The following story contains descriptions of sex between consenting teens. If you don't enjoy stories of this nature or you aren't supposed to read it then don't.

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I hate the first day of school, I think most people do. I've always thought that those people who don't hate the first day of school are not to be trusted. Worse than school though is the bus ride. I hate riding the bus to and from school, and who wouldn't? You're usually on a bus full of others whom you have very little in common and most of them are screaming and yelling for no reason.

I usually just hunker down in my seat and close my eyes during the ride, but since this was the first day of the 1982-83 year I have a duty to see who catches the bus this year.

My thoughts were interrupted when we lurched to a stop and this boy got on. A boy I'd never seen before, but decidedly wanted to see more of, as long as he wasn't an idiot. As he walked down the isle he was looking at everyone, I was watching him. Our eyes locked. Suddenly he was next to me, without thinking I slid over and he sat down next to me.

Why did I do that? I NEVER do that? No one ever sits with me unless it's the last seat.

"I'm Matt." He mumbled quietly.

I looked at him, he was scared! "Zane." I replied. "My name is Zane. Are you new? I've never seen you."

"Yeah, we just moved in two days ago, from the other side of town." He was still mumbling. It was cute.

We didn't talk anymore until we stepped off the bus. "See you around." I said

"Sure" he replied with a downcast voice.

What was I supposed to say? I wasn't good at meeting new people. Give me a break already.

I saw him looking at his schedule; he was probably wondering where to go. He looked so lost standing there trying to figure out where to go. I sighed. I shouldn't do this. I did though, I walked over to him. "I can show you where to go if you want."

"If you want." He was trying to look unaffected but he sounded relieved. He handed me his schedule, I scanned it quickly. Hmmm, Matt Lawley, 8th grade (just like me), Ms. Stevenson for homeroom (just like me). Kismet?

We walked to homeroom, "It looks like we have every class together. Weird."

I groaned when we walked into homeroom, Ms. Stevenson was one of those alphabetical seating teachers. I found the desk with my name on it and sat down. Zane sat in the seat next to mine in the row to my left. My last name is Peters. He smiled at me for a second. My heart thumped. Why was I reacting like this to this I guy I just met?

After lunch we had PE. Usually I'm not that fond of PE because I'm not a jock. Today though I was strangely excited by the idea of PE. I imagine that you would think that most schools wouldn't dress out for PE on the first day, but here they issue the gym uniforms. We stood in line and waited for our turn to collect our uniforms.

"Hurry up ladies" the coach yelled, "get dressed and get to the gym!" Matt and I rolled our eyes at each other. I tried to watch him dress but had to be careful. I didn't need any problems caused by my getting caught looking at other guys!

When the period was almost over the coach let us go, "Everyone must take a shower, anyone caught skipping out will suffer pops!" Everyone groaned. I groaned with them, but of course the showers were the best part of the class!

Back at our lockers Matt and I stripped off our clothes. With towels around our waists we walked to the showers. He was slightly ahead of me. We stepped into the shower and hung our towels on a hook. We both found shower heads, his across from mine. I looked at him, I couldn't help it. His back was turned towards me. Matt was 5'11" tall, about 130 pounds. His hair was blonde. His butt was perfect. My eyes quickly slide across all the other bodies in the room. Many were excellent but I couldn't find another butt that was as perfect to me. When my eyes returned to him he had turned around and was looking directly at me. Our eyes locked.

I was petrified! He had caught me looking at guys in the shower! He looked away, embarrassed. That was odd. I took a quick glance down. Holy cow! His dick was huge! It had to be 5" and that wasn't even hard! And uncut! I'd never seen an uncut dick before.

I quickly rinsed the soap off, grabbed my towel and began to dry off. Just as I sat down on the bench in front of my locker he to returned. I couldn't help but look at his chest. Somehow the towel around his waist made his chest so sexy! He wasn't muscle bound by any stretch, but he was defined.

Once again our eyes met. Something passed between us, but I wasn't sure what it meant.

Matt sat down on the bench next to me and began to dress. I got up and moved to a mirror. I looked at myself. Am I that bad? 5'3" short, 105 pounds, hazel eyes. I had a decent body; I was pretty good looking, in my opinion. I ran my comb through my blonde hair. Unfortunately I didn't have any pubic hair yet, or hair on my legs, but there is hair coming in under my arms. Suddenly he was there beside me. Running a brush through his thick beautiful hair. Damn! He caught me looking at him again. This is beginning to be embarrassing.

"Zane, you wanna come over after school and watch cable?"

"Sure, that sounds like fun." My heart was beating ninety miles an hour!

Later that afternoon we sat together on the bus. Funny that I would be going to his house after school and we still hadn't said more than five or six sentences at once to each other! Something was going on between us but I didn't quite know what.

I got off at his stop and we walked to his house. He lived in a nice house I guess. Inside there were boxes everywhere. He wasn't kidding when he said they just moved here! He led me to his room. No boxes here. He had obviously unpacked his room already. It was pretty big. He had his own TV with a cable box on top.

"Choose a channel, I have to change clothes. My mother gets upset if I don't change out of my school clothes." He shrugged his shoulders as he said this, as if to say `whatever'.

He rummaged around in the dresser while I grabbed the remote and started changing channels. He disappeared out the door with an armload of clothes.

I found a movie on CableMax and was watching it when he came back in the room, still holding the clothes.

"My sister is in the bathroom. Figures. She's always in there." He smiled weakly, but our eyes locked, again.

He quickly turned away. My heart was beating fast again. Is he really sending me signals? Could he be gay? Well, if he is I decided I would make him take the first step.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw his pull his shirt off. He was facing away from me, what could it hurt?

I turned and watched him. With his back to me I watched him lower his pants. His white briefs gripped his butt so nicely!

He reached for the shirt sitting on the dresser. It fell to the floor. Matt bent over to get it. His underwear stretched, I could see the bulge caused by his balls. It seems like the moment lasted forever before he stood up. He slipped the shirt on. He stepped into shorts and turned around. I looked away quickly, but not before he caught me watching him.

He smiled and looked away quickly. I was laying on the floor in a beanbag chair. He picked up a second bean bag and tossed it next to mine and plopped down on it.

"What are we watching?" he asked. I could feel the heat from his body.

"I don't know I just stopped it here. We can change it if you want."

I handed him the remote. He started flipping though the channels.

Suddenly I realized that his hand was on mine, between the bean bags. I was nervous but I didn't move my hand.

I felt his fingers slowly close around my hand. I glanced at him. Our eyes met, he was clearly terrified that I would cause a scene.

I smiled.

Our heads were close together. I couldn't resist. Looking into his eyes I leaned in towards his. He leaned in. My eyes closed. Our lips met.

I had never kissed anyone, much less a guy!! I liked it, a lot.

Suddenly I felt something pushing on my lips. Without thinking I opened my lips. His tongue slipped into my mouth.

His hand tightened on mine, his other suddenly stroked my cheek.

Emotions anf thoughts were racing through me. I had wanted this for so long. His mouth pulled away. I opened my eyes. He was staring at me. Gauging my reaction I think.

"Wow!" was all I could whisper.

To be continued.