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Authors Note: Chapter seven will be a while.

Sam Lakes

Crusing the Halls of Worthington High


Sam Lakes

Chapter 7

Brad Summers

I used to hate PE. Now I am Junior Varsity QB. Next year I will probably be the main man -- the QB.

Why did I hate PE? Well, first off I wasn't built the way I am today. I was in the beginning of puberty -- a late bloomer only one or to visible hairs around my cock where there should have been a bush. Secondly, I knew I was gay. Thirdly, I had this huge crush on Cary Hobart, a senior and the QB for the Worthington Wildcats.

PE was my last class of the day. Now don't get me wrong I liked sports but I hated the ever so public shower. My dick had a mind of it's own. I had seen how some of the guys got razed about getting a boner in the showers. I knew I couldn't survive four years of school if I got outed.

Consequently, I made sure I was the last to take a shower usually by volunteering to put away equipment and that usually mean I spent twenty minutes organizing things. It was working pretty well until one day. Of all the people to walk in on me. Cary Hobart came into the showers.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey, " I said. "Oh God! Please don't let me get a hardon," I prayed. I think God was busy with someone else cuz my eyes lost control and checked Cary out. Oh man! I felt my twanger start to rise. I turned away quickly. Fuck! I was getting a class A boner! Shit! The only thing I could think of doing was rubbing soap in my eye. "Fuck!" I said sort of loudly. My eyes were stinging like mad.

"You okay," I heard him ask.

"Yeah, I just got some soap in my eyes," I replied. The soap trick worked, El Twanger deflated. I turned off my shower and escaped to the locker room and my locker. I threw on my clothes and skedaddled out of there.

Cary Hobart

When football season ended I use my seventh period study hall to workout with weights. That's when I noticed him. He was a sort of cute kid freshman that always seemed to lag behind. I'd watch him re-organized an already organized equipment storage box. I knew it was organized because I checked it out right before he arrived.

He was gay.

Not that he acted that way, but I could tell. I have a brother who is gay. I was the first person that Andy, my brother, came out to.

"Cary, I need to tell you something. You're the first person I've told and I hope you don't hate me. I'm gay."

I didn't say a thing I was in shock. My brother super jock was gay! Normally, I would have thought he was joking, but I knew this wasn't a joke.

After a period of silence on my part he turned and walked out of my room.

After, sitting in my room for twenty minutes I realized he was not going to come back to say, "Ha-ha, I was joking." I went to his door and knocked.


I opened the door and went in. He was on his bed. He had been crying. Of all the people I could not stand to see cry it was Andy. My bottom lip began to quiver, tear ran down my face. "I don't care. You're my brother. You're my hero. I love you."

Truth be told after Andy came out to me I felt a lot closer to him. We are still best buds and he is still my hero.

I think he forgot I was here or didn't expect me to finish my routine but I caught him in the shower and he confirmed my suspicions. A rabbit at a racetrack couldn't have gotten out of there any quicker.

I found out the freshman's name was Brad Summers. Now I am not gay but I felt like I really had to help this kid. Between my girlfriend, Annie, and her friends we had a party and invited Sandra Minster and her long time boyfriend Brad Summers.


My best friend is Sandra Minster. We've been friends since first grade. Sandra is not a really gorgeous girl -- she's a bit overweight but only a bit. The thing is she has a heart of gold. Six months ago I was at the mall sitting waiting for her to shop and was doing boy watching. She caught me.

"Checking out the boys, eh?" she asked from behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"What? No!"

"Bradley James Summers don't lie to me. I saw you! I've suspected it for a while."

"Well, you've suspected wrong," I said testily.

"You know, Bradley, it doesn't matter to me. Gay or straight you are still my best friend."

"Don't call me Bradley," I said looking away, "and I'm not -," I couldn't even say the word.

"Cool," she said trying to be distant.

We sat in silence.

"Brattie. I really don't care I just want you to be honest with me. We've always been honest with each other."

"I am honest," I lied.


She knew me so well. I couldn't lie to her and she knew it would eat away at me until I'd eventually tell her the truth. This time it was different -- yeah, right it only took me six hours before I was on the phone crying my heart out and telling her the truth -- her best friend was a fag.

She helped me come out to my mom. Actually, she made me come out to Mom. Mom was cool.

Of course Sandra and I talked about boys a lot, you know, who I thought was hot and who was not. She knew I had the biggest crush on Cary Hobart. I had even told her about meeting him in the showers.

"So, has he got a big one? Is he circumcised?"

"Yes and yes," answered. I was glad the conversation was over the phone. Because just thinking about Cary's tool gave me an instant hardon.

I didn't realize at the time but my life was about to change when we got invited to a party at Brenda Williams house.

I was dancing with Sandra when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey, Brad, mind if I cut in." It was Cary Hobart and Annie White.

"Hi, Brad, I'll dance with you while Cary dances with Sandra."

I started dancing with Annie and Cary danced away with Sandra. I didn't even realize he knew my name.

After a few minutes Annie said, "Brad, can we get a soda?"

"Sure." I said. I wondered where Sandra was, as I didn't see her and Cary anywhere.

Annie and I ended up in the kitchen getting some sodas.

"You look worried?"

"Nah, I wondered where Sandra went."

"Don't worry. I think Cary wanted to talk to her."

I wondered what in the world would Cary want to talk to Sandra about. Then I panicked when I wondered if he'd guessed that I was gay because of what happened in the shower. Had he seen me get hard?

Have you ever had a panic attack? I never had until that moment and it really hit me. I couldn't breath! I had to get outside! The next thing I knew I was outside Cary, Annie and Sandra were there.

"Take it easy, Brad," said Cary, "Try to relax and breathe -- breathe deep." He had his arm around my shoulders steadying me. He knew. I knew he knew I was gay. I tried to get away from him but he had a firm grip on me.

"You know," I finally said.

"Yeah," he said. I looked at Sandra. "No she didn't tell me. I guessed."

"The shower..."

"No." He smiled, "Excessive organizing! Everyday you pull everything out of the equipment box and reorganized it -- whether it needs it or not."

I nodded.

"Are you..." my voice trailed off.

"Gay?" he finished for me. "No, but my brother is. My bro went through some rough times. I saw you organizing. You looked like you needed a friend who understands."

He was right. I did. We became best friends. He got me interested in playing football. During Spring Break I met Andy. He was cool. I literally play football all summer. By the start of my sophomore year I was ready for the team and made it. Between Andy and Cary I learned how to control myself and not get caught boy watching. Sandra was a great help too.

By my junior year I made varsity and was like second string QB. I guess I was pretty popular for a jock but the guy that rocks is Luc Baxter. He's in several of my classes. Luc is not a jock per se. But from what I know of him he was in the Junior Olympics between the ages of 8 and twelve. Damn nice bod!

I really like him and we are good friends -- just not that close. There have been a few fantasies I've had about him -- okay there was a time when I had a real crush on him, but I am sure he's straight. I've looked for any sign of him being gay but I haven't seen any.

He is wild! Once he was in the showers, some little guy popped a boner, and some of the guys were teasing the guy about being a fag.

It was Luc to the rescue.

"Wow! I've got an ten inch boner!" exclaimed Luc in a loud voice. Luc indeed had a boner, but it wasn't ten inches. (More like seven -- he-he.)

All of the guys who were teasing the other guy turned to look at Luc's boner.

Luc smiled.

"That ain't no ten inches Baxter," said Joe Crawford.

"Yeah but it's still a boner and not bad for a guy my height. The point is just because a guy pops a boner in the shower doesn't mean he's gay or not gay. However, I would really worry about the guy who see another guy's hardon and calls it to everyone's attention. I'd also wonder about the guys who looked and join in on the banter."

Coach Masters came to the shower entrance. No doubt that he heard Luc. He smiled.

"And one final thing you're picking on my friend. Don't. Jeff you okay?"

Jeff nodded.

Most who had been teasing Jeff apologized. I don't think it was because Coach Masters was there either. Luc has that way about him. People like being on his side.

Luc does things that only he can get away with and that only he would do. For example last year he and I were talking in class and Mr. Williams said "Excuse me Luc please share with us the conversation you were having with Brad."

"Sir, I was just saying that I really love you class and I'd do back-flips and front flips just to be here," announced Luc. What a lie we were talking about the upcoming game!


"What you don't believe me?" Mr. Williams gave Luc a disbelieving look and shook his head no.

"Well, I'll just have to prove it!" Luc got up from his seat and went to the door.

"Luc, please take your seat," ordered Mr. Williams.

"No, sir, this is a matter of honor and pride. I can't live with you not believing my statement that I Luc Baxter would do front flips and back-flips to get to this class. Follow me please sir and I shall prove it."

Mr. Williams rolled he eyes and gave in. You just cannot refuse to see what Luc is going to do to prove his point. He's wild. And thus Mr. Williams and the rest of the class went to watch.

Luc ran halfway down the hall looked back toward us and preceded to do five back flips, paused then turned towards us. Ran and did two forward flips landing on the last flip right in front of Mr. Williams.

The class cheered.

Luc was smiling.

Mr. Williams with a stern face said, "To the office now. Disruption of the class."

Luc's smile vanished.

Mr. Williams laughed and said "Gotcha! Ha-ha, you should have seen the look on your face. Ha-ha."

Luc smiled again. I over heard him saying softly to Mr. Williams, "Sir, we were talking about football."

"Luc, why didn't you say that in the first place? Why all this?" asked Mr. Williams.

"It was the only way to let you know how I really feel about your class and your teaching without seeming to be too much of a brown-noser in front of the rest of the class. See they just think I'm crazy Luc Baxter."

I could see Mr. Williams' heart melt as he smiled.

I smiled. Now I know what you're thinking -- what a brown-noser! But you're wrong -- it's Luc Baxter expressing how he honestly feels and being as honest as he can.

Keith Baxter

I can't believe my brother and Rob. Dad was laughing so hard at the hospital I thought he have a heart attack. Mom and Doctor Eastman weren't much better. I don't know what possessed me to suddenly and impulsively say to Mom and Dad as we drove home, "I'm gay too."

Mom turned and looked at me, "Are you sure or "

"Am I trying to get attention," I finished her sentence, "Mom, I've known it for a while I was just too scared to say anything to you guys. I told Luc and Rob last night -- they caught me looking at porno -- gay porno." I looked at Dad in the rearview mirror. He smiled.

"So, do you have a crush?" asked Dad.

"Dad!" I whined.

"I was just curious," he chuckled.

"So, you guys are fine about me being gay too?"

"Poo-bee, you're my son. I love you and always will. You are smart, polite, and considerate of others -- most of the time. You are someone who I am proud of and honored to have you as my son," said Dad. I smiled -- Poo-bee was my nickname he called me by when I was little. He and Mom use it when they want to show me love. Luc used it to tease me or sometimes when he wanted to comfort me when I was really sad.


"Dude, you said you wanted me to intro you to Brad Summers -- well he's in four of my classes and you just have to ask him to get my homework assignments," Luc said.

"Okay, bro," I said as I hurried off.

Well it's not the best way to meet the guy of my dreams but at least I get to met him. I hope I don't act like too much of a dorky kid. I really have such a crush on Brad and the whole way to school I kept thinking of what I would say to him so he'd think I was cool, but everything I thought of sounded so stupid and rehearsed.

New tactic -- I'll just say whatever comes to mind.

I saw Brad standing with Sandra Minster outside their homeroom class.

I was way nervous. "Hi," my voice squeak. Damn! My voice crack!

"Hi! Keith! Wassup? Where's Luc?" said Brad. Oh my God! He knows my name. Well, of course, I'm Luc's brother, but whoa! WOW! My mind went entirely blank. What did he just ask me?

"You okay, Keith?" asked Sandra. I was blushing. I couldn't speak. I managed to shake my head.

Brad placed his hand on my shoulder and looked at me. I tried to say something but nothing would work. God! I am such a looser! I am such a dork. I turned and ran


I saw Keith Baxter walking towards Sandra and I. God he is so hot! So many times I wished Luc would hang out with me so that I could really meet Keith.

When he got up to us he said Hi and his voice cracked -- he blushed -- he was so damn cute. He looked really nervous. Then he got all embarrassed and ran off.

Sandra gave me a look.


"You blind?"

"What?" I had told Sandra that I thought Keith was so hot, but I was scared to approach him. What if he was homophobe. I mean I don't think he is but what if???

"Didn't you see the was he acted," she all but whispered, "I think he's feels the same way you do."

"Keith Baxter is gay," I said a bit too loud. "No way!" I said softer.

Sandra smiled and nodded. First bell rang and we went into the classroom and took our seats. I still couldn't believe it. During the rest of homeroom I was in dreamland thinking about Keith. I hope Sandra is right.


Keith Baxter

I can't believe what I just did. Running off from Keith like that -- he probably thinks I'm a total dork. After homeroom I headed to my locker to get my books for Math when I was shoved from behind.

"Get out of the way faggot!" I turned to see Acton Felbridge and two guys I didn't know.

"We are going to make your life hell cocksucker!" said one of the guys.

"Yeah, Brad Summers just told us you were a queer. You know what? Brad hates queers - we hate queers -- I wondered why your brother always stuck up for the fags -- now I know. His brother is a faggot," growled Acton and slammed me into the lockers. I guess he saw a teacher because he released his hold on me. "You should quit this school queer boy -- you and your brother before things get rough."

He looked around and then punched me hard in the stomach then left as I slid down the locker. At first I was angry with Brad. I didn't even know him nor does he know me. How could he do something like tell people I was gay? I wasn't acting gay this morning, was I? Oh God I was so gay! He hates gays. My dream has turned into a nightmare.

I left school in a daze. I walked and walked and walked. I had no idea or direction that I was going until suddenly I looked up and I was standing in front of our front door. I went in, up to my room and sat down on my bed. I felt totally numb.



I was in the den watching TV when I heard the front open and close and someone going upstairs. As I got to the stairs I saw Keith go into his room.

"Keith," I said. He didn't reply. I tried the door and it was open. I went in he was sitting on his bed looking down at his feet.

"Dude, what's wrong?"

His bottom lip quivered and tears rolled down his cheeks.


He shook his head. "I-I fucked up! And now you're going to hate me. Brad is straight and, and he knows I'm gay! I'm such a degenerate! I couldn't even talk to him and I ran off. I am so fucked! I AM SO FUCKED!!"

"But Brad wouldn't out you. He's --"

"He DID OUT ME! HE TOLD ACTON I WAS GAY! He HATES ME!" Keith slid of the bed and into a ball on the floor sobbing.

I went to comfort him taking him in my arms and holding him. After a while I said, "PooBe, can we move to the bed? My ass is really hurting." We moved to the bed where I cuddled him. I couldn't believe Brad outed Keith. I was pissed. No one messes with my brother! No one.