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Sam Lakes

Crusing the Halls of Worthington High


Sam Lakes

Chapter 5

On the way back to Luc's home he held my hand the whole way. We didn't talk much he would occasionally lean in and give me a kiss on the cheek and I would do the same.

As I walked into the house still holding Luc's hand Keith came up to us. He looked a little worried. His eyes were a little puffy.

"Hey," he said.

"All is cool bro," said Luc.

"Yeah, all is cool," I said, "It was just me and I'm sorry if I cause you to be upset."

"Well, you did. I thought it was something I did," said Keith.

"No, I just had some problems and anyway I left. I'm really, really sorry," I apologized.

"And so you should be," said a very stern Dr. Baxter with her hands on her hips. She looked at our hands and just a hint of a smile appeared, "Come here, young man."

Everything went very quite. I let go of Luc's hand and stood there for a second, turn my head towards him. If it hadn't been for the hint of a smile on her face and Luc's I would not have said what I said to Luc.

"Luc, your mom wants you go on. She doesn't look mad, so I don't think she'll bite. But if she does I'll have you checked for rabies. Go on scoot on over there."

Luc, of course, burst out laughing, as did everyone else including Dr. Baxter.

I walked over to her as she shook her head, laughing she said, "Ted, like I really need another smart ass boy."

In as camp a voice as I could muster I replied, "Oh, Doreen, Doreen, Doreen, on the way over here we passed by a shop that had the most adorable cotton tweed dress and a really fabulous pink'n'white sling backs. I thought it would look absolutely marvelous on my young tender torso. We really should go shopping together - it would be so fabulous, darling!"

When I got over to her she was still giggling.

"Seriously, though I am really sorry for leaving the way I did. I just had some personal issues. Your husband and Luc have helped me a lot. Your husband is free to tell you what I told you him and Luc. I'd prefer not to rehash this right now. I-I."

Shit I could feel myself tearing up again. Why am I so afraid she'll hate me?

I stood there like an idiot feeling really bad and not able to say anything. The next thing I knew she had her arms around me and I was crying yet again. We moved to the living room and I began telling her and Keith everything I had told Luc and Mr. Baxter.

I knew she'd be okay about everything but I wasn't so sure about Keith he seemed to look distant most of the time, but when it was over he came over to me, told me to stand up, then he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Keith turned to Luc and said, "If you ever break-up with this guy I will personally kick you butt."

Luc smiled, "That will never happen. You will never kick my butt and I will never break-up with Robbie."



Listening to Robbie I realized how lucky I was to have as Robbie said 'a picture book life'. It must have been horrible to see someone murdered, to have been beaten and brutalized like he was. I will never understand how someone could do such things to their own children.

We really didn't get into to doing anything musical after we got home. Mom started to scold him and at first he was really funny but then something happened and he was in tears again. Mom mothered him like her own. She's an amazing person my mom. She got him giggling and laughing.

Robbie has the most beautiful voice and a laugh that is almost indescribable. If you close your eyes and listen to him giggle or laugh about something he sounds like an angel. We all watched a DVD movie. Mom made popcorn. Robbie and I were cuddled together the whole time.

After the movie I decided that Robbie was going to sleep in my room. I have a queen size bed. I was a little worried that the rents would say something seeing as we are boys, both gay and both in love with each other but they didn't. Sex wasn't the furthest thing from my mind but it also wasn't the main thing on my mind. I think we just needed to be together. Ya think?

"Come on bedtime," I said to Robbie as I grabbed his hand and led him to my room. Once in the room I said, "You don't mind sharing, do you?"

"No. I was sort of hoping we would be sleeping together." He blushed. "I mean oh God I'm blushing aren't I?" He was as red as a beet.

"Yeah, I know. You are so cute when you blush," I laughed.

"Stop it!" he giggled and continued to blush.

"I love you. I love you so much," I said.

"Why? I'm such a wimp."

I took him in my arms. "You are not a wimp. Why do I love you? Because you're hot I mean a real babe. You are so cool. You are a genius at music. You're kind and caring and probably a million things I've yet to discover. You affect me like no one else. It's a good effect too. You probably think I'm stupid, silly, or something but I think of growing old and gray with you. I want that."

He gave me the most incredible smile.

"I thought that yesterday when Mr. Petri said we made a good couple. So, I want that too. You..."

I didn't let him finish saying whatever he was going to say before I kissed him gently on the lips. Then he kissed me back.

"Do you want to take your shower first or second?"

He thought for a second. I was hoping he'd say "How about together" but he didn't and I didn't have the guts to add "or together."

"Second," he said, "I do a lot of thinking in the shower, I'd hate to use all the hot water, and then you'd have a cold shower."

"Oh. Hmm, uh, that's what I do too think in the shower."

"Really! Oh," he said happily, "Sometimes I sing in the shower you know make up songs. Just goofy stuff." He made the goofiest face and half singing, "Duh! Duh! Doooo!" My insides quaked cuz he looked so happy, cute, and lovable.

"Hmm me too! I guess one of us is going to get a cold shower," I half laughed.

"Yeah, unless we shower together!" he exclaimed and then I think he realized what he said and immediately blushed. "I uh mean uh "

"It's okay with me, uh you know to shower together. It's not like I haven't showered before with other guys you know at school in PE," I said. Cripes! I am blushing.

"Yeah, well that's uh right. Uh there's only two of us it's sort of gay," he mumbled then smiled, "Duh! We are gay. Aren't we?"

The look. It's sort of this innocent little boy look he has and it just makes me want to hold him and love him 24/7. I grabbed his hand and led him to the bathroom.

"I hope you know this is a first for me. I'm sort of nervous, you know. I mean I showered today in PE but that was with about 30 guys and it's easy to stand in the corner and shower facing away from everyone and not get a boner. I wonder why they call it a boner there is no bone in your penis," he said nervously.

I was a little nervous too. As a guy I guess you always worry about size or what others will think I guess I'm average size for my age. I'm circumcised. I wonder if Rob is circumcised or not. We both stripped down to our boxers. Wow! He is wearing boxers too. I just realized that he is talking about William the Conqueror and the battle of Hastings. How did he ever get on to that subject?

Okay we are both in the bathroom. The shower is running. We are standing in our boxers. Rob is now talking about some castle in England. Me, I'm saying things like `yeah, uh-huh, oh'. Rob hooks his thumbs on to the waist band of his boxers and in on smooth move removes his boxers as he turns away from me and steps into the shower. He has a really nice ass.

I get into the shower facing away from him and he's facing away from me.

Our asses touch.

"Sorry," we both say.

He moves forward in the shower so the water is now spraying on my back. I move backward into the shower. It happens again our asses touch.

"Sorry," I say.

He giggles.

"What?" I ask.

"I think our asses like each other. I haven't seen yours yet but my butt likes the feel of your butt."

I push my butt back into his it does feel nice so soft.

He does the same. So there we are in the shower wiggling our butts together and Rob says, "BUTT WAR!" as he vigorously starts wiggling his butt against mine. We are both laughing and squealing like a couple of six year olds. Finally it's over because the two of us are laughing so hard sitting back-to-back in the tub.

The laughing is over and we are still sitting back-to-back with the water raining on us.

"Luc, can I wash you?"

"Yeah but just to warn you I think another part of me likes you too"

"Really!" he says twists sideways so that his chest is on my right arm and looks at my hardon. "Nice size. I've got one of those too!"

"I should hope so you're a boy," I laughed.

"Duh! I mean I have a hardon too, silly."

"Well, if you're gonna look at mine I'm gonna look at yours," I said as I had a look. It was the same size as mine, which was a relief. "Cute."

"Cute? Does that mean it's too small?"

"No! It's perfect. A very attractive penis. Kissable." I leant down and kissed it. I never in my life thought I'd ever kiss a penis, but it seemed the most natural thing to do at that moment. He kissed my penis and started moving his tongue around the head. It felt so fantastic. I moaned.

The moment didn't last long because the water suddenly went cold. We both jumped! In his haste to turn off the water he turned off what little warm water there was resulting in us both getting blasted by icy cold water.

Screaming and squealing we both clambered to get out of the shower resulting in the shower curtain rod and curtain coming undone and covering us up as we lay tangled on the floor.

"What the heck!" boomed Dad's voice as the bathroom door opened. Rob was fighting to get the shower curtain off him while I was fighting to cover up my softening dick.

Rob froze.

I froze except for my dick, which luckily deflated.

The shower was still on. There was a moment of silence.

From under the shower curtain I heard "The water turned cold."

Dad reached over and turned off the shower. Rob peeked out with a slightly worried look. Dad started laughing. Seeing that Dad wasn't angry Rob's worried look was replace with a smile.

"Guys<hahaha> try not to wreck the house <hahaha> while having sex<hahaha>," laughed Dad.

"Dad!" I whined, "We were just taking a shower." Rob's face was as red as a beet.

"Yeah, right!" laughed Dad as he left.