The following story contains descriptions of sex between consenting teens.  If you don't enjoy stories of this nature or you aren't supposed to read it then don't.

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Chapter 3

I should point out again that I had never seen and dick hard but my own, but I couldn't imagine that any other hard cock could possibly be any more perfect. It had a head shaped much like mine, except it flared out more and was wider.  It was just a bit darker brown than the skin that covered his hard shaft.  You know, when you're that close to a hard cock it looks like it's at least a foot long!!  Later I learned that it was about six inches.  It was surrounded by a nice, yet sparse, patch of blonde pubic hair.  They glistened with the moisture.  I moved my gaze to his balls.  A hairless sack that hung down and contained two walnut sized balls.

 I moved my hand up and gently cupped his nuts.  I balanced them in my hand, getting a feel for the weight of them.  His cock was sticking straight out at me, begging for attention.  With my second hand I touched the head.  A small droplet of pre-cum oozed out of the tiny slit.  I ran my fingers over the head, feeling the entire surface.  While massaging his balls with one hand I moved my other down his shaft, experiencing the velvety hot texture for the first time.

I gently took his shaft in my hand and tilted it upwards.  I leaned in and licked his nut sack.  I felt, as well as heard, him suck in a breath.  When I titled my head upwards so I could see his face I found that his eyes were closed and a smile of pleasure was on his face.  I gently kissed his sack and then drew some of the skin into my mouth.  It didn't take me but a minute to want more and so I gently drew in one of his testicals.  I gently rolled it around in my mouth.  It had no taste, which surprised me I think.  I started moving my hand up and down the length of his cock.

Though I had never had a dick in my mouth it felt natural to me.  I felt like I was totally in my element.  .

I let his ball slip from my mouth and gently pulled his cock toward my mouth.  I licked the head of Matt's cock.  I gently lapped up a drop of pre-cum and drew it into my mouth.  It was hard to tell if it had a taste but I didn't care.  I leaned in and wrapped my mouth around the head of his beautiful piece of meat.  I did my best to keep my teeth from scrapping his flesh.  I drew more into my mouth until I couldn't take any more.  With about 4 inches in my mouth I began to move my head up and down.  The longer I sucked the more I was able to take into my mouth.  Eventually I felt his pubes touch my nose.

I felt his hands running through my hair.  His arms caused the shower water to stream down onto my head.  I felt him pulling me up so I let his cock drop out of my mouth as I stood up.  He was holding the side of my head and drew mine to his.  Our lips locked once again, our tongues dueled.  His hands trailed down my neck, causing chill bumps to rise across my back.  His hands continued down my chest until on finger brushed my nipple.  A jolt went through me!  I never knew that my nipples were such a source of erotic pleasure.

He kissed across my cheek to my ear.  He ran his tongue inside my ear.  God how sexy that felt!  He nibbled my ear lobe causing me to moan with pleasure and lust.  When he left my ear he kissed down my neck and quickly I felt the wetness of his mouth draw one of my nipples into his mouth.  It made my knees weak.  I wasn't sure I would be able to remain standing.

Matt lightly nipped my nipple with his teeth before moving across my chest and treating that nipple to more of the same treatment.  I took a moment to register the fact that my right nipple was much more sensitive than my left.

His hands touched my butt, massaging them.  He dragged a finger down my crack.  On the way back up his finger ran across my tight hole.  I shuddered.  I had never touched myself there, and obviously no one else had, but I could tell that I would be touching myself there from now on!  I had never felt this way before.  It caused my cock to jump and my heart to beat faster.

Matt dropped to his knees.  He buried his face in my non-existant pubes.  He licked the skin above my cock, started to suck on the skin, it felt good and tickled slightly all at the same time.  One of his hands gently juggled my balls, while his other was gently rubbing my hole.

Suddely I felt a warmth around my cock.  I looked down to see him meeting my eyes with his own.  My cock was buried in his mouth.  The pleasure was more than I could handle.  My legs started to collapse.  I felt his finger slip into my hole!  All the feeling were too much.  I felt the cum shoot out of my cock and into his mouth.  I moaned loudly as I filled his mouth with my boy seed.

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