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Winter Dreams
Part 4.

Well, school was done for the day. It was the last day. I was so relieved. I would have a week off from school. Hehe. Carlos and I decided to meet after school and go somewhere. Maybe to New Roc City.

I was walking down the halls when I bumped into someone. I am so freaking clumsy. This was the third person I bumped into today. My books fell so I picked them up.

"I am sorry." He had a deep accent. I looked up and there was this cute guy. He was dark skinned. He had curly black hair which fell on his eyes. Talk about his eyes, they were huge. He had such a slender nose. His face. He had a boyish face. He looked about 15. He looked so delicate yet deadly. You should have seen how tall he was. He wasn't that tall but he was tall to me. About 6 inches taller than I was. I stopped my gaze and answered him.

"Its ok. I should apologize. I'm so clumsy. You're the third person I bumped into today." I still couldn't get my gaze off of him.

"I am new to this school and I don't know the place very well." Even though he spoke perfect English, he still had his heavy accent. My guess was that he was from the Middle East. And you know what they say about Middle Eastern men. . .lol.

"Well, you'll get to know this place by next week. It's pretty small so don't worry." I was trying to be friendly. Maybe I would make a new friend. Well, my friend making session was interrupted when Carlos came in.

"Yo Eric. I've been looking all over for you."

"Sorry about that. I was busy initiating the new student."

"Carlos, meet. . ." OMG. I didn't know his name. This was awkward. I was saved because he said his own name.

"Hello Carlos. I am Mikhal. I am new here."

"What's up Mikhal? So, you're new here. Why don't you hang with us and we'll show you around the school." Carlos, always the friendly one. He just wanted more posse for the group. Ever since Portia moved, the group wasn't the same. Portia came into the group just about when I met Carlos. Us three always hung out, but now she moved. Her story is for next time. Any whoo.

"I would like that. Can my brother come along?"

He has a brother? Damn. Talk about good fortune. I wonder how his brother looks. The whole family probably looks beautiful. It's in the genes I tell you.

"Why there he is. Let me call him over. Enkil." He waved to the guy. I couldn't see his brother clearly. I had such bad vision. Well, the guy got the point and was coming over. OMG. I couldn't believe this. They were twins.

"Enkil, meet Carlos and Eric." He pointed to us. "Enkil is my twin brother. We look alike, no?" You should have seen them. They looked so alike. They had the same face, same hair, everything was similar. Even down to the clothes. Three cuties in one day. I felt faint. I couldn't believe this. What was I going to do? I wanted to show them around and become friends with them, but will they want to be my friend. I had to make up some scheme. They had to get into our clique. Hmm….my master minding was abruptly interrupted.

Carlos had bumped me because I wasn't paying attention. I totally missed the conversation and I just knodded my head like a total fool.

"Did you even hear what I said?" I knodded. "What did I say then?"

"Ummm" I hesitated. "I don't know. And stop bothering me. I'm thinking." I couldn't believe myself. I was being mean in front of the cuties. They are so going to hate me now.

"I'm sorry man. Can you repeat what you said?"

"I said we're gonna leave for New Roc City right now. You coming?"

I had to go. Carlos was leaving in two days and I had to spend the most time I can with him. I picked up my spirits and got perked up. I giggled and Mikhal looked at me with a confused look. He must think I'm such a weirdo. LOL.

"Come on. Let's go. Mikhal, Enkil, come join us k" I looked at them smiling. I gave them my most pleading face. It was the "please please pretty please" look. I knew they wouldn't resist and they didn't.

"You want to go Enkil?" He looked at his brother. Enkil thought for a moment and knodded yes.

Yay. We would get to know each other even better. Maybe this will take my mind off of Luke for once. I loved him with all my heart. Don't ask me why or how. I just do. I've been in love with him awhile now. If he was just gay. I would have been the luckiest man alive. Well, I shoved that thought away and ran ahead of the pack. I turned back and yelled "You guys are so slow. Come on now." I giggled. I was wondering if I was making myself look stupid or not, but that didn't matter. I would be myself and if they didn't' like it, then tough luck. But I guessed I shouldn't have said that because Mikhal tensed up. Then in a blink he was rite next to me. OMG. He was the fastest runner ever. I couldn't believe he made that distance in a few seconds. I was a couple of feet away from them. He must have saw the shocked look in my face and he proceeded to explain himself.

"I am a champion sprinter in Israel. I am fast, no?" God I love it when he says that. His eyebrow goes up and he looks so cute. I must have been staring a bit because he began to stare at me. I was busy studying his facial features. God he was amazing. I was looking at his silky soft hair. Then his thin eyebrows. And those huge almond eyes. The color was absolutely beautiful. He had hazel eyes which had a yellowish outline around the pupil. His slim tapered nose. And those beautiful tanned lips. They were so deliciously looking. But then they parted and Mikhal spoke.

"You know, you have the most prettiest mouth I have ever seen. They are how you say, pouty yet firm. And they are so pink." I was shocked. Why was he commenting my lips? Straight guys do not make comments like that. I was even more shocked when he yelled out to his brother. "Enkil, come here. I want you your opinion on something." Enkil obliged and sprinted to his brothers side. I wasn't surprised. They are twins so they must have some of the same qualities.

"Is not Eric's mouth the most beautiful you have seen brother?" He asked that as if I was an object or something. Enkil observed me for a minute and spoke.

"Yes brother. His lips are very pretty. They are even prettier than mother's, don't you think?" I practically tripped over myself. They were comparing my looks to their mother's. God I am not a girl. Stop looking at my lips. I just kept those thoughts to myself. I stopped in my tracks and waited for Carlos. Us three were so busy analyzing each other that I didn't even notice that we had walked out the school. I looked around for Carlos. But he was no where to be found. Where the hell was this butthead? I was getting worried. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I looked around even more. I told the twins to stop walking for a minute. I started to get nervous and really worried when. . .


I yelled out and fell to the floor. That butthead had popped out of the bush to my right and scared the hell out of me.

"What the f*ck!" I was furious. My ass was throbbing. I got up and looked down on the floor. Just my luck. I fell and sat on an acorn. I was in pain. I was grabbing my butt and whimpering. "You asshole. You made me fall on and acorn, and now my ass is bruised."

He was laughing like hell. I couldn't believe him. After I told him that, he laughed even harder. That made me get so mad. I walked up to him and punched him in the arm. I shouldn't have done that 'cause he jumped on me and wrestled me to the ground. He had me in a headlock. Damn. My ass was hurting like hell and I was looking like a fool in front of my guests. I looked at Mikhal and Enkil in front of me and they were perplexed. But they were laughing and whispering to each other. I stopped worrying about what they were thinking and worried about my situation. There I was, on the sidewalk, on the floor with my best friend holding me in a headlock. It got mighty uncomfortable.

"Carlos, let go of me now." I was calm and hoping he would let go if I asked nicely.

"Nope. You punched me and now you're getting it." He released the hand on my forehead but his arm was still on my neck. I thought he was going to let me go but I was in for the worst. He started to tickle me with his free hand. I couldn't believe him. He was tickling me. I hated being tickled. Ever since that incident, I had fears of being tickled. To make a long story short, my auntie tickled me one time and snot came flying out of my nose and hit her right on the head. She was so shocked but she deserved it. Any way. I was afraid that that would happen at this time so I grabbed his hand, and did the little trick I learned in karate class in the eight grade. I twisted his pinky back and he yelled out in pain. He let me go and I got up.

"That serves you right you ass." I ran ahead afraid that he would get me. My guests looked at me and they shook their heads. I ran across the street and turned around. Carlos was coming at me full force. He had the most meanest look on his face like he was going to kill me. I just laughed and began to tease him. He was midway across the street when I looked to my left and saw a car coming at him. The driver was honking the horn furiously. I freaked out and yelled.

"Carlos, a car is coming. Get out of the way!!!" Time slowed down and my heart began to race. Carlos stopped in the tracks turned to face the car. He didn't move. I started running towards Carlos but I didn't make it.

Carlos covered his face and "BAM!!" The car had hit him. He rolled over the engine. "Crash." He hit the window and it broke. He continued rolling over the hood and he finally hit the floor with a thud. Then I heard the car stopped with a halt. My eyes broke out in tears. I ran over to Carlos's side. His body was mangled and bloody. Blood was everywhere. I pulled Carlos up to my chest and tried to console him.

Tears were flooding out of my eyes. "Carlos, everything is going to be ok. Don't worry, I won't leave you. You'll be ok Carlos. You'll be ok."

He looked at me and smiled. He tried to speak but in short gasps. He had a hard time breathing. "Eric. . .It's ok. . .Don't cry man. . .Nothing's. . .nothing's gonna happen to me. . .god won't. . .he won't. . .take me that soon. . ."

I couldn't stop shaking. "Shhh. . .Don't speak Carlos. Save your strength." I held his bloody hand in mine and started to squeeze it. He'll be alright kept saying to myself. He'll be alright. O god. Carlos. . .

"Eric. . .I love. . .love you man. . .take care of yourself k. . ." He squeezed my hand one last time and he let go of his grip. His hand fell to the ground witha thud and he closed his eyes. I couldn't believe this. I screamed.

"O GOD. . .NOOOOO. . .THIS CAN'T HAPPEN. . ." I held him close to me and told him I loved him.

The wind blew leaves around and the sun set. Mikhal and Enkil stood shocked. I was holding my dear friend in my arms. He was now dead. My best friend died in my arms. He was dead. I held him tightly and cried.

End of part 4. Thanks for reading. I hope you liked this part. I dunno if I should continue. It all depends on the fans.
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