Chapter 7

It was saturday, 11:00 am and Kyle and his mates were sauntering into the mall.  At the entrance to the coffee bar, they could see a very nervous Tim fidgeting one foot to the next .  As they got to the entrance of the coffee bar Kyle spoke to Tim “ mornin’ cocksucker...Hope you've brought plenty of plastic and cash because you’re going to fuckin need it….But first things first...we all want a coke and guess who’s fuckin paying”  Tim just stood with a vacant non plus look on his face, not knowing what to do next. “Hello fuck features...go get our fucking cokes NOW!..or are you wanting to fuckin strip out here first” bellowed Kyle in Tim’s ear.  Tim headed straight for the counter and ordered 5 cokes. He had learnt his lesson from the previous night and not ordered one for himself.  They all sat at a table and Tim waited with baited breath to hear what downfall he was going to have to endure.

Kyle, being the leader of the project (punishing Tim for we all know what) started to speak “ right guys and cocksucker...I have been in touch with Jamie Smith and ask him to reserve that private booth in the corner.  He knows the one I mean because it’s the one where cocksucker fuckin blew him two years ago.  I’ve promised him all the blowjobs he wants. He says he starts his lunch break at 1:00 pm so I propose to send cocksucker on a spending spree now and when he returns we can all go over the Jamies place….ok go get everything on this list and return here no later than 12:50pm and have it delivered on of course will have the day off school...Do you understand!.” Kyle handed over two pieces of paper to Tim.  The first list read:-

1 xbox

1 playstation4

4 psp’s

4 nintendo hand held games assorted

That same video surveillance equipment we bought last time or if there’s something better...that

2 x 50 inch flat screen tv’s

1 dozen games for both players( a separate list of games given to Tim)


6 tubes of deep heat

2 bottles of liquid hair remover

Pk of razors

1 dozen pks of enemas

Sex Shop

programmable dildo with batteries

Selection of disposable (7 inches and longer)

1 metal cock cage

1 dozen porn movies (gay and straight)

Selection of butt plugs(med to lge)

1 whip 24 inch handle ,24 inch tongs

1 dozen x 30 pks of crisps/snacks

2 cases of coke

2 cases of pepsi

3 cases beer (good stuff)


2 dozen front door keys


 PS don’t try skimping, we will check

Tim looked at the list and instantly realized his life was going to take a serious dive.  Kyle spoke pulling Tim out of his nightmare scenarios “ well cocksucker...that lot is going to cost you around 3 grand fuck off  and be back by 12:50 no later.

Tim shot away with fear and worry etched into his face.  His thoughts kept asking him just how was his going to get through this never ending nightmare not knowing how long it was going to last and knowing that he was to fearful to ask.  He was in effect a slave to every teenage boy’s slightest wim.  Anyone one of them could tell him to do anything ,anytime , anywhere and for as long as they wanted.  He rued the day he’d first fucked little johnny because that was the actual day of his downfall.  Everything that had happened to him stemmed from that fateful moment that he first abused young Johnny.  He cursed himself for getting into such a position and he prayed he’d get  a second chance but at that particular moment ,wasn't very hopeful.

12:50 duly arrived with Tim actually being back 5 minutes sharper than ordered, which please Kyle no end.  Tim had chemist’s plastic bag as the goods from that retailer could not be delivered. The entire gang headed for the place where Jamie worked.  As they entered the premises, Jamie put his thumbs up, indicating that everything was in order.  He approached the guys and asked them what they wanted to eat and drink. It only took a minute or so to fill the order. The group proceeded to the private booth and sat down.  Kyle addressed Tim with an evil smile that would have turned milk sour “ right cocksucker.. you will now stand up,strip naked then crawl under the table and start sucking every cock you see.  You will not stop for a will swallow every load of spunk given unless you are told otherwise. Could be that one of my mates will want you to wear his load on your face or body….that is their choice...understand.”  Tim just gently nodded his head to acknowledge that he understood. Jamie brought the order and sat down. He looked under  the table and with a very wide smile, stated that he'd been  looking forward to having his cock sucked. Kyle gave Tim a swift kick and directed him to Jamie's cock.  Tim took Jamie's monster cock in his mouth and deepthroated this huge piece of teen meat. For the next hour Tim went from cock to cock devouring load after load of rich teen sperm juice.One or two of the lads had decided that Tim was to wear their protein shots on his face. Little did Tim know that they meant until he got home which of course meant he would have to exit the café and the mall covered in teen spunk.

A good 5 hours had been spent at the mall and now was the time to go home.. everyone converged to Tim's car.. Kyle spoke in a rather loud voice (clearly not bothered if anyone should overhear.). " ok cocksucker... strip then get in the boot." Tim immediately complied, stripping as fast as he could in the mall carpark and twice as quickly diving into the boot. At least when he was in the boot he wasn't exposed to prying eyes and possible arrest. The lads piled onto Tim's fairly new BMW and exited the car park in a cloud of tyre smoke as if the devil himself was chasing them. Kyle drove to each of his mates addresses dropping them off.. He then drove to his house where he opened the boot to release Tim. " well cocksucker... I don't know if you will run home naked and I keep the car until tonight or if you're coming over at 6 to pick me up. Tim looked eager to speak when Kyle with a huge grin....oh yes...when you said." what do you think". in a flash Tim stuttered out..." I could easily come and get you".." ok cocksucker... be here at know the rules... stand next to the passenger's door... NAKED! and just wait... I may keep you here a while who knows'.....the lads in the street will probably keep you occupied….you remember Kenny and his mates….of course you do,” teased Kyle “ I'll text Kenny so he and his mates are sure to be waiting for you. will of course perform all tasks asked for by the lads.... and I mean ALL!  oh yes...when you get home you will use the hair remover in that bag and remove all traces of hair with the exception of that on your head….I’m sure the lads will be highly amused at your complete nakedness..….Daniel will be waiting for your ensure you are Bollock naked and that you remove ALL your hair as just instructed….Now fuck off”

when Tim arrived at his home., Daniel was waiting "Hi cocksucker... Kyle tells me you have to get hairless... personally I'd have all of your fuckin hair, but Kyle says different and he's in charge... I'm just a foot soldier....get inside and let's get started on your fuckin pubs..go straight to the bathroom and start applying the lotion". Tim followed the order and applied the fluid to every area of his body where hair grew, except his head.. he had to wait 10 minutes while the concoction carried out its intended purpose. On Daniel's instruction he turned on the shower and entered.The water rushed and swirled over every millimeter of Tim's body and he peered at the dark hair that was being washed away and disappearing down the plughole. As he stepped out of the shower Daniel collapsed on the floor in hysterics. tears were actually falling from his eyes at the sight of a near totally hairless Tim. Still laughing, Daniel bent Tim forward and checked his arsehole for hair. Tim had made a good job of deforesting his body and for once Daniel was complementary. " right cocksucker..well done said Daniel....I've got time to plough your fucking arse.. DRY... this is going to fucking hurt .. do I care.. do I fuck". he proceeded to March Tim into the house and bent him over the back of the sofa.. Dan dropped his shorts to expose an enormous teen cock, the bell end glistening with precum.. he simply rammed this monster straight up Tim's  unguarded arsehole to his balls. Tim howled at the excruciating pain and started to cry like he'd never cried before.  Daniel fucked him mercilessly until he finally shot his load inside Tim. He then dragged Tim to his knees and rammed his meat down Tim's throat with the command " fucking clean it cocksucker" Tim sucked hard so not to displease Daniel, because he knew that Daniel had no concept of mercy.  Out of all Tim’s tormentors, Daniel was most cruel most sadistic of them all.

Baniel did one more inspection of a very naked Tim Henson and then sent him on his way to pick Kyle up.  As Tim drew up to Kyles house, he could see a group of lads sitting on Kyle’s garden wall.  I remembered Kyle telling him that Kenny would be texted and that I had to do everything I was told to do.  He exited the car and was immediately surrounded by eight 16 year old lads. Tim remembered this gang, two years previous.  They were only fourteen then but still knew how to inflict pain and shame on a teacher, and now they were sixteen, only the good lord knew what evil they could conjure up. Kenny spoke first “ok cocksucker...Kyle says we can have you for one hour and anything goes, so follow us.”  Kenny and his gang crossed the road and entered a kiddies play park. There were the usual things you find in such places,swings roundabouts and the like.  Tim was roughly dragged to the roundabout and made to bend over.  Eight burly lads systematically rearranged Tim’s arsehole.  He was double fucked more that once, Had fists pushed up his hole in the most vicious manner and whipped with a switch from a nearby tree until the welds were actually joining up.  Blood was clearly dripping from some of the weld marks that had been struck more than once.  Tim’s arse had been destroyed a few times but this was by far the worst beating it had ever taken.  Before Tim was taken back to the car, one of the gang rammed a piece of tree branch (eight inches long and two inches in diametre) up Tim’s hole. As he stood by his car with half a tree wedged up his arsehole, Kenny was talking to Kyle. Five minutes later Kyle appeared carrying a small bottle. “ bend over the car, “commanded Kyle….”Your fucking arse resembles two pounds a chopped liver….you're no fucking good to us if you get an infection so I’m going to put some iodine on. That will take care of any risk of infection” Kyle looked at Kenny and the lads with a little disappointment in his eyes, “ don’t you think you've gone a little too far...we need to treat these wounds time go a little easier on him ...there are a lot of people using the bastard and this sort of damage means we have to wait for it to heal.  As he spoke he removed the offending object from the arsehole and slowly poured the liquid over Tim’s now tomented arsehole. Tim cried uncontrollably knowing if the cure was worse that the disease. His asre had been stinging prior to the first aid treatment but now the iodine had his posterior stinging beyond endurance.  “right”  said Kyle “get in the passenger side of the car and knee in the well resting your arms on the seat...Actually that would be the perfect position to suck my cock as I drive to your place...yes that’s what you’ll do.  It did not take long to get to Tim’s place. Daniel was waiting and was dumbstruck when he saw the state of Tim’s arsehole.  ”Has he been struck by a fucking freight train….he’s not sitting on that for a while...although he just might if ordered too..and assuming it would sting like fuck.”  Kyle interrupted, “ until further notice no one is to do anything to his fucking hole until it has Dan will you send a group text and explain that order to them.”  Daniel duly sent the group text, emphasizing this was a direct order from Kyle. For a week and a half no one so much as thought of fucking Tim, although blow jobs had always been on the cards.

It was nearer two weeks when Kyle looked at Tim’s arse and declared it back on the sex menu. In the time it had taken forTim to recuperate, Kyle had set everything up., Surveillance cameras, game stations and tv’s . Dozens of lads were availing themselves of the amenities in Tim’s house. The had a key and could come and go when they liked.  Some of the lads were taking their girlfriends anb,,using Tim’s bed, fucking the arses of them. There was one instance when at one o’clock in the morning, a 17 year old lad woke Tim up and told him to fuck off..that he needed the bed for him and his girlfriend to fuck. Tim was in no position to object so he headed for the box room and slept there until the same 17 year old shouted through for Tim to get two beers and some snacks and to be quick about it.

Life had certainly taken a major dive but Tim still believed that the day would come when he would be released from his hell.

This is the end of chapter 7

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