Chapter 6

The night before, Henson had been forced to run from the park to his home naked.  it had been a minor miracle that he had not been caught or arrested. The following morning Tim woke up from a very restless sleep. His arse, cock and balls were still feeling the effects of the cream that Kyle had applied. He staggered out of bed and headed from the shower. Unfortunately for him he bumped into Daniel on the landing. “you weren’t thinking of having a shower cocksucker were you.  You need to go seek your car and your perfectly not dressed to do it now” giggled Dan  “ I really need to get this cream off my genitals, it’s still uncomfortable...please let me shower first bleated Tim. “ Now what would be the point of that when you are going to reapply more this morning.  Tim dropped on to his knees and begged Daniel to allow him to shower but his pleas fell on deaf ears. “ Right cocksucker,”retorted Daniel “while you're on your knees you can suck this  (waving his hard throbbing cock in Henson’s face).  After you swallow my load, I’m going to plough your fucking arse till you cry like a baby.then you go get your fuckin car” The last thing that I do is supervise you applying cream to your arse cheeks and up your fucking arsehole, as well as your cock and balls and seeing you off to get your car. Your clothes and briefcase are in the boot so you can go straight to school and see what surprises await you. “You missed out breakfast” Tim said in a meek and submissive manner.  With a sarcastic tone in his voice, Daniel replied “You’ve had your breakfast, my own personal protein is inside your fucking gut you greedy bastard. One last instruction from Kyle….  one of your students will make himself known to you.  You WILL obey his every word….the alternative is prison and I can tell you now..his first command will be for you to fuckin strip so that the class can see what the cream is doing to you. What happens the rest of the day...or the rest of your miserable fuckin life...well we will just have to see. Your whole class has been briefed as to why you are being treated this way and I can tell you now...they all despise you so much that anything goes in the humiliation and pain league, now fuck off you piece of shit, your car and your class are waiting for you.

Daniel pushed Tim out of the front door with no regard if anyone was passing and with a well aimed toe of his trainer, kicked Tim squarely up the freshly creamed arse. Tim scurried down his driveway looking every way possible. Daniel had told him that the car was half a mile away. He also told him that the same rules regarding getting caught applied.  It took Tim 20 minutes to get to his car. It should only have been 5 minutes at a brisk walk but Tim had been forced to hide on more than one occasion.  He reached his car and for the first time since being caught fucking young johnny he was able to smile knowing he could now get dressed.  The fact the fresh cream was burning his private parts didn’t seem too important at that moment...he could get dressed and that was paramount to him.  He duly arrived at school and proceeded to walk down the corridor towards his classroom. Without any warning, a boy named Dale quietly spoke as Tim passed him.”Hey cockersucker...go straight to you classroom and fuckin strip...stand on your desk and wait for school to begin.  You know what happens if you don’t obey. I’m in contact with Kyle 24/7 soooooooo!

Tim hurried to his class, stripped naked and stood on his desk as instructed.  When the morning bell rang all of the students proceeded to their designated classrooms.  Tim’s class all had a satisfying smirk on their faces.  As they passed his desk some of them slapped his leg or arse with a fair degree of force leaving hand prints in their wake.  Tim stood still not knowing what to do until Dale emerged from the stockroom with a bamboo cane.  “You havn’t seen this for a while have you cocksucker….not since it became illegal to cane students...right cocksucker, get down and take the register while I pummel your fuckin arse. Tim Henson knew it was pointless to object or plead for mercy so he started to take the register and he quickly realized just how much disrespect he was going to have to take. With every name he called, he got in reply  “here fuckface, Yes kiddy fiddler, here cocksucking bastard” or something similar.One of the lads called to Dale “ when’s this fucker going to get his fucking mouth around my cock”.  Dale replied “ let him finish the register and what he does for the rest of our time at school will become very apparent ….you all know that Kyle says anythings goes and I’m sure we can come up with some doozies.  Tim shuddered at the prospect of just what sort of humiliation he was going to have to endure.  It  took Tim Henson less that 5 minutes to complete the register but in that short time  Dale had put so much force into each stroke of the cane that Henson’s arse resembled a road map of London. There were dozens of wealds covering both arse cheeks and a little blood from the area where the skin had broke under the tirard of strokes inflicted on the perverts posterior. Henson was fighting back tears of pain and winning until Dale slapped a load of THE CREAM! onto this wrecked arsehole.  The intense pain burst through with a howl of anguish followed by Dale slapping Henson across the face with a strength he did not know he possessed. The blow left a clear hand print on the right side of Tims face. Dale spoke quietly to Henson saying” Keep the fucking noise down you pathetic little cunt. The fuckin walls are thick but not sound proof. Now go and find out who wants their cock sucked or pussie licked and make sure you swallow every last drop of spunk.      Dale turned to the class addressing them so “ Right guys, I've been told by Kyle, And as you all know he’s the one who’s  really in charge, that we have to let this pathetic piece of shit educate us. Apparently when Kyle was in this class the whole class had to agree to let Henson do his job so that exams results wouldn’t point to a problem in this class.  So far this morning we’ve had a ball, in fact some of us have had two balls...hiis!,  but enough of the jokes. We all need to sit and learn.  We all meet in the cafeteria at lunch time..” Tim proceeded to gobble cock after cock, consuming all of the spunk being provided.  Strangely not one girl asked to be licked. After about 30 minutes, Henson had satisfied everyone and with swollen lips asked Dale if there was anything else before he started to teach.  “ Yes my little cocksucker”, replied Dale, “ Get fucking dressed”  Henson did not have to be told twice, and in record time he was dressed.  Dale, with an evil grin covering his face, said to Henson “ Oh I forgot to tell’re not allowed to wear underwear any you need to get those you're wearing off now.  Tim Henson removed his trousers then his boxer shorts and put his trousers back on accompanied by raucous laughter.

For the rest of the day he taught his tormentors the lessons prescribed,Maths English etc, with only the odd insulting word or phrase being hurled at him.  At the end of the day, Dale approached him “ Well cocksucker...we’ve had a good day...from OUR point of view...I’ll be off home now….Had a text off Kyle.   You have to be at the coffee bar in the mall at 7 to-night. He says if you're just one minute late your going home naked and without your car...understand!”

Tim replied with a sense of urgency “ Oh I’ll be there in plenty of time”

At 6.55 pm Tim arrived at the coffee bar.  He saw Kyle with 5 of his friends sitting in a booth.  He walked over them and said “ Hope I’m on time”.  “You sure are cocksucker... before you sit down go get 3 latte and 2 espressos...Now! ...or do you want to go get them NAKED!.”teased Kyle. Fear pervaded every square millimetre of Tim’s face as he rushed over to the counter to order the drinks.  Within a few moments he placed a tray of coffees on the table and sat down.  The lads got their coffees and and proceeded to taste them. Tim picked his up off the tray only to be stopped by Kyle’s voice.  “Who said you could have a coffee”.  “Oh I didn’t think you’d mind. replied Tim”  No just didn’t pour the fuckin coffee on your lap” retorted Kyle.  But it's steaming hot” plead Tim.  And I give a shit about that do I” snorted Kyle. “Do it fuckin now and let this be a lesson..when you are told to join us, it’s not to enjoy’s to do what your fuckin told what ever your fuckin told” commanded Kyle.  Tim took the cup and unceremoniously poured the hot drink over his cock and balls and from the expression on his face, hit the target.  He squirmed a little with a pained look on his face.  Have you scolded your fuckin cock” chortled one of the lads”.   “ yes it's stinging. The material of these trousers is very thin and as I’m not allowed underwear the coffee has gone straight through. complained Tim.  All the lads were in hysterics and one of them spoke to Tim “ Stand up and get your fucking tackle out so we can see the  damage" Tim, with a high degree of trepidation stood and undid his top button and lowered his fly. In a flash the lad closest to him yanked his trousers down to reveal his cock and balls looking extremely red. “ we’re not all cruel can leave your pants around your ankles and let the cold air at your cock”  Tim immediately sat down hoping no one ad seen the spectacle .  

Now the reason you been summoned to come here is to make arrangements for your future explained Kyle…”Have you still got all of that stuff we bought...the playstation, x box etc?”  Tim, looking down at the floor replied “  No I sold it….I thought when you released  me two years ago I wouldn’t need it any more.  the lads that kept coming soon dwindled off so I figured that I could get my home back the way I liked it”  “ well you pathetic little cocksucker...because you couldn’t leave innocent underaged boys alone, you’ve lost your fucking house. It belongs to anyone that wants to come in and use it as they wish….day or night.  If you are in when someone calls...YOU WILL GET NAKED VERY QUICKLY….if anyone orders pizzas or indeed anything else, YOU WILL GO TO THE DOOR NAKED to get the goodies and of course pay. Tomorrow is will meet us here at 11.00am. We need to replace all of the stuff you sold...You can buy us lunch as well...of course we will feed you all the fucking protein you can suck out of our cocks    (whispering)  from under the table.

After a little more teasing and horseplay Tim was told to “fuck off”.  He headed home grateful that he was dressed and still had his car.