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Hey to all you fans out there. Well, I'm into the sixth part of my story now. Well, if ya'll haven't read the other five chapter, I'll give you an overview. The story starts off with Eric, and his wet dream. After that, he's in school. At school, he meets this cute counselor, Jarod, and twins, Mikhal and Enkil. Unfortunately, Carlos passes away. Eric, grief stricken runs out of the church and his almost hit by a car. Luckily, he doesn't die. If he died, there would be no point to the story now. LoL. Well. Eric wakes up to see Jarod next to his hospital bed. That's all. Read this part to see what happenes. ::Giggles:: Thanks for reading. Bai Bai.

Winter Dreams
Part 6. 'Trio Reunited, Less One.'

I parted my dry lips to speak. But he stopped me by putting his finger to my lips. God he was so gentle with me. What was he up to? There I go with my suspicions. This man is trying to help me and I'm thinking the worst of him. My eye sight was cloudy, as if I was high on pot or something.

"Hush. You need your strength. You've been out for quite awhile you know." He was so caring. I wanted to ask him so many questions. Were am I? Why am I here? I noticed the white walls and the hospital bed. I was in the hospital. I couldn't keep up my observations, because thinking made my head hurt so much that I winced and Jarod noticed this. "You need to rest. You went through a lot of stress, that's why you fainted out on the street."

I just nodded. I couldn't move my muscles. My body felt as if I was crushed under a ton of bricks. And my headache. My pounding headache. It hurt so much. I just closed my eyes and fell asleep. . .

"Hi Eric. How are you doing?" It was Luke and he was talking to me. My love was talking to me. I was so happy. I jumped out of bed and ran to him and hugged him in my arms. He giggled and calmed me down. "Whoa there. Take it easy. I'm not going anywhere." I stared into his beautiful eyes. God I loved him so much. "Ok. Let me put you down so we can talk ok." I nodded and he put me down.

"So Luke, what brings you here?" I was curious to why he was here. Did he know I was in an accident? I hope he didn't hate me or something. I looked at him and he smiled.

"I just waned to see how you were doing? I heard about your accident so I came over to see how you were. So how are you doing?" He was fiddling with his cell phone while talking to me. Did he expect a phone call? My head started to hurt so I put all thoughts aside and spoke to my visitor.

"I'm doing fine. Just tired and feeling like a ton of crap." Luke giggled at my demise and I perked up. "Whatcha laughing at huh?" I looked into my eyes.

"It was just funny how you compared yourself to crap. I never knew that crap could feel." He gazed into my eyes and grinning his grin. I thought about it and laughed too.

"You knew what I meant ok. I'm just feeling bad that's all." I tossed that back at him. Here I am feeling like shit and he was joking around. That's what Carlos would do. Laugh at the situation. Thinking of Carlos made my eyes well up in tears. I wanted Luke to hold me in his arms, feeling his warm body press against me. Who was I to be in his arms? It's not like we were anything to begin with.

"Come on. Get up and get ready." He was rushing me for what? What were we gonna do. I really didn't want to go anywhere. But then I wanted to spend time with him.

"Where are we going Luke?" I was curious. Where was he taking me? Where were my parents? What is going on here? Why is he being so nice?

"I'm going to take you home. The doctor said you could check out now. Don't worry about the bills. I already paid them. Now you just get dress. I'm going to take good care of you." Okay. This is really weird. Why is he paying my bills? What is going on here? I was so confused. I didn't know what was happening. He saw me just stay on the bed so he came over and helped me. He started to put his hands on my shoulder when I just stared into his eyes.

"Don't worry. I'm not gonna hurt you. Just let me take care of you ok. Please?" He look at me with such a caring face. He had a healthy glow to him. And that smile of his melted my heart. There he was, the man of my dreams. He's trying to take care of me and I'm resisting. I loosened up the tension and just let him do whatever.

He grabbed my shoulder gently and lifted me upper body towards him. My head was resting on his chest. God he smelled so good. He was wearing his after shaved which always seem to turn me on. He was wearing a clean black t-shirt, which hugged his defined body. I felt so safe in his arms. I didn't want it to end. But it had to. He put my right arm around his shoulder and then slipped his left hand around my body. He then turned me so that my feet were on the side of the bed. I couldn't move my legs. They were still sore from all the strain running did.

"Can you stand?" He asked softly.

"Yeah. I think I could. Let me try ok." I didn't want to seem that weak now. I think I could stand. My legs were sore, not broken.

He helped me slip off the bed. I still had my arm around his neck and he was supporting me. My feet touched the floor and I winced at the pain. My legs hurt than I thought. Luke saw me wince and tried to lift me up a bit. But I stopped him.

"No its ok. I can do it." I took a deep breath and proceed to stand again. My feet were flat against the floor and the pain was there. I didn't let it falter me though. I took my arm off of Luke's neck and grabbed the banister by the hospital bed. I grabbed onto the banister with both hands and stood. I smiled.

"See. I told you I could stand." I was smiling as if I had learned to stand for the first time. He just looked at me and smiled, then brushed my bangs out of my eyes.

"Well good. Now your going to get some clothes on." Geesh. Standing hurt like hell. Now how was I supposed to put my clothes on when I was holding on with dear life to the bed. I thought it was going to be impossible so I told my caretaker.

"Umm Luke. I can't put my clothes on." I was looking at the floor. I felt like a baby. There was the love of my life and I told him I couldn't put my clothes on. I was bracing myself in case he was going to laugh. But he didn't. He smiled again. Damn it. His smile was so sexy. I was getting harder by the moment. Then it hit me! Here I was scantily clad in a hospital shirt with no underwear! And I was getting a woody. My face then shades of red. I couldn't believe this. It was so embarrassing. My shirt was tenting up. I couldn't look at him. I just couldn't. He must have seen my awkward situation.

"It's ok. It's natural. Don't be so shy." Then he giggled. There he was. The guy I had a crush on for three years and he's telling me about the facts of life. "So are you gonna put on these clothes or what?" He said while pointing to the clothes he had in his arm. I saw a white shirt and khaki's. On top of that, were a pair of socks and OMG, flannel boxers. He is not expecting me to wear that now was he. I never ever wore boxers underneath my pants. It's an Eric no no. Constant erections has taught me better. I just stared at his sexiness. It was so sweet. Him holding clothes and telling me to wear. Them. Wait a minute, it's embarrassing too. LoL. Anyways.

He approached me and laid down the clothes on the bed. He then reached behind my neck and pulled the string that kept that cloth in place. The top fell and I was topless. There I was, my slim upper body completely hairless. I couldn't move. I was in too much shock. What was he doing? Was he undressing me? My grip on the bar got tighter.

"Let go of the bar." I was so confused. What? "Let go of the bar. How else am I gonna put this shirt over you?" Oh.

I let go of the bar and he got the shirt. He then slipped the shirt over my head, rustling my hair on the way. My head was through. Now I had to get my arms through. I lifted up my arms and he slipped the bottom of the shirt down slowly, running his fingers down my chest and abdomen. What ever wasn't hard got instantly hard. My cock was leaking pre cum and there was a wet spot on the fabric. He noticed my arising problem and just smiled. What was he up to? He then grabbed the socks then he kneeled down.

"Lift your foot up. I did so hesitantly, afraid that he would catch a glimpse of my privates. I'm telling you. That shirt that they give you in the hospital didn't cover much. It was now hanging on my hips. All I had on was this white shirt and this thing on my hips. He slipped the sock on and I laughed. He looked up at me wondering what was so funny.

"I'm sorry. That tickled." Maybe I shouldn't have told him that because he took it to torture me even more. He took a finger and began to scratch the sole of my foot. I let out a fit of giggles. I was even about to loose my balance but he stopped. I couldn't' believe this. He was actually taking care of me and putting my clothes on. He held the other sock in his hand and I got the idea. I lifted the other foot up and he slipped that one on. I looked at the bed and there was just the boxers and the pants.

O well. I guess I could take it from here. He didn't have to put my pants on now. But he got up off his knees and pulled the last string behind me. That last string held the cloth to my hips, covering my crotch. It fell down and I almost fainted. I was hard as hell and I was naked in front of him, wearing only a shirt and socks. This couldn't have gotten any worse.

He got the boxers and kneeled again. How else was he supposed to slip them on? LoL. My hard cock was in front of his face. I wanted him to take it in his mouth, to feel his warmth envelope me. He did no such thing. He just held the boxers on the floor waiting for me to slip both my legs through. Sigh. I stepped into the leg holes and he lifted them up. He then stopped halfway up my thigh. He lets his hand go and he brought that hand to my hard tool. He grasped it and squeezed it gently. I gasped. I couldn't believe he was stroking my tool. I didn't think about it much, 'cause I was concentrated on feeling the pleasure he was giving me. He started to stroke back and forth, moving my foreskin across the head. I was lost in pleasure. My meat was leaking and it coated his hand. He just used it as lube and began to rub faster.

"Ohhh. Ohh Luke." I was moaning. It was the best feeling ever having the man of my dreams masturbate me.

He took his free hand and cradled my balls them. He squeezed them gently causing more of my juice to flow out. I closed my eyes and just absorbed the pleasure he was giving me. He then did something that I didn't expect. I felt something warm and moist envelope my meat. I felt suction. OMG. He was blowing me. It felt absolutely incredible. If wanking with lube felt good, this was ten times better.

He was licking all around my head, grazing his tongue on the underside of my shaft and the ridge of my head. He took a bit more, stuffing his mouth with my meat. He was sucking me into an abyss that I couldn't get out of. The pleasure of it was tremendous. He took a final plunge that my cock hit the back of his throat. I was fully inside his mouth, his nose to my pubes, smelling my boyhood. He started to moved faster, sucking harder. I knew I couldn't last any longer. He had let go of my balls and started to rub my ass. He was gently squeezing my cheeks, caressing them. I felt his hand wander down my crevice and his was rubbing my virgin hole. He sense that I liked it and he began pushing his finger in. I gasp and I thrusted my hips forward, shoving my cock deeper into his mouth. I wouldn't last. I wouldn't. . .

"Ooo Luke. . .I'm gonna cum. . ." I yelled out. He didn't care. He just kept on sucking me harder and faster, while fingering me. I felt my balls retract and he did it. "Oh f*ck I'm cumming!" He hit my prostate and I began to spurt out my teen juice into his mouth. The first hit the back of his throat and he pulled back a little. The rest ended up on his tongue. His loving tongue. I was drained. He kept on sucking on my cock even as I was beginning to go soft. I looked down and he was looking up at me. I stared into his eyes, those beautiful eyes. I knew then that I could spend the rest of my life with him. He got up and gazed at me. I leaned forward and kissed him. I kissed him. My first kiss. It was so good. He held me harder and I felt his tongue intruding into my mouth. His warm wet slippery tongue. Oh it felt so good. I just hoped no one would walk into the room. They would see two guys making out. I could taste my own sperm while we were sharing this passionate kiss. This wasn't going to be over oh no it wouldn't. He pulled off me and smiled. He than began to pull my boxers the rest of the way up. Oh no he didn't. He would not get away that easily.

I stopped him and shook my finger 'no no.' I pulled him back up and kissed him as passionately as I could. I then pushed him on the bed and slipped my boxers off. I hopped on the bed and straddled him, kissing him deeply. I could feel his hard on through his pants rubbing against me. I moved to his ear and began to nibble on it gently. He breathed even heavier. "Oh Eric." I moved down to his neck, suckling on it. His tasty neck that I lusted over once before. I sucked gently, careful not to leave a mark. Oh he wasn't mine yet to do such a thing.

I went down to his crotch and bit into his hard tool beneath the fabric. I moved my hand up to his abs and began to inch up his shirt. I licked my way up as the shirt was being lifted. Licking the trail of hair that went from his navel to his pubes. Licking up towards his chest. I had the shirt up to his neck and my tongue was dancing all over his chest. The tip of my tongue grazed his hardened nipple. I put my mouth over it and sucked on it as it I was suckling from my mother's breast. I had a naughty I idea. I stopped sucking and nibbles on it a bit. I then clenched it between my teeth and bit down gently.

"Oohh Eric." He was moaning alright.

I stopped torturing him and lifted my head up. He lifted his muscular arms and I slipped his shirt off slowly. Only his chin was showing and I was kissing that part. Inching the shirt up, his lips, those gorgeous lips were exposed. I kissed him, sharing a passionate kiss with my love. He didn't want to wait any longer so he took the rest of the shirt off himself and hugged me after wards. He held me in his arms and we were making out.

By this time, I was already hard and my hard on was rubbing against his abs. I stopped my kissing. I has other matters on my mind. I wanted to taste his hard cock in my mouth. I moved down and began to undo his pants. I got the top button out. Then I unzipped it slowly. I could feel the warmth emanating from his crotch. The smell. The smell was intoxicating, sweat mixed with a hint of soap. I always loved a clean guy. I slid his pants off and there he was. My man in his boxers. He had a tent alright.

I stared into his eyes and he smiled. I licked my lips and began to pleasure him. I was sucking on his cock through the fabric of the boxers. Gently biting down on him. I couldn't take it any longer. I had to have him in my mouth. I slid my hands to the band of his shorts and inched them down. There was his golden pubes, neatly trimmed. I put my face down to smell his manliness. Got he smelt erotic. Enough of the teasing. I slid his shorts all the way down and there it was. Pointing straight at my mouth in all its glory. O I wasn't about to get him off the easily now. I went for his balls. Those plump nuts which produced life giving sperm. Those hairless nuts. I licked them, tasting his sweat. Slightly salty but sweet to my tongue. I took one into my mouth first, lolling it all around my mouth. He must have been in torture. There was his cock, his beautiful six inches, and I was sucking on his nuts. I stopped with one and went to the other ball. After having filled my self on his nuts, I went for his manhood. That monstrous thing which could produce countless children. That thing which was mine.

I snaked my tongue out and licked my way up from the base of his cock to the lip. I got to the tip and licked all around his head, tracing the ridge with my tongue. I finally put my mouth upon it and it was heaven. It was hard yet soft. I sucked gently just concentrating on his head first. Luke was squirming on the bed.

"Oooo," He cooed. It was my turn to please him now.

I inched more of his cock into my mouth, while sucking on it. I had to get him down my throat. With a final plunge, he was all the way in. His pubes were tickling my nose and I inched back up. I set up a steady rhythm, up and down.

"Ooo. . .I'm gonna cum soon," He gasped out.

I stopped sucking him and got his cock all wet. What was next? O he was going to f*ck me of course. When I felt that he was wet enough with my spit, I straddled him and inched my way down. His head was poking at my hole, trying to gain entry. I went down slowly. His head entered me.

"Ooo Luke," I moaned. The feeling was incredible.

I went down further and he was halfway in. Oh it felt so right. It felt as if his cock belonged there all along. I guess he couldn't wait 'cause he lunged his hips up and he was burried in my hot hole.

"O god." He had hit my prostate and that cause me to gasp. What his finger made me felt, his cock was ten times better. This made my cock leak so much. His belly was covered in my juice.

I began to move up and down on him slowly, using my free hands to tweak his nipple. This cause him get wilder. He began moving his hips up, fucking me. I couldn't move myself any longer. The feeling was too intense. I bent down to kiss him. We were kissing and fucking. I just let him do all the work. By now, I was resting on his body, him under me, pumping his hard meat into me. I was about to cum for the second time.

Luke moved faster and deeper, plunging his hard tool into me. He thrusted with all his strength and yelled out.

"Oooo f*ck I'm cumming. . ." His cream sprayed all over, coating my insides. I could feel the warm cum filling me. This sent me over the edge of course. My load let loose and the first shot his Luke on the face, the rest ended up on his chest and abs. I collasped. The feeling was too intense. I just rested in his arms, sharing a passionate kiss. My cum between us making a sticky mess, but we didn't care. We were in each other's arms.

I stared into the eyes of my loved one and spoke.

"Luke, I truly love you. Ever since freshman year, I had a crush on you. And you taking care of me made me realized I love you even more. I love you." I poured out my feelings for him. I said the three words which I had never said to anyone before. I was hoping for a response. His eyes were so beautiful. The green/gray color shimmering under the light. His golden hair all messed up from the action we had before. He inched forward and kissed me on the lips. A soft gentle kiss.

Then the love of my life spoke.

"Eric. To tell you the truth. I have had a crush on you too. Ever since I first saw you on the track team, I knew I had to have you. Now that I do have you, I realize that what I am feeling is not just lust but love also. Eric, I love y. . ."

What happened? The words were fading out. No! He was about to say he loved me.

"Hey you! Hey You!" What was that voice? It was a girls voice. Was is my mom?

"I love y. . ."


I awoke from my dream. Through my cloudy vision, I could see a girl with golden blond hair. She saw my eyes open and she hugged me. She hugged me tightly. OMG. I knew who it was. Only one person can give a teddy bear hug like that. Only one. It was Portia, the seventeen year old blond bombshell. But what was she doing here? She had moved to Cali a while back. It has been what, three years since I last saw her. I tried to hug her back but I didn't the strength to.

"How yah feeling?" She looked as pretty as ever. She still had that long blond hair of hers. Every girl in the school was envious of her, because of her hair. Not to mention she was extremely pretty.

"I'm okie. Just drained of all energy. But I'm fine." I looked at her face. She had such a glow to her. She was always so vibrant and full of life. She made the trio the best. But since she left, it has been dull and boring.

"That's good. Talk about energy. But you still have energy left for a hard on huh?" She laughed. OMG. I couldn't believe her. I had a hard on from the dream I had a few minutes ago and she was making fun of me. I turned to red it wasn't funny. "Oh stop it. Like I haven't seen you guys naked before. Please. Any ways, Auntie told me that you were here. Why did you do that for huh?"

I couldn't believe her. She just mentioned my woody and just brushed it off like that. It was my girl Portia alright. Never shy about these matters. Any ways. What was she doing here? Did she know about Carlos yet? O god I hope she does. I didn't want to be the one breaking the news to her.

"Do what?" I had no idea what she was talking about. But she insisted.

"You know, try to kill yourself." She just said it so casually. I couldn't believe my ears. Tried to kill myself? I did no such thing. The car was coming at me damn it. I had to convince her.

"I did not try to kill myself. The car was coming at me. Honest." I said it with sincerity and a puppy dog face. Hehe. That'll get her.

"Yeah sure. Uncle told me all about you. You were standing right in front of the car waiting for the car to hit you. But any ways, to switch the subject, how you and Carlos doing?" She was peeling an orange for me while speaking. She is always kind and caring. I love that girl.

"Well, for starters, I feel like shit as you can see. . ." I trailed off. I didn't know how to tell her about Carlos. I didn't want to break the news to her that Carlos was dead. How could I? We were a trio, now that Carlos is gone, it won't be same forever.

"What's up? Why you stopping for? And where the hell is Carlos. I called his house but no one picked up the phone. I thought he would be here by now. You know, we have to take care of each other you know." She had finished peeling the orange and took a slice of it out. She pointed the slice of orange towards me. "Open up."

"Ahhh. . ." I ate the piece of orange she gave me. She was taking care of me. I thought of Carlos, and tears swelled up in my eyes.

"Aww baby what's up? You can tell me anything. Come on. You need a shoulder to cry on?" She lifted my up and put my head to her shoulders. I cried for a while then I gathered up my strength to tell her the news. I got my face off of her shoulders and looked at her.

"Portia, I have something to tell you. It's about Carlos. Brace yourself ok. Please?"

She nodded. I took a deep breath and told her. "Portia, Carlos. . .He's. . .he's dead. . ."

The word dead seemed to have echoed on forever and her eyes just popped open. Her jaw fell and she was shocked. She couldn't believe what I had told her. She was in shock.

"I'm sorry Portia. I'm sorry. . ." I didn't know what to do. I still didn't have enough strength to hold her and let her cry in my arms. I just cried. After the shock of it, tears just fell down her cheeks. She hugged me and cried. I tried to console her as best as I could. Maybe I should tell her about that dream. The dream that Carlos was safe and happy. "Portia, if it helps, Carlos came to me. He came to me and told me he was safe. He told me he was in a happy place and he told me not to worry about him. We all loved him. He would want us to go on with our lives and stop grieving for him." I tried. I tried my best. I hope that would put her at ease.

The door opened. I didn't bother to look but someone spoke.

"Portia hunnie. Are you ok?" It was a familiar voice. I looked up and it was Jarod.

She perked up from hearing the voice and she jumped into his arms. He held and and consoled her. What just happened here? How does she know him?

"Oh Uncle Jarod. Carlos is dead." She cried while in his arms.

Oh My God. Jarod is Portia's uncle? The situation just got more complex.

End of part 6.

Hey guys. This chapter was a doozy. It' pretty long. My longest I would say. Newhoo. I hope you guys enjoyed this part. As I promised, I spiced things up a little. It's my first time writing a 'sex scene' so I hope it was ok. If ya'll are wondering what the title means, its that Portia, Carlos, and Eric were a trio. Portia finally comes back but Carlos is now dead. Hence the title, 'Trio reunited, less one.' Well, hope you guys enjoy my writing. Stay tuned for part seven. As always, comments are welcome to lil_ngel@hotmail.com.