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School was finally over for the day and I couldn't be happier. It was time to head home so that I could get ready and head over to Adam's house. I really couldn't wait to get there. We were going to have so much fun. At least that's what I was hoping. I started on my way towards home happily.

When I was almost home someone caught me off guard from behind me. I turned to see who it was and it turned out to be Seth.

"What's up sport" he asked kind of close to my ear.

"Nothing" I said trying to get free from Seth's grip. No matter what I could do though I couldn't get loose from his grip. He made sure he had me right where he wanted me.

"Heading home" I asked him.

"Yeah, heading home. You?"

"Killing time and trying to find something or someone to do" Seth laughed still not letting go of me.

"Oh" I laughed.

"Was wondering if maybe you could be the person I do" he grinned biting the bottom of my ear seductively.

I looked Seth over like I did the day he forced me to give him a blow job. Well I really wasn't forced because I was curious as to trying sex with a man anyway. And here this man was again asking if we could fool around some more.

"I suppose you can head home with me" I said grinning when I saw the smile that came to Seth's face.

"Awesome" Seth said smacking my ass as we started towards my house.

He let me go so that I could walk beside him. When I looked over I could see the obvious bulge that was forming in his jeans. I wondered what he was thinking about and I thought about asking him but I was a little nervous even though I had done things with him before already.

"Say Jake, I was wondering something."

"What's that Seth?"

"I was wondering if you would let me do what Adam did to you?"

"You mean um..."I said stopping not sure if that is what he was talking about or not.

"Yeah, would you let me fuck you?"

"I don't know" I said scared just a little bit. I liked it last time when I did it with Adam but I didn't know how rough or anything Seth would be.

He picked up on my uneasiness and smiled just a little bit. He didn't say anything though as we were almost to my house. In a couple of minutes we were there and I fished around in my pocket for my keys not having any luck finding them. The next thing I know I feel a hand in the pocket on the other side feeling around for keys. I looked over and smiled at Seth as he either fished around for my keys or played pocket pool. I didn't know which he was doing at the moment.

"Are you feeling for keys or for my dick" I laughed.

"Both" he grinned as he put his hand down the other pocket and pulled out my keys.

"Careful" I said, "my mom might be home somewhere."

"Don't worry about it, I'm the kind of guy you can bring home to mom" he winked.

"I don't know if my mom would be alright with her 'son' bringing home that guy" I said emphasizing the word son so that he would pick up on the fact that she didn't have any clue about me.

"Oh" he said jumping back away from me. "Guess I better knock off the feeling up until we get to the bedroom" he grinned.

"Exactly" I said reaching back grabbing the bulge in his jeans playfully.

"I knew you liked my dick" he grinned as he playfully humped my hand before I opened the door.

Once we were in the house and had the door locked Seth grabbed my ass playfully. He then asked where the bedroom was.

"Top of the stairs and to the left" I said.

About that time I felt Seth pick me up in his arms and start carrying me up the stairs.

"In a hurry?"

"You bet I'm in a hurry. Looked like my buddy enjoyed your ass last time so I know I'm going to."

He got me up the stairs and into my room where he tossed me right down onto the bed. He then started taking off his shirt and undoing his jeans. He was standing there in his boxer shorts before I could even have my shirt off.

"You really are horny aren't you?

"No duh Sherlock, now get those pants off or I'm just going to pull the back down and bend you over right here and now."

I pulled the back of my pants down and wiggled my ass at him. That was all it took. Before I could react I was pinned face down on the bed and I felt him on my back his boxer tenting cock resting against the back of my jeans. He slid my jeans down and saw that I was wearing a jock strap which meant that he had free access to my ass. He quickly shoved his boxers down and reach over my head to grab the lube on the nightstand where I had forgotten to put it away last night.

"What, no foreplay" I said sarcastically.

Without an answer I felt a steel hard cock pressing inward up my ass and stabbing me.

"Damn you're a brute."

"Just wait till I start pounding your butt."

I grunted every now and then as he forced his way into my body not caring if it hurt or not. He was just wanting to see what it felt like. I felt his balls resting against my ass soon enough though and he immeditately started thrusting his hips against mine. He would pick up speed every now and then after he looked on my face and saw that it wasn't bothering me.

"Feels good don't it Jake" he asked as he pounded away.

"Yeah Seth, it does."

"How long before your mom gets home" he asked wanting to know how much time he had.

"Bout an hour or so I would think" Jake said as he grunted.

"Good" Seth said grinding his groin against Jake's ass wiggling his dick around in the boys ass.

Seth turned out to be better in bed than I thought he would be. He was driving me crazy everytime his dick jabbed my prostate. And the boy knew what he was doing, because he had my body wanting more and more. Sweat was dripping from both of our bodies. I fould feel the sweat from his body dripping down onto my back as I clutched the bedsheets and moaned my enjoyment.

I couldn't take anymore as I started shooting my load. My ass clinched down on his dick and I guess it was to much for him and he began shooting his cum deep into my ass.

"Oh fucK" he said not caring who heard or if anyone heard.

After we both calmed down some from our orgasm he pulled out of my body and rolled off top of me and lay there on my bed. I went and got us a towel and a wet washcloth to clean up so that no one would suspect anything. I closed the door and tossed him the things he would need to clean up. He slowly got dressed after he was finished as did I.

Seth sat down on my bed and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling my body to his. I was forced to sit on his lap now as he kept his arms locked around me.

"You have to promise we can do this again sometime, I know you like my dick in you Jake."

"There will definitely be plenty more time to do this again Seth."

We heard the car pull up in the driveway and I knew it was my mom coming back from wherever she had been. I went outside to see if she needed any help carrying things in and Seth offered to help as well. After I introduced them to each other he helped us carry in the groceries that she had purchased and we started putting them away.


To be continued?

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