Tim Henson knew he had no option but to obey, so he stripped naked, grabbed the keys and exited the house looking in every possible direction.  It was dark except for the street lights so he carefully guided himself bare footed towards his car.  “ feeling the heat “Mr Henson, a voice exclaimed. It was Daniel, his 15 year old neighbour standing in the shadows smoking a cigarette. “How come you're outside naked.”   “Hi Dan..wel...well it’s a long story, It’s not what it looks like. must rush”, stammered Eric.  “You can tell me about it when you return “giggling loudly. “No I don’t think that is a good idea Dan” said Tim.  OK!...”Right” said Daniel, “perhaps I should talk to dad instead”. “No! No!” sputtered Eric... “call later on to-night.” At that he jumped into his car and headed for the park.  When he arrived, the 4 lads were waiting and looking extremely pissed off.  “Where the fuck have you been,” screamed Kyle.  “Sorry Kyle. my 15 year old neighbour saw me heading for my car and said if I didn’t explain why I was naked he’d talk to his dad.  I had to invite over to-night.” 2  Not our fuckin problem, you need to be punished for keeping us waiting. Get out of the car and bend over the bonnet. “ The only thing  in Henson’s favor was that the streets were deserted.  He obeyed the instruction and bent over the bonnet. All 4 lads removed their belts from their jeans and took turns in lashing Tim's arse with a vengeance.

It took only 15 minutes to get to Tim's house. Tim opened the door and entered only to be ordered outside again.  “We go in first and you come in when told too,” ordered Ryan. He was kept standing outside for 3 or 4 minutes when Daniel came.  He pushed past his neighbour and introduced himself to the lads. “Now you can come in, and explain to Dan why you go outside stark fuckin naked.” shouted Kyle, “ well Daniel”  stammered Tim,” I have to obey these lads every command or they will give the police a video that will send me to jail.” Kyle informed his teacher that he, Mark, Ryan and Scott would staying for the whole weekend and it was decided that their teacher should  spanked for the next 30 minutes. Half an hour later  Tim’s arse was a real mess. It was already beaten up from the punishment outside the park.  The pain must have been intense because he had tears in his eyes.

 The lads searched the house for anything that could used to humiliate or cause pain to their teacher. Kyle emptied Henson’s underwear draw and put the entire contents into a bin bag then dumping it in the rubbish bin.  He informed his teacher that he was never to wear underwear again unless they were pink and frilly. To cause maximum embarrassment, his pubic hair was removed with a dry razor leaving the skin bright red and stinging like fuck, He  had flower heads stapled to his tits,( the lads had used an electric staple gun with great effect having practised on his arse, cock and balls. They employed a red waterproof highlight marker to write the following words on his chest.




  just above his arse


 Henson was fucked by each lad at least twice and by the time that everyone was feeling it was time to sleep he was made to bent over while a very large banana was rammed up his hole and he was ordered to leave it there all night.  “That’s your breakfast in the morning,” retorted Kyle.  The lads spent all weekend at Tim’s place, fucking him when ever the mood took them. They  even fucked him in garden, back and front.  Before Daniel left, Kyle suggested that from now on, this teacher could be used every morning or indeed any time that took his fancy.  Dan thanked Kyle and  promised to made the faggots life hell.

On the Monday morning ( after the weekend of debauchery )and true to his word,Daniel, using one of the freshly cut keys, payed Tim an early morning call. Tim was in the land of nod, gently snoring through some dream or other when Dan entered the bedroom wearing just his boxers. It was 4.30 am so there was little chance of being seen.  Daniel slowly peeled the duvet back, revealing Tim lying naked. Dan dropped his boxers and proceeded to piss all over the sleeping teacher.  Tim, at lighting speed, rolled off the bed, cursing his intruder until he realized who it was and just as quickly offered a profound and immediate apology hoping to avoid further punishment for his outburst.  Dan told him to come and kneel in front of him  The 15 year old had stopped the flow of piss but was having trouble holding the it in.  Tim rushed to obey and moments later had teen piss running down his face and flooding his mouth. “fuckin swallow you bag of shit.”.screamed Daniel. “Promised the lads I’d make your life a fuckin misery and that’s just what I intend to do,” exclaimed Daniel... “follow me you piece of shit and don’t dawdle.”  Dan pulled his boxers up and headed down stairs taken them two stairs at a time. Tim, stark naked,hurried to keep up with his tormentor. Tim was taken aback  when Dan opened the french windows and went outside into the  garden. Eric followed like a clever little puppy fearing punishment if he didn’t. Dan lost his boxers again, pushed Eric to his knees and rammed a very hard 6 inch cock down his throat followed by a serious fucking using no lub.  Dan made sure that that every last ounce of spunk  was deposited on Henson's chest. He told Henson to rub it all over and he was not allowed to remove it until Kyle and co had seen it.  He then  retrieved his boxers while telling Tim.. “See you when I see you shitface.  Could be anywhere , some burger bar,  sports centre, your school,you’ll never know, but you will most probably be naked or at least semi-naked,  and you will be  on your knees sucking cock and/or getting fucked.”

Just over a week had past since Kyle had trapped Tim Henson into becoming a sex slave. All four lads had fun humiliating their teacher both at school and in public after school on every possible occasion.  

It was Monday yet again and Tim’s four tormentors were sitting in their places waiting for  Henson to start the lessons. He entered the classroom and spoke nervously to the class. Starting this week the school is embarking on a course of sex education.said Hurst,  I will be instructing the boys and Miss Barker the girls.  The headmaster thinks that by separating the gender it will be less stressful when discussing such intimate information. “ Bring the fucker on”...came a voice from the back of the room. Eric knew it had to be one of his tormentors  so said nothing.  “What day is this going to happen,” said the same voice. Tim replied, “this Wednesday, Afternoon session.  It will be half an hour of instruction and the same on questions and answers”. “ You can forget that shitface, we need all the time we can get to fuckin humiliate you “said the voice from the back. Tim continued, “There will be several sessions on different aspects and all of you would well advised to attend.” “ Don’t fuckin worry about that, we’ll be there,” again the voice from the back. Tim noted the giggling of the entire class but didn’t dare complain  or make a comment.

Kyle, told the other three that he had a brainwave and wanted a meeting with them. He texted Henson-


Tim heard his phone vibrate and answered it knowing it could only be one of gang.  He then called all 4 of them to the front and pretended to be giving instructions.  The group of lads exited the classroom and headed for Henson’s house.

As soon as they got inside they raided the fridge for beer and cupboards for snacks.

Kyle started to explain his Idea..”.Right this fuckin sex education thing..we can have some serious fun with it ..or to be more precise with him....imagine him...stark fucking naked in class teaching us about sex...the possibilities are vast.  We should head back to school in time for lunch  We will split up and tell the whole class of our plans to humiliate the bastard. Pity the girls can’t be at our sex education but it’s the heads decision and we can’t change that. so what do you say.”..there was a short silence followed by a resounding..”.Lets fuckin do it.”  They quickly finished their beers and snacks and headed for school where they went straight to the cafeteria

It didn’t take long to convince the entire class that this was a deal not to fuck up. Every last one of them swore to keep the secret.  It was decided that Henson was to be informed that the entire class was taken the sex education course over and he would be the guinea pig.  The Idea of telling Henson o their plan was to cause major anxiety right up to the actual event. Kyle told  him that the first session would be about sex toys etc and that he had to go to the sex shop and purchase a selection of goods. Kyle dicated a list of toys that Tim should buy…

several dildos  medium to large

several butt plugs  medium to large With at least one lockable


A Whip

Two pair of paddle hand cuffs

At the chemists

A tube of deep heat

At the hardware store

A cattle prod

A length of rope

He was ordered to put his purchases in the stockroom where Kyle would inspect them to be sure that maximum fun could gleaned from them.  Tim Henson had lost any respect that he once had and he knew that he would spent his future as a sex slave.  His once respectful students were now his tormentors. They swore at him,spit on him, made him stand at the front of the class and pulled his pants down and slapping his cock not to mention making him then bent over while all the boys in the class booted his fuckin hole. He was ,effectively trapped in this predicament, his only hope, as he saw it ,was when these students left school, or would they get bored with the present situation?  Would they pass the damning evidence to those following them into his class.  Those possible problems would have to wait. He was in this predicament now and simply had to go along with it or go to prison.  He returned to school after doing the shopping and placed to toys in the stockroom.  There they stayed until sex education day.awaiting Kyle’s inspection.

Tim was enjoying a glass of wine and watching a movie when suddenly his phone burst into life.It was a text from Kyle..I’LL BE COMING OVER TO YOUR PLACE TO NIGHT. YOU WILL PICK ME UP AT 6.  i’M IN NEED OF A SUCK AND FUCK SESSION, AND BE  VERY NAKED.  GET OUT OF THE CAR AND OPEN THE PASSENGERS DOOR THEN JUST WAIT.  Tim’s heart started to race.  Why did he have to be naked outside one of his students house standing in the street.  Kyle was playing a dangerous game and the only possible loser was Tim Henson.  6 o’clock came around and as ordered Tim was standing,stark naked, outside Kyle’s house with the passenger door open.  Minutes passed. Minutes that seemed like eternities.  Eventually Kyle came down the garden path, got in the driver’s side and screamed at a bemused naked man….Get in the fuckin car you pathetic excuse for a human being.  But you're only 15 you shouldn’t be driving”. bleated Tim. “ If I can fuck my teacher, stick my cock down his throat and make him do anything I want then I can drive a fucking car anytime I want.”.. Screamed Kyle…”Get it cocksucker!”

On arriving at Tim's house Kyle grabbed Tim by the hair and dragged  him into the lounge, leaving the front door wide open.  Kyle pushed a naked Tim over the back of the settee, dropped his jeans and rammed his cock up Tim’s arse in one fell plunge.  The tears fell like raindrops at this very painful entry, but Kyle was unconcerned and continued to savagely fuck his teacher. He quickly shot an enormous load of spunk up Tim’s hole and then just lay on Tim’s back catching his breath, not knowing if his cock was in or out of the arse he had just wrecked. A few moments passed,then Kyle,once again, grabbed Tim’s hair and forced him to his knees where he rammed his spunk soaked cock down Tim’s throat.  When Kyle was finished, he pulled his jeans up,sat on the settee and ordered Tim to get him a couple of beers.  He sat Tim down and told him…”.one day, some time in the future, you will be freed from your torment. I say torment because you are going through a torturous time, but people like you need to understand that to sexual assault a teenage boy, indeed any boy or girl is simply wrong.  Your tormented existence will continue  for a while and yes I will admit that I and the other lads are having a great time making you do crazy things, but I want you to know that there will be an end to it.”  Tim, quietly sobbing, spoke….”Thank You for telling me that.  There have been moments when I thought my life was over,that, I would always be a slave to boys. I realize now that it is wrong to assault anyone and as God is my witness I have learnt my lesson in a fierce and brutal manner , and no doubt it will have to continue until you decide enough is enough.”  

Kyle spoke…”Right cocksucker, I’m going home and you are in the passenger seat. As  you will remain naked, you can wank yourself all the way to my house.”  They both exited the house only to see Daniel smoking in the shadows as usual.  “Hi Kyle “ said Dan. “ Going some where.  yes home, just fucked his arse and got a blowjob” replied Kyle.  “Why don’t you come along. You can drive the car back while shitface blows you.”   “Lets fuckin go”…. said Dan

When Kyle got home, he ordered Tim to open his door from the outside,and wait for Daniel to get in the driver’s seat before getting back in the car.  On the way back to Tim’s house Daniel ordered Tim to start sucking and not to stop until told. When they got home Daniel sat in the car and just let Tim suck this cock.  Daniel then went home, leaving Tim to lock the car.

Kyle thought at the girls in the class should be in on the fun, so he asked the lads for their opinions.  After a while it was agreed that the girls would be told and to add to Tim’s embassament, he would tell them why the lads were getting away with the swearing,spitting and general disrespect to their teacher.  Kyle ordered Tim to speak to the girls at once.

TIm stood up and with a heavy heart ,spoke. “ I have been ordered by the lads in this class to tell you, the girls, of what have been going on lately. You will have noticed that the lads are now swearing in class and spitting on me and a lot more. The answer is that I was caught sexual assaulting a student. The incident is on video and cannot be disputed. I am now a slave to the lads and they want you to enjoy the same fun.” The girls chuckled and giggled in approval.

Wednesday arrived. the day for the sex education course otherwise known as torture fucking day for the cocksucker. Henson walked into the classroom physically shaking.  He knew with every fibre of his being that he was going to suffer pain, both mental and physical. “Right “...he said…”.I’ll do the register first then we can get started.” The voice from the back spoke up…”Get fuckin stripped first...we tell you what will happen cocksucker.”  Tim didn’t hesitate. He stripped there and then then did the register. “ Get the fucking toys prick”.. ordered Kyle. Tim plodded of to the stockroom, his bare feet slapping down on the hard lino floor.  Kyle came forward and looked at what Tim had bought.  “Well done cocksucker.”.. said Kyle. just then one of the lads joined Kyle and whispered something in his ear. “ It’s not”  exclaimed Kyle “of course you can”.  Kyle turned to the class and announced that Rory would be assisting Henson with the demonstrations.  Rory has just informed me that it is his birthday today and as a present from all of us he will perform the sex acts on shitface. over to you Rory  “ friends” said Rory….”.as I produce a toy, cocksucker here will describe it and what it is used that understood cocksucker”.  “Yes “grunted Tim.

 Rory started by showing Tim the first toy  Tim spoke…”This is a black facsimile of the male sex organ known as the penis.”.Kyle interrupted...Hey cocksucker..never the big word's ...say it as we would say it… better still I’ll send you the script by text...get your fuckin phone  shitface.  Tim reached of his phone and waited For Kyle. It wasn’t long before the first message came.  Tim read THIS IS A DILDO SHAPED LIKE A FUCKING COCK, IT IS 10 INCHES LONG AND 2 INCHES DIAMETRE”, rORY WILL NOW RAM THE FUCKER UP MY ARSE AND FUCK ME WITH IT”…..”  Rory did just that and with a vengeance.”  He proceeded to fuck Tim with this weapon (because that is what it was...An arse wrecker.) for quite some time, causing Tim quite some fucking pain. .  Rory was aware of Tim’s distress but ignored it. He was having too much fun. After a  while, Rory pulled to weapon from Tim’s aching arse with the same vigor he had used to insert it.  He then got the whip and lashed Tim;s arse half a dozen times leaving weald marks on both buttocks. Tim was really suffering by now but the class was enjoying their lesson so much, his pain was irrelevant. Next toy out was a butt plug.  Rory looked at it with a puzzled look.  “What’s the problem Rory,” exclaimed Kyle. Rory took the toy to Kyle who looked at it in the same puzzled manner.” hey cocksucker”... shouted Kyle…”.get up here and tell us what the fuck this is. “ Tim went to Kyle, looked at the butt plug and said...It’s a butt plug that can cause pain or pleasure.  If you use the remote you can make it do several things. The remote is in the box.  Kyle looked in the box , and seeing only one remote, grabbed it and inserted the batteries. He pressed a red button and  caused Rory to drop it. “Fuckin hell”...Said Rory..”.I got an electric shock”.  “Quick” said Kyle   “get the fucker up the bastard’s arse...we are going to have some real fun and not just this afternoon but every day.”  Kyle had realized this toys potential and was going to exploit it for all it was worth.  Rory rammed the butt plug up Tim;s arse, not caring if it hurt or not.  In the meantime, Kyle had quickly read the instructions had came with the toy.  “Right Lads this” said Kyle.  He pressed the red button and instantly Tim’s legs buckled, his face distorted with pain and he crashed to the floor writhing in excruciating pain. “ Fuckin hell, he certainly felt that” screamed one the lads. “”.  Kyle proceeded to explain that the red button caused an electrical shock, The yellow one was for pure sexual pleasure, The green was a timed facility that started and stopped vibrations and came with a control to increase or decrease the vibrations.  There was also a black button to automatically lock the device in place.  Kyle pressed this button and Tim cried a small whimper.” What happened inside your arse cocksucker “Kyle asked.  Tim spoke but with cautious tone….” the butt plug just increased in size. It is pushing against the sides of my arse. it is now locked in place.”   “far out man” enthused  Kyle.  He tried to remove the device by using sheer physical force but it would not shift.” Right”…He said….”now the yellow button”.  The instant the button was pressed, Tim’s face developed a satisfying smile...sheer joy was all he was experiencing. “ Enough of that”.. said Kyle….”the bastard isn’t here to enjoy it.  Right guys...I propose to leave the plug in...we should stop now and get sorted for home time..but first the bastard needs  one more treatment….can someone pass me a rubber glove from the first aid kit.”  Kyle put the glove on and  reached into the box retrieving the heat heat tub.  He covered the glove with the cream and smeared it over Tim’s cock,balls and arse cheeks.  Tim was then ordered to get dressed.  His discomfort  would last only a short time but for the present that burning sensation would have to be endured.  The home time bell rang and everyone left, heading for home.  Kyle gave Tim permission to call him if he needed to crap but he would have to come and pick nim up and of course  had to return him home...naked of course.

The following morning, Tim texted Kyle, even though they were both in the same classroom, asking if he could speak him on an urgent matter.   Kyle went to the front of the class and asked Tim what  was so fucking urgent.  Tim suggested that they both go into the corridor.  He was concerned that what he had say would be ridiculed and that his attempt to stop other adults finding out about what was going on would be stopped.  He explained that he knew that the entire class despised him for what he was.  He now had no control of his class.  The fact that he was constantly swore at, spit on. and generally disrespected simply meant that anyone in the class could now refuse to do any class work.  He explained that minor exams could be covered by him, awarding marks etc himself, but major exams cannot be altered by teachers and if grades suddenly fell there would be an investigation into why.  It had even been known for an education authority to install video equipment to observe a class.

Kyle pondered want Tim had said and came to the conclusion that he was right.  Such an event would stop their fun and the consequences would be unknown. “ So what do you want me to do...and don’t say stop all of this because that’s not going to happen yet”….asked Kyle.  “Simply ask the whole class to let me teach them and let them really try to get the best marks for themselves. Your fun and games won’t stop I know that, so please help me with this problem.  Kyle answered ….”Your fucking right, What we have now is to much fun to loss so I will speak to them “

As soon as Kyle entered the class his took a position in front of Henson’s desk with Henson retreating to his chair.  “Right gang listen up”.. Kyle said..”A problem has arisen that could stop our fun with cocksucker. He has explained to me that if exams results go down too fast there will be an investigation which will probably fuck our fun up.  We need to promise cocksucker that when there  is a need to learn something we put our fun on the back burner.  We can still humiliate the bastard. we can if you wish cause him fuckin pain, but we have to follow his advice this time….what do you say.  There was a discussion which lasted only the matter of minutes where questions like...will we still be able to get him fuckin naked,?,,,Will he still have to obey us.  All of their questions answered in the positive so it was agreed,for the sake of maintaining their slave that learning time would be separated from fun time.  They would still verbally abuse him and of course spit on him as and when they liked but when it came to learning he knew best.   Next morning Tim entered the classroom and proceeded to take the register. Half way through he called “Clive Summers”. The voice from the back shouted...he’s in the stockroom fucking the arse off his girlfriend, quickly followed by a voice from the stockroom...and when I’m finished you can suck my cock clean. Five minutes later Clive and his girlfriend emerged from the stockroom.  Clive had his tackle out and headed straight for Tim.  “well come then, get it fuckin cleaned you cock sucking little bastard”shouted Clive.