The following story contains descriptions of sex between consenting teens. If you don't enjoy stories of this nature or you aren't supposed to read it then don't.

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Chapter 2

"Matt, Mom's home!" we heard from down the hall.

"Shit!" he said as he jumped up.

I got up as well. It was clear that both of us were hard! Our pants were tenting! Matt was blushing, and it was very sexy. He had this way of looking at the floor and holding his shoulders that really melted my heart. It made him look like he needed protecting.

By the time his mother opened the door, Matt was safely lying on the bed and I was sitting on the floor at the end of the bed.

"Well, hello there!" She said to me. She had a beautiful smile. I could see where Matt got it from.

Before I could say anything, "Mom, this is my friend, Zane. Zane, my mom." I smiled at his mom, "Hello."

"I brought some milk shakes. Who wants one?" she laughed as she spoke.

"Wow, thanks! I'll definitely take one!" How did she already know that I LOVED ice cream in any form?

"Yeah, thanks mom." Matt said as she handed us two shakes from McDonalds.

"Well, your welcome. You boys have fun. I have to get ready for dinner, I'm going out. Zane you're welcome to stay for supper, though you'll have to eat my re-heated lasagna.

"Awesome! I LOVE lasagna!"

"Matt, I'm going to drop your sister off at your brother's house. She is going to spend the night over there. You should be in bed by the time I get home." She left the room. From down the hall I could hear her yell, "Zane, don't forget to call your mom to see if it's alright to eat over!" With that I heard a door close.

We both were already sucking on our shakes. I watched Matt closely. He was looking at me and I could see the smile in his eyes. I was a little confused though. Did that kiss mean anything to him? What did it mean to me? I liked him, but I hardly knew him! And he didn't know me!

We sat there watching some silly rerun of Gilligan's Island . We laughed together and drank our shakes. When the show was over I called my mom at work and let her know where I was and that I was going to stay for dinner. She was okay with it.

With him on the bed and me on the floor we continued to watch TV. Suddenly I felt his hand on my head. I was so nervous but I didn't react. He started to run his fingers through my blonde hair. Sheesh! That felt good. Without even realizing it I leaned my head back against the bed and closed my eyes. I didn't know that something as simple as what he was doing could feel so...erotic? Yeah, that's the word I think, erotic... cause I was definitely hard again!

About an hour later his mother called up the stairs, "Matt, Zane, the lasagna is ready and I'm leaving! See you later!"

By the time we bounded down the stairs she was gone. We followed our nose to the food, dished it up and dug in! It was GREAT! I think we both had three helpings each. Hey! Don't forget we're both growing boys!

With the lasagna effectively wiped out we grabbed a couple of cokes and dashed back up stairs.

Now what? I thought. I really wanted to get back to that kissing stuff. I was just getting to enjoy it earlier. I sat on the floor in my previous position. Matt shut the bedroom door and turned to walk to the bed.

"SHIT!" was what I heard but only a second before I was splashed with coke. Head to knee I was suddenly drenched in coke! I was shocked from the coldness. I turned and looked at Matt, who was on all fours, staring at me with this expression of horror!

I still couldn't think of anything to say, and I still hadn't moved. He bolted from the floor, grabbed a towel, and bent down and started to dry me off.

"Oh jeez, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that. I tripped. I'm so stupid. I'm sorry. Now you're all wet."

At that moment he blotted my crotch. I was watching him; I don't think he was really aware of where he was wiping me. He was so busy talking he wasn't paying much attention to anything.

His face was only inches away. I could feel the heat from his body; I could see the moisture on his lips. I wanted to touch him. He continued to wipe my thighs and crotch. He was still talking. I could see the smallest hint of a tear form. I was bad.

I leaned in that two inches and kissed him on the lips! My eyes were watching him the whole time. He closed his. I probed his lips with my tongue. I slipped it in.

I poured my coke over his head. It drenched both of us!

He jerked away, "HEY! That's no fair!" He was laughing though, we both were.

"Oh, like your drenching ME was fair?"

"That was a mistake! I tripped!"

I interrupted him by sticking my tongue back in his mouth. I assume he didn't mind since he collapsed on top of me. Our coke drenched clothing pressing against each other. Suddenly his hand was inside my shirt. Touching my chest. I moaned through the kiss. His fingers brushed over my nipple. I felt an electric-like shock shoot through me! I never realized that my nipple could be the source of such sweet music!

This was too much for me, too many feelings, I was to close! I gently pushed him off me.

"Wow, I gotta get this coke outta my clothes before their ruined! My mom will have a cow!"

He jumped up from the floor. "Come on!" He said as he ran out of the room. I followed.

He smiled as he opened the lid to the washing machine. "Put your clothes in here, if we hurry it won't leave a stain." He pulled his shirt over his head.

Actually he did more than just pull it off, he like, peeled it off slowly. I was greeted by his chest. And WOW! What a chest! He had a flat stomach, no six-pack, which I was glad about since not only did I not have a six-pack but I wasn't really attracted to them. His nipples were hard, sitting in the middle of light brown quarters. I looked down. And inie belly button, with the faintest trace of a happy trail down into his shorts. The shirt slipped up his arms, revealing a tuft of hair under each.

My eyes darted to his, he was watching me, he looked nervous. He tossed his shirt in the washer. He seemed to be waiting on me.

What the hell. I pulled my shirt off. I didn't have a bad chest, though I didn't have any pit hair yet. When the shirt cleared my head I saw that he was watching me as close as I had been watching him.

He unbuttoned his shorts and the dropped to the floor, leaving him in just his white briefs. He was clearly hard, and if the bulge was any indication he was huge. (Though I should admit that not having ever seen ANY dick hard, other than my own, wouldn't make me much of an expert).

I was embarrassed. I was rock hard under my jeans. It didn't seem to bother Matt so what did I have to lose? I unbuttoned my jeans, lowered the zipper. I couldn't believe I was doing this! I lowered my jeans, letting them drop to the floor. I stepped out of them. I looked at him and didn't meet his eyes. I couldn't, he was staring at my crotch! I totally understood! It was all I could not to stare at HIS!

I bent down and removed my socks, and dropped those and my jeans into the washer. After removing his socks he dumped in some soap and started the wash.

"Come on." He said.

I followed him though the door and found myself in a large bathroom.

"It's the changing room for the pool in the back. I figured you could take a shower to wash the cock off." He pointed at a large frosted glass door.

I laughed. He looked at me in confusion. "Cock, you said cock, not coke!!!" I was all but rolling on the floor. I'm not sure why this was so funny, maybe I was letting off some nervousness.

He smirked but obviously didn't see the humor in it. He walked over to the glass door. He opened it and turned a knob. I heard water hit the floor. He turned to me.

"You have to see this." He said with excitement. I was still laughing and muttering "cock, he said cock instead of coke!" but walked over. He pointed into the shower. I stepped close and looked in. Suddenly I felt his hand on my back and a shove.

I stumbled into the shower and the water hit me. My breath was completely sucked out of me as ice cold water washed over my body. I let out a sharp scream. I heard him laughing!

"You fell for it!" he said over the water. "You're such a DORK!" he said. When I turned to him his was doubled over laughing. I grabbed his arm and yanked him into the shower. He yelped. I laughed.

He quickly reached for the temperature adjustment. The water quickly warmed up. The shower was easily large enough for 4 people. Suddenly Matt was in front of me. His deep green eyes were looking into mine, with a serious look.

"I meant coke." One of his hands touched my cheek. His hand was so soft and it

I reached out and pulled him to me. I could feel his hardness against mine. Our lips met. I was in heaven.

We kissed for hours...or at least a minute or two.

He pulled away slightly, "You know, the rule is no underwear in the shower." He smiled.

"Really? Well, I wouldn't want to break any of your rules." I ran my hands down his sides until I felt the elastic band. I moved my fingers beneath the wet fabric. I lowered my head and kissed his neck. He moaned. I kissed down his chest and then pulled a nipple into my mouth. He groaned. I continued down his chest, sticking my tongue into his belly button. He squirmed. I was on my knees now. I was shaking with nervousness. I pulled away from him and pulled the elastic over the hardness in front of me. I slowly drew the wet briefs over his hips and down his legs.

I stared at the package before me. It was beautiful.

To be continued.