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Wrestling Meet Gone Bad

The wrestling season was coming to a close fast. We only had a couple more matches of the season before I would finally get to take a break from having to spend all of my time either studying or in wrestling practice. Don't get me wrong, I love wrestling, but it grows tiring after awhile. My dad won't let me give it up though, so I'm going to have to stick it through to the end.

I walked through the hallway of my school heading for the gym to shower and get changed after practice. I looked at the sweat that was running down my body and onto my singlet. I was glad that it was green, black, and white because if it was any other color you would be able to see just about everything that I have, if you know what I mean. Just to let you know a little about myself my name is Jake. I am almost eighteen years old, I have light brown, or dirty blonde, hair and blue eyes. I've been told that I'm very attractive but I still have my doubts.

I nodded my head and slapped a couple of high five's with friends of mine and teammates as I got into the locker room area. I went to my locker and pulled out all of my necessity's to take me a quick shower. The locker room was crowded with the wrestling team but I needed a shower anyway. I grabbed my items and stepped into the shower room and went to a free stall. I sat my things down and stepped into the shower turning the faucet on making sure the water was going to be cold enough to cool me off but not to cold. I didn't want to freeze to death. I stripped out of my singlet and tossed it onto the bench that was beside the shower that I was in. I stepped under the water and let it flow over my body rinsing away the sweat.

I could hear other boys laughing and carrying on like usual but I stayed away from a lot of the horseplay. I've seen to many of my friends get bullied around and the pranks sometimes took a sexual tone that I didn't really get into. I don't really have anything against it, its just not something that I see myself getting into.

I continued to shower not noticing that one of my teammates was standing in the door to my shower watching me. He slowly stripped off his singlet without me even noticing and stepped into the shower. I was rubbing the water out of my eyes and off my face when I felt his hands on my waist. He pushed me to the side a bit and I could feel his dick and balls rub against my ass when he slid me over.

"There isn't any more showers available so I hope you don't mind" he said running his hands down his body getting wet while he was still pressed up against me. I was froze in place. My mind was telling me to pull away from him but I couldn't do it. He continued showering letting his body rub against mine and acted like it was nothing at all. I continued on with my shower still scared of what might happen. God I'm always thinking negatively for some reason.

He splashes water in my face playfully and laughs as I reach into the water and throw some back into his face. We begin playing a bit, throwing my no horseplay rule out the window. Pretty soon he had me turned around facing him lifted up in the air in a bear-hug. I could feel his dick against mine and he was as hard as he could be. This started causing a weird reaction in me and my cock started rising as well. I don't know why I was getting turned on by this but I was and there was no turning back now. He squeezed me and I tried to push off of him but he was stronger than I was. He continued to hold me in the bear-hug and laughed.

"Say uncle" he said teasing me knowing there wasn't much I was going to be able to do to get loose. Between how small the shower stall was and how strong he was nothing was to my advantage.

"No way Blake" I cried out.

Blake is the guy that invaded my shower saying there wasn't any more showers available. He had medium, dark blonde hair and green eyes. Was about my height and weight which was 5'10 and 175lbs. He had me a little in the height department. I was guessing he was about 5'11 if not around 6 foot. It was hard for me to determine. Especially locked in his arms like this.

"Come on, you know you're not going to get out of it" he laughed as he squeezed tighter.

I struggled still, locking my legs around his waist and trying to push back on his head. Due to the shifting in position his dick left mine now and I wondered if he was still hard. I soon enough got my answer when I pushed him a bit and I slid down his body a little bit. His dick was now resting along my ass crack. This was going a little to far I started thinking to myself. I finally tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Okay. You win this time."

He let me down and laughed at me. "We have got to get ourselves a practice match sometime little man."

That was his nickname for me. Little man. It stuck and he wasn't the only one that called me that. But the only reason the rest of the team called me that is because he started it. He finished showering soaping up and finally rinsing off. I was just a little ways behind him. He stepped out and toweled off using my towel as I didn't see his anywhere around. He then handed me the towel when I was finished. I took it and toweled off stepping out. I pulled my boxers and my jeans on before sitting down on the bench.

He was already dressed and gone before I even looked up. That's Blake for you. Probably ran off to meet his girlfriend somewhere outside the school. I was single and didn't have anyone to run to. I talked to a few more friends and they reminded me about the showdown going on tomorrow. Our school was fighting for the championship against the school that had been our rival all this year. I couldn't wait but I dreaded it as well. I knew that i was probably going to get my ass kicked but I would still do what I could.

I headed home and started my night of studying to make sure that I got it all done before the meet the next night. After I finished I called it a night and headed to bed to get me some rest.

The alarm clock came early the next morning as I got out of bed and dressed for school. I only had to go to two classes as we had to travel to the other school for the wrestling meet. The whole trip on the bus seemed long and boring. Just the usual bunch of singing and annoying people to get a laugh from the popular jocks.

When we got to the school I started in but got separated from my team. I looked around the hallway and couldn't find a soul around. I hated to think I was lost in enemy territory but it seemed that was going to be my luck tonight. I finally saw a group of three guys but it wasn't the three guys that I wanted to see. It was three of the guys from the opposing team tonight.

"What have we got here" said the tallest boy who had Seth wrote on the letter jacket that he was wearing.

"Looks like a little lost puppy" the other boy said laughing.

"Yeah, looks like someone got a little lost in the wrong school" Adam laughed. He too was sporting a letter jacket.

"I'm here for the wrestling meet" I said meekly knowing that I shouldn't have said anything at all and headed the other way.

"Oh really, you hear that Zach" Seth said now letting me know the name of the boy without the letter jacket.

"Wonder who he is going to be going up against. Looks like he's going to be fun to toss around on the mat out there" Adam said looking me over.

"Got a nice little butt that's going to look so good in that singlet" he laughed again reaching behind me groping my ass.

I swatted his hand away hoping that he was going to leave me alone. All it got me though was shoved up against the wall. I struggled to get loose and actually got loose a few times but he still threw me back against the wall.

"Looks like we got a feisty one here" Adam said pinning me against the wall with his elbow.

"What class are you bitch" he asked me.

I spit in his face and tried to get loose again but all it got me was a fist to the jaw which rocked my senses. I didn't know where I was now.

"You look about my size" Adam said as I looked up at him with glassy eyes.

"I hope I am the opponent tonight because after I kick your ass on the mats I'm going to bring you back here to this very gym room behind us and I'm going to make you my bitch."

"I don't think so" I spat out trying to get up actually pushing him off of me.

He grabbed me by the throat and spit in my face now before driving his knee into my gut.

"Come on bitch, if you're as tough as you're acting right now why don't you put that pretty little ass of yours on the line. When I beat you in the ring I'm going to take that manhood of yours and show you who the alpha male is."

I still didn't agree to the match because I couldn't see the thoughts of this boy actually going through with what he was saying he was going to go through with.

"Agree to the match or I'm going to kick your ass right now and leave you laying."

"Okay" I mumbled not wanting to be beaten anymore. They had already embarrassed me and I didn't want any of my team coming down the hall seeing me this way.

The three boys shoved me over and walked into the gym. I sat outside the gym the whole time thinking about what I was going to do if I was to lose this match. When it was time for my match I finally went into the gymnasium and got onto the mats. Sure enough Adam was my opponent and I could see his grin a mile away.

We started it out nice and slow me trying to stay away from him the best I could. I actually held my ground until he got his arms around my waist from behind and slammed me down to the ground face first. He was pressed down on top of me and I could feel the bulge in his blue singlet against my ass.

"This is going to feel so good after while" he whispered in my ear so that only I was able to hear him.

He continued to humiliate me and make me think I was getting an upper hand on him. Out of the blue he hits some kind of hip toss before applying a half nelson and cradling me. The referee counts the pin and he is declared the winner of the match. I lay there as he raises his hand in victory showing off that he won the match. His school didn't win the competition as we had three victories more than them but he had won the war in his mind. He now had me to do with as he pleased.

People in the gym started leaving and I stayed on the mats hoping that they would just leave me alone and not bother me anymore. I stayed there about an hour taking my time with everything that I did, getting up, grabbing my stuff, and all of that.

I slowly made my way back to the gym area and was thinking about sneaking out the back door when I felt a hand on the back of my neck. I turned around and it was Seth.

"Going somewhere" he asked with a mischievous smile on his face.

I dropped my head and said "no."

"I think you were" he said putting his arm around my waist leading me to the locker room where I knew that Adam was waiting on me.

Seth took my hand and put it over on the front of his singlet and smiled. "I bet you would like to have that take your cherry instead of Adam wouldn't you" he laughed.

I didn't say a word as I didn't really want anything like this to happen at all. I wondered how I got into this position and how I was going to get out of it.

"Wanna suck my dick" Seth asked me with what looked to be a serious look on his face.

I didn't answer and he thought that I was actually thinking about it.

"Come on, lets go out to the bench outside and you can slobber on my knob" he said.

He opened the door and in the process had let go of me so I could take off running if I wanted. I just had to pray that I was faster than he was. I pushed those thoughts out of my head and stepped out through the door that he was holding open for me. I looked at him and he still had my hand on his crotch feeling his bulge.

"You going to do this or should I take you on to Adam" he asked me stepping closer to me.

"I've never" I started.

"It's okay, I'll teach you real well" he said stripping off his singlet and sitting down on the bench. He put me into kneeling position between his legs and held his dick up. It looked to be about 7 inches hard and kind of thick. He put a hand on the back of my head and pushed my head down to his crotch.

"Just watch the teeth" he said as I felt his dickhead press against my lips.

I took in a breath through my nose and opened my mouth letting the head of his dick slide into my mouth. He pushed on my head slowly until he was starting to slide more of his dick into my mouth. Seeing that he didn't have to hold me he put both of his hands on my head and started pushing and pulling making me bob up and down on his dick.

"Oh fuck, that's it" he called out as I closed my eyes and tried to block out that I was actually sucking another dude's dick.

He had a hold of my hair now as he was rising up off the bench to thrust in my mouth and I could tell that he was getting into this. It was only when he let out a loud moan that I felt his load shooting into my mouth. With his dick in my mouth his cum had nowhere to go but down. I wrinkled my nose a bit as I swallowed his load because he wasn't taking his dick out of my mouth. When he did let it out of his mouth I opened my eyes and wiped the cum off of my lips. It was then that I noticed that we had a crowd that was watching us. I got up off of my knees and a hand immediately went to my chest and stopped me from moving.

"Nice blow job you just gave my buddy Seth there" Adam said.

He had already showered and was dressed in baggy jeans and a white t-shirt. He slowly started undoing his jeans and I could tell that he wasn't wearing any underwear. He sat down on the bench holding onto my wrist so that I couldn't get loose.

"Do you have any lube" Adam asked Seth who was sitting right next to him.

"Yeah, I have some on my gym bag. Be right back" Seth said taking off for his locker.

"Are you really going to make me do this. Please don't do this" I pleaded with Adam hoping he wasn't like his buddy Seth was.

"Come on kid, you know you're going to enjoy this as much as I'm going to. Hell a lot of the girls here at the school would love for me to fuck them."

"I'm not one of those girls though."

"Yeah but I know deep down you really want me to fuck that ass of yours" he grinned.

Seth stepped back into view with the lube but was down the walkway.

"Please" I pleaded one more time.

"No fucking way man, I earned your ass now I'm going to take it."

Seth handed Adam the lube but Adam didn't take it. "You put it on me man, if I let go of him he's going to take off running."

Seth opened the lube and poured some onto his hand. He then coated Adam's dick with it stroking his buddy's dick. By how good he was doing you could tell that him and Adam had fooled around a couple of times. Adam was working on getting my singlet off with his free hand. I was nude now and Seth started coating my ass crack and hole with the lube.

"There you go" Seth said dropping the bottle to the ground.

"How do you want it" Adam asked me. "You could sit on my lap, we could doggy style it, or you could just lay face down on the bench and let me do it."

I thought about it for a moment and looked down at Adam's 8 inch monster. I jerked my hand away from him and laid down on the bench in front of him.

"Good choice" he said laying on my back now nibbling on the upper part of my ear as I felt him reach back feeling for my asshole.

I closed my eyes and bit down on my bottom lip dreading this. He found my hole and used his other hand to go back to his dick and aim it right at my opening.

"What's your name kid" he asked me as he tried to make small talk.

"What's it matter" I said angrily.

"Well I need to know who I'm fucking now don't I?"

"Jake" I said.

"Here we go Jake" he said. And with that he pushed the head against my opening causing it to pop inside. Pain shot through my body and I bit down on my lip so hard that I thought I could taste blood.

He continued to push nibbling on my ear trying to take my mind off of the pain. I don't know how it was suppose to take the pain away when it felt like a baseball bat was being shoved up my ass.

"Please, it hurts" I finally said.

"Be a man, take it like a man" Seth said watching the whole scene in front of him.

Adam was all the way in me now. Only way I could tell is because I felt his nuts against my ass. "It's go time" he said in my ear as he started slowly rocking his hips.

I could hear his hips slapping off of mine now and I was still grimacing in pain due to the penetration. He didn't care about my pain though, he was here to bust a nut and to take my cherry which there was no getting back now.

He fucked me for what seemed like hours before I felt him take a deep breath, let out a deep moan, and started filling me up with his love juice. He laid on my back as he looked at my face. He reach under me on the bench and pulled me up into doggy style position. He took hold of my dick and kept his embedded in me as he started to jack my dick.

"Come on Jakey, I know you like it" he said as he stroked me.

"Open them eyes for me, take in that this is really happening."

He jacked my dick and slowly started pushing his dick deep into my ass again. Pretty soon he was thrusting in me at the same time he was jacking me going for a round two of fucking.

I was now moaning and not biting down on my lips. I still had my eyes closed though as I didn't want to open them and see Seth standing there watching this happen. I could hear the sound of someone jacking so I knew he was still in the picture.

After a couple minutes of Adam jacking me and fucking me I shot my load out on the bench beneath us. This caused my ass to clamp down on his and I felt him deposit his second load into my ass. After this one he pulled out and used my shirt to wipe his cum off. He pulled on his clothes and left without saying a word to me. Maybe it was just me hoping he was going to say something to me.

Seth sighed and knelt down to where I was. "Was that fun" he asked. "Can I see what it feels like?"

I didn't answer him so he just walked off. I laid there for what seemed like forever before finally getting up and taking myself into the locker room for a shower. I showered and made it out the door just in time before the janitor locked the door. I headed home glad that this night was over.

The next day at school of course we had a meet. We didn't have to practice anymore due to the fact that wrestling was over but coach still wanted to meet with us and congratulate us on our win. And I know he was going to talk to me about my loss, which of course he did.

I headed to the locker room to clear out my locker since I wouldn't be using it for a little while. As soon as I stepped into the locker room I saw Blake was the only one in there. He was standing right beside my locker.

"I heard about what happened" he said.

"You was there, you saw that I got beat" I said wondering what he was talking about.

"That's not what I'm talking about" he grinned. "I'm talking about after the match."

I turned red and asked, "What did you hear?"

He smiled and took my wrist taking me over to the shower. He turned the water on warm and started taking his clothes off.

"What are you doing" I asked him.

"I heard my brother got something I've wanted for a long time. Your ass" he grinned at me taking my clothes off.

He pulled us into the shower and lifted me up in his arms. I locked my legs around his waist and he put his dick in position. He used water from the shower to get his dick wet and put it at my entrance.

"Now that you're not a virgin anymore and I know you like it then we're going to get our fuck on" he said.

"It hurts to much to like it" I said.

"Adam said you loved it and you actually ended up letting him fuck you twice and didn't object so don't object now."

It was then that I knew it was to late. Blake knew what had happened and he was already starting to slide his dick into my ass. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on for the ride as he lowered me on his dick.

He was starting to fuck me at a fast pace. "Tell me you like it Jake. Tell me you want me to fuck your ass."

I threw my head back now. I realized I was slowly getting use to the feeling of having a dick inside me. "Fuck me Black" I said not believing I actually said it.

And fuck me he did. He continued fucking me for everything that he was worth. After him busting his nut at least three times in my ass he pulled out of me letting me go. He had fucked me while he held me the first time. The second time I had rode his dick. The third time he just had me bend over and grab my ankles while he went to town.

We rinsed all the cum off and got out of the shower getting dressed when his cell phone rang. He answered it and looked over to me smiling.

"Jake, Adam wants to know if you would like to come over for pizza this evening."

I knew like hell that Adam's pizza invitation was going to end up with him fucking my ass again. But hey, Adam wanted to fuck my ass....I'm getting use to it so why not.

"Sure" I said and I could hear Adam say 'awesome' on the other end of the phone.

To be continued? If you would like to see more please let me know otherwise I won't continue it.