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Winter Dreams
Part 7. 'Surprise Surprise'

Oh Jesus! Jarod is Portia's uncle. I can't believe I thought he was a hottie. If Portia knew, she would kill me. My mindless babbling was cut short 'cause Jarod spoke.

"Hey Eric. Are you feeling any better?"

"Yeah. Thanks. But Portia doesn't seem to be taking the death of Carlos very well."

I looked across the room to where Portia was sitting. Jarod had put her there after she was sobbing. I felt so helpless. I couldn't help her deal with his death. I decided it was time to stop sulking and do something.

"Jarod. How did I get here?" He was looking out the window staring at something. I wonder if he heard me. "Jarod."

"Yes Eric." He stopped looking out the window and gave his full attention to me.

"How did I get here?"

"When I saw you faint, I called the paramedics and they took you to the hospital. You know, you should be more careful when you're crossing the street. I almost ran you over back there. Thank god that car had anti lock brakes."

Oh geesh. It was Jarod who almost ran me over. Well, I did stand in the way. Damn it. Now he's going to ask me questions on why I wanted to kill myself. Holy crap. I wondered if he noticed that I didn't move out of the way when he was about to run me over. Now he's gonna pry into my life and tell my parents and my whole life would be ruined. I didn't know what to do.

"I'm really sorry about that Jarod. I was just depressed and angry about Carlos's death so I just didn't care about anything else. I hope I didn't 'cause you a lot of trouble. Did I?" I tried looking innocent. I really hoped he didn't have to file a police report or something. I looked over at Portia and she was sleeping. She must have tired herself out crying.


I heard the door open and I looked to see who was coming in. OMG. It was Mikhal and Enkil. What were they doing here? I wondered if they were here to see how I was doing or something. I hardly even knew them. Well they didn't come empty handed. They brought flowers. Why does everyone bring flowers to a person in the hospital? What I'm I going to do with flowers? I wanted food damn it. I was hungry and they brought me flowers. (Hunger makes me cranky) Well, my wish came true. I saw a thermos. OMG. Please let it be food.

"Hello Eric. How are you doing?" They spoke in unison. Creepy if you ask me. "We came hear to see how you are doing. We brought some soup that mother made."

Aww. . .how sweet. Damn it. Feed me now. I didn't mean to sound mean but I was starving. While I was bantering, Mikhal put the flowers in a glass and Enkil poured some soup out of the thermos. The aroma of it was so tasty. It smelled so good. He brought it close to me. I reached out to feed myself but he wouldn't have it.

"No. You are too weak to do anything." He got a spoon and dipped it into the cup. "Open up." He lifted the spoon close to my mouth and I parted my lips.

Oh My God! It tasted incredible. It had some kind of beans in it. I think it was chick peas. I wasn't sure. Neways. I wanted more. I swallowed the spoonful he gave me and he started to give me another spoonful.

I must have looked like a baby. There I was, a seventeen year old being fed by this gorgeous tanned guy. If I wasn't hungry, I might have been tomato red, but I didn't care. I just wanted food to fill my tummy. Well, before I knew it, I ate the whole cup and I was full.

"Thanks Enkil, but you didn't have to." I kinda felt embarrassed afterwords. He just smiled and wiped my mouth.

"No. I wanted to. I am so sorry about Carlos." He looked sad.

"It's ok. Carlos is in a happy place now." I took his hand and gripped it tightly.

He got up. Both of them were about to leave. I wanted them to stay longer but I guess they had stuff to do. I still didn't get to show them around. I was determined to hold up my end of the bargain.

"Oh Enkil. The soup was great. Thanks a lot."

"You are welcome." Both of them talked at the same time again. Damn it. It was scary. Sorta like the twilight zone.

"Take care of yourself. We have to leave now. Our parents are waiting downstairs."

"I will. Don't worry about me. Bye." I waved good bye while they walked out the door. At least I had visitors. I thought about my parents. Where were they? Didn't they even care about their son. Well, foster son to be exact but still. I was their son. I wondered if Jarod knew where my parents where.


"Yes." He put the paper down and looked up.

"Do you know where my parents are?"

"Well Eric, I don't really know. I called them but they weren't home. I'm sorry."

He was really apologetic. But I knew it wasn't his fault. My parents were never home. It's a wonder that they even got to adopt me. I didn't care. What the hell was I talking about? I did care. I cared that they were never home. I cared that they never gave a damn about me. I cared alright. But they didn't love me. I wondered if they loved me at all. Why did they adopt me. Was it pity? Did they adopt me because I was an orphan? Don't get me wrong. They fed me and gave me stuff but that wasn't what I wanted. I just wanted love. Love from a pair of parents. I guess I started to cry because Jarod came over and handed me his hanker chief.

"Don't cry Eric. Tell you what. I have a little surprise for you. If I guarantee that my surprise is going to cheer you up." He was cheerful.

I wondered what the surprise was. Was he going to strip naked for me? LoL. I wish. Newhoo, my fantasies aside, I really wondered what he was up to. I decided to try and pry it out of him.

"Hey Jarod. What's the surprise?" There goes being discreet. Hehe.

"Oh don't worry. You'll see." He said that just so smoothly. Damn it. I wanted to know. "Why don't you take a nap. The surprise will come by the time you wake up."

"Oh fine." I heard a crack of thunder. A few seconds later, rain came pouring down. Oh thank you god. The sound of the raindrops hitting the window always put me to sleep. I closed my eyes and before long. . .I was drifting away to a far away land. LoL. Whatever. Neways.

"CRASH!" It was thunder and I woke up. I had been asleep for an hour now.

Jarod also fell asleep. Portia was still sleeping from before. That's my Portia alright. Getting her beauty sleep anywhere. LoL. I waited and waited for my surprise and I got tired. I went back to sleep. It was the dream I had before. The dream with me and Luke in the car. Hehe. No need to get specific. Let's just say it continued on. It got so intense that I had to wake up.

"Eric." Someone whispered my name. "Eric."

I opened my eyes and there he was. Surprise surprise. It was Luke. What was he doing here? How did he know I was here? I rubbed my eyes to make sure this isn't another one of my dreams. It wasn't. There he was in flesh and blood.

"Luke! What are you doing here?" I gasped out.

"Mr. Thomas told me what happened to you. After I heard what happened, I rushed over here." There he was. His hair all wet. His clothes dripping water from the rain and he was smiling at me. Thank you Jarod.

End of part 7

Thanks for reading. I know I end the chapters in cliff hangers a lot, hehe. I hope this part was ok. I know I am probably getting boring. But, this is a slowly progressing love story. Wondering what gonna happen next huh? Stay tuned for part 8. As always, all comments welcome to lil_ngel@hotmail.com.