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Sam Lakes

Crusing the Halls of Worthington High


Sam Lakes

I loved school.

Of course I am not your normal average teen. My dad says when they put me together they were supposed to put in the brain of a genius but something went wrong and I got the brain of Abe Normal. Ha-ha, Dad I've seen `The Young Frankenstein'. I've seen that movie at least one hundred times and I still laugh.

We're a pretty close family. I love my brothers -- Tom is three years older than me and is away at college now and Keith who is a year younger than me and then there is Katy my six year old sister.

Mom is a dentist and Dad is a used car salesman -- actually he runs his own used car business.

I'm a lot like my dad -- I love people.

My birthday is in two weeks. I'll be sixteen. I've had my driver's permit since I was fifteen and a half, done my driver's education classes and will take my driving test in two weeks. I know I will pass.

"Luc, let's go," called my dad. Dad takes Keith and I to school everyday usually in a different car everyday. Today it's a red 1992 Corvette. I love it when he brings home a really hot sports car. Last week it was a Porsche Boxter. Ooo, did I get the looks!

I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked good -- I did.

"Mmmmm. Eye candy for the girls," laughed Keith, "or maybe it's the boys."

"For everyone, bro! You're looking pretty hot too!" I said, pause a dramatic sec, "NOT!"


"I know you are, but what am I?" I laughed as we got to the kitchen.

"Mom! Luc called me a queer!"

"Luc!" scolded Mom.

"What?" feigning innocence.

"You know better," she said.

"Mom, it was Keith that called me a-a homosexual, I merely said I know you are but what am I," I giggled.

She shook her head.

"Mom, seriously," I said after I guzzled down a glass of orange juice, "I-I am gay."

She rolled her eyes in disbelief.

"Honest, mom," I said softly, "I heard Keith's bed squeaking last night -- squeak-squeaka-squeka-squeak. I knew he was masturbating..."

"I was not!" blushed Keith.

"Why are you blushing?" I laughed. He blushed even more.

Dad walked into the kitchen. "What's so funny?"

"Keith was masturbating last night," I replied in a wail of laughter.

"I hate you!" yelled Keith.

"Luc! Stop teasing your brother. Honestly such things are personal. It's not like you don't do the same," said Mom.

"Yep! That's true. I'm just a horny teenager," I said, "But seriously Dad, I'm gay -- hearing Keith last night made me just want to jump his bones. I hope I didn't wake you and Mom with my moaning."

Dad threw me the keys and laughing said, "Well, come on you horny teenagers we need to go."

As we walked out I put my arm across Keith's shoulders. "Do you still hate me?"

Now the thing is I do sometimes go too far and he gets pissed. I really do love Keith and he knows it. He also knows I hate people not liking me especially if the person is he or Katy.

We stopped; he looked at me and shook his head no.

"Good, cuz I love you," I said softly and then we carried on out to the car.

We came to the intersection and I pulled up even with a cop car. I gunned the engine a couple of times. The cop rolled down the window, "Morning Luc, Ted, Keith. Nice car."

"Morning Officer Johnson," I smiled, "Yeah, I wish it was mine."

"Yeah, me too. I'm sure I'd get my ticket quota," laughed Officer Johnson.

Officer Johnson and my math teacher, Mr. Gibson lived three houses down from us. Keith says they are really nice people. Keith does all their lawn work. I hate yard work; I work with my dad detailing cars and some simple things like tune-ups, oil changes and brakes.

Dad only lets me work on the weekends. My weekdays are spent with school and music. I play drums, keyboard, piano, organ, flute and guitar. My favorite subjects at school are music, drama, English. I hate math, science and history. PE is cool. I'm no athlete but I love soccer.

We arrived at school at 6:30 and I ran off to the music classroom, which has a small recording studio. This morning with Keith's help I was going to lay down the vocal tracks for a song I had composed. It was sort of electronic pop most of it I had done at home using my computer, drums, and keyboard. The lyrics are very simple to:

I love you

you love me

We have so much love

it makes us free.

The song was simple yet in the words of my mom `catchy'. What has really encouraged me has been one of my favorites Postal Service. In fact this new song of mine sounds similar to their song `There's Never Enough Time'.

Most of the songs I write are not break-up-type songs - they are more like the kind of songs that you would want to dance to and you wouldn't want to have a lyric that's super heavy. I tend to write positive love songs, where the songs are about being in love and how it's rad, rather than having your heart broken. It's just the kind of person I am -- always positive.

Keith and I had finished everything by eight o'clock. Of course Mr. Petri, my music teacher, helped with the final mix because Keith had to leave -- he was meeting his friends.

"So, what do you think, Mr. Petri? Worth an `A'?"

He smiled, "Dude that is the stupidest question you have ever asked me."

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Luc, it's brilliant!" he exclaimed and I beamed.

"Cool! " I said as the first bell rang, "Later." I left the music room for my homeroom. As I was making my way I saw Acton Felbridge and his buddies push Robbie Eastman in to the lockers.

"Hey Fagboy! Get out of the way." Robbie cringed over to the side.

"Hey Fatboy Felbridge!" I shouted. He and his buddies turned and looked at me. "You know I don't know if Robbie is gay or not but one thing I do know is most homophobes are really homosexuals and use their bullying tactics to hide their own homosexual tendencies," I continued loudly but no anger in my voice.

"Are you callin' me queer?"

"No, you, by your own actions are calling yourself queer," I said calmly but loud enough so that the small crowd could here. Did I see just the slightest blush? "I guess your blushing confirms that," I added.

"I ain't no homo. Baxter," he yelled.

"Cool. I was merely stating the facts," I said calmly.

"Fuck you!"

"Sorry, to disappoint you but you're not my type," I laughed.

He turned and stormed away. I had won.

"Are you all right Robbie?" I asked.

He looked down at his feet, "Yeah. Thanks," he mumbled.

"Your like a math genius aren't you?" I asked. Robbie looks like a total nerd -- from his glasses, which he just now pushed back on to the bridge of his nose to the pocket protector filled with pens.

"I'm okay in math, I gotta get to class," he said quietly and turned to walk off to his class.

"Hey, I'll walk with you, if you don't mind," I said.

He shrugged is shoulders and I walked him to his class. "So, do you like music?"

"I guess."

"What kind?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

"I bet you like classical and pop. You probably hate rap and heavy metal," I said.

A hint of a smile appeared. He nodded.

"Me too."

"You like classical?"

"Sure. Say, you have first lunch period, right?" I asked as we arrived at his classroom.

"Yeah," he said apprehensively.

"Great! I'll bring along some of my music and we can listen to it. See ya!" I said not giving him a chance to say no and immediately took off down the hall to my first class.

When lunch came I arrived a bit late and saw Rob sitting with some of his friends so I went and joined him and figured that some of my friends might join us cuz they knew me and knew I always went out of my way to make a new friend. "Why Rob?" they would ask adding, "He's like a total nerd. My answer would always be, "Because you can never have too many friends."

"Hey, Rob! Can I join ya?"

The look on his face was priceless.

"S-Sure," he said softly and scooted over to make room for me.

"Hi! I'm Luc Baxter," I said introducing myself to his friends.

"So, Rob, I brought my iPod and downloaded some of the songs I composed -- they are all sort of on the modern classical genre. They are short pieces for games and websites. Of course I haven't sold any yet, but I will."

I showed him how to work my iPod and I put the ear buds in his ears. I think he was a little embarrassed.

While he listened I chatted with his friends. I didn't have to wonder if he like the music or not because I could tell he did -- he didn't take a single bit of food while he was listening.

"So what do you think?"

"It's good. Your uh, very talented. Uh, thanks," he said.

"Ya mean it?"

"Yeah, why shouldn't I?" he said softly. I shrugged my shoulders. He was checking out my playlist. "Scott Joplin?"

"Yeah, I love his music. Those are his pieces I recorded. Of all the pie-ano music I like his the best!"

"Yeah, I like ragtime too."

"Well, you finished?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You'll find out," I half laughed. "Hey you all can come too! Robbie's friends are my friends." I grabbed Robbie's hand and practically drug him out of the cafeteria to the music room. Some of his friends followed and a few people I knew followed too.

I sat down at the old upright piano. "See if you can name this one," I said. I started to play Maple Leaf Rag when he said "Maple Leaf Rag"

I changed to `Swipesy Cake Walk'.

"Swipesy Calk Walk"

I changed again.

"The Sycamore."

I kept changing songs as soon as he guessed them. I had never met anyone around my age that knew all the Scott Joplin songs. I was duly impressed. Then he really surprised me.

"Scoot over." I made room for him and he started playing. I'm sure my chin hit the floor. He could play as well as me. He giggled. So, for the rest of the lunch period we played together.

His friends were amazed.

My friends were amazed and everyone was really happy. When the bell rang it was like everyone was disappointed because they wanted us to continue.

"You two are great together," said Mr. Petri.

"Oh, hi Mr. Petri! This is Robbie, I mean Rob Eastman. Who has totally overwhelmed me with his musical talent."

Robbie blushed.

"Well, I am very impressed."

"Thank you, sir. Uh - I have to get to class," said Robbie bashfully.

"Yeah, me too. Robbie, wait up!" He kept going so I had to run to catch up. It seemed like he was ignoring me. I hate being ignored almost as much as I hate people I like not liking me. I liked Robbie. Maybe he hates me calling him Robbie.

I was so deep in thought that I didn't realize I had walked into his classroom with him. He stopped and looked at me.

"Why are you following me?"

"Huh?" I said like an idiot then blushed, "Oh, sorry. I wasn't thinking or rather I was thinking but I wasn't paying attention."

"Look, I appreciate what you did this morning and lunchtime was fun, but I'm not in your league. So, don't try and put me there. I'll just disappoint you."

"Huh? Oh. You could never..." I was going to say `disappoint me' but he just did. "Never mind. Sorry, I just thought we could be friends," I mumbled.

I turned and walked out of the classroom and back to the music room. I was supposed to be in math class, but I just didn't feel like going there. There was no class so I sat down at the piano and started playing Presto agitato from Beethoven Moonlight Sonata.

I move over to the Yamaha keyboard and just started playing stuff, composing I guess you'd say, but for me it was just stuff I would make up to make me happy; stuff that would make me feel like singing. Oh, there were no words just dah-dos and dah-dah dee-dees.

But I decided I wanted something a bit like a spring day. I had a song in my head that had to get out. I hooked the midi port to the computer and started up Acid Pro, a music program. First I laid down the drum track then a xylophone track, added violins, then a recorder track, and finally the main piano track.

Now the keyboard and computer were setup so that I had my back to the door. I played the song from the beginning. Just to make sure I didn't want to change anything. Of course I had to sway my hips in rhythm to the music.

I didn't see Mr. Petri come in.

"Bravo, Luc but aren't you supposed to be in class somewhere?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"Oops. Yeah, sucky old math class with Mr. Gibson." I sighed, "He's a great teacher but math! Yuck! Besides, I felt like I needed to do this. The song was stuck in my head -- seriously don't think I could have made it through math class without having my head explode all over the place. But now I've got the song out I suppose I should toodle off."

"You only have ten minutes left and you'll need a hall pass," he said.

"Well, I thought I'd drop by Nurse Meyers and explain to her that I thought my head was going to explode. Maybe I have a brain tumor...Ya think?"

"No. I think you need to tell me the real reason."

"Okay, I was upset. I just ended up here because it's my favorite place to be. I just needed some time to get over my upset."

"Upset? Let me guess Robert Eastman." I nodded. "So, what happened?"

I turned back to the keyboard and started playing a Scott Joplin song "Searchlight Rag".

"Luc, talk to me!" he said in a raised voice and I switched to a ragtime I had written. "Luc!"

"He doesn't want to be my friend. He said he's not in the same league as me. What's that mean? What league am I supposed to be in! I'm no one special! Just cuz I love music!" I went back to playing my stupid song. I stopped. "I better go to math class."

"How can he not be in my league? You heard him playing!"

"Luc, I don't think he was referring to that but then maybe he was. Look at this. Who is probably the most well known student in this school and probably the most popular student?"

"I have no idea."


"Me? Dude - no way, friendly chap I am but most popular NOT!"

"I beg to differ."

"Beg all you want," I laughed, "I will not grant you a differ."

"Seriously, Luc, go down the hall an count the number of people that smile or say hello to you. Or stop you to talk. Do it on your way to your next class."

"Okay I will." So I did.

When I got back to music class for my last class of the day Mr. Petri asked, "Well?"

"One hundred and forty-three." Okay I was popular. So why did it bother me if Rob didn't like me. I mean I didn't have a shortage of friends. Or did I? I had a lot of acquaintances because I like talking to people -- shit I like talking. Mom usually has to yell at me to stop my yacking. Dad just walks off and closes the door so I don't follow.

The one class I hate is study hall cuz you have to be quiet, which is why I don't have a study hall. Heck, I will raise my hand in class just to have something to say.

Maybe that's why he doesn't like me -- maybe I talked too much or was too forward.



"I asked you why don't you just ask Rob what he means?" said Mr. Petri.


After school I ran out to find Rob I spotted him. He was being shoved to the back of the bus line. Damn I got angry. I ran over to his bus.

"Hey Rob! Thank goodness you're not on the bus. Dude you forgot my Dad is picking us pick in the corvette. Dude you were so awesome on the piano -- way better than me! I'm honored that we are going to be in the talent show together doing a piano duet!"

I grabbed him by the backpack and led him away from the bus line.

Once we were a little distance from the bus he pulled himself loose.

"I thought I made it clear, I don't need you coming to my rescue -- I don't need you at all."

"I wasn't rescuing you. I wanted to talk to you."

"Yeah, right! The most popular kid in school wants to talk to me the least popular kid in school."

"So! So what! So, I'm popular what's that got to do with wanting to be a friend? Maybe even a best friend? That's all I wanted. Sure, I have lots of friends but most of them are just acquaintances and not one can play a piano like you." I could feel my eyes watering up. A tear spilt over and rolled down my cheek so I turned and walked away -- did not want to cry but I felt like it and I don't understand why.