This is my first attempt to write a story.  I forgot to include a disclaimer at the start of chapter 1

so let me rectify that omission


This story is the product of a furtive mind .It is 100% fiction and any resemblance to anyone or any place is absolutely coincidental.

If you reside anywhere that makes reading this story an offence in law then do not read it

As  the story is fictitious, no account of “safe sex” is included.  In reality, in this real world we live in, practising “safesex” is paramount if we are going to keep ourselves healthy  and infection free.

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Main Characters

Tim Henson…..teacher…………...38

Kyle …… leader………….. 15

Daniel…...Tim’s neighbour………..15

plus the gang/class


chapter 3

Henson had his home to himself that evening but he simply couldn’t find a comfortable spot to rest his tortured body.  It was screaming pain at him so much so that he kept bursting into floods of tears. He really needed to get in the shower but did not dare in case Daniel called.  In the back of his mind he wished he had not forced  Scott into sexual acts but accepted that his misdemeanors could not be changed by wishing them away, and he was well and truly fucked and under the control of his class members in every possible sense. He finally made his way to his bed. It was midnight and he was feeling a little sleepy. He turned the light off and curled up in bed, only to hear his front door open. A minute later Daniel entered his bedroom turning the light on and as he did. screamed. "Hi shitface... bet go thought you were going to go to sleep No fuckin chance. you’ve got cock to suck and I’ve got an arse to fuck.  In a pleading voice Tim said..."please Daniel, don’t fuck me to-night. My hole is in real pain".  and in immediate reply from Daniel..."Then a little more won’t matter...You are getting fucked regardless you perverted little shit. Kyle’s told me that at some time in the future will be released from this fuckin nightmare but only when we are all convinced that you have be  cured of preying on young boys.  Now on your fuckin knees and suck." Daniel’s cock disappeared down the faggot’s throat. He sucked and licked that cock as though it was going out of fashion and 10 minutes later was rewarded with an enormous load of spunk which slid unceremoniously down to his stomach.  Daniel then spent the next three quarters of an hour battering Tim’s aching hole culminating in yet another smaller load of spunk running out of his hole and down his leg.

When he finally finished, he said to the good news. I’m staying the night. Mum and dad are away for a couple of days so I can stay here and continue making your fucking life as unpleasant as I fuckin coca.  I’ve spoke to Kyle and its been agreed that we need to find more ways of humiliating  you.  There’s talk that you are going down into town  on Saturday to buy all of us lunch and while we are enjoying lunch you will be under the table sucking cocks and drinking spunk. Who knows you could be naked or semi-naked but time will tell.  Before you go to bed there is one activity that I want to try now. I need you in the kitchen to piss on the lino.  You will then get on all fours and lick every last drop of piss up. Then and only then will you be allowed to go to bed.  Tim, desperate to close his eyes, stood and flooded the kitchen floor with his piss. He got on all fours and started lapping up the piss only to find Daniel standing over him, pissing on his head.  "Remember" said Daniel..."No shower till after 7 am."

Tim spent the night tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position to rest in, but to no avail.  He had the stench of Daniels piss up his nose, the discomfort of the burning cream on his cock,balls and arse cheeks  (which was slowly easing in intensity) and his arse was also on fire from the brutal fucking he’d received from Daniel.

As dawn was breaking he drifted off into sleep only to be woken by Daniel pissing on him.  He simply couldn’t be bothered to move so just lay there till Daniel was finished.  Tim was now soaked in piss, his bed was soaked in piss and now he wanted a piss.  He asked Dan if he could go to the toilet to piss, but Dan said . “you want a piss, do it where you are” so Tim, being desperate just lay there and pissed up his stomach and on to his face.  “open your fuckin mouth now” screamed Daniel  Tim complied and in doing so tasted his own piss. “Swallow it”  ordered Daniel..."It’s after 7 so you can go and shower for five minutes and then you can get down stairs and cook my breakfast.” Tim jumped out of bed and raced to the shower.  He cleaned himself as best he could considering he had a butt plug locked inside his arse. He quickly ran down stairs still dripping wet and started cooking breakfast. After breakfast Daniel told Tim to get dressed and handed him a package. “ Kyle told me to give this and that you have wear it today” Tim took the package and opened it.  He looked at the contents, his mouth wide open and with absolute disbelief.  Kyle had sent him a pair of pink frilly knickers and he had to wear them.

After giving Daniel a blowjob, he was told to fuck off to school.  On arrival at school he went straight to his classroom where his class (he saw them as his tormentors) were waiting. He approached his desk and was just about to sit down when Kyle shouted  “ hey can do the register after you fucking strlp...and I mean fucking now”  Tim Stood up and started to strip his clothes off.  When he got to the frilly knickers Kyle called out…” You can leave those fuckers on, they suit you. The class was in hysterics; rolling on the floor at the sight of their teacher standing up in pair of pink frilly knickers.  Kyle spoke again…”right cocksucker.. walk up and down the aisles and let  my friends do what they want to you.”  Tim immediately complied and was soon being manhandled,having his cock felt by several girls. One of the girls  got a pair of nail scissors from her pencil case and cut a slit up the front of the knickers allowing his cock to fall out. She then cut a circle of material from the rear end allowing full view of his arse.  He also got booted up the arse by the boys. spat on and generally made to feel totally humiliated.

Time marched on and Saturday soon arrived.   The rumours that Daniel had imparted to Tim had in fact be anything but rumours.  Nine of the lads were taking Tim to a burger bar so he could buy them lunch.  The lads would no doubt have other activities in mind and he would be at the heart of those activities.  It was early morning and Tim had his shower, got dressed and went down stairs to make breakfast.  Just as Tim started to prepare his meal, Daniel let himself in.  “Morning cocksucker..make me a bacon sarnie with coffee” demanded Daniel  “Then you can get over here and suck my cock while I eat it.  You have to be at the shopping mall by 11 o’clock and Kyle asked me to stay with you so we’ve got of  plenty of time for a little fun so I will be fucking the arse off you this morning …..just to pass the time you understand ” Daniel said in a very sarcastic manner.

The morning had been a little painful as Daniel had fucked Tim twice without any lube, but it was now time to leave for the mall.  They drove to the mall car park and entranced the mall. Daniel guided Tim to a large burger bar on the first floor.  All the lads had assembled for this corner location.  It was an area that had a permanent  partition screen on two sides to allow a fair degree of privacy for the diners  To get into the area you had to enter the opening then turn sharp left so if anyone wanted to see what was happening in this area they would have to have entered or physically look over the top of the partition on tip toe.There was a large table and ten chairs next to a full length window though being on the first  floor it did not compromise the privacy aspect.  Tim and Daniel joined the lads around the table.  “Kyle spoke “Right cocksucker..we lads will order what ever we want regardless of cost and you will get under the table and suck every cock at least twice.  We might allow you to stay dressed, we will have see about that. As you can see we are all wearing loose fitting shorts with zips. You will obey any voice you hear.  When I signal, you will start but in the meantime take your shirt off and just sit still. Have you brought your credit cards “ “yes Kyle” replied Tim in a meek voice. Again Kyle spoke “ how much have you on the account, and don’t fuckin lie, we can easily check”

 “Several Thousand Pounds “ replied Tim. “good because after we’ve had our lunch and you've downed a load of spunk we are going fucking shopping at your fucking expense, any objections cocksucker”  “no Kyle no objections would be pointless anyway” replied Tim. “well your fucking right there plus if you had objected,we would still spend your fuckin money anyway and you would have earned a fuckin whipping” retorted Kyle.

The group sat until the waiter came over.  “Well I never if it isn't  Jamie Smith. how long you been doing this “ exclaimed Kyle.  oh about 6 months now, it’s just a weekend job..bit of pocket money but I like it. anyway what’s fetched you here..never seen you in here before. replied Jamie.  “well Jamie..we all call this guy over here cocksucker...he has to do anything we tell him to or he’s going to fucking prison and he knows it. He is going to buy all of us as much lunch as we can eat while he will be under the table sucking our cocks” “ your fucking joking aren't you replied Jamie. Kyle said  “you get our order..I've written it down..and when you come back with the goodies look under the table”  Jamie left to get the order and Kyle told Tim to get under the table and get started.  He immediately started gobbling cock. He wasn’t bothered who’s cock along as he was following Kyle’s order.  It didn’t take Jamie long to return with the meals. He dropped to his hunkers and was speechless at the sight of Tim gobbling cock.  “Well now I believe you mate” commented Jamie . you lucky bastards, what I wouldn’t give to be sitting around this table now getting my cock sucked.”

“What time’s your break,” asked one of the group .  “well actually in about 10 minutes. I get half an hour” replied Jamie. “There then that’s settled , you must join us for lunch at cocksuckers expense and he will blow you and swallow your load as many times as you want.   Hey thanks lads, i’ll bring a burger and coke with me and put it on his bill”     When Jamie came over with his lunch, he sat in Tim’s chair. (Tim didn’t need for the moment. He was way to busy)  Kyle lend down and told Tim to start sucking Jamie at once and suck like he had never sucked before.

 For the next two hours, Tim sucked cock after cock. His lips were numb and puffed up and he had spunk over his face and chest when one or two of the lads had deliberately hanked their cocks out of Tim’s mouth just as they shot their loads.

The lads decided that they had consumed enough food and drink to last a lifetime and that it was time to go shopping.  Kyle told Tim to surface and put his shirt on.  Jamie had left some time ago to resume his duties so Tim’s chair was vacant.  Tim sat in the chair. The lads just looked at him in astonishment.  He looked as if he’d been sucking a herd of bulls, all with enormous cocks. He  looked terrible.  “use some paper napkins to wipe that spunk off your face. You can leave it on your chest. It seems to have dried so your shirt will hide it.”  As soon as everyone was ready they moved towards the exit handing a wad of money to Jamie and telling him that the change was his tip for services rendered.  The two lads exchanged phone numbers with a promise to stay in touch. Jamie smiled at the group then looked down at his zip and smiled even harder.
They then proceeded to the malls,looking in windows and doing what 15 year old boys do when having fun.

 One of the lads suddenly spotted an x-box in this shop window.  “ Hey guys.. why not buy an xbox, playstation and a pile of games….leave them at cocksuckers place and then we can have games parties at his expense. He can serve us beer and food, be naked so that anyone can fuck him, he can send out for pizzas and answer the door in the buff, offer the pizza guy a blowjob as his tip.  the possibilities are fucking endless. It was quickly agreed that this was a good plan and entered the store.  The lads told Tim exactly what to buy. The cost was irrelevant.  An xbox, a playstation 4,dozens of games,4 psp’s and Kyle insisted that they would need 2 x 50 inch flat screen tv’s as well as video surveillance equipment.  When Tim paid the bill it came to just short of £1500. All of the order would be delivered Monday morning.  The group then went into the supermarket. One of the lads grabbed a trolley.  6x 12 beer packs, 6 x 12 larger packs, 3 cases of coke, 3 cases of pepsi. 6 x36 crisps as well as frozen pizzas(for emergencies).  Fresh pizza was going to be ordered so that cocksucker would have to answer the door naked. It was also decided that Tim could buy a new fridge for all the beer and canned drinks. again this would be delivered the on Monday They made a stop at a locksmith and had a dozen front door keys cut. Tim was far from happy about this, but was not in any position to complain. All of these provisions were for the lads that would call at Tim’s day or night.  Tim was told that if he did not recognize a lad that was fuckin tough. If anyone came and let themselves in it was because the gang had said it was ok.  Tim’s house was effectively the lads game room now. The only responsibilities Tim had were to let any lad fuck him or suck them off and to tidy the inevitable mess that was certain to occur and of course serve these lads with beer and food.

.  He would be having no more relaxing nights with a glass of wine.

The group decided it was time to bring their fabulous day to a close and they started to drift off in different directions after being told by Kyle that he would keep them in the loop regarding the “games room”. Tim was given his orders regarding the same; he had to be home to receive the order so he had to phone in sick on Monday morning and he had to text Kyle as soon as the order had arrived. Kyle also informed him that he needed to be picked at home at 6.  The usual fuckin naked.

At the prescribed time Tim was waiting outside Kyle’s house,naked and on the path to let Kyle in the car.  Kyle duly appeared carrying a box of electronics. He handed it to Tim with the order to get in the fucking passenger seat.  Kyle climbed in the driver’s seat and with tyres burning rubber took of like shit off a stick.  When they got to Tim’s place, Kyle  took the electronics out of the box.  It was the same video equipment that he had used to get the blackmailing video.  He set too installing the video gear in Tlm’s lounge in such a way that all of the room could be viewed.  It didn’t take long and when tested was found to be working fine.  Kyle explained to Tim the reason that the equipment had been installed.  It was temporary and as soon as the new stuff from the store arrived it would be returned to Kyle’s house . It was to record the delivery of the big order and the fridge.  Tim was given a pair of very brief briefs in a leopard skin pattern.  They were so small and tight at they could not possibly contain all of Tim’s tackle at the same time.  He was told that this what he had to wear when accepting the deliveries..wear only this one garment(if you can call it a garment) nothing else.  He was to offer all the delivery men a blowjob and even suggest that if they preferred his arse was ready for a good fuck.  Once again panic set in on Tim’s Face  “Please don’t make me do this i beg you oh please, said Tim on his bended knees.  “You will do as you are fucking told “ retorted Kyle and just to cement that thought in your fucking head, I am going home now. I will park at the junction at the end of your road.  You will wait 5 minutes then, just as you are now, stark fucking naked, you will walk down the road to the car.  Let this be a lesson to you not to plead with me. In future you will do exactly as you are told without question, do you fucking understand. yes Kyle, I’m sorry for upsetting you.  bleated Tim