Young Love

Chapter 14

By Petros

The next morning, it was with low spirits I began my walk to school. I left later than normal, hoping to arrive late to avoid meeting too many people. My timing was perfect; the bell rang just as I reached the gate. Getting into school proved to be the easy part. Once I was inside things became difficult. Steven, Neil and Gary stuck close by me through registration while the class stared and made disparaging remarks under their breaths. That was about as bad as it got until the morning break, then the insults and obscenities really began to fly. I was called every name under the sun and then some more. And that was just on the way down the stairs. I didn't go outside into the playground; there were too many people there for comfort. Instead, I went to the back of the school where the football team hung out.

As always, there was a huge crowd of them there. They noticed me as I came towards them, and they fell silent. "Hi guys," I greeted them as I arrived. I scanned the group but there was no sign of Derek.

"All right Petros," Fraser said, after a moment's silence from them. "I s'pose you're looking for Derek?"

"Yeah," I said, slightly puzzled by his reaction. We had been 'best friends' as far as they knew, so it wasn't that odd.

"He's not in today. He hurt his leg in a match, he's at hospital today. Should be back tomorrow though." Fraser said.

"Hospital?" I asked. I was worried, no matter how badly he'd treated me I was still in love with him.

"It's not too serious, but he's got to get it checked again." He paused again before going on, "About what happened..." My heart started racing. Had Derek told them everything? "Is it true that you're gay?"

I thought for a moment. I'd thought about little else the week before, but still it caught me unprepared. I had decided to be honest about it. I wasn't comfortable about everyone knowing, but I wasn't ashamed either. Everyone would have made up their minds by now, what would be the use of denying it? "Yeah, it is," I said trying to stay cool.

"Oh. Well, that's ok, I guess. I don't hate you or anything, but it'd probably better if you didn't hang around with us anymore," Fraser said awkwardly.

"Yeah, sorry man," Richard added.

I had half expected that, but it hurt. Had they all attacked me, and beaten me at once, it could not have hurt more. Those who had been my friends, who had readily accepted who they thought I was suddenly turned on me, once they knew the real me.

I just nodded before turning and walking away. I could hear them laughing as I left. I crossed the playground to where my friends would be waiting. My head was hung low, impervious to any abuse that may have been hurled my way. I felt about two feet tall. The whole school was there, and they were all looking down on me. Jenni put her arm round my shoulder when I reached the group. "Are you Ok Petros?" she asked. I nodded weakly.

"Can we get out of here?" I asked. Running away was no long term plan, and I knew that, but right then I didn't feel like hanging around to be stared at like a side-show attraction.

Jenni looked around at the others, who nodded approval "Come on then," she said leading me away, with the Steven, Neil and Gary following closely behind. We found a quiet spot down the side of the school, near the teacher's car park. "So, how's your morning been?" she asked once we'd all settled.

"I've had better," I replied.

"Anyone touched you or threatened you?" Neil demanded.

"No, not yet."

"So, has anything happened?" Jenni asked.

"Well, I went to try and find Derek, but he's not in today, and, to cut a long story interesting, his friends from the team told me to stay the fuck away from them."

"Cunts," Neil snarled, "if I thought I could, I'd go and give them all a good kicking."

"Thanks for the thought mate," I laughed.

"Try and forget about him babe, he's not worth it," Jenni said.

"I know, but it's not that easy. I need to talk to him. I can't give up just like that."

"And finding someone else isn't going to be easy," Steven said, grinning like an idiot.

The rest of the morning passed quite smoothly, all things considered. My first class back after lunch was interrupted by a boy from the year below me arriving with a message for the teacher. The message was for me, the head of the guidance department wanted to speak to me. I hadn't counted on the school involving itself, but it might provide some welcome help. Steven mouthed "Good luck," to me as I left my seat beside him. I wasn't really sure what I'd need luck for, but as it turned out I was being quite naive.

I met Steven again at the gate, once school had finished. I'd been hanging around waiting on him for quite some time, ever since I left Mr Livingston's (the school principal) office. Steven was obviously puzzled by the enormous grin I was wearing. "What's so funny? Where have you been, and how did the meeting go?" he asked.

"That was some afternoon, I'm telling you."

"Why what happened?" he demanded.

"Well, it's a long story... I got to Brown' office and I went in. He sits me down and then he says 'Now, I don't know if you're aware of it, but there are certain rumours circulating the school at the moment.'

"So I tell him 'Yeah, I know.'

"And he says, 'Well, I understand that it must be quite unpleasant being branded as a homosexual. As you know this school does not tolerate any form of bullying or discrimination, we will do everything we can to quell these malicious stories and punish those responsible.'

"So I told him, 'You don't have to, they'll get bored of it soon.'

"Then he said, 'No. It has got to be stopped. To do nothing would be like saying that they were right.'

"Pompous fuck. So I tell him, 'But they are right.' You should have seen his face, he went white!

"I couldn't believe him, 'I'm sorry that you believe that,' he said. He's such an arrogant cunt. I couldn't help myself.

"'I'm gay, so what?' I said, I knew that'd wind him up.

"'A lot of young people go through such phases, don't worry about it. It will soon pass as you grow up. There is really no such thing as homosexuality, it is not a recognised condition, and it is merely a psychological state that must be overcome. The school will help you in any way it can to overcome this state of mind and get you back to normal. We will not make any efforts to accommodate homosexual students at this establishment.'

"That got me really mad, I just flipped. Started yelling and swearing at him, calling him every name I could think of. Before I knew it, he'd grabbed me and dragged me off to the principal's office. So I'm hauled inside and I just stand there smirking as he lists off some of the things I said. Livingston asks what I've got to say for myself. 'Me?' I said, 'What have I got to say for myself? I think you'd be more interested in what he said.' He asks what I mean by that, so I told him what Brown said. It was so funny, I could see him getting madder and madder as I went on. By the time I'd finished he was crimson, you could almost see steam coming out of his ears.

Then Livingston says, 'Please accept my apologies, Mr Brown's views do not reflect those of the school. Could you excuse us please, I'll send for you again tomorrow when we can speak at more length about this matter.'

I was almost in stitches with laughter as I left. It was first class!"

"For fucks sake, what a dick!" Steven exclaimed when I'd finished my story. "I can't believe he said that shit. Good on you for standing up for yourself man."

That night, I lost count of the number of times I almost called Derek. I kept picking the phone up and then either started to dial his number then hung up, or just hung up without even starting. I wanted to speak to him. I think I needed to speak to him. Maybe I should have hated him, for what he did to me, but I couldn't. Maybe once I'd spoken to him I would hate him. I needed to know though. And I needed to know why; why had he deserted me? If he, and the football team, had stood by me the stories would have come to nothing and we'd have been safe. Had he wanted out for a while? Had what had happened provided him with an easy route? I had to know.

Steven called round. He and his cousin were going out to the cinema (he was on his way into the city to meet him); he wanted me to come with them. I told him that I didn't feel up to it. Everyone was out; I was looking forward to having the house to myself to mope around all night. Then he said they would come back; he said it sounded like I needed some company. I didn't let them though, not wanting to stand in the way of their plans.

Not long after Steven left, Gary arrived at my door. I recounted the afternoon's escapades to him, and he too was suitably impressed. While we were talking Iain passed by in the street. He stopped when he saw us on the doorstep, and called over to us across my front garden.

"Hey guys, what you up to?"

"Nothing much, you?" I called back.

"Cool. Want to watch a video?"

I looked at Gary, who nodded in approval. "Yeah, Ok. What video is it?" I asked.

"It's a porno video my cousin gave me," Iain replied once he'd come through the garden and was standing beside us. Gary's face lit up at the news. "I was just heading home to watch it," he continued, nodding towards his house a few doors down.

"Well, come on in then," I said. Great, I'd get to sit and watch the two of them sitting drooling over some silicone-filled bouncing breasts. Why didn't I just say no?

"So," Iain said, as he put the tape in and started rewinding it, "what've you been up to, you've not been out plying football much lately?"

"I know, I've been busy with other stuff," I told him.

"Oh, ok. Uh, is it true what Stuart told me?"

"I don't know, what did Stuart tell you?" I asked, knowing very well what Stuart would have told him.

"Is it true that you're gay?" Iain asked. I heard Gary stifling a snigger, I'm glad he found it funny.

"Yeah it's true, why?"

"Oh, that's cool. No reason, just wondering if it was another bull-shit rumour or not. You should enjoy the video then."

"What? It's not a fucking gay porno is it?" Gary demanded.

"No," Iain laughed, "but it's a foreign one, hardcore, you know, full penetration, cocks and all-sorts."

"Sweet," I said. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

The tape finished rewinding, so Iain started it playing then sat down beside me on the sofa. Within minutes the actors had shed their clothes and were getting down to it. A cute dark haired guy in his early twenties was taking a busty blonde doggy-style while his blond colleague was filling her throat with his long cock. Soon a brunette arrived and stood over the blonde, allowing the first guy to lick her cunt. It would have been better without the two women there, but it was fun to watch all the same.

Iain was obviously enjoying it too; there was a noticeable bulge in his trousers. "Oh man, this is hot. Is there anyone else home?" he asked.

"No, just us."

"Cool. Is it alright if I have a wank then?" His question took me by surprise, but before I could say anything Gary answered for me.

"Yeah, why not."

"You two gonna join in?"

"Yeah," Gary said enthusiastically.

"Ok then," I said a little reluctantly. I was turned on by the film, but it felt a little weird.

Iain stood up first and dropped his trousers. There was a large bulge in his boxers, but that didn't prepare me for the shock I got when he removed them too. His cock was enormous. It was easily eight or nine inches long, and fairly thick too. There was a dense bush of light brown hair around the top of it, and lightly covering his huge balls.

"Fuck me!" I exclaimed.

"What?" Iain asked, sounding concerned.

"That thing!" I said, pointing at his monster prick.

"Oh. You like?"

"Hell yeah."

"You win on length, but I got you of thickness," Gary said. I turned round to see him standing, proudly displaying his own manhood. His was shorter, about the same length as my own, but very, very thick; possibly as thick as a drink can at the base.

Iain sat down and began stroking his huge un-cut dick. I slid my trousers and boxers down and began doing the same to myself, Gary followed suit. The film had lost all its appeal; while Iain and Gary's eyes were still glued to the screen, mine were firmly fixed on the giant cock beside me. It was beautiful, perfectly straight and smooth, with a large bulbous, yet pointed head.

My admiration didn't go unnoticed. "You wanna suck it?" Iain asked. In a flash I had my head buried in his lap, sliding my mouth up and down the length of his shaft. "Mmmm, yeah. That's good," he murmured. I was getting more and more of it down my throat with each downward movement, I gagged at first but soon got used to his size. It felt incredible having his cock-head rubbing against the back of my throat. "Hey, slow down, I'm gonna come," he warned me.

"That looks like fun, can I get some?" Gary asked from across the room. Reluctantly I slid off Iain's huge meat and crossed the room to where Gary sat. I went down on all fours, started sucking on his fat dick. It was tough work getting it in my mouth because of its width, but I got it in. I sucked eagerly on it as he slid it in and out, fucking my face.

After a minute, I heard Iain moving from the sofa. Before I knew what was happening, I felt him behind me, poking his giant cock at my ass-hole. "Can I?" he asked. I gave him a thumbs up sign, because my mouth was to full to talk, and my head was already nodding.

Iain pushed his cock, already slick with my saliva, at my opening. He gently increased the pressure until my sphincter began to give way and let him inside me. At first it felt no different, he was only as thick as Derek, but where Derek stopped, Iain kept on giving. The feeling was exquisite. I could feel him touching me in places I never really knew I had places. Once he was all the way inside, I could feel his bush tickling my cheeks, he stopped to let me get used to his size.

After a couple of moments, he withdrew slowly until it was almost out, and then he slammed hard into me. The pain was intense, but the pleasure more so. The sight of Iain's cock sliding in and out of my ass must have been two much for Gary because, just as Iain was building up a steady rhythm Gary began to deliver his pay-load of thick, tasty spunk into my hungry mouth.

Exhausted, Gary withdrew and retired to the sofa leaving Iain alone inside me. Iain was fucking me harder and faster, picking up the pace with every stroke. He was pistoning in and out of me with incredible force, driving his whole length home every time. He began to whimper and moan slightly warning me of his impending climax.

Letting out a roar he drove hard into me one final time. I could feel his dick pulsing and throbbing as it pumped his huge load deep inside me.

Once they were gone the guilt started to set in. I'd only been single for just over a week and already I was getting involved in threesome's with two guys I certainly wasn't in love with. What made it worse was that I was still in love with Derek. I went to bed, but I hardly slept. I was terrified of what the morning might bring. I needed to see Derek, but I wasn't sure I needed to hear what he might tell me.

I got up and left for school early the next morning. I wanted to try and find Derek before classes, knowing fine well that I wouldn't be able to think about anything else for the whole morning if I didn't. I arrived about ten minutes before the bell, so the school was fairly quiet still. None of my friends were in 'our' spot in the playground, so I went through the school and out the back exit to where Derek's friends hung out. There was no-one there either. I returned to the main playground, going round the outside of the school this time, just in case they'd moved to avoid me. I got back to the main playground and as I was walking in I saw Fraser and Richard standing near the middle of the yard. Maybe they'd have seen Derek.

I didn't get a chance to ask them though. As I rounded the corner into the main playground a hand grabbed my shoulder and pushed me back towards the wall. Great, I though, I'm getting beaten up. This'll be fun. Are Fraser and Richard in on this too?

I closed my eyes and braced myself for the impending assault. However, before the first hit came, my assailants grip loosened as they pushed me back into the wall. "I'm sorry," they whispered, and instead of the fist I was expecting, I felt a pair of soft, moist lips pressed against mine.

I opened my eyes and gasped with shock. Derek pulled back and looked at me with sorrowful eyes. "I don't know what I was thinking. Can you forgive me?"

I was stunned, I didn't know what to say. Of course I could forgive him, I'd do anything for him. "Uh, yeah, sure thing," I stuttered. He smiled at me, with his most beautiful, irresistible smile. Then he kissed me again. This time I was expecting it and I welcomed it, kissing him back vigorously with deep passion.

Then I realised where we were. "Fuck," I said pulling away from him. Do you realise what you've just done?"

"Yup, I had to." I looked around. Everyone in the playground was staring at us, but no-one was daring to come near. If they'd tried they'd have had to fight their way through the whole football team, who had formed a semi-circle around us, facing the crowds like policemen protecting some foreign dignities.

"You had to?" I asked.

"Yeah, after what I did I knew I'd have to do something pretty special to try and win you back. You didn't deserve treated like that. I promise I'll never do it again... Fuck! I'm so happy I've got you back!" He almost shouted before kissing me again.

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