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Sam Lakes

Crusing the Halls of Worthington High


Sam Lakes


Chapter 2

What do you do when the most popular boy in the school suddenly notices you when some asshole calls you a faggot?

I am definitely gay and in the closet too but that does not stop guys like Acton Felbridge trying to open the door so everyone can laugh at the queer.

Luc Baxter is the hottest guy in the school. Funny, very popular, the kind of guy girls dream of marrying cuz he's so cool. The kind of guy a gay guy fantasizes about I should know he's my favorite fantasy and today he came to my rescue.

I wondered if he thought I was gay and having come to my rescue felt that he had to at least be polite and walk me to class.

I was a bit embarrassed because everyone would say "Hi, Luc." And he would reply "Hi, Eileen, have you met Rob?" Of course their reply would be "No" Then he'd introduce us, "Well, this is my friend Rob and Rob this is Eileen or Dotty or Betty or Pete, or Aaron or whoever." No less than thirty people I was introduced to.

When I got to my classroom he said goodbye and said he'd see me at lunch. By seeing me at lunch I figured he meant he walk by me and say `Hi'. I never expected him to sit next to me. My heart was beating so fast. He made friends with the guys sitting at the table they weren't really friends in my definition just acquaintances.

Then had me listen to his music, which said he composed. He even put the earphones in my ears. The music was great! When I finished I told him it was great and then I was looking at his playlist and I saw Scott Joplin's name.

"Scott Joplin?" I asked.

It turns out he like me is a fan of Ragtime. I got my love for Ragtime from my mother my music teacher and confidant. Yeah, my mom knows I'm gay and is cool with it. Anyway, she taught me to play the piano. She's really my adopted mom my real mom and dad are in jail for life.

Luc drags me off to the music room and starts playing ragtime and I don't know what got into me but I sat down and started playing too. For fifteen minutes we played parts of nearly every Scott Joplin song. Luc was so cute, laughing, and beautiful and I was seriously falling in love with him.

I knew it couldn't go on. Sooner or later he would find out that I'm gay or that my real mom and dad are criminals and that would be the end of our friendship and the end of me I knew I would be devastated. So in the time and distance it took to walk to my class from the music room. I decided it would be easier to break off our relationship now before I got hurt.

He looked a bit shocked by what I said and sort of disappointed but I figured it was temporary. He has so many friends the loss of me won't make a difference.

After school I was being shoved to the end of the line as usual and he comes up and loudly praising me and saying how excited he was that we would be playing in the school talent show. He was trying to rescue me again I thought, but I think I was wrong. I think he really did want to be my friend because I saw a tear roll down his cheek as he turned and walked away.

I hated to see him go. I felt so empty. I started to say something but I didn't know what to say. I don't think "Hey,Luc! Stop! I love you!" would be appropriate.

I turned back and got on the bus. Some of the kids asked me if Luc and I were really going to play a duet. They said how awesome that would be and how I really must be good and some other kid said, "Yeah I heard them playing a lunch time. Luc and Rob were totally awesome!"

For the first time since I started school here at Worthington High people were taking to me like I was something else than a piece of shit. As I got off the bus people were saying "Hey Rob, see ya tomorrow."

Luc had rescued me again.

When I got home I closed the door and began to cry.

Mom came from the kitchen to see what was wrong. I couldn't even tell her for a while but finally I got it out, "I'm in love." We talked for a long time about Luc and my day.

After dinner I said, "Mom, what if he's not gay he probably isn't and what if I come out to him and he hates me?"

"Do you honestly think he'd hate you? I don't think so. Look at how he handled that other boy. He may not be gay but he definitely is not a homophobe. Give him a chance to be your friend."

"Mom can you drop me off at school in the morning when you go to work?"

She smiled, "Of course honey."

I was up at 6am and ready to go at 7am.

"My goodness!" said Mom, "My son is a hottie!"

I blushed, "Only in your eyes."

"Yeah, well I'll bet you you'll get compliments."

"Yeah, probably just the fair sex."

"Well, if Luc is gay he will definitely think you're hot."

I shrugged my shoulders but secretly I was hoping she was right.

I thought I was one of the first students to arrive, but I was wrong Luc had beaten me I found as I arrive in the music room. He was listening to a really catchy tune probably the one he wrote.

"Hey, Luc."

He looked up at me, blushed and then said, "Robbie! What are you doing here? Mom said you called! I hope you changed your mind about being friends."

"Yeah, I'm sorry for being an ass. I love the tune."

"Yeah, I call it Robbie's Song," he blushed again, "I composed it yesterday instead of going to math class. I'm terrible at lyrics though. He tore a page from the notebook and put in his pocket then wrote something down one the pad and showed it to me.

"Walkin down the halls at Worthington High"

"What did you put in your pocket?" I asked.

"Huh?" He blushed a third time. "Oh just a note to myself so I won't forget something."

"Well, instead of calling it Robbie's Song I think you should call it Worthington High more commercial value," I smiled.


"How about" I took his pencil and notebook and listened to the song a couple of times while jotting down some lyrics, then showed them to him.

Cruzin the halls at Worthington High
There are these girls walkin by
There's Jennifer, Alice, Mei, and SuzyQ
But out of all of them all I see is you

You make my heart beat so loud
Oh baby holding your hand makes me proud

Jes cruisin the halls of Worthington High
Walkin' down the halls with you I'm a lucky, lucky guy
It's love love so true
It's just being, being with you

Walking down the halls with my baby by my side
My love for you I'll never hide
We stop we're not allowed to kiss
And that is something I really do miss

You make my heart beat so loud
Oh baby holding your hand makes me proud

Cruzin the halls at Worthington High
There are these girls walkin by
There's Jennifer, Alice, Mei, and SuzyQ
But out of all of them all I see is you

"Dude, you are awesome! Let's try it," said Luc.

The next thing I knew we were singing the song.

"You know we need some girls to sing the chorus part" I said.

"Yep," he said, "Be back in a flash."

While he was gone Mr. Petri arrived.

"You must be Rob Eastman. I'm so glad to see you here again. Catchy tune. He's a great composer."

Luc walked in with three girls. "Hey, Mr. Petri. Rob just wrote some awesome lyric to my song. These fine ladies are going to sing the chorus."

We practiced until the first bell rang and Luc made the girls promise to be here for lunch. Mr. Petri offered to supply us with pizza. Well, what better way to insure attendance?

Luc accompanied me to my homeroom class. I was definite in love with him. Maybe someday I'll tell him that when I wrote those words down I was thinking of him. How I would love to walk down the halls holding his hand. Ah, well I can dream.

"See you at lunch," I said.

"You bet pal," he said then dash off half skipping down the halls laughing and saying hi to everyone and telling those who asked why he said, "Cuz Rob and I are recording a song that I wrote yesterday and Mr. Petri is ordering pizza for everyone!"

Now I am sure if anyone else skipped down the halls like Luc, people would think they were nuts or really weird but with Luc it was just Luc Baxter.

By the end of second period I think half the school knew about the recording and people were asking me if they could come to watch. I had no idea if it was okay so I said sure!

Just before lunch bell Luc showed up at my history class with a note.

Mr. Michaels said, "Rob, you're excused early for a recording session."

"Thank you sir," I said sort of blushing and getting up from my set to join Luc who was smiling at me like a Cheshire cat.

As we were leaving Mr. Michaels said, "I expect to hear that recording. So make it a good one."

"We will, sir," Luc and I answered in unison.

"Hope you don't mind a live audience," said Luc.

"A live audience?"

"Yep! Yep! Well, you told so many people they could come and so Mr. Petri decided we could do the recording in the auditorium."

"I told so many people?"

"Well," he smiled, "alright we." He giggled, "So it's a buck fifty to get in proceeds go to the music department."

I had only done piano recitals in front of parents never sung in front of my peers.

"Now, I'm nervous. Shit my voice isn't that great and what if I "

He step in front of me, place his hands on my shoulders, "I don't care. I'll probably fuck up more than you and it doesn't matter. You and me we are a team. We are here to have fun and fucking up is just part of it. Nobody will care. Not me. Not Mr. Petri. And not one single student." Oh I wanted so much to hug him at that moment. I smiled. He smiled adding, "And if they do well fuck'em!" He laughed.

"Yeah. Fuck'em," I said and laughed.

It took us the whole lunchtime to get the song done right. There must have been easily a hundred students there. You could tell Luc was having fun and so was I. It was so much fun being there with him.

After we got the thumbs up on the recording from Mr. Petri I had an idea.

"Luc, why don't we make one more recording?"

"One more?"

"Yeah, with everyone here singing with us. Ya think?"

"The boy is a genius! Okay, everyone get up here we all are going to do it! Mr. Petri do you think you could conduct this here choir?"

In true Luc form Mr. Petri replied, "Ya think."

We ended up taking up fifteen minutes of the next period, but it was so great. Mr. Petri of course had to write a hundred passes to class. I don't think he minded.

He was like the Pied Piper leading the way to the office to copy a hall pass hundred times. As we followed him the girls started singing the song and soon there were a hundred students singing as they walked to the office. Mr. Petri didn't even try to get us to stop.

As I walked along beside Luc down the halls of Worthington High I thought it would be the perfect day if he was holding my hand. You know what?