Young Love

Chapter 12

By Petros

My birthday came quicker than I had expected. Now that Derek and I were back to being together the days at school became bearable despite the teachers laying on piles of work. It wasn't going to be an easy year, with our first real exams coming in May. Still their best efforts to ruin our social lives were failing. I would go straight home from school and batter through my homework; that left my evenings free to play; or in fact to help Derek with his homework if he didn't manage it as quickly as me, if he could manage it at all.

The party organising committee - Derek, Steven and Jenni - warned me not to expect anything too special; "We tried to think of something really cool to do, but we couldn't so it'll just be a piss-up with everyone from school there". I could handle that; even if I wasn't drinking like I used to I could still enjoy a couple of beers. They were right though. Everyone (or what seemed like everyone) was there. I got to Derek's place at about half past seven in the evening, as instructed, and was the first person there. Once Derek had finished smothering me with his affection he took me through to his bedroom to give me my present. He had two parcels for me; both had been painstakingly wrapped to perfection. He handed me the first gift, which from its shape appeared to be a CD. The gift tag bore the inscription, "To Peter, this is a bit of a gamble but I think you might like it. If not I'll make up for it! Love, D." I looked up at him to find him grinning like an idiot, encouraging me to open it. I carefully removed the wrapping to find 'The Best Sixties Album in the World Ever'. My face must have visibly lit up with excitement. I turned the CD round to read it's contents. I was delighted with it, but when I found songs like 'Stand By Me', 'Love is All Around' and 'Brown Eyed Girl' amongst the fifty tracks my heart jumped for joy. I threw myself on Derek, almost suffocating him as I hugged him zealously.

"Thank you so, so much. It's fantastic!" I said before hugging him and kissing him some more. Once I'd finally expressed my gratitude enough (enough for now anyway) I set the CD carefully to one side and picked up the next present, a much smaller parcel this time.

"Not yet," Derek said taking the package from me and slipping it into the pocket of my new jeans, which my parents had given me earlier in the day.


"Don't worry, you'll see. I'll tell you when to open it," Derek said, smiling. "I'm sorry I didn't get anything more expensive. I was thinking of getting a ring or something, you know, engraved like? But Jenni said no, she didn't think you were a jewellery person. I know you're always humming or whistling tunes and songs that I've never heard of, so I asked Jenni about them to see if she had any ideas. She told me the names of some of them and then I found that. I hope you like it, really."

"Oh love, I don't think you could've found anything I'd have liked more! It's perfect. I mean, sure a brand new GTi would have been nice, but a bit out of your budget," I told him, grinning. "But babe, double CDs aren't cheap, you didn't even need to spend this much." We collapsed onto the bed with our lips locked and our tongues doing battle to the sounds of the swinging sixties. There we remained until the doorbell's let its ringing be heard over the music. Derek got up and started for the door, but before he made it out of the room he came back and kissed me again, lightly, on the lips, with his mouth closed, "Sorry, I almost forgot. Happy Birthday babe!" With that he disappeared out of the room to attend to the waiting guests. I checked my watch and discovered that it was past eight o'clock. The other guests were due to arrive at eight thirty so I assumed, and quite rightly too, that it would be Jenni and Steven. While Derek was away, I retrieved his gift from my pocket and examined it trying to work out what it was. It was only about two inches square and about half as thick. It didn't feel very hard - whatever was inside - it was slightly flexible but not squishy. I was tempted to open in but before I had a chance Jenni came through the door.

"Hey! Stop that, you'll find out what it is soon enough!" she said as she stood in the doorway. Then she exclaimed "Happy Birthday!" and charged towards me and wrapped her arms around me. Steven came in and filled her place in the doorway and smiled at the sight before him - Jenni had forced me back onto the bed, lying flat on top of me, pinning me helplessly beneath her with a look of desperation on my face. Derek appeared at Steven's side and chuckled, showing that sexy grin of his.

"Happy Birthday mate," Steven said as Jenni climbed off, freeing me. I stood up and shook the hand he was offering. I looked at him with sad eyes and stuck my bottom lip out slightly; he broke the handshake and looked at me for a minute. I stretched both my arms out towards him. "Oh, fuck it!" he exclaimed as he moved in to hug me. I grinned inanely and Derek simply shook his head with mock disapproval. I can imagine Jenni was behaving no differently, though I couldn't see her. Once we were done Steven reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a red envelope, addressed 'To Petros'. Inside was a birthday card with a badge on the front reading 'Four Today'. I laughed at his twisted sense of humour and opened the card to find his gift of fifteen pounds inside. I hugged Steven again to thank him.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Jenni said leaving the room. She returned a moment later carrying a large parcel, which she handed to me. I tore the wrapping paper open revealing a gorgeous blue and yellow designer label fleece jumper. I pulled the jumper on over the tee-shirt I was wearing, it felt amazingly soft against my skin; and so warm. "We saw it when we were out shopping and couldn't resist. It's from both of us," she said, nodding towards Derek (who was beaming), "It was a bit much for me, so Derek helped. I hope it's ok."

"Oh Jenni! It's amazing! You shouldn't have!" I was genuinely taken aback at the generosity of her gift; it couldn't have been cheap. It was fantastic. I hugged her again and then turned to Derek, "And thank you too love, but you spent enough already, I can't believe you got me this!" Although I'd spent ages hand picking my outfit for the night nothing was going to make me take my present off.

"You gonna wear that tonight?" Derek quizzed me. I told him I was. "Well, can I suggest..." he turned me around and I felt him tugging at the neck of the fleece, "that you take this off." He turned me around and handed me the label that he'd just removed. I grinned and kissed him.

It wasn't long before the other guests began to arrive. Richard and Topper came together; they seemed to be hanging out quite a lot together. Shortly afterwards Fraser, Scott, Douglas, Denise arrived together. Neil and Gary showed up next and after that I lost track; there were so many people there - all the soccer team, plus their girlfriends, all of my other friends and a number of other people I'd probably class more as acquaintances than friends. They were all welcome. The night was young and the party was heating up; it looked as if it'd be quite a party.

Derek had his big brother buy a case of beer for the two of us. Twelve bottles each, although I had no intention of drinking them all. We sat in Derek's living room, where the biggest stereo was, sitting across from each other. I know if he'd sat next to me I would've been all over him. Everyone else distributed themselves between the living room and, as ever, the kitchen. Derek took charge of the CD player - someone had to or else everyone would be fighting to put the music they wanted on. After playing pop and chart songs for an hour or so, he put the CD he'd bought me in. I was delighted, as was Jenni but not many others seemed to like it. I was really pleased that Derek refrained from playing any of his hardcore dance discs, he knew I wasn't a fan of that kind of music and it was quite sweet not to give in to pressure from the others who wanted it. Steve, who had been in the kitchen with his friends, came out and squeezed in beside me and started talking to me. Neil and Gary had begun talking about golf so Steven had got away before he got bored to death, he told me. He then made sure I was having a good time. Once he was satisfied that I was enjoying myself, and that I liked all my presents, and that I didn't mind only getting money from him and that they couldn't think of anything 'original' to do at the party we engaged in random conversation about nothing in particular; school in this case - teachers to be more specific. Needless to say, everyone around had an opinion on them and before long there was quite a heated debate going on (as heated as a five person debate can get anyway) as to who exactly was the worst teacher and why.

Five or six beers later I was really enjoying myself. The party was in full swing and the small house was nearly bursting at the seams; even Derek's party hadn't brought this many people in. I was thriving on all the attention I was getting. I loved being the centre of attention. Even the dance music that was now playing couldn't spoil my night. Everyone seemed to be coming and going, people were milling around everywhere. No one seemed to be staying still for long; some were dancing, others just wandered around stopping to talk for a while, trying to chat someone up then giving up and moving on. I realised that I hadn't seen Derek for quite a while. The last I'd seen of him he'd left to get some more beer; that must have been twenty minutes ago. I abandoned my seat in the living room and went off to hunt for him. I checked the kitchen first, as it was adjoining, but he wasn't there. I opened another bottle and then went to check the other rooms.

I found him, sitting with Jenni in his room. "Hiya. I'm not disturbing anything here am I?" I asked as I walked in.

"No. We're just talking," Derek said.

"Oh aye, talking. Is that what they call it these days," I said sarcastically, "About me I hope?" I added jokingly.

"No," said Derek but the shade of red he turned revealed the truth.

"Oh, ok then," I said shooting a knowing look at Jenni.

"I need a drink," Jenni excused herself and left. As she closed the door behind her I set my beer down on Derek's bedside table and then pounced on him. I pinned him to the bed and kissed him. I held the kiss briefly, and then pulled away. He tried to kiss me back, but I didn't let him.

"Don't start anything," I warned him. He pleaded with me. "If you dot then there'll be no stopping us, and I'm not up for getting caught yet. Are you?" He looked disappointed but seemed to agree. My reassurance, "I love you. And there'll be plenty of time for that later," seemed to do the trick.

"I'm looking forward to that," Derek said. "Anyways, are you having a good time?"

"Yeah, babe it's a great party," I replied. "Thanks for doing all this for me. You're the best!"

"Hey, for you anything. Besides, it was hardly any trouble - you know my parents. Any excuse for them to stay out till all hours. I'm just glad you're enjoying yourself," he said as he gently stroked my cheek.

"So what about you?" I asked.


"Yeah, you. Are you having a good night? I don't see much beer getting drunk around here."

"Ahh, you know me. I'm taking it easy. Saving myself for later," he said with a gleam in his eye. I had a fair idea what he was alluding to and I had no objections. I could feel the drink going to my head. My inhibitions were slowly crumbling. I don't know why, but I decided it was time to talk.

"Derek, you know I love you, don't you?" I asked him.

"Yeah, course I do. Why, what are you getting at?"

"Nothing, I'm just worried. It's stupid but I thought you might think I didn't, I don't always show it."

"What do you mean?" He asked looking puzzled. Had I been sober I would probably have seen there wasn't a problem and left it there, but I wasn't.

"When you went away for the summer, and when you said you were going to Germany I acted as if I didn't care. But I do." I stopped, unsure of what to say next; unable to find an explanation that wouldn't strain things. After a while, Derek spoke.

"I did notice something. I didn't want to mention it though, I thought you were mad at me for going away all the time, for never being around. You're mad at me aren't you? I won't go if it'll help. I want to be with you, and I want you to be happy."

"No, that's exactly what I don't want. It's just... it's like... umm. I do care, and I would like you around, but I can't stand in the way of your future, even if I am going to be a part of it. I wanted you to think that I could cope without you so you wouldn't feel bad about going away. I thought if I showed you how I was really feeling you'd feel guilty and not go because of me. And I don't want that. And I'm not mad at you, not at all."

He looked at me with teary eyes and then kissed me, deeply and almost forcefully. When it stopped, when it finally stopped he spoke, "Oh, Pedro, that is so cool of you. So sweet. You're the best ever. That must've been tough, bottling everything up like that. For me! Wow."

"Hey, I'm good at hiding my feelings, I did it for long enough, remember?" I said laughing. Laughing with pure joy. Derek loved me. Derek Young loved me; it was my wildest dream come true.

"I'm not going to Germany," he said assuredly. I hoped he was winding me up, but somehow I knew he wasn't. I knew he really didn't get it.

"Oh yes you are! It's only for a week, and it's important, very important, it'll be great training. I told you, I'm not going to stand in the way of your career."

"Lighten up, it's just one tournament. We're only fifteen, we shouldn't have to be worrying about jobs and the future. Take things as they come."

"Hey, I'd love you to stay with me, and it's adorable of you to offer, but if I wasn't around then you'd go so I'm not going to stop you. You should think about the future, there's loads of young football players now. You don't want to get left behind and miss your chance, just think you could be playing in the premiership by the time you're seventeen!"

"Aye right, for some shite club like Aberdeen or something?" he said, laughing.

"But you see what I'm saying babe?"

"Yes, but I'm not going."

"Derek, please... You've got to go!" I pleaded, beginning to get desperate.

"Oh, so now you want rid of me?" he said. Thankfully his tone told me we was jesting this time.

"No. You know I don't, but I don't want to hold you back either. Are you going?"

"Yeah, I think so. I'll go," he said. Then he pouted and added, "but I won't enjoy it now." We burst out laughing simultaneously.

"I love you," I said.

"I know."

I finished my beer and took his hand to lead him back into the midst of the revelry, making a point of letting go of him as we left the room. I asked if he wanted another drink; which he did. I left him in his living room while I fetched the beers. I returned moments later and handed him his opened bottle before sitting down beside him on the floor.

"How many of those have you had?" he inquired. I told him this was my seventh.

"Seven! Chill man, I don't want you over doing it."

"Why, got something planned?" I whispered in an exaggerated seductive tone. He just grinned back. "How many have you had anyway?"

"Fourth," he said tapping his bottle.

"Don't worry, I think this'll be my last, I'm taking it easy."

Fraser then arrived and engaged Derek in conversation, I couldn't make out much of what Fraser was saying, or trying to say in a drunken slur, so I left them to it. I wandered into the hall to see who was around. Steven was. "Alright Petros! What's happenin?"

"Oh, nothing much mate," I told him.

"Hey, come through here and sit down for a bit. It's too noisy to talk here," Steven said leading me back into Derek's room. I followed him and closed the door behind us. He sat down on the bed; I sat beside him.

"So, what's up?" I asked him once we were comfortable.

"Nothing really, just wanted to talk. You enjoying yourself?" Steven said.

"Yeah, it's great. You?" I replied.

"Yeah, fab party. You drunk?"

"Not really, had a few, you know," I said taking a sip of beer, "You?"

"Yeah, a little," he said giggling. "So how are you and Derek doing, everything ok?"

"Sure is. He's great, I'm soo happy I found him."

"So it's love then, not just lust or a crush?" he asked.

"Hell no! We're not even shagging yet," I answered.

"Aww, that's so cool," he said, but he didn't look like he really meant it. I guessed he was a bit uncomfortable talking about that kind of thing. We sat and chatted for ages; possibly an hour, maybe not that long, half an hour at least. Steven was cool; he was a great friend. I loved the way we could just sit and talk about anything and nothing endlessly. Our conversations never ran dry. Sure, they got a bit surreal sometimes, but that was just our crazy teenage humour getting the better of us. Richard and Fraser intruding to announce their departure, and thank me for the party interrupted our debate into life, the universe and everything. Steven checked his watch and decided that it was time he made tracks. We all left the room, Fraser and Richard to go home and Steven to round up Neil and Gary. I found Derek, roughly where I'd left him.

"Hi Pedro, how goes it?" he asked but continued without letting me answer, "looks like things are starting to wind down. Most people are starting to head."

"Yeah, no bad thing though. I'm pretty knackered." He was right. Within half an hour the house was deserted, save for me and Derek. It had been a great party, and although I'd enjoyed it I'd longed for the moment that we could be alone again. Now that moment was upon us and I made the most of it. As I closed the door behind the last guest I grabbed Derek and started kissing him passionately. I was rock hard. So was he. I could feel him digging into me as we pressed our bodies together, fiercely grinding into one another.

"Stop," he said, panting, as he pulled away from me. "Bedroom," he said. Before I could reply he was gone, down the hall and into his room. I entered to find him undressing, with his top over his head already. He pulled it off and threw it carelessly onto the floor revealing his gorgeous face. It crowned his glorious body perfectly. I stood in awe of the god-like figure before me. He smiled. "Your present," he said, "open it." Then I remembered: the other present. I reached into my pocket and retrieved the small package. "Open it," he repeated.

I slowly started peeling the tape from the corner of the paper, my hands trembling. I was nervous, though I don't know why. I opened the parcel and it's contents fell into my hands. I looked down at it in shock. Derek looked worried.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have. I'm not trying to rush things. We don't have to, I just wanted you to know that I was ready, and..." he faltered, looking up at me, waiting for some sign.

I looked down at the dark green foil packet that I held. 'Durex. Ultra Strong' it proudly proclaimed. I looked up and him and smiled, an enormous smile. It must have stretched from ear to ear. "I'm ready too," I whispered.

"Sure?" he asked.

"You don't know how often I've dreamed of this. You have no idea how I've longed for you."

"I do. I guess you've wanted me like I've wanted you. I've been waiting so long for this," he said softly.

"Sure? Do you know anything about this, like how it works? Don't we need some kind of lubricant too?"

"Yeah, I've got a tube of something. Bought it in Boots, that was fun."

"What happened?" I asked. I guess I shouldn't have, it must've ruined the moment.

"I asked one of the assistants for some help. Told her I needed some sexual lubricant. You should have seen her face, it was fucking hilarious. She asked what I needed it for, I was going to tell her, just to see her reaction, but I chickened out."

"So?" I probed.

"So I told her I had an enormous dick and it hurt my girlfriend," he said, almost falling about with laughter. I couldn't help but join in. The picture of some middle aged, straight-laced chemist being told by a fifteen year old that he was seriously well endowed was too much for me.

Once we'd regained some composure I asked him, "So, how will we work this... I mean, there's got to be a top and a bottom or something, right?"

"Yeah. It's your birthday. And I gave you the rubber, I kept the lube. You get the idea?"

"If you're sure. I don't want to hurt you..."

"Don't worry," he said moving closer to me and kissing me softly. "It'll be fun. I guess if we take it slowly and gently it shouldn't be too bad. It's what they all do isn't it, can't be that bad?"

"No, but they're not all hung like me are they?" I said trying to sound like I meant it.

"Funny babe," he smiled. "You ever measured anyway?"

"Yeah..." I said, turning slightly red, "about six and a half inches. You?"

"Thought that. Mine's just over seven."

"Fuck me!" was all I could find to respond with.

"All in good time. Me first," he said as he slipped his trousers and underwear off.

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