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Winter Dreams
Part 9. 'Eternal Love'

Mmm . . . I mumbled. My mind ached as if bees were buzzing in my head. What happened? I remembered being in Eric's arms. I remembered kissing those soft lips of his. I remembered telling him I love him and hearing the same response from him. Where was I now?

My vision was blurry. All I saw was a pudgy nurse who looked very ugly. She had on this thick pair of glasses and her brown hair was unkempt under her nurses hat. Her uniform was all dirty. It was covered with . . . blood. I gasped and screamed out. But I didn't hear any thing. I couldn't hear my voice. I screamed out again but to no avail. I was mute. What was wrong? What was happening to me? I saw the nurse come over to me while pushing a creaking cart. The hospital curtain was half way open and I saw her come over this way. But I lost her when she kept on moving across the room. I saw her shadow on the curtain. I saw her bend over and take out something from the cart. I couldn't see what it was. I heard a yell. Someone screamed as if they were tortured. Who was screaming?

I heard the nurse laugh and she came over this way. I heard a buzz, it was a low humming sound sort of like a mechanical beard trimmer. It was a soft hum. I saw her shadow getting closer and closer. She was next to my bed. I anticipated her to do something. My hands got all clammy. She was laughing again. I closed my eyes and when I opened them up again, she was gone. I looked all over for her and she was gone. Where was she? Where did she go? I finally got too tired to think.

I rested my eyes but then I heard that purr again. It was near me but I didn't know exactly where. I listened attentively. Oh my god. It was coming from beneath the bed. The bed was rocking back and forth. I closed my eyes. I prayed that it would go away. It finally stopped. The nightmare finally was over. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and laid back comfortable hoping to get some shut eye. I heard the maniacal laugh of the nurse I opened my eyes. The instant I opened my eyes . . . Then all of a suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. "SWOOSH!!!" I saw a hand rise of from my chest. Oh god no!!! It was covered in blood. The hand was moving. It was holding something. It was grasping my heart. Oh god no. This couldn't be happening. The hand was grasping my heart, squeezing the life out of it. I saw the hand rise. It was lengthening. I saw the elbow. Then I saw a head. I head was rising from my chest. It was covered in blood. The head was smiling at me. It's hand took my heart and put it near its mouth. I heard a slurping sound and my heart was gone. The head swallowed my heart. I clawed at its face. I clawed and clawed. I felt skin peel. The blood covered skin was peeling. Oh god. Oh god no. Please don't. Don't let it be . . .him. Tears flowed down my cheeks. The head moved it's hand toward my face and wiped the tear off. It wasn't a tear. It was bloody. I was crying out blood. Oh god no.

I heard a robotic voice say, "Luke. Don't cry. I'm hear with you. Forever." I then heard it laugh. It was laughing. It was laughing at me. "No!!! Don't laugh at me Eric. Stop ERIC!"

I left someone touching me. Someone was caressing me. Someone was calling my name. I closed my eyes hoping this would go away. I prayed that it would go away. Please let this nightmare go away. I opened my eyes and there he was. He was holding my hand with his left and caressing my face with the right. He was shivering but he smiled at me. My love was smiling at me. I opened my lips to speak.

"I love you Eric," I said weakly.

"I love you Luke," he said back.

I felt my heart begin to pulse with life. I wanted to get up and hold him. He must have read my mind. He came over and kissed my gently on the lips. That kiss felt so good. He put his arms around me and held me. He held me and I felt his warmth. I felt him kissing my face. He drew back a little and I saw his smile. I held my arms out and pulled him to me. I wanted to feel him close to me. He succumbed and his head landed gently on my chest. I smelled his hair and it had a light hint of rain. It was a wet musky smell but it wasn't too strong. I brought his face close to mine and I kissed him. I wanted to be with him so much. I wanted to feel him. I kissed him passionately and he reciprocated. We were gingerly sucking on each other's tongue. Feeling his warm wet muscle move about in my mouth was total bliss. I felt my cock start to lengthen. I grinned my body into him. I felt he was hard too. I could feel the outline of his cock in his pants. But we didn't stop kissing. We kept on sharing a passionate wet kiss while withering in the bed. I flipped him on his back and started to nibble on his ear. He moaned in delight. I then started to kiss down his neck. I nuzzled that sweet neck of his. I sucked his neck and left my mark. A deep red spot that was created by me. He belonged to me now. He was now mine. I savored my handy work for only a few minutes. I stared to lick my way down, but his shirt was in the way. Oh well. I moved lower and started to pull his shirt up trailing my tongue along his smooth skin on the way up. He shivered and moaned in delight, his hands grasping the banister on both sides. I looked down at his crotch and he was at full mast. His cock was straining underneath the fabric and a large wet spot the size of a quarter had formed there. My love was being pleasured and it was I who did it. I smiled. It was so appetizing, seeing his meat, but I would have that later. I continued my way up and had reached his nipples. Those small dime sized nipple of his were pointing at me. Well, I thought they were pointing at me ok. I lingered my tongue at the tip of his nipple and he let out a loud moan. He was enjoying it. I completely enveloped his nipple and started to lick and suck on it, while my left hand was pinching the other nipple. He was writhing under me trying to throw me off but I was too strong for him. He just gave up hope on trying to budge me. I just kept on nibbling on his nipple. When I felt that it had been enough, I let go and leaned up to kiss him on the mouth. He brought his hands behind my head and pulled my face to his. He kissed me hard on the mouth and we shared tongues once again. We were both sitting up facing each other, and kissing. I moved my hand down to his groin and started to grope him. He moaned and my mouth vibrated when my hand touched his cock. I felt something tug at my cock. It was Eric. He had his hand down there and he was stroking me.

"Oooh . . . " I purred into his mouth. "I love you Eric . . ." I wondered if he heard me.

"I love you Luke." Did Eric say that? I wasn't sure. I believe it was him. No matter.

I started to undo his pants. I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to have his cock in me. I had to have his hard cock in my mouth. I pushed him down and started to pull his pants off. He lifted his hips and I slid them all the way off. There he was. My SNAG. His fertile package in front of me. I saw him smiling at me and I smiled back. I wanted to explore his cock with my tongue. I leaned down and sniffed his balls. They smelt of sex and man. I couldn't get enough. I took one ball and gently put it in my mouth. I was rolling it to one side and the other, while my tongue was bathing his sperm factory. He was moaning and calling my name saying he loved me. I knew he was in torture. His cock was bobbing up and down leaking pre cum down the shaft. I stopped working on his balls and snaked my tongue out. I lick from the base of his shaft all the way to the tip. I could taste his pre cum as I was making my way up the summit. It was deliciously sweet. Man honey was the right term for his cum. I finally got to the tip of his cock, his crowning glory. He wasn't long, about six inches, but I didn't care. I loved him and I wanted to please him. I licked his piss slit and more pre cum came oozing out. I lapped at his cock gently, as a cat would clean it self. After he was gone of honey, I took his head in my mouth. I was pulsing with life. His pink head was growing in my mouth. I used my tongue to trace the ridge of his head. Liking what I tasted, I took him deeper into me. I was halfway down, wanting to savor him slowly. I finally took him all and he was just poking at the back of my throat. He was ticking my tonsils and coating it with sperm. I pulled back and sucked. He moved his hands to my head and let them rest there, letting me know that he enjoyed what my mouth was doing to him. I took a steady rhythm and my head was bobbing up and down his shaft.

"Ohhh . . ." I moaned and this caused my mouth to vibrate adding more pleasure to him.

"Oooo . . ." He purred. He was purring like a kitten.

He was moving with my thrusting his cock into my mouth. I took a finger and gently caressed his hole. He liked it because he spread his legs wide eagle and let me get better access to him. I gently traced his pucker with my finger and I could feel it opening and contracting. It wanted to suck my finger in. Serious. I pushed my index finger in gently and he opened up and took me inside of him. I started to finger fuck him and his was bucking like a deer. He started to move up and down my finger.

"Oh god Luke. That feels so good . . ." I heard him moan out.

I thrusted my finger deeper and hit his sweet spot. I hit his prostate, and it must have been too much for him because he shook violently and I knew why. I felt the first spurt of him cum in my mouth. It shot to the back of my throat and was followed by a weaker pulses. After his orgasm susbsided, I crawled up to him and kissed him, sharing his sweet honey with him. We shared a deep passionate kiss; our lips locked to each other. I crawled off of him because my hard on was stabbing him in the gut. I still didn't come yet but I didn't care. I made love to my love and that sufficed. But Eric wouldn't allow it. He whispered something in my ear.

"Luke . . . I love you . . ." He said it so lovingly.

I felt a tear swell up in my eye. I knew then that my life would be incomplete with out him. I held him in my arms, and felt his warmth. He was so soft yet firm. He hugged chest to chest and shared another passionate kiss. I felt something on my cock. It was Eric's hand. He was slowly circling my cock head with his palm. Oh god it felt so good. I wouldn't last. I had to release my sperm.

"Ohhh . . ." I moaned into his mouth.

We kept on with the passionate kiss while he was jerking me off. I let myself succumb to his pleasure. I wouldn't last. I could feel my balls pulling themselves into my body. I shuddered and my cock expanded and blew its load into Eric's loving hand.

"Oh Eric . . . I'm cumming . . ." I moaned into his mouth.

He kept on stroking me letting my cum ooze out into the sheets between us. He stopped kissing me and brought his hand up. He snaked his tongue out and licked my cum off of his hand.

"I love you Eric" I whispered.

"I love you Luke" He answered back. But something was wrong!

His voice sounded different. His voice sounded robotic. I kissed him and he was as cold as ice. I felt his face with my cheek and he didn't have that smooth texture to his face anymore. I drew back suddenly and he started to cackle. He was laughing with a robotic tone of voice. It sounded dull, as if it was vibrating in an empty hall. He brought his hand to my face and it wasn't a human hand. He . . . he . . . he was a robot! NOOO!!!


I woke with a shock and there I was. It was all a nightmare. Now, I was safe in Eric's arms. He was holding me and calling out my name. He was in the bed with me, holding me tightly. The lights were so blurry but I made out my love's face. It was my love. I smiled.

"Luke. Are you ok?" He asked urgently.

"What? Where am I? I . . . I Love You Eric . . ." I managed to say that much when I broke down in tears. He held me and gently stroke my face, telling me to stop crying.

"Luke. Are you ok? You scared the hell out of me. You blacked out when we were outside. I was hysterical. I was screaming so loud the paramedics came out and had to bring us inside. I thought . . ." He wandered off. I listened intently waiting for him to finish. "I though I lost you back there . . ." He said as he broke into tears.

"I'm fine. See." I hit my chest like Donkey Kong, but I guess I shouldn't have done that. I coughed into Eric's face and my saliva was all over that cute face of his.

"What the hell?" He said aloud.

"I'm sorry . . ." As I said that, I started to laugh. He laughed with me and wiped it off with his hand.

"I Love You Luke. Don't you ever do that to me again. Don't you ever scare me like that again. I really thought I had lost you." He started to cry.

"I'm sorry. But I didn't expect to faint out there. I promise that when I started to faint, I'll block it out and wake myself up ok." I giggled with a hand covering my mouth.

"You butt head." He sniffled. "I love you so much."

"I love you too. Sooo . . . What were we talking about before I fainted and left you all alone?" I smiled.

"Hmph. Not telling. No one told you to faint. Made me cry and worry because of you. Pffttt." He blew a raspberry at me and his saliva went flying all over my face.

"Yuck." I cried out.

"Awww . . . Did I mess up Mr. Pretty Boy's face now?" He laughed as he said that.

I stuck my tongue out and teased him. I then turned to the other side and ignored him. That would teach him a lesson. But he didn't try and comfort me. He just laid there and started to sing. I was getting so mad. He didn't care that I ignored him. What an ass!

I turned back to face him and he smiled at me.

"I knew you couldn't resist." He giggled.

"You tricked me!" I yelled out.

With that said, he put his arms around me and stared into my eyes. He was smiling all the time and his eyes were glassy from the tears. My beautiful Eric, I thought to myself. I love you. I leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. He liked it and kissed me back. We just kissed without sharing tongue at first. I decided to French kiss him. I stuck my tongue out while we were lipped locked, and gently poked his lips. He wouldn't budge. I started to lick all around his lips, tracing them with my tongue.

"Ohhhh . . ." He moaned.

Ah ha! I stuck my tongue in his mouth quickly and started to wiggle it. He giggled but we kept on kissing. He moved his tongue and the tips of ours tongues touched. We just laid there, kissing, oblivious to anyone who was bound to come in sooner or later. He did something that surprised me. He wiggled his tongue out and he started to stroke my tongue with his. OMG. He was groping me with this tongue. LoL. I was so blissfully happy with him in my arms. His breathing started to change. He started to take heavier breaths and he was rubbing his body into mine. He was grinding himself into me. Our crotches rubbed up against each other and I could feel he was hard. I brought my hand down and started to grope him.

"Yesss . . ." He hissed out into my mouth. He was getting hot. I felt his hand stroking my chest, pinching my nipples on the way down. He slipped his hand under the front of my pants and was stroking me.

"Ohhh . . ." I moaned into his mouth. I couldn't stand it. I started to unbuckle his belt and undid his pants. He reached under the elastic band of my boxers and his hand hit the tip of my cock. * ZAP! * It felt incredible. I almost shot my load right then and there, but I controlled myself. He started to stroke me gently rubbing his hand up and down my hard shaft. I flipped him on his back and laid on top of him, all the while kissing him. I'm talented ok. Hehe. I was rubbing my hard on into him and he let his hand slide deeper down. He cradled my balls and gently rolled them around in his hands.

F*CK . . . That feels incredible. I thought. I held my balls before but it never felt this good. I think it was the love that we shared that made everything feel so much better.

"I Love You Eric . . ." I vibrated into his mouth.

"I Love You Luke . . ." He moaned back.

In one sudden moved, he broke off the kiss and shoved me off of him onto my back. I was surprised. I never would have guessed he was this strong. My tiny man was strong. I giggled at the thought.

He straddled me and started to grind his buttocks into my crotch. He was teasing me. But god it felt good. I bet it would've felt even better if my cock was in his tight, hot, hole. I licked my lips lustily and he bent down. I thought he was going to kiss me so I puckered up. Instead of his soft lips, I felt a warm wet tongue. He was licking my lips as if they were a delicacy. He was so lustful. He was grinding his tight ass harder and harder into my crotch. I couldn't stand it. He was hurting my cock. I lifted him up and calmed him down. My cock was aching in my pants. He got the idea and became limp. He grazed his hands down to my pants and started to undo them. He slid them off and my cock up hitting my belly with a * TWACK! * I supported him while he undid his pants. He literally threw his pants on the floor and started to grind his cock into mine. One thing I love about Eric, he leaked like a hose. He was lubing himself and me just by rubbing his cock on mine.

"I love you" I said to him. I then pulled his face closer to mine and kissed him gently on the lips.

Eric oh Eric my love. You are the love of my life. You are my prince. I would do anything for you. I love you so much. How come I didn't tell you my feelings earlier? We could've have been together by now. But no matter. I have you now. We are together at last. I love you Eric. These thoughts were passing through my mind. I wondered if Eric felt this way.

"I love you Luke." He had read my mind. I wanted to hear him say that. Every time he said that, my heart would flutter around, and I felt so happy. I felt so happy with him.

He laid his head on my chest. I felt his wet tongue licking around my pink nipple. My chest was hairless and he was tweaking the left one with his hand and licking my right with his tongue. Oh god I loved him. My Eric, the sex freak. Hehe. I wondered if we would continue to have sex when we are in our sixties. Yep. We would. I would never get tired of him. Just him saying I love you was enough to get me hard.

I felt him going lower. He was planting soft kisses on my abs. Very soft, light ones, the ones that a mother gives a child. He softly blew air onto my tummy and I shivered. It was like a light tickle. By now, my cock was poking him in the neck and chin but he didn't mind. He just went lower and lower. He laid my cock to the side with his hand and started to lick my balls. He took one in his mouth and lolled it gently. He started to lick from the base of my cock to the top. I put my hand out and stopped him.

"You don't have to. I Love You Eric. We don't have to have sex. Just holding you and kissing you is enough." I didn't want us to ruin a relationship just by having sex. Hell, I wanted to feel his hot mouth on my cock but I felt something else. I felt a love so great that I didn't want to hurt him. I hope he understood. I was kicking myself. I wanted to have release but I knew it was for the best. He stopped and looked up at me. His lips started to quiver and his eyes started to get watery. I got up and held him in my arms, feeling sorry for hurting his feelings.

"I'm sorry Eric," I said while holding him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to reject you. I love you so much that I don't need sex right now. Just holding you in my arms is enough."

He nodded.

"I know. I wasn't sad. I was just so happy. You told me I didn't' have to do it and I felt so happy. I knew then that you loved me so much, that I had tears of joy. I love you so much Luke. Eternal love, that is what we share. Now and forever." He whispered. A tear formed in my eye. I love him so much and he loved me back. I hope this would never end.

"I love you Eric. Don't you ever doubt that ok. I love you with all my heart." I brushed his hair away from his face and kissed him on the cheeks then on his lips. Just a gentle kiss to show him I care. I held him close to me not wanting to ever let him go.

* CLICK! ! ! *

* CREAK! ! ! *

We both looked over to the door in shock and it slowly cracked open. Oh Jesus! ! ! We were both naked! What would we do?

End of part 9

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