October, 2000

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This story is Dedicated to


A dear little 'Shipmate'


  The boy stood in front of the full length mirror and looked at himself...... his hands caressed his bare, smooth chest, tweaking the hardened nipples, gasping softly at the awesome feeling that flooded his 14 year old body. The hands moved lower, over the flat stomach and pulled at the few strands of soft, silky pubic hairs that had just sprouted a couple of weeks back..... they were so fine that it was practically invisible, being blond and all that. He grasped the tender boy cock, all of 5" and hard and felt his hips jerk involuntarily, the phallus twitching uncontrollably.

   He was alone at home, his parents having left early to visit an ailing grand aunt and weren't expected till late in the evening. Being Saturday school was out and he had the whole day (and the house) to himself. The food was in the freezer and his mother had given him detailed instructions about heating it up before lunch and all that and also given him permission to call over his friends if he so desired. But he had other plans.

   He was a late starter, he knew that from all the talks in the locker room and the playground and it was only this past month that his cock had suddenly started to fill out, grow in sudden spurts doing all sorts of funny things at every odd hour. He felt it tingle and twitch and in one single throb go bone stiff - at school, walking down the street, at the church, sitting down at dinner, it was relentless.... as if having a mind of its own, hardly needing any stimulation, leaving him embarrassed and red faced. He would glance around, sure to find all eyes focused on his bulging crotch. He would feel the sticky goo leak out of the tiny slit at its tip keeping his shorts practically wet most of the times. But it also thrilled him.... He knew what was happening and it meant that soon he too would be able to 'cum'..... really cum and shoot the sperms that all the other boys in class so proudly proclaimed they could !

  The fuzz on his face hadn't made itself visible yet and his chin and upper lip were as bare and smooth as a baby's ass. And his voice had just started to act funny - a peculiar combination of a high pitched shrill and a croak. He hardly spoke much nowadays, waiting for it to first settle down and take on a more 'manly' tone.

  He closed his eyes and moaned softly.... as his other hand caressed the full cheeks of his bottom. He slid the hand into the deep valley and fingered the tiny hole there before pushing in a gentle digit past the feverish entrance.

  "Oooohhh..... !" he moaned, pouting his luscious lips.

  The face of Jason flashed before him. Jason, God, Jason...... his 17 year old neighbor. His cock twitched harder and his whole body shook.... the feeling got more intense and then engulfed him.... making the knot in his stomach go tighter.... He opened his eyes and stared at his reflection. Stilling his hands he looked into his eyes in the mirror and seemed to make a decision. He smiled at himself and turned away. Still stark naked he walked out of his bedroom and into the kitchen. Lifting the phone he dialed a number....


  I didn't know what it was but every time I set my eyes on Jason I felt my knees go all weak and my heart flutter. I felt light headed and some unknown joy coursed through my whole body..... My cock twitched faster and the goo gushed out like from a faucet. That's what the sight of Jason did to me and then slowly, with all the whispers in the toilet about guys doing guys and fags, I realized that I wanted exactly that with Jason.

  "Hello?" said the voice.

  "Mmmn.... uh, is that you Jason?" I asked softly.

  "Yes..... Chris?" came the reply.

  "Ah, yes...... could you.... could you come over, like now?" I asked again, my cock giving another violent jerk.

  "Now? What's up?" asked Jason.

  'The usual...' I thought, "Ah, something I want to tell you..... ask you.... please?" I said.

  There was a moments pause, my heart beating faster, making my hands sweat and tremble in anticipation.

  "Umm.... well, since I don't have any work I suppose I could surely drop in. Give me about 10 minutes and I'll be there."

  "Well, thanks Jason." I said, my voice shriller now with excitement and replaced the instrument.

  I didn't put on any clothes as I waited for Jason, standing near the kitchen door, looking out. My stiff cock throbbed and gushed clear liquid, forming sticky strings that stretched well past my knees before dropping off in huge gobs on the floor below or smearing my smooth thighs as I shifted. I had waited long and now was the time..... I had to do it, find out, make Jason my own, come hale or storm. Seeing the bread on the table a naughty thought came to my mind, I sure wanted his hot loaf up my steaming oven....... heheheh..... and no chickening out now !


  He spotted Jason standing the bike against the garage wall and then walk up the path to the back door.....

  'Backdoor....' he mused, a naughty smile playing on his full lips, 'backdoor indeed, that's what you're about to use.... to enter.... me!'

  Before Jason could knock Chris slipped the latch off and opened the door partly before turning around and heading towards the inner door leading into the passage.

  "Hi, Chris...." he stopped, mouth open, eyes nearly popping out, "What the f...... hell are you doing, naked?" he finally said.

  "Waiting for you." replied Chris, surprising himself with his cool nonchalant air.

  He stood in the passage just outside the kitchen door while Jason remained there, unable to take his eyes off the naked boy or move. He stared at the young nubile figure.... the bare and smooth torso, the practically hairless pubes. The rigid cock sticking out at an angle.... the strings of sticky pre cum drooling out of the slit and swinging as he moved. He was amazed.....

  "Won't you come in..... or plan to stand there in the middle of the kitchen, gawking?" said Chris with a smile, thrilled with himself.

  "You alone....?" asked Jason as he got back his voice, unsure.

  "Yeah, that's why I asked you over."

  "Like what? I mean.... why?" said Jason finally moving closer and joining Chris as the boy led him towards his bedroom.

  He didn't answer until they were in Chris' bedroom. He went and sat on the bed and looked up at the still surprised (shocked?) Jason, his cock twitching harder.

  "Because I've always wanted you..... wanted to see you, feel you..... wanted you to fuck me !" he stopped, gasping for air. Chris was scared shit..... he shook with fright, what if Jason got mad and beat the shit out of him.... What if he complained to his parents..... told the other guys at school or the neighborhood.... Worse, what if he stopped talking, being friends..... But all this was a faint counterpoint to the fire that raged in his young soul.... He had dreamed of this ever since he realized he liked guys. He had to do it and coming this far he wasn't about to stop. He had to go through.....

  "What the fuck do you mean Chris..... are you gay?" Jason asked still unable to comprehend.

  "I've been jacking off to you for ages now, ever since I learnt how to, thinking about you, dreaming about the two of us together." he said, openly stroking himself, licking his lips. "If wanting you is gay.... if loving you is gay then I suppose I am." he added with a finality. He surprised himself.

  "Have you gone crazy or what?" blurted Jason, feeling his own cock stir in his tight jeans, with all the talk and the sight of the young naked boy, sitting on the bed stroking his cock.

  "Yes, I suppose, crazy for you..... won't you show me your stuff?" he smiled cutely.

  "God, this can't be real..... I must be... "

  "Oh yes, this is real and you ain't dreaming." Chris cut him short. He got up off the bed and quickly went over to were Jason stood and touched his crotch. He felt him stiffen but also felt the thick cord twitch and jerk as his fingers traced the large bulge. He made a funny sound before his hands grabbed Chris', trying to stop the young boy.

  Chris was in a frenzy now...... he was scared and thrilled at the same time. He wanted it bad, real bad and was also afraid that Jason might walk away. He knelt and pulled at the zipper. The older boy just stood, dazed, doing nothing to stop Chris...... he didn't even know what to do, everything was so sudden, so unbelievable...... He had never thought about sex this way, happy with whatever the girls allowed him to feel and thrilled if they so much as touched his thighs..... The wet sloppy kisses were as far as he had ever gone and the occasional fleeting feel of those heaving young breasts.

  Though 17 and a star ball player, Jason didn't seem to mind the young Chris hanging around him.... the boy seemed obviously fascinated by him. In fact over the year they had become close, even friends. They discussed the game, the star players, the big names and some other general topics. Jason noticed the awe in the kid's eyes but never really bothered much about it. He was sure that the kid missed having a big brother, a role model and was fulfilling that desire by latching onto him, it made him feel happy. The kid was nice and he too liked him. They sometimes went on long biking trips and even some movies occasionally.

  But this wasn't something he had ever considered.... sex with another guy, a kid..... Chris !!! But he felt his cock pulse and harden as the soft fingers wrapped around the hot shaft and he moaned.... his hands making a weak attempt to push the groping fingers away. But the hormones flooding his own teenage body, that kept him horny and jacking most of the time screamed at him to enjoy the feeling and let things happen...... after all a hand was a hand..... a mouth was a mouth - what difference did it make whether it belonged to another boy or a girl. He shivered as he felt the wet hot tongue of the younger boy lick his exposed glans, he growled his pleasure.


  It was like a dream come true.... I was finally seeing my Jason's cock, holding it...... licking it ! Instinct must be the mother of all human endeavor, all his actions, I didn't need to 'know' or 'learn', it all came naturally..... my mouth just opened and I lunged forwards taking the bloated head inside my salivating mouth. Jason shook and his hips jerked, he grabbed my head and weakly asked me to stop..... I didn't hear, the smell, the taste and the sights overtook my senses. I groaned and took it deeper, gagging as it hit the back of my throat..... I spluttered and withdrew but never let the swollen morsel out of my oral grip. As soon as my throat settled down I went for it again and this time I was slow and more careful. His reactions and loud moans told me he was absolutely raving gone..... this must have been his first blow job and he was right past the pinnacle.....

  I finally released him.... no I wasn't 'satisfied' but I wanted more. I undid the single button and pulled down the clinging jeans along with the white cotton briefs. His cock was magnificent (well, I didn't have much to compare it with, but it WAS breathtaking!) It wasn't huge or any such thing, though I didn't think so at that time, but it was thick - very thick and surrounded by the dark, black curly hairs, the soft, pink tower looked sensational. I licked my lips as my fingers caressed and toyed with the large balls, hanging low in the wrinkled, hairless sac. I lifted the shaft and licked the ball bag, making the nuts jingle and roll. I sucked one in and heard him gasp out loud, his hands gripping my hair and pulling me closer. I knew this must feel good so I kept sucking like his ball were some kind of candy.... and believe me, at that point of time I thought that it was, even better than the best candy in any store.

  I left the ball and went back to the oozing cock, I could see the clear drops of pre cum ooze out of the tip and roll down the shaft. With darting tongue I licked the underside, savoring every drop of the salty appetizer as it rolled down. I took him in once more as my hands reached back to feel his ass cheeks and caress the smooth surface. He just kind of slumped and for a moment I thought he would fall down, knees too weak to hold him up.

  I got up and went to the bed and lying down on my back raised my legs high and wide. Holding my ankles I spread them further and looking deep into his eyes smiled....

  "Please, fuck me Jason....." I said, my voice a mere croak.


  The boy kept howling, still clutching his ankles, as the broad head stretched his tiny slit wider in an attempt to gain entry.

  "Push...." panted the older boy, now totally in the grip of blinding lust.

  "I.... I, Ooooh..... can't.... take it." the words seemed to be pushed out through his clenched teeth by his straining lungs.

  Both boys were sweating buckets, grunting. Jason moved his hips back and then pushing down on Chris' thighs slammed forwards with a roar. The tiny ass mouth opened, protesting painfully and the head sank in, the tight anal lip immediately snapping shut, imprisoning the flared rim in a vice grip.

  Chris shrieked, his tender body wracked violently by the dry retches..... he shut his eyes tight and fell silent as the cock tore further into his just devirginized ass. The thick girth stretching the colon to the maximum..... spreading the tender membrane thin over the pulsating flesh pole. It ripped in, deep and deeper, pushing the walls straight, creating a narrow passage for the rampaging cock to stuff itself into. Jason grunted with his efforts, his eyes shut tight like Chris'. He felt the walls pulse and roll..... massaging his shaft like tiny fingers..... the inner ring gripping and squeezing it. The inside of the ass was like a boiling cauldron..... hot and fiery. He shuddered, hearing the whimpers coming from the boy he was now fucking.

  He withdrew slowly, relishing every pulse, every throb and then pushed in..... it felt incredible and he wailed as his hips started moving more rapidly. He held Chris close to him and surrendered to the roaring pleasure.... forgetting himself, forgetting that he was in fact fucking another boy, a much younger boy.... He buried his face in the pillow beside Chris' head and fucked him with savage hunches making the boy writhe under him, cry out in lust and pain, adding to his own pleasure.

  Suddenly he felt his insides explode....... he went numb and his groin froze. Then with renewed frenzy he rammed into Chris, tearing into the bleeding ass with animal lust as his balls swelled and prepared to unload. He slammed repeatedly into the clutching ass hole and unleashed his seeds in huge bursts of scalding hot jism, flooding the spasming intestine..... He didn't hear the boy yell.... didn't feel him jerk and then go limp.....


  I must have blacked out for when I opened my eyes Jason was lying by my side on the narrow bed. My legs were still splayed wide and the ass mouth throbbed. It pained horribly and I felt something wet and sticky ooze out of the pulsing ass slit. I reached down and touched the open and swollen lips and winced. I felt the warm and slimy liquid coat my fingers. Bringing it up I was horrified to see blood. I gasped and looked at Jason. He was watching me as he lay on his side, his right hand slowly caressing my thigh.

  "How did it feel?" he asked.

  "Painful." I croaked.

  "Well, it was you who wanted me to fuck you." he replied.

  "And I still do..... !" I forced a smile.

  He laughed as he replied, "Huh..... 'suppose you have to make it hard for me..... I don't think I can get it up on my own, not after what you've managed to do to it !"

  "Did you like it.... did it feel?" I was curious.

  "Awesome!" he replied.

  We both laughed and snuggled up, close and remained that way for a long time before dozing off.


  The boy opened his eyes and felt the heat of the other body, lying close to him. Jason lay, still asleep, with his leg thrown over Chris's groin, one hand placed across his chest. The boy felt the warm cock pressed against his thigh, pulsing softly.

  Slowly he moved and eased himself out from under Jason. He sat up and gasped as the pain shot through his young body. It made him shudder.... he looked down at the sleeping teen and smiled through his pain. He had done it..... finally lost his virginity to the guy he loved. He was a real gay now and it thrilled him.

  He slowly pushed the sleeping form unto his back and stared at the beautiful cock. It amazed him, 'how magnificent', he thought.... and how it grows.... into a hard, stiff pole..... oh! how it had ripped through him earlier.... filled him. He wanted it again.... wanted to taste it..... and this time he wanted to swallow the cum. Yes, he would do that ! He would suck Jason till he shot his cream down his gulping throat.

  With a smile he took hold of the soft penis and lowered his face over Jason's groin.

  "Ummmm........" Jason moaned and shifted before fluttering his eyes open. His hands moved down and grabbed the bobbing head of the younger boy sucking him. He was rock hard and his cock throbbed crazy.... he felt his nuts draw up and the tingle fill his loins. He growled and pushed upwards, shoving Chris's head further into his enflamed pubes.

  Chris understood and speeded up.... moving his head faster, taking it deeper while his hands played with the exposed shaft and the churning balls. He heard the gasps and felt Jason shudder before going stiff..... immediately his mouth was flooded with the rich taste of boy spunk, salty and warm, his nostrils filled with the strong smell. He gulped, his tongue licking at the flaming glans.

  It finally stopped and Jason fell back. His breath was coming in huge gasps, eyes glazed. He looked down and saw the sperm smeared face of Chris and smiled.

  "Where did you learn all this." he finally asked as soon as he got his breath back.

  "Instinct I suppose." replied Chris sagely.

  Later in the day, after they had eaten, a very late lunch and taken a shower together, Jason fucked the boy again and just before his parents were due did the two boys finally part. Promising to meet again to continue their explorations from where they had left it that day.


  I felt numb and had a fitful sleep that night.... partly due to the pain in my ass and partly because of all the memories of the day. But the next day was terrifying, I bled like hell and could hardly touch myself down there. My stomach kept churning and even my mother asked if I was feeling unwell. I could hardly walk and sitting was practically impossible. Yet I never went down the whole day, my cock remaining hard and stiff throughout. And I wanted more, pain or no pain, I wanted Jason inside of me !


  Three days later as I walked back home from school, Jason came running and slapped my back.

  "Hi!" he said smiling.

  "Hi." I replied.

  He placed his arm over my shoulder and we walked on in silence for a while.

  "How you feeling?" he asked, giving my shoulder a squeeze.


  "And how's the ass h..... I mean.... how's the pain?"

  "Still painful..... I can hardly sit." I paused, "Walking is also pretty painful...."

  "I..... I'm really sorry, guess I was too rough." He looked concerned and I loved him all the more for it.

  "Don't worry, I like it that way. I want you to do it hard, real hard. And it won't hurt." I replied, trying to make him feel better.

  He smiled and squeezed me again.

  We hadn't met these past few days but spoke over the phone..... He always asked me about the pain and the bleeding and repeated a million times how much he loved me and cared for me..... and I told him that I wanted him, wanted him to take me again....

  "My folks are going away for the weekend..... think you can come over, Friday around 6 ?" he asked grinning.

  My heart skipped a beat and my ass throbbed mighty..... I thought I would fall as my knees went all weak......

  "Sure Jason, whenever you say." I grinned back.

  I couldn't believe my luck...... 'so soon !' I wondered, my heart beating a rapid number.

  My ass was still in a terrible state and I knew another stretching so soon would make it worse.... but Jason and being with him..... seeing him naked again, feeling his cock, in my hand, in my mouth..... in my ass was too tantalizing..... irresistible to pass up.

  I went home and gently applied some salve to my butt hole and hoped the pain and swelling would go down a bit by next Friday. I possibly couldn't miss such a chance.


  With a fast beating heart Chris parked his bike and went up the steps. He paused for a moment before knocking and felt the tender ass mouth twitch and pulse..... his cock tingled and the wet goo leaked out in spurts. He raised his hand and knocked sharply. The door flew open and this time he gawked, Jason stood there, right in front of him, wearing a big smile and nothing else....

  "Well, I thought that I should return the favor." laughed Jason seeing the look on Chris' face.

  He closed the door and led the boy into his bedroom, kissing every other step, touching, fondling.... working on the buttons. By the time they reached his room Chris just had his watch and shoes on, the cutoffs around his ankles, he hadn't worn a brief that day. Standing him against the door Jason crushed his open mouth to the boy's, licking the full lips before boring into his mouth. The two clung together, moaning into each other's mouth, aroused cocks rubbing as the hands explored..... searching every fold, every crevice..... Jason humped his young friend, their lips never parting. He pressed his pubes against Chris', feeling the turgid rod of the boy nearly singeing his belly. His own cock was on fire, as was the rest of his body and mind......

  He had been unable to sleep that first night, jacking off four times before falling into a deep slumber, exhausted, as the new dawn approached. He couldn't get the scene out of his mind..... of Chris lying there under him and thrashing as he fucked him with savage thrust..... He had wanted to be gentle but his body wasn't under his control any more.... his cock and hips took over, ramming in and out, thrilling his mind till he exploded, the most massive climax he ever had till date. And the feel..... the feel of his cock going in for the first time - OH, it was incredible..... the heat and grip of the boy-ass..... each pulse, each twitch..... the clutching membranes, it was imprinted in his mind and never allowed him to relax. He decided that one visit wasn't enough into that raging cauldron of boy flesh - he need more and soon. So, when he heard his parents talk about going away for the weekend he insisted that he had to stay..... school project he told them, and then ran out to inform Chris.

  He led Chris to his bed and lay him down, tugging off his shoes and the tiny cutoffs, then climbing over he lay on top of the boy, both shaking in anticipation.

  After more kissing and fondling Jason got up and moved over the prone boy to finally squat over his chest, his throbbing dick touching the parted lips. Chris opened his mouth wide and with a whimper of approval took the turgid flesh inside. Raising his head slightly off the bed he held on to Jason's waist as he sucked. The feel of the hot wet mouth on his cock made Jason shiver and groan with lust and clutching the boy's shoulders he flexed his butt, sending his cock deeper.

  Chris made a nasal whimper, licking the head and tiny slit at the tip, while his lips stretched over the shaft sliding up and down. He grabbed the loaded nuts at his chin and gently squeezed them making the older boy buck faster. Jason was on the verge.... his teenage cock didn't need much stimulation, just the heat of the boy-mouth was enough and he hollered as his nuts rose and his cock spewed the molten seeds into the clutching throat of Chris..... He slumped forwards and steadied himself on the headboard, his cock still in the oral grip, still pulsing as the balls got squeezed and more spurts of jizz burst out.... He felt dizzy.... his head swam.... 'God, Chris was awesome, one hell of a horny bastard!' he thought as he finally pulled out his shriveled cock and sat back on the bed.

  "How does it taste....?" he asked Chris, watching him lick his puffed lips with relish.

  "Why don't you try some..... find it out yourself." grinned Chris, raising himself on his elbows.

  Jason bent forward and slowly licked the lips before sliding his tongue into his lover's mouth..... he could smell and taste himself in there.... it felt so good, salty and kind of funny tasting.... He liked it. He was instantly aroused, he wanted more.

  "Can you cum?" he asked Chris.

  "Uh, yeah," said the younger boy, "but I can't shoot yet..... It just get better and better and then I shudder and.... that's it.... I still can't shoot sperms" he added sounding slightly disappointed.

  Jason rose and moved lower and was again surprised by the nearly hairless pubes of his friend...... it looked so cute..... He grasped the throbbing shaft and lowered his face, kissing the sticky, wet head, smearing his lips with the clear liquid. He liked the smell.... the taste of boy pre-cum. He licked the pink glans and the shaft, front and back before opening his mouth and taking it in.

  Chris groaned and pushed up.... this was unbelievable.... absolutely amazing..... it ripped through his tingling body, shaking it, making him grab the pillow tighter. Jason's mouth slid lower and his nose hit the scrotal sac. He ground his lips into the pubes, darting his tongue, tickling the head of Chris' cock. His mouth filled with the salty juice and he swallowed.... and more gushed out.... He slowly lifted up and sank back down. He could hear the wild wails of Chris and see his toes curl and legs stiffen..... Jason bobbed his head, realizing that neither did he need any guidance..... any 'training', he too, like Chris, could blow.... it sure came naturally, 'instinct', he thought remembering what Chris had said that other day.

  His free hand pulled at the few strands of blond hairs and caressed the soft mound.... fondling the boy-balls, feeling the inner thighs. Chris growled and thrashed more and Jason felt his cock jerk violently gushing more of the salty cock juice into his mouth. He went back to the balls and held them tenderly in his palm..... squeezing them gently..... he rubbed his hand around the groin and slowly ran his fingers into the deep cleft of the boy's ass. Chris raised his ass higher and his legs parted. He grabbed Jason's ass painfully, digging his nails into the soft flesh. Jason reached the deep center and felt the puckered hole twitch..... pushing out and shutting tight. He placed his middle finger at the mouth and pushed..... The slit snapped open and gulped his finger in ! And at that moment Chris pushed his hips high, violently, off the bed, just the back of his head and ankles still touching it and shrieked. He remained that way, like a taut bow and shuddered, his nails raking Jason's smooth ass cheeks raw.

  Jason felt the cock pulse and then explode. A torrent of fresh, hot, creamy seed pumped into his gut.... flooding his mouth with its ferocity..... forcing him to gulp furiously..... yet spilling out from the corners of his mouth. It was glorious.... tasted fantastic.... Jason was hooked ! He sucked and gulped for over a minute before Chris finally relaxed and fell back on the bed, exhausted. Jason finished the job by licking the cock clean and all the escaped juice. Once done he rose and looked at Chris and gasped.... The boy lay like dead, limp and still.... eyes closed.

  "You ok?" he asked, patting his chest.

  "Mmmmnnnnnnn........" was the lazy reply

  "Hey, you came .... !" Jason sounded excited, happy.


  "God, you nearly drowned me Chris."

  But the boy didn't reply..... he was like a rag, totally drained by his first ejaculation.


  We rested for a while, I lay still, numb....... unable to even move a single limb. I had cum..... I had cum, my mind thrilled, but my body couldn't cope, it was wasted...... I must have dozed off when I suddenly felt the now familiar touch of his hot dick against my thigh.... I smiled. I felt him get between my still widely splayed legs and raise them over his shoulders..... I felt my ass open and get exposed to whatever assault he planned.... I was too gone to bother, yet I also wanted it..... feel him enter me.

  He got into position and I felt the burning tip touch my quacking bottom and then suddenly the shooting pain as he rammed into me. My eyes flew open and I clutched the pillow, screaming at the painful entry... Jason covered me, pushing my knees past my shoulders and crushed his lips to my gasping mouth, stilling the animal cry that rose. My raw ass protested plenty but soon the pleasure took over and the throb and churn was forgotten as Jason fucked me again.....


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