to get."

"Don't worry. I'll eat anything. Well almost anything." I let out a light giggle. Mr. Charming is trying to be funny I see. I was searching for the soft taco when I realized that we didn't have the salsa.

"Carlos. When your done macking, get some sauce will you." Luke smiled and said, "You guys seem like the best of buddies."

"Yeah. We're pretty close. I love him like a brother you know. He's always been there when I needed him." I was opening the wrapper and bam, it was the soft taco. I handed Luke one. He kinda seemed a bit weird. He was giving me one of those "how do you eat these" look. I got the drift and showed him. I took the taco and tilted my head a bit. I then took a bite and some of the sour cream got on my chin. Luke took a tissue and wiped it off. OMG. We were locked in one of those love at first site gazes. He had the most beautiful face. His eyes seemed to change color from a gray to a green. His lashes were long and curled a bit up. His nose was a slim one. Not one of those gargantuan Italian noses. LoL. And his mouth. It was a pretty one. He had slim lips which were just right for kissing. Grrr. His face was deliciously tanned from practicing in the sun. Our lock was interrupted when Carlos sat with a plop. Oh no he didn't. He had such bad timing at times.

"I see you two have started to eat without me," he said with a note of sarcasm.

"I was hungry." I looked over at Luke and he hadn't touched his yet.

"Not your taste?" I didn't really expect super rich boy to be eating cheap taco's but he surprised me. He unwrapped it and took a huge bite. "Crunch." He devoured half the taco in a bite.. He chewed for a bit and swallowed. The bulge going down his throat. Even his throat was deliciously looking. If I was a vampire.I woulda pounced on him already. LoL.

"Mmm. It's pretty good." I smiled at the fact that he never had a taco before. I tossed a taco at Carlos and he caught it with a stumble. I laughed. "Slow," I whispered. Maybe I shouldn't have said that cause he gave me a kick beneath the tables. Hehe. We were busy munching when I felt a bit thirsty. I saw the coke and popped a straw in. I slurped for a few seconds and put the cup down. To my surprise, Luke picked it up and drank from the same straw. He looked at me.

"You don't mind do you. I don't like Sprite that much."

"Its ok. Whatever suits your taste. As long as you aren't afraid of catching my cooties, I'm fine." I giggled. He gave me a grin. LoL

Well it seemed Carlos was blabbing about something. Oh yeah. He had gotten the girls number and he was bragging about it the whole time we were eating. Luke smiled and said, "Your pretty good. How about teaching me your skills next time?" I laughed.

"Skills??? Carlos doesn't have any skills. Lol. He was just lucky."

"Nah. Big man over here can get any girl he wants right," he said. He knew I didn't like girls and now he was making fun of me.

"Hey Eric. How come I never seen or heard about you with any girl huh?" Omg. Luke was asking me about my sex life. I just had to play it off.

"No girls like a doof like me." I grabbed a packet of sauce and began fiddling with it.

"Nah. Its just that you need to know that lines. Why don't I show you a few next time."

Great. That's all I needed. Luke showing me how go get with girls. Aye. Poor Luke. He just didn't know. We finished our lavish meal..lol. and it was time to go. It was already 7 o'clock and I needed to start my homework.

"Hey. Why don't you guys come over for a game of bowling," Luke offered.

"The bowling alley's probably closed." I responded. I really wanted to spend time with him but I didn't want to seem desperate.

"Bowling alley? No need. I have a few lanes at home. Come on. It'll be fun," he said casually.

OMG. He did not just say he had an alley at home. I knew he was rich but I didn't know he was THAT rich. Luke was looking at me waiting for a response. Carlos seemed to know that I wanted to spend time with Luke alone.

"Well. I have to pass up your offer Luke. I really gotta run. Eric, why don't you go. You have nothing else to do. Plus, you could show Luke your moves."

I did not know what moves he was talking about...hehe..Well, I really wanted to go. Luke urged me one more time.


Luke gave me fone of those seductive smiles. Why is he smiling at me so much?. I just past the thought on but I did hope he had other intentions if you get my drift. Hehehe. Carlos threw the trash away and said he's going leave now. Luke insisted that he drive Carlos home but Carlos wouldn't have it. He knew that I wanted to be with Luke so he made up some silly excuse saying he had to go shopping before he would go home. Luke tried again but to no avail.

"Nah. It's cool. You guys should leave some time for the game you know. But wait. Eric will probably beat your butt quick `cause every roll of his will be a strike. Right Eric???" Oh no he didn't. Now Luke thinks I'm so good in bowling. Truth is, I never played a game in my life. Oh Carlos, what did you get me into this time.

"Well well. A big shot I see. Can't wait to see your stuff." I just smiled back at him.

We had already walked out of the joint and the sun was just setting.

"Wait right here. I'll go get the car." I looked at him and said, "It's alright. I'll walk with you. I have legs you know." Luke smiled again. God he is hot. Every time he does that, my heart just melts...and...I get hard everytime...hehehe...

Well we decided to walk to the car and I gave Carlos a hug and kiss goodbye. I told him to be safe. He gave me a friendly punch in the arm and said that he'll be alright. He crossed the street and I gave waved my hand at him. "Be careful," I yelled out. When he was out of sight, I turned back to Luke.

We started walking and he started a conversation.

"I envy you guys. You are so close. Even when I'm with my friends, we don't have a bond like you two." I blushed a bit. Hehe.I know I was lucky to have a friend like Carlos and I will always be thankful.

"Yeah. We're the bestest of friends. I'm lucky to have a friend like him."

We were chatting on about how Carlos saved my butt that day in the Eighth grade and Luke laughed.

"Whatcha laughing at." I asked him. I was kinda offended that he just broke out laughing like that.

"Nothing. Just imagining how you looked liked back then. You must have been as cute then as you are now." OMG. I did not just hear him say that I was cute.

I was beginning to tremble a bit. I was getting red. All sorts of things ran through my mind. Does he like me? Is he gay? Does he know I'm gay? Blah Blah Blah. Stuff like that. I was so busy thinking that I didn't see the can on the sidewalk. I stepped on it like the fool I am and ended up slipping. I was falling back but I then felt and arm around me. It was Luke. He had caught me before I fell splat on the floor. You should have seen it. It was so romantic. I am laying back, almost falling and he has his arms around me. We locked gazes again. He had the most angelic face. Can he be the one? Is he my soul mate? I wished for it but I knew that it wouldn't happen. I stared into his eyes. His face was inching closer to mine. He was so close I could feel his breath on me, not to mention smelling his taco breath which wasn't that pleasant...LOL.(I had to spoil the romantic mood huh..LOL)Well, he was so close that our lips almost touched. Almost not quite. Probably a few inches away. We were there for a long time. He inched closer one last time and I just got up hitting him in the face with my head. OMG. He was about to kiss me or so I thought and I had to hit him in the face. He grabbed his face in pain.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" I was pleading. I hope he wasn't mad at me. I made such a fool of myself. I still can't believe that happened.

"Its alright." He winced. "Its nothing. Don't worry about it." He said that in such a gentle manner that I was relieved to hear he wasn't mad. "Are you ok? You had quite a slip back there." He was more worried for me then himself. I had to make it up to him.

"Yeah I'm ok. Just slipped on that can. Geesh.people need to learn how to use the trash can." Luke just laughed.

"Yeah you got that right," he said smiling.

We were at the car already and he opened the passenger door for me. Lol. What a gentleman.hehe. I sat and he came around the other side. He opened his door and went in. He then started the engine and just left it there to warm up. I look at the time and it was 7:30. He looked at me and said, "You wanna listen to the radio?"

"Nah its ok. If you wanna listen to it go ahead."

I was still thinking about the incident that happened earlier. Was he really going to kiss me? Now that would have been nice. I heard him unlock the brakes and he started to drive. Fifteen minutes or so past... I was staring out the window looking at the scenery. Luke lived far from the city. We were in the woods and trees were whizzing by. I started to relax and I rested my left hand on the thing in the middle of the car. You know.that thing between the first two seats...hehe...I started to doze off when I felt a warm feeling on my hand. It was caressing my hand and it felt so nice. I can say that I did get hard...hehe...

Was it Luke who was holding my hand...well I didn't have much time to think about it. I heard the car stop and I opened my eyes. My eyes practically popped out of their sockets. The house was huge. It looked so expensive. Luke looked and me and said "We're here. So. What do you think?"

"Its huge. Damm you're lucky." Luke just smiled and he gazed at me. I wondered what he was staring at. Did I have sauce on my face from the taco's that we had before. He kept his gaze until I finally spoke.

"Whatcha looking at?" I asked innocently. Instead of replying, he smiled and leaned over.

He planted a kiss right on my mouth. This time, I wasn't going to resist. I just let him kiss me. God he is such a good kisser. I was getting harder by the moment. I felt his warm...moist tongue trying to gain entry...so I parted my lips. His tongue felt absolutely incredible. I couldn't believe making out was this good. What have I been missing all my life. He started to run his hands through my hair. We just kept our lips together like there was no tomorrow. His tongue was like a ballerina..dancing about my mouth..twisting..grrr..I felt as if I was going to climax right there in my pants. Then I was shocked...Luke had his hand on my groin and he was groping me. I just buckled. I kissed him even harder rubbing into his hand. I moved my hand down his chest. He had the firmest chest..very lickable I though to myself..I moved my hand down his stomach to his groin. He was hard too. I stroked his tool through his jeans. He gasped from the pleasure he was feeling. I unzipped his pants and there it was. The cock I have been lusting for all this time. It was beautiful. It was six inches of delicious meat. He was cut. I traced my finger around his scar. His head had a pinkish glow. His cock was twitching. I held his cock. Bamm, it was so soft and silky. I started to jerk him off. He must have loved it `cause he was moving his hips as if he was fucking my hand..I wanted him to come. I thought this would never end...I bent down...I was about to give Luke the first blow job of my life.until I heard a knock on the window. I snapped back and released Luke's cock. OMG. We were caught red handed...actually cock handed.but who cares...LOLOLOL...

Our voyeur was a cute blond guy but I was in too much shock, that we had gotten caught, to look at his face clearly. I then heard Luke say, "Eric. Meet my best friend Josh."

End of Part 2.

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