Chapter 5

Two years had come and gone since Kyle and his mates had left school and released Tim Henson from his bondage.  The lads were doing their own thing regarding work but were as close to one another as they had always been and hung around day and night.  Just like any normal 17 year old lad, they partied and goofed about enjoying life.

It was 7 o’clock and the lads were having coffee at a coffee bar in the shopping mall.  Suddenly Kyle’s phone burst into live.  He looked at the screen to see who was ringing him.  “ Steven Williams”..wonder what he wants” as he slid his finger towards the green answer button.”

Tyler continued to talk to Steven “ are you sure” exclaimed Kyle with a look pure anger. Can you come to the coffee bar in the mall now so you can fill us in properly.  Good, thanks Steve see in 15 minutes.  He then hung up.

Scotty looked at kyle’s seething expression and said “ what the fucks happened”   Kyle replied “Steve has just informed me that fuckin Henson is screwing a 13 year old school lad. Tyler’s coming here to fill us in.” If this is true and I can prove it, that bastard’s live won’t be worth living.

Steven duly arrived at the coffee bar and joined Kyle and his mates. “Right” said Kyle “ From the top”  “Well” said Steven  “For the past two years I have been keeping my ear to the round like you asked me too.

Wednesday last I was told by a student that a 13 year old kid called John Landing was being made to do things he didn’t want to do and it was a teacher called Henson that was forcing him to do it..  Apparently this mate of John’s  had caught him crying and forced him to spill the beans.

I tracked John down and had a quiet word with him. I asked him if he wanting his problem to stop.  He instantly said yes and asked me if I could get it stopped.  I told him no but I knew someone that could.  To cut a long story short, he said he would speak to you and tell you anything you needed to know if it would stop the hurt.    “right”  said Kyle  “ bring this kid here tomorrow night at 6 and we’ll devise a plan based on what he has to say.

At 6 o’clock as arranged Tyler and this young lad joined Kyle and co at the coffee bar. Kyle bought the lad and Tyler a coke and asked the lad ,John, to tell him what Henson was doing, when Henson was doing it and where Henson was doing it.  John , with a nervousness in his voice told the group that Henson was sticking his willie up his bottom and it hurt. He said that he gets a text message to tell him where to go and what time. He said that he is afraid to say no because the man said he would tell his parents and the police that he had caught him naked in school chapel playing with himself.  I wasn’t doing that anywhere but  he said that people would believe him, a teacher, before they believed me.  “Ok” said Kyle “ I will give you my phone number, you will text me when and where you are told to go. Leave the rest to us. I promise you now that the abuse you are suffering at the moment will end very shortly. I just need him to contact you and do the dirty deed and I will have him by the balls..  can you do that...just one text and say nothing to him. “Yes Kyle I can do that easily”. said John with a big happy smile emanating from his face

It was two days later when Kyle’s phone beeped indicating a text message.  He looked at the message. It read HENSON TOLD ME TO BE AT THE BANDSTAND AT THE PARK AT 5.30 TO NIGHT.  Kyle immediately texted back GOOD BE THERE. YOU WON’T BE ALONE. ME AND MY MATES WILL BE THERE BUT DON’T MAKE IT OBVIOUS BY LOOKING AROUND...JUST DO WHAT YOU NORMALLY DO..AND TRUST US, WE WON’T LET YOU DOWN AND THAT’S A PROMISE .

It was 5 o’clock, and there was a full moon lighting the park up in all it’s glory.  Kyle and his mates concealed themselves behind trees,bushes, and waited for Henson to show. At 25 past the hour a car pulled up.It was Henson. He sat in his car until his little victim arrived.  He exited the car,grabbing the lad by the back of his neck and hustled him up a path towards an area  with plenty of trees.  Kyle and co  followed very gingerly and in complete silence.  About 25 foot into this copse, Henson stopped. Kyle and co could hear Henson and the lad talking.  Henson, with an air of evil said “ ok you little bastard, get stripped…..I’m going to fuck you like a three dollar whore.

A few moments later, johnny was was bent forward with his extended arms against a tree and Henson fucking the arse off his underage victim.  It was then that Kyle and co struck.  They very quietly( under the cover of darkness:the moon could not penetrate the tree cover) got really close to the action and snapped away with their mobile phone’s cameras. Flash after flash pervaded the darkness, capturing every moment,  every movement that Henson made to try conceal his obvious predicament.  Kyle produced a torch as did the other lads. The torches lit up the crime scene as Kyle usher young Johnny towards him.  He took the lad into his arms in a fatherly way and told him “Told you this would stop….now go put your clothes on while we have a word with this bastard”  The four lads approached Henson with a evil expression.  Henson was saying over and over again “ It’s not what it looks like”.  Kyle and co were menacingly silent. They grabbed Henson, stripped him completely, then proceeded to give him a good slapping while he was pleading for mercy. His pleas were ignored. He was then told that if he refused to obey every command; the snap shots would go to the police with all the details and there could be no doubt they would prosecute him for sexual assault and rape of a minor.  “Please don’t do that”  he said in a wingy sort of voice.  One of the group got Henson’s belt and tie. They told him to face the tree and put his arms around it They then tied his hands together so he couldn’t escape the pain that was to be inflicted on him. Kyle waved johnny over and handed him the belt with the words..”go and take your anger out on his backside….don’t stop till you're feeling much can cause him as much pain as you like for as long as you like”.  John set to lashing Henson’s arsehole with all the might he could muster.  Half an hour later, johnny stopped. Henson’s arse resembled a war zone. It was actually bleeding.  Henson was crying like a baby.  Kyle sidled up to Henson and whispered in his ear..”That’s just a fucking start..I told you two years ago what would happen if you ever abused a boy again….you either have a poor memory or your stupid, but one thing's certain,  you are are going to suffer like you have never suffered before….you are going to curse the day you were born.  You need to understand, you WILL learn the lesson not to abuse underage children.  At that Kyle removed a small jar from his pocket.  “remember the deep heat, remember how it felt with that burning sensation”  He then applied a great blob of the cream on Henson's battered arse and genitals.  “Now you will be untied, you will be given your front door key and you will  run home naked . You will get your belongings back tomorrow. If you get caught by the police and mention anything that has happened here tonight and we get arrested, we will give them the snapshots and the video stored on my computer. I still have your phone number so you will be getting texted instructions anytime day or night. I am going to ring Daniel and ask him to check on you, to make sure you arrive home naked. You will obey Daniel to the letter.   He will check in the morning to make sure you did not shower …. to find relief from your pain.  I will being using your car to get young John home. I’ll let you know where it was left and you can go get it...yes you guessed….NAKED ……....NOW start fucking running cocksucker.”  Henson took off like shit off a stick.  John was driven home by Kyle and his mates.  He got a 100% guarantee that Henson would never again lay hands on him.  Kyle told the young lad arrangements would be made to humiliate Henson at school, as well as after school,  The plan was that the pervert was to suffer at every possible moment.  John asked Kyle “ what is in your plan”  Well let's just say that he will be naked longer that he will be wearing clothes. “but he’ll be in school for 8 to 9 hours during the day” replied Johnny. Kyle told him” That doesn’t mean he’ll be dressed for 8 to 9 hours, if you follow my drift” “ you don’t mean he will be in class bolick naked”  “ that’s exactly what I mean young man” concluded Kyle.

Some 20 minutes later, Tim Henson reached his driveway. He was panting and the sweat was running down his naked body like a small stream. He headed for his front door, only to  be greeted by the voice of Daniel. “ good evening cocksucker...managed to get fucking home without being arrested.”  “Yes…...but I’m knackered…..Nearly got caught a couple of times and I’ve been chased by a dog...didn’t know if it wanted to bite me or fuck me.”  Please will you let me go and shower….my cock and balls not to mention my fuckin arse are on fire with that cream. pleaded Tim. “No fucking chance “ retorted Daniel   “I’ll be checking in the morning to make sure your cock still red raw. I have spoken to Kyle and he said to tell you to get dressed and go down to the all night chemist and by a large tube of deep heat… and to do it right now.  I have to cream you up in the morning so you will be extremely uncomfortable at are going to fucking suffer for hurting young can be sure of that”.  “ But I don’t have my car” complained Tim.  “Well fucking walk you lazy bastard...or would you prefer to go NAKED!  blasted  Dan.  “No I’ll go now”  replied Tim.


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