Chapter 9

The continual abuse on Tim Henson gradually deteriorated to the point where Tim never knew when or where he was going to have to obey some snotty nosed little kids demands. Some of the really younger participants ( 10 /11 year olds) would take him to the mall and force him to buy whatever their wanted, though it was normally the older ones with their raging hormones that pushed him to his knees and filled his mouth with cock or bent him over and fucked him.  Now that he was having to go to school extra early, this sort of action would happen in the carpark or corridors usually by small groups of 3 or 4.  At weekends when these teens were free to roam or party, Tim would often get a text at 1 or 2 in the morning, ordering him to get down to park in his usual naked state where he would be fucked a dozen or more times by larger groups. These group sessions would go on until daylight when Tim, covered from head to toe in teen spunk, was allowed to  take his wrecked arse home .  It was inevitable that on arrival at home he would have to start cooking a dozen breakfasts and in between that, suck several cocks or have his already wrecked arse pounded relentlessly again.

It was a usual Saturday morning when Tim dragged himself down the stairs. Only a few hours earlier he had been booted from his bed all the way down stairs and into the front garden, naked of course, and brutally fucked by two lads he had not seen before or at least didn't remembered. As he started to prepare coffee, Kyle approached him. " hey cocksucker... got some exciting news for you... we had a meeting last night when you were down the park being fucked by anyone and everyone... we have decided that you need something permanent to remind you not to touch young boys.. You are to have a tattoo... or to be more precise... your cock is to have a tattoo... we've found a tattooist who is prepared to-do the job for 500 quid.. bargain really as ALL of your cock is to be transformed into your own barbers pole design... yes from the base of your cock to the head, it will look like a barber's pole.. It's going to fucking hurt and I mean hurt but when It's finished it will make you unique, remind you that you are a pedophile and it will be source of amusement to everyone.. you will of course get 3 or4 days rest from the guys to allow your aching dick to settle down". Tim made not comment but just hung his head down in total submission.

The weekend arrived and Tim’s trepidation grew to the point of pure fear. He had suffered considerable pain in one way or another at the hands (and cock) of so many of his tormentors,but the prospect of being tattooed on the most tender part of the male anatomy was something he simply couldn't get his head around.

Tim, accompanied by Kyle and 3 others entered the mall at 10 am. Tim, dressed in his gay bar outfit, was told to proceed to the tattooist’s establishment and walk straight in.  Regardless if there was anyone else in the place, he was to immediately tell the tattooist that his name was cocksucker and ask the tattooist if he would enjoy having his cock sucked before turning his cock into a work of art.  Kyle & co stood in the mall with the shop door wide open to observe this humiliation being perpetrated on Tim.   His audience were creased double at this spectacle so much so that 1 or 2 passersby had a curious look at what was causing hilarity. The tattooist introduced himself “ hi cocksucker… the lads tell me that’s your fuckin name is Randy...and Randy by name randy by nature..on your fucking knees and fuckin suck like you’ve never sucked before….do a good job and I’ll try to keep the pain to a a bad job and you will curse your mother for having given birth to you and cure your father for having fucked her in the first place. 15 minutes later Tim had swallowed Randy’s load and was also wearing some of it on his face.  Randy then directed Tim to the couch/table and instructed Tim remove his shorts. Tim compiled instantly as Kyle towered over him.  He was ordered to start wanking himself to get hard.  It didn’t take Tim long to achieve this task but to his surprize, not to say shock, Kyle instantly put a cock ring around the base of his cock/balls so preventing his cock from becoming flaccid.  Randy started to create his work of art, knowing that every needle stroke would be causing excruciating pain for Tim.

Some 2 hours later, Randy stood up, stepped back and gazed on his masterpiece. Tim looked down in undisguised horror and disbelief at his cock.  It stood proud of his body at the same angle as a real barber’s pole.  It was a magnificent creation and Randy was justly proud, so proud, he took a polaroid shot exclaiming “ This is going up on the wall”.  After giving Tim permission to replace his shorts and giving Tim and Kyle instructions on how to take care of it he handing a bottle of fluid  needed to keep everything clean. The gang then walked back to the car park enjoying the banter that was aimed at Tim.

That evening, back at Tim’s place, Tim was told to keep his masterpiece in full view of everyone and anyone. The cock ring had been retained for full effect and was doing a fantastic job at Tim’s

humiliating expense.

 Kyle spent a lot of his time at Tim’s place just observing various aspects of who was doing what to who.  For some time, he had noticed a 19 year old lad he knew as Adrian ,spending a great deal of time with Tim and that Tim would be smiling during these encounters. A smiling Tim was, to say the least, a rarity so Kyle decided to investigate into why the smile and why Adrian was with cocksucker so much.  He approached Adrian and quietly took him outside on to the driveway. They sat down on a low wall on this warm spring night with Adrian wondering what he had done wrong.  “Look Kyle” spluttered the lad “ I don’t know what I’ve done I in trouble with you and the lads”  Kyle quickly put his mind at rest saying “ you ain’t done nothing wrong….I just wanted to ask you a few questions, like why is Tim always smiling when he’s with you and why do you spend so much time with him”  Adrian paused with a concerned look on his face. “ Can I talk in complete confidence…”  Kyle intrigued by Adrian’s utterance said “ yes of course you can”  “well” said Adrian “ Tim and I are in love….I spend a lot of time with him because I love him and while I’m with him he’s not available to the others to suffer  that humiliation and hurt that always follows.”  Kyle, mouth wide open and in absolute shock, stammered “ you're in fucking love with cocksucker….WOW!....Well this is going to change things”  Kyle had the ability to think on his feet. “I think it’s possible to get a really long term solution to the problem( that being how to stop Tim from abusing underage kids) and it could be the way of releasing Tim back to a normal life with do you feel about that...would you and Tim want to make a go of a relationship”  “Oh quite definitely! “screamed Adrian with a face drenched in joy...Kyle interrupted “ what do you think would say to a relationship “  Oh that’s easy.” replied Aid. “He’s  talked about his dreams and what he would like for the future….and it’s me.”  “right”  said Kyle  “ I’ll speak to the lads and get their views and opinions and get back to you….Oh...don’t say anything to Him yet...if this does not come off it would really hurt and disappoint him.”    Adrian agreed and they both went back inside. Kyle decided that there was no time like the present, so he quietly gathered the lads that would ultimately decide Tim’s fate.  An hour or so later, Kyle climbed up on a table and called the room to order.  “ Right guys...sorry for interrupting your games….It has been decided that Tim….My Henson….is to be given his release.  I have learnt that Adrian (pointing a finger at the lad) and Mr Henson are in love.  It’s time to give him and Adrian the opportunity to have a normal happy life…. well Mr Henson...what do you say”  Tim, mouth wide open in absolute disbelief that what was happening before his own eyes was in fact real.  “Oh you can have no idea what this would mean to me….I’ve learnt my lesson….got a barber’s pole to remind me should I forget. (roar of laughter)  I really do love Adrian” “ Once again Kyle spoke  “ Then from this moment on your torment ends...I’m sure sue all the lads would wish both of you every happiness”.   Tim climbed on the table saying  “  Thank you all for releasing me from my punishment… I promise I will not let you more underage boys for me...I’ve got my Adrian now...I am sooooo happy.  To show my gratitude I want all of you to continue using this house for your games sessions.  I have to ask those that have used it for sexual activities with girlfriends or boyfriends to stop please, but for games and the like you are all welcome.  I shall make up stairs into Our private quarters and ask you all to respect our privacy.”  “ Guys”  retorted Kyle  “Mr Henson has requested conditions.. I am imposing those same conditions all everyone...We can continue to have a place where we can meet, enjoy a game or two, and if we are very careful, a beer”

Life was brought back to  normal because love shone its light onto these 2 people...a wretched soul was saved….and for fucking months dozens of teens had the time of their fucking lives at Tim Henson’s expense..        

                                                THE END

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