0's and 1's: Book 1 CBDT (Cyber-Bullying Defense Team)

Chapter 3


Special Halloween Chapter: The Rising Inferno

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(John Milton, Chairman of Christian Initiative to Secure Society, Moab, Utah)


               It is hot as Hell, but I can take it. It took me a decade to build up my online ministry and another decade to realize the "Message" that God had sent me back in 1995. I am not a false prophet like those Televangelist idiots, who steal millions from their flock for no other reason than to enrich their pocket books and gain more influence. No, God pointed me to the internet, where billions of people need a shepherd in the darkness. While I only hold several million voices in my flock, we all share common principles that our Christian society must be defended. We call ourselves the Christian Initiative to Secure Society. We make our money by ads from good Christian products and businesses that strengthen our Christian nation as a whole rather than siphon our strength. I don't need donations; though, they still come by the grace of God, for our common vision to defend this nation's fundamental principles. God led me here, because he knew I was needed to lead a new crusade for Christian Values and Christian Civilization.

               I have had my setbacks and my losses as well, but it was all part of his greater plan. This would have been my wife's 53rd birthday. She died at One World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. My soul was as torn and broken as those buildings with her loss. My beautiful daughter kept my spirits up and made me believe again in God. Then, two years ago, while she was volunteering her time as a health care worker in Iraq; she was kidnaped, tortured, raped, and beheaded. I asked God, "Have I not served you well, was my wife not a virtuous woman? Was my daughter not caring and selfless? Why have you forsaken me?" I realized it was not God's work that had done this, but it was the work of an evil force that has risen to challenge him. As his messenger, I am his representative on Earth and like our Savior Jesus Christ; I too must bear the weight of the Cross on my shoulders. Yet, I do not need to fight them alone for God has given me a voice that carries.

               In this room, I have gathered 333 of the Christian world's greatest warriors of the 21st century, specialists in computer science and information technologies. They come from all walks of life from the lowliest clerk to the heads of global enterprises. They are not the ignorant religious zealots that liberal Hollywood would portray Christian soldiers, nor are they the muscle bound brutes of action films. We are crusaders of a new Christian era, an era defined without boundaries due to the limitless potential of the internet. Standing here before them, I have realized my dream and the dream of God.


It is time for them to know the "Great Work" before us, "I bet you are all wondering, why I have brought you here? Why I have created this Cyber "Host of Heaven"? Before I begin, I want to bring out a few noteworthy pieces of current events," I clicked my PowerPoint presentation to display the first article entitled Terror in America, "I don't have to tell you that today Christians face an existential threat from Islam, our mortal enemy. Liberal minded people will say, it is merely one part of this alien religion, but they have not suffered like we have. Our so-called allies within the so-called "conservative movement" would ask us to ally ourselves to some of our enemies to fight the "terrorists", but who among our enemies' enemy truly can be our friends. Is that not a fool's argument? The truth is...The Truth is Christians are in mortal combat against these demons of the Crescent Moon, who have killed our Christian brothers, raped our virtuous Christian women, and plan on the murders of our children. Our so called "allies" are nothing more than opportunists, who will stab us in the back if given the chance.  We have been deceived by politicians, who will settle for money, power, and "peace". There can be no "peace" with a people that wants to destroy you as their ultimate goal even if they want to destroy their own as well, but these leaders, these Republicans or Tea Party or whatever they call themselves now, are weak and timid to fight against them all for what they know is a mortal threat to our Christian civilization. Truth is we are fighting for our very survival and the survival of Christianity itself!" I turned to the next slide with a central message of  Why have we not fought them openly?, "Knowing that truth, why have we not fought them openly? Are our leaders too liberally minded? Considering we have a majority of the US Congress and only a weak-minded President in office with little support from his own, we should be burning a path from Acre to Tehran. Yet, even when our President was a "Conservative" with "real" power in Congress and our nation was brutally attacked without provocation, what response did we get? A limited war that did nothing to increase our security or remove this foe, it was little consolation to my family. Then, in another tragic turn, many of us thought if we chose "peace" and submission, we can garner "mercy" from these Islamic dogs. Instead, we have allowed them to continue murdering innocent Christians on our own soil again and now with more intensity. Abroad, we have allowed them to create weapons of horrible mass destruction that could bring about our very end for no other reason than "peace". Why have we as Americans and Christians not fought back and defended ourselves? Why have the American people become as weak as to allow "Murderers" to build nuclear arsenals to wipe Christian civilization off the face of God's Creation?"


I let the roars of applause flow through the room as a new slide came up with a Forbes Magazine Cover Rising Stars of the Next Tech Generation featuring two teenage boys openly embracing, "Now, look upon them, they appear to be two bright teenage boys with a great future in front of them, but look closer at their open display of affection. They want us to be more "open", more "sharing", and more "loving", but it runs counter to what Christians must do to defend ourselves today. Homosexuality is weakening our resolve; it is weakening our nation to attack from outsiders. How can we defend ourselves, when this is the future of "American Technology" and "American Life"? Are we merely a nation driven by mobile applications and quartz based processors? No, we are a Christian nation with divine destiny as declared by God himself. The laws in the Bible were made by God not merely for Jews two thousand years ago, but they are his lessons on maintaining the strength and integrity of a civilization created in his name. While homosexuals as individuals pose no threat to us though their acts are abhorrent, their presence as a group and as an influential ideology is destroying our ability to fight. In the last 20 years, our military has never seen lower morale as they have gained access and soften our iron resolve to nothing. How did this "group" form under the watchful eyes of Christian Evangelicals? I am sorry to say, it was the Evangelicals' own pride that led to their rise. We allowed them to spread like locust into the wind 30 years ago, because we did not attack the root of their creation, instead we directed ourselves merely as a moral majority that can dictate rather than lead and fight. Evangelicals might be able to quote the bible down to the last words of Revelations, but they do not act for God himself as those assembled here can. They are our foolish brothers, who are unable to move forward as we have to a world that God demands our attention. How foolish were they to believe a majority will last under the thousands of stings the homosexual movement would deliver. They still fight the same way despite the signs they have lost and their foolish belief in a majority has long since been broken. Now, we are left with merely 333, an auspicious number for God, but too few to fight the Homosexual pest or defend ourselves against the Islamic hordes. Should we merely give up?"


Inhaling deeply, I blew out my response like the Trumpets at Jericho, "NO! We will not back down from defending Christian Civilization despite the weakness of other Christians. We may not all come from the same Church or alignment of Christ, but our hearts are united in common cause for a common defense. Let those bastards, who call themselves Imam's and Ayatollahs, know Christians will not go quietly into the night. We will unite fragmented forces and build a force that will not merely "challenge" them, but "end" them once and for all eternity. When we are done, there will be no trace of this evil left on the earth, no trace of Mecca or their Prophet's bones for prayer. They have shown us no mercy and have declared war on God himself; we will be the vanguard from which legions shall be formed to eradicate these demons. Yet, before we engage them, we must remove the pestilence of homosexuality, so our fields will grow strong and virile fruit once more with soldiers and scholars, virtuous women and virile men. Unlike our Evangelical brethren, who have spent decades on campaigns, political actions, and marches, we will engage them on a new frontier that has not been defined and where they are weakest, but where our skills will prove to be their downfall. You are all the finest minds of Christendom, who can achieve great things with the tools of your trades. We do not need armies of thousands or millions to defeat this pest; we merely need to bring down their group with precise conflagrations. I propose a surgical strike, not with outright violence which will be noticed, but a coordinated action of Christian minds in the shadow of God. With the Homosexual ideology weakened, we can rise to challenge the demonic armies of Islam without fear of contrition."


I took one last look around, and ended with a picture of Marilyn and Martha from 20 years ago, the source of my conviction and devotion to this fight, "Remember your families and loved ones. All of you have lost brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, wives and husbands to this struggle. It is for them we must fight and carry on; it is for them we must accomplish what no one else in 2 thousand years has finished. There will be test and trials by fire. We may not succeed immediately, but we shall prevail as God is on our side."


               And So It Begins...



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