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Sam Lakes

Crusing the Halls of Worthington High


Sam Lakes

Chapter 3

I just don't understand why I am so upset about Rob. But I am. Maybe it's just because I want people to like me.

I had wiped the tears away before I got to the car. Dad tossed me the keys so I could drive the Vette, I tossed them back the look on Keith's face was utter shock.

"I'm a bit tired I said. I don't feel like driving."

"Shotgun!" yelled Keith.

I shrugged my shoulders and squeezed in the back. Normally, I would have made him sit in the back but not today. I was silent the whole way home then got out of the car and went to my room.

Why was I feeling so depressed, so down? I mean I just wanted to be his friend I wanted him to like me. At lunchtime we were a team. It was so great play with him. It's like he's my soul mate. Yeah, it's like we are meant to be together.

Shit that's gay! Am I gay? I've never thought I was. I mean yeah, I goof around but I never meant it. I never really had a girlfriend you know someone I wanted to be with forever or go steady shit I've never gone on a date. Well, I'm only 15, well almost 16. I like girls talking to them anyway but that goes for guys too. I just like talking.

God! I hope I'm not gay. Okay let me think this out.

Keith burst into my room, "Wassup bro, your new boyfriend won't let you blow him?" he laughed. He's always joking around. Normally, I would say something like "Nah, I'm pissed at him cuz he fucked your ass last night" and just joke around.

This time I was pissed - it was like he was insulting Rob and me.

"Keith, get the fuck out of my room!" I yelled at him, "Get OUT!"

He left.

I must be gay. I started crying. Mom came in the room.

"Honey what's wrong?" she asked.

"Just go away and leave me alone. I don't want to talk," I cried. She didn't leave but came over and sat next to me.

"That's impossible. My beautiful Lucas not wanting to talk," she said as only a mother trying to comfort her child can do.

The one person I always talked to about my problems when I had them was always Mom.

I lifted my head off my pillow and said, "Mom, this time I can't." then lay my face back into my pillow.


"Because you'll hate me," and I really started crying.

"You know that's not true. I'll always love you. You're such a silly boy, Lucas."

"This time is is different," I said into my pillow.

"Baby, I could never hate you. It wouldn't have something to do with a boy called Rob Eastman."

"He called!"

"Yes, he told me to tell you he was sorry for being such an ass and he would see you tomorrow."

Instant smile. He called me. He said he was sorry. "Did he leave a number?"

"No. He was calling from a payphone," replied Mom.

Instant sadness. "Oh."

Mom sat there for a while like she wanted to say something.

"What, Mom?"

"Well, it is evident that this boy is important to you. So, why would I hate you?"

I looked at her. I had not witty response and then my stupid eyes started leaking again. "I think I'm gay. Mom, I'm sorry." I cried into my pillow. I felt her hand caress my hair.

"So, that still doesn't explain why I should hate you. You are my son and this must be a very special boy to have taken your heart. Ya think?"

I nodded my head.

"Tell me about Rob Eastman."

For the next half hour I told her about my day with Robbie. She listened and laughed at the right places so I knew she still loved me.

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, Luc."


"Yes, honey?"

"Are you going to tell Dad I'm gay?"

"Do you want me to?"

"No. He'll hate me. I'll be such a disappointment to him. I know he doesn't like gays cuz he and Keith are always cracking jokes about gays. Please don't tell either of them. Please."

"Okay, dear. I promise, besides I think it should be you that tells him."

I thought, "NO WAY!!" but nodded.

I knew my dad would be upset. I'd be and embarrassment to him. His son the gay boy, the fag, the knob shiner. What a letdown I am. Every father wants a son that likes women, a son that's straight. All I could vision was him looking so disappointed saying, "What did I do to deserve a gay son?"

The next morning Dad woke me early. "Hey boy, get ready we're going to leave at 6:15 have some breakfast and then off to school. Your mom is going to take Keith. Okay?"

It felt like my stomach turned inside out. I knew Mom blabbed to him last night. Was this going to be my last day at home?

Instant tears.

"Luc? What's the matter?"

"Mom told you and now you hate me," I turned over and sobbed into my pillow.

"Told me what? Luc she just said she thought we should have a talk," he said, "I just thought we could talk over breakfast just you and me. Okay?"

"No. I can't Dad. I can't. Please just give me a day or so and I'll find myself a place to live and a job."

Dad started laughing.

How cruel!

I continued to cry.

"Luc, your mom told me I needed to talk to you that it was something I would understand. Now I think I know what she meant. Luc, it's all right. I don't hate you I never could. We are best buds. You don't have to move out and besides you have a job."

I kept my face in my pillow.

"Luc, when I was your age I was in love with a boy I was also in love with a girl I was and still am bisexual. Your mom knows that. As it turned out I loved the girl a lot more so I made a decision to take the girl as my partner for life. The boy is now a man and we are best friends. He has a male partner and they are very happy together."

I felt him stroking my hair. I turned over, sat up and gave him a hug. We held each other tightly.

"I love you, son. You are so much more than I expected. Smart, funny and when I need to stay awake on a long drive I know you'll be there talking up a storm saying the stupidest things Life would not be fun without you."

"Your best friend is George. He doesn't act gay."

"Neither do you. Weird maybe but not gay," laughed Dad. I laughed too.

"So, come on get up and ready and at breakfast you can tell me all about your crush."

I blushed. Dad laughed and left the room.

We had a great breakfast. I told him all about Rob and the song I composed before he dropped me off at school. I was feeling super. Rob said he'd see me today so I had another chance. I ran to the music room where I commenced working on the lyrics to Rob's Song.

I had just finished them when I heard Rob's voice. It startled me and I blushed. I didn't want him to see the lyrics I had written so I tore the page out of my notebook and put them in my pocket.

He looked so hot! No glasses and no pocket protector even his hair was styled nicely.

He asked what the page was that I tore out. I blushed and gave him some excuse about being lousy at lyrics anyway he listened to the song a couple of time and bam! He wrote some new lyrics, which were pretty good better than mine but mine would have been lyrics just for him and no one else.

He has a great voice and we sung well together but he said we needed some backup singers, which I rounded up, but there just wasn't enough time. Mr. Petri suggested lunchtime and pizza.

I walked Rob to class again, maybe it was getting to be a habit a good habit. I was so nervous and hyper it took all my control not to lean over and kiss him before we parted.

Lunchtime was awesome fun. We ended up having over hundred students there. Rob is so fantastic and when we were all walking down the hall to the office singing really loud I was dreaming that he and I were holding hands, but we weren't. Still the backs of our hands touched a couple of times. I was doing it on purpose. I wonder if he was too.

Music is my last class of the day and my most favorite class. In the school orchestra I am the pianist and keyboardist. I am also one of the teacher's pet if you hadn't guessed.

The last bell had rung and I was getting my stuff to leave Mr. Petri said, "Luc, I need to speak with you for a moment I've sent a note to Mr. Larson to have Rob join us too."

Gee, I could feel the smile appear on my face simply hearing Rob's name. Mr. Petri smiled knowingly and I blushed. He shook his head, looked to see that all the other students were gone and said, "Love is awesome to see."

"Oh shit!" I thought, "He knows I'm gay! How? Is he going to say something to Rob? I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Luc, it's okay. Relax," he chuckled.

"Please don't say anything to - to Rob," I begged.

"Don't say what to me?" asked Rob from behind me.

"That I thought I had a brain tumor, yesterday," I said, "Cuz you'll think I'm a hypochondriac."


"Luc told me yesterday that he thought he had a brain tumor cuz his head felt like it was going to explode if he didn't compose the song," said Mr. Petri, "Anyway, enough of your foolishness, Luc. Boys I'll make this quick. Your song has cause quite a sensation today. I've had at least 200 requests for a copy of it."

"Whoa! Awesome," I said, "It's your lyrics."

"No it's the song," said Rob so sweetly.

"Boys! It's both of you you make a great couple I mean team." We both blushed.

"We do don't we?" I said to Rob.

He smiled and nodded.

"Well, I have a request, I'd like you two to come up with about six more songs for an album to raise funds for the school including the music department and also a concert?"

"Really!" I exclaimed then looked at Rob, "Ya think?"

He smiled, "You want?"


"Great!" said Mr. Petri, "Dr. Chambers will be glad to hear this. You guys work it all out and let me know if you need anything. Now I have to go make an announcement at a faculty meeting."

Mr. Petri rushed out of the room.

"You really want to do this?" asked Rob.

"Yeah, I do," I replied, "Can you start tonight? You could come over to my house for dinner. I make an awesome Spaghetti Bolognaise and garlic cheese bread that is out of this world."

"You cook?"

"Yeah! It's my night to cook."

"Good I'll help. Oh, wait. I can't. Mom won't be home until six tonight and I need to cook dinner for her. Friday is always her late night and my cooking night. Sorry."

"Well, she could have dinner with us. My parents won't mind."

"If you're sure your parents won't mind."

"Well, Dad is picking me and my brat of a brother up I can ask him. If not then maybe we could go to your house. Ya think?"

"Let's go my" he blushed, "uh-uh, my uh, maestro." I wonder what he was almost going to say whatever it was made him blush. Then he gave me this cute crooked smile.

I wanted to hug him but instead we left the room.

Dad agreed to ask Mrs. Eastman over for dinner and he spoke to her. I had told Keith he could ride shotgun cuz Rob and I need to discuss the album. Truth is I just wanted to sit next to him.


Luc's dad is just like him or I guess Luc is just like his dad in personality and looks. Keith his brother is cute and friendly but just not as out going but he's witty and funny. Then there is Luc's little sister, Kattie.. She is six and adorable. You can tell there is a lot of love between the siblings.

I called Mom and told her to bring some Marsala wine for Zabaglione, which I was going to make as my contribution. Mom said she would also bring fresh Italian bread.

Everything seemed to be going just great. Luc was talking up a storm about anything and everything and I was pretty talkative too for me. Listening to his voice made me happy. His mom drove up and before she got out of the car my mom drove up. Mr. Baxter was outside and went to greet my mom after he gave his wife a kiss and a hug.

I ran outside and Luc followed so I could get the supplies and introduce my Mom.

"Hi, Mom!" I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"This is Mr. Baxter and his wife Dr. Baxter who's a dentist."

"Ted and Doreen," smiled Mr. Baxter.

"This is my Mom, Dr. Eastman, mom's a pediatric physician," I said proudly taking the supplies. I think they were a little surprised because my mom is black and I'm white. I took the bread and wine from my mom and returned to the house.

As we got into the house Luc said, "Your mom is very pretty. Where's your Dad?"

"She's all I have I don't have a father and don't need one. Have you ever had Zabaglione?" I asked wanting to change the subject.

It worked.

The parents seemed to be getting along well.

Dinner was finally ready and we all sat down at the table. I sat between my mom and Katie. Keith, Luc and his mom were opposite us and Mr. Baxter was at the head of the table.

Everything was going along fine until Katie who had been sort of ignored in the conversations suddenly blurted out to me, "Keith says Luc is queer for you and you are boyfriends. What does queer mean?" Talk about a conversation stopper.

Luc turned red from embarrassment, looked at Keith angrily, "I hate you! I absolutely, positively hate you!" He stood up, knocking over his chair and ran out of the kitchen.