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Authors Note: Chapter seven will be a while.

Sam Lakes

Crusing the Halls of Worthington High


Sam Lakes

Chapter 6

Rob and I toweled off after we fixed the shower curtain both giggling.

"That was so embarrassing," said Rob, "I'm not sleepy anymore -- that cold water sort of woke me up -- and cooled me down."


"Can we go down to the basement?"

"Dude, we are so alike," I laughed.

"Yeah? How so?"

"I was just thinking the same."

We ran down to the basement in our boxers giggling and laughing.

"I want to beat you skins with my stick," laughed Rob.

"Oooo, you naughty boy!" I laughed.

"Boys!" hollered Mom.

Rob sat down at the drums and went wild for about two minutes. Man he was so good. Rob picked up my guitar and started play it. Damn! He was good!

"You know what we need is guitarist," said Rob.

"Yeah, too bad Keith isn't a bit better," I said.

"He plays?"

"Yeah, but not like you."

"So, I'll teach him if he's willing to learn."

"Let go see if he's awake," I said.


We both ran up from the basement to Keith's room.

"Better knock," Rob smiled, "He might be taking care business."

I didn't I just opened the door, "Gotcha!"

Keith who was only in his boxers jumped and quickly turned off the computer screen, "Get out!" he said angrily at Luc. Then he saw me and really blushed.

"What were you looking at bro?" teased Luc, "Porn?"

"No! Just fuck off, Luc!"

"Nope. No can do cuz my boy here wants you to be our guitarist?"


"Yeah, really," said Rob.

"I barely know how to play," said Keith shyly.

"What you don't know, I'll teach you. Come on do it," persuaded Rob, "Pweese."

"Do you want this too bro?"

"He suggested it," Rob said. I nodded exaggeratedly.

"Okay," said Keith with a big smile.

I'll have to hand it to Rob he was so patient with Keith. I almost wished I hadn't suggested Keith as a guitarist. I was happy they got along really well cuz Keith can be a real pain.

We had a great time. Around three we had had enough so we went up to the kitchen to get a snack.

"Luc? I was looking at gay porn when you guys came in."

"Well, that was obvious -- little Keith was trying to show himself," giggled Rob.

"You saw?"

"Dude we're gay," I replied.

"I'm gay," said Keith, "But I don't want to be."

"We can understand that," said Rob.

"Yeah. I can't say that I relished the idea but I love Rob and I'd rather be gay and with Rob than straight and not with him. You know the rents will be okay about it."

"Yeah, they've been pretty supportive. I just wish I had a boyfriend."

"So you got any crushes?" asked Rob.

"Yeah," he blushed.

"Come on who?" asked Rob.

"Brad Summers. He is so hot!"

"Yeah, he is. He's a nice guy, quarterback of the junior varsity but I don't know that he is into guys. He always seems to have a girl hanging on him."

"Yeah, Sandra Minster," Keith said sadly, "You're friends with him, aren't you?"

"Yeah, sort of, he's in four of my classes. Damn smart dude for a jock."

"Maybe you could introduce me," said Keith.

"Yeah. Be happy to."

"Thanks. Well, I'm going to bed. Night Bro, Night Rob."

"Night," we said as we quietly went off to my room.

I decided to take the lead so I took off my boxers and Rob did the same. We both got into bed and started kissing sort of passionately. I love kissing Rob. Again we worked ourselves around into a sixty-nine position. Oh, man I loved sucking his dick. Sort of hard but velvety. Yummy.

We were really getting into it when Rob stopped. "Did you lock the door?" he asked.

"Oops. I forgot. You want to get it."

"Yeah, I'd hate for your Mom or Dad to come in with us sleeping naked or," he giggle with our dicks in each other's mouth." He got up and walked over to the door. I heard him test the door was locked. "You know I love you and I love your di- AH!" I heard his head crack the footboard of my bed.

"Rob! Are you okay? Rob?"

No reply.

In my panic I forgot that my feet were at the head of the bed and as I swung my legs out of bed they knocked my lamp off the nightstand and it crashed to the floor breaking the light bulb. Now the light bulb could have gone a million other places in my room but it didn't. It went right under my right foot as I stood up.

"OW!" I scream, trip and fall with my butt land on another smaller piece of the light bulb. I let out another yelp. Manage to pull the piece of glass out of my ass. I feel the blood. Do you have arteries in you butt? I panic again and now I'm crying out, "Mom Dad! My butt's bleeding!"

"Rob! Answer me, Rob!"

I hear a low moan. He's alive. Dad is at the door pounding on it. "Luc! What's the matter?"

"My butt's bleeding! It hurts! I can't walk!" I cry.

Rob moans. Dad is pounding on the door. It's dark and I can't see anything very well. I think Rob is crawling to the door. Dad is trying to break the door down. Rob barely manages to reach up to the doorknob and unlock it just as Dad plows into the door.

Wham! The door swings open right into Rob's face knocking him on his ass. Rob's knocked out and Dad stumbles into the room. Mom turns on the light.

"Oh my God!" says Dad.

Rob is coming to. He's got a cut on his head and his nose is bleeding. He sits up blood is dripping off his chin onto his chest. He sees the blood and passes out.

Me, I realize I'm naked and Mom is standing over me -- I try to cover myself up. She tells me to get on the bed on my stomach. Keith comes in with medical supplies. Dad is looking after Rob. I pass out


They take us to emergency and Dr. Eastman is there. She stitches up my butt and my foot and Rob's head.

"So, what happened?" Dr. Eastman asks.

"I got up to lock the door and on the way back to bed I tripped and hit my head," said Rob, "When I came to I heard Mr. Baxter pounding on the door but I don't remember anything after that."

"Okay, well I am keeping you here for observation." I must have looked really sad or something, "And you too." I smiled. Rob smiled. "But there will be no nonsense or I put you in separate rooms."

"Yes, ma'am," we both said.

Once we were in our room Mom and Dad said there goodbyes and were just about out the door with Dr. Eastman when Dr. Eastman asked, "Rob, why did you get up to lock the door?"

Rob turned bright red.

"Well?" demanded Dr. Eastman.

"Well, uh-uh, I er, oh uh, Luc told me to because I was closer."

"But why the need to lock the door?" she asked again.

"Well, uh, we didn't want Katie to come in and wake us up early," he said and looked over to me. Good answer! Good save!

"Luc, how was it that you kicked your lamp off the nightstand?" asked Mom, "Gee, you must have been sleeping with your feet on your pillow."

I turned bright red I know and so did Rob.

Dad laughed. They knew. They were just trying to embarrass us. "You two should lay off the sex before you kill each other," laughed Dad. They all laughed.

A nurse came in and gave us a sleeping pill. In five minutes we were asleep.