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Winter Dreams
Part 3.


I woke up with a start. It was my alarm. It was six thirty in the morning and I had to get ready for school. I was still naked from yesterday night, and I was sporting a mean hard on. I had to pee. I got myself up and went into the bathroom. I let out a long stream of golden fluid. When I was done, I proceeded to brush my teeth. After I finished my daily routine, I walked into my room to get dressed. I opened my dresser and took out my blue slacks, a crisp ironed white shirt, a white tank, underwear, and socks.

I looked into the mirror on my wall and there was a youthful body. Five foot five inches of lean muscle, hardly an ounce of fat. My legs were toned and muscular from running. I put on my white briefs, which was a bit too tight, so it hugged me closely. I slipped on my black socks which cut off half way up my shin. I then slipped on my tank. I giggled at the site of myself. Wearing just a tank, briefs and socks. I put on the rest of my clothing and got my books ready. It was the last day of school and then I would have a week off for the Christmas holiday. I put the books in my back pack and took off for school. I walked out of my room and down the stairs. I went to the door and put on my boots. Since my parent's shoes weren't there, I figured they didn't come home yesterday. I didn't care. They were my foster parents anyway.

Any whoo..I put on my coat and walked out the house. It was a chilly morning. The snow had stopped for the time being and the sun was out. I begun my trek to school. I had walked a few blocks and began to think about the dream I had. I was so in love with Luke. I thought about our sexual escapade in the car and I got hard instantly. I shook the thought off and walked a bit faster. I was getting lonely and guess who showed up. It was Carlos, my bestfriend. He was walking behind me and he caught up.

"Hey Eric. How yah doing?"; He asked.

"I'm good. You? I thought you went back to Puerto Rico for the week long vacation coming up."

"Nope. Not yet. In two days man. Where's your memory?" He punched me playfully in the arm. I just didn't respond. I was still thinking about Luke. I really liked him so much. I was in love with him since freshman year. It wouldn't work out. I was paying attention `cause I heard Carlos yell out "Watch Out." I looked to the side and a 1999 Gold Saturn was coming at me.

I was in shock. I couldn't move. I just fixed my gaze at the car. I was going to get hit by this car and I couldn't move. My whole life flashed before my eyes. I thought of the time I first came out to Carlos. He looked so shocked. But he was ok with it. Then I thought of the first time I saw Luke. He was out on the track practicing that summer day. I met saw him when I signed up for the track team. So many things whizzed by. I was literally spinning. I suddenly felt a bump and I was on the ground. The car whizzed by. Carlos had jumped out on me and we both fell to the ground. It would've hurt but I landed in the snow. But Carlos was on top of me and I couldn't breath.

"Get off me you butt. I can't breath." I said with gasps. Carlos got up and laughed.

"Yo. I just saved your life man. Don't yell at me." He kept up his laughter. I was about to get killed and I'm yelling at the person who saved my life.

"Sorry man. Thanks for saving me. You're not mad at me are you?" I gave him my most heart wrenching puppy dog frown. I stood up, did my cross and said a little prayer. I then shook off the snow that was on me.

"Nah. I'm not mad at yah. What's up with that face? You look constipated." He laughed even more. I was furious at first but then I just laughed it off. Carlos is always a kidder even at the worst of times. But he's always there for me. I love you Carlos. You just don't know how much.

"Eric, what's up?" He knew something was on my mind. I just looked at him and smiled.

"Nothing's up. Just thinking about how much my love life sucks." I sighed. Carlos has a girlfriend. That lucky butthead. And I was all alone. My life sucked bad.

"It's alright man. Don't think about it so much. You'll find someone you really love sooner or later." He put his arm around my shoulder and tried to comfort me.

"That's the problem. I already found him but he doesn't like me." We continued walking.

I was really down. Even though I almost got runned over by a car, I didn't even think about it. All I thought about was Luke. I wanted to much to be with him. My daydream was stopped short for Carlos and I had already reached the school.

The school looked very old. It had vines running up the walls. But the school looked very beautiful. It was Victorian I believe. But I may be wrong. It had Jesus Christ crucified on a cross hanging just above the entrance. I dragged my body through the door not focusing on anything. I was literally a zombie. Carlos walked me to my class. It was room 207. So I had to go up to the second floor. I was on my way when I bumped into Chris. I fell to the ground but I didn't even care.

He yelled at me saying "Watch where the hell you're going fag!" Without a facial expression, I just looked at him and got up. He then pushed me to the wall. But before he got to do anything to me, Carlos had him by the neck and threw him aside.

"Get the fuck off of him you asshole! Are you ok Eric?" Carlos had a reputation for being a bad guy so Chris just left.

"I'm ok. Don't fret over nothing." I just continued my way up the stairs. When I got out of the stair well, I looked back to find that Carlos wasn't there.

I just shrugged and continued walking to my class. 201...202...203...204...205...and that's when I saw the guy of my dreams. Luke was sitting in his seat but facing the back of the room. He was busy talking to Alicia Harding. She had beautiful long blond hair which fell on her face. She was extremely pretty but possessed and attitude of a bitch. She was known to string guys along and then dump then after the first date. She was extremely popular, for she was going to be the Prom Queen. How did I know? Let's just say she had been going on at it with her big mouth for the past few months. It was already February, and June, the big month was approaching.

Luke was talking to her and they both were smiling, laughing, happy. Tears just welled up in my eyes and I walked on. The guy I loved was with another person. I must have not seen where I was going `cause I bumped into this guy. I apologized and looked up. He was stunning. He had the most gorgeous face. And he was smiling too, after I just bumped into him. He looked like he was in his early twenties. He had dark hair which was cut short. His face showed signs of growth (his facial hair). He was extremely handsome and mature looking. He had on a nice ironed light blue dress shirt, and dark blue pants. God was he amazing. But he was a strange face.

"Are you alright?" He said gently.

"Yeah. Are you ok? Sorry about that. I couldn't see for a minute there." My eyes stung and I squinted them.

"Why don't you come into my office and we could discuss your problems?" He put a hand on my shoulder and I almost fainted. His office. OMG. He was either a teacher or some part of the faculty. He must have been new for I never seen his face before. He walked me to his room, 234. It was the counselor's room. Where was Mrs. Greene, the old counselor? He told me to have a seat and then he introduced himself.

"I'm Mr. Thomas. The new counselor for St. John's. But you can call me Jarod. And you are?" He stuck out his hand for a shake. I shook it and he gave me a gentle squeeze. His hands were so strong.

"I'm Eric. Eric Templeton. (My foster parents named me after them)"

He sat on the desk and asked me what was wrong. I just tried to evade the question saying that nothing was up. I started to think of Luke and I started to cry again. Tears just fell down my cheeks. After seeing this, he closed the door and sat at his desk.

"Eric. If something is wrong, you can tell me. Whatever you say in this room is strictly confidential and you have my promise that nothing said here will be disclosed. I am a counselor. I am hear to hear your problems. Let me help you. Don't be afraid." He tried so hard to persuade me to talk about my problems. I stopped crying by then but I still had to wipe up my tears and snot. Seeing this, he handed me his handkerchief, which he took out of his left shirt pocket and gave it to me.

"Thanks." I wiped up my tears and blew my nose.

"No problem. So...what's going on. Is everything at home alright?" Why do counselor's always think that if a student had problems, it a problem at home. Geesh.

"Yes. Everything at home is good." Everything at home was ok. I didn't lie to the man.

"Then what's the problem?" He asked imploringly. The poor man just didn't know. I was in love with the star athlete of the school. How would I tell him that?

"I'm just a bit down."; I tried to not mention my sex life at all. I didn't want the school to know anything. Even though I was called a "faggot" many times, those names were unprecedented. They had no proof so I didn't care.

"Does it have to do with your love life?" I was in shock. I couldn't say anything. How did he know? I just nodded my head and he got the gist.

"Every teen has mixed emotions. Don't worry about it. Even if she doesn't like you, It's ok. It's not the end of the world. A nice young man like you has many opportunities to find someone you like." I giggled when he said "she."

Like I said, he just didn't know. I didn't like girls but I was amused so I let him continue. "Take me for instance. I was a geeky looking kid back then. I thought no one would ever like me but look at me now. I'm not so bad off right." He did this thing where he raised one eyebrow and it looked so cute. I just smiled. "Take that smile of yours, you could charm any girl with that smile." He was trying to cheer me up and it worked. I giggled.

"I guess you're right Mr. Thomas."

"Call me Jarod."

"Ok. I guess you're right Jarod." You do not know how much I love that name. It's such a sexy name. "But you don't know. I really love this person. This person occupies most of my thoughts..." He interrupted me before I got to finish.

"Eric. Let me tell you something. It's not worth loving someone who doesn't return the favor. You'll just end up hurting yourself." He tried so hard to persuade me. But I didn't sway. No matter what, Luke will be the one. Even though he isn't with me, I'm happy that he's happy. He could date Alicia but I won't mind. His happiness is what's most important to me.

"You just don't understand. I'm sorry Mr. Tho...umm...Jarod. I really have to get to class now. I'm already late as it is." I got up and he got up too.

"Ok then. I will let you go but we will continue our discussion later." He stuck out his hand. Not another handshake. I shook his hand.

"Thank you Jarod. It's nice having an adult to talk to." It was. I could talk to Carlos but he's the same age as me. Having an adult understand you is hard.

"You're welcome Eric. Stop by anytime when you need someone to talk to ok. I'm always here. Oh wait...let me give you my home phone number just in case." He scribbled on a piece of paper. He then gave it to me. "If you have any problems. contact me ok."

"Ok Jarod." I tookd the piece of paper and looked at it. It was...787-113. I couldn't believe he gave a student his home number.

I walked out his room, but looked over my shoulder to see him smiling at me.

"Don't worry Jarod" I thought to myself, "I will be back..." Then, he was out of my view.

End of Part 3.
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