FAIRY TALES RETOLD September, 2000

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This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!

Author's note:

This is the story of an adventurous young man who sets out on a sea voyage and is shipwrecked on a deserted island. He spends many years in lonely isolation before he finally finds a mate and succeeds in returning to his home.
Here you will get to read only his saving of 'Big Dong' and the start of their relationship.


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  Robinson stood staring at the sleeping young man. He was a handsome fellow, tall and well built. He must be around 24 thought Robinson. His long, straight, black hair framed a very handsome face that had a strange beauty about it.

  Robinson felt a strange and almost forgotten urge stir in his loins..... Slowly he approached the sleeping man and lifted the hand-made goatskin quilt and gawked at the naked body of the 'savage' who he had saved that very morning. The man was sleeping on his stomach, his face turned towards the door. Robinson stared at the soft, smooth brown skin that seemed to simmer and glow in the flickering light of the lamp... the curves of the strong shoulders, the narrow waist that suddenly rose to form the twin globes of the buttocks. He was panting as with shaking fingers he reached out.......

=== ***** ===

  The first year Robinson could think about nothing but escaping from the island. He longed for another man, someone to talk to, to hold and touch..... that warm feel of another body covering his.... that incredible sensation of a thick shaft stretching his colon..... One whole year was indeed a long time to have spent with just wild goats for company. The goats were good to fulfill the impossible lust that tore at him on cold nights, but it could never take the place of another man. The warmth of a man's body..... the hot mouth, the plaint lips.... strong arms holding him. O, how he had missed those teen years in England and later those wild days of sexual frenzy on the ship with the young hands that he had hired to man his ship and keep his bunk warm!..... ONE year! It seemed another world..... another existence!!!

  His hopes for rescue had been so high just a few months earlier when a Spanish ship ran aground on the rocks. But when Robinson went for his boat and sailed out to the ship, be found only dead bodies and a small amount of cargo which he brought ashore. The muskets, gunpowder, and clothing would be of some use to him. He also took the only survivor of the wreck, the ship's dog, with him.... 'this dog,' he thought 'must surely be better than those billy goats......' the idea had excited him!

  But the novelty soon wore off and now the need for a man was becoming stronger.... so strong in fact, that Robinson could no longer resist it. He thought about it during the day and dreamed about it at night. The same dream kept repeating itself over and over, night after night. In the dream he saw a tall, dark and handsome man with long flowing hair come one day to the deserted island and walk up to him and picking him up in his strong arms carry him into the log cabin. And then he makes passionate love to Robinson.....! This dream became so real that Robinson decided he had to do something about it..... maybe even 'arrange' for the man to come.

  He had already seen, long back, that some men occasionally came to the island in boats along with what was obviously prisoners and then sacrificed these men and ate them..... He decided he must keep an eye for them.... maybe one amongst them was his promised lover.... He HAD to find out!!! So, Robinson began his watch on the shore. He watched for six months; he watched for a year; he watched for a year and a half. Still, no canoes appeared on the sea. Then, one morning, Robinson awoke and found the canoes he had been searching for so desperately..... it also meant MEN! God, was he excited!!

  He already knew these men were cannibals..... and therefore he had to be very careful! What if the guy he chose and finally seduced ate him after they had finished making love? But then he was so desperate he didn't much bother about that part of the scenario yet. Again maybe, he could save one of those prisoners ..... surely those guys weren't cannibals?! As he thought all these things he climbed to the top of the little hill above his 'fortress' and saw thirty men dancing around a fire down below on the shore. Something was cooking in a huge pot, but Robinson couldn't be sure what it was..... whether it was indeed human meat.... As he watched the lean and strong figures of the dancing men his cock hardened with his long pent-up lust and he slowly pumped his hips into the ground....

  Suddenly he noticed two men being dragged from the boats towards the fire. But one of the prisoners caught his instant attention and sent a lightening bolt up his spine..... The man seemed very young, even from this distance and he could see the muscles ripple under the glistening brown skin as he was pulled towards the fire. He had a strikingly handsome face and was like the rest of the men, naked..... But what fascinated Robinson most was the incredibly thick and long cock that dangled between the man's legs!! It looked magnificent. Robinson nearly shot his seeds that instant.... he groaned softly as his pumping quickened.

  To his horror one of them was immediately knocked down with a club, and the cannibals began cutting him open. The other prisoner, the one that had caught Robinson's eye, was left standing by himself until they were ready for him. Seeing himself unguarded and hoping to save his life, the native suddenly jumped away from them and ran into the woods. He was heading in Robinson's direction. And as Robinson gazed at these events, he couldn't help but wonder, "Can my dream be coming true?" Then he turned his attention back to the savages and saw that only three of them were sent after the fleeing native. Robinson cheered silently as he saw the native out running the savages.

  "Keep running, my man!" he whispered. "You'll make it. God, I need you!" Then as the native came to the creek, "O, please God," prayed Robinson, "let the man swim, let him swim well and swiftly!"

  The man dove in and, with strong, swift strokes, made it across the creek in seconds. When the three savages reached the creek, only two of them seemed to know how to swim. The third could not, so he turned and went back towards the beach. The two savages were not as swift as the native, so he was well ahead of them by the time they reached the other side of the creek.

  At this moment Robinson knew that it was his fate to save the poor native's life and enjoy the company of a virile young man again! He ran down his ladder and grabbed his guns. He climbed over his fortress wall and took a shortcut to the creek. Within minutes, Robinson stood just ten feet behind the fleeing native. He called out to him. The man turned and stared at Robinson. Robinson waved to him, calling him to come back, but the native was too frightened to move.

  Soon Robinson heard the savages approaching. He didn't want to fire his gun and warn the others, so he knocked the first savage out with the gun's butt end. When the second savage saw his partner attacked, he pulled out his bow and arrow There was no time to club him now, so Robinson fired. The savage fell dead. The frightened native stared at his enemies on the ground. He was so terrified of the fire and the noise from Robinson's gun that he couldn't move. Robinson called to him again and made signs for him to come closer, smiling in a seductive way. The man started walking, trembling, with each step he took, Robinson's eyes glued to the massive shaft that dangled limply between those strong thighs.

  He had never seen anything like this..... 'What was that mighty stick that roared like a thunder and spewed fire to kill its enemy so far away....' he thought. As he came closer, he began kneeling on the ground every ten or twelve steps and raising his hands up.... like telling Robinson not to shoot him. He stared at this strange man covered in furry clothes, so unlike him and his people.... and he looked so different, pale and light haired.... What was this creature.... that stood on two legs yet was not like them? The man was scared yet fascinated..... and this creature had also saved him from the cannibals..... or was it he had done so to ultimately eat him himself? He went close and knelt down in front of his savior and bowed his head in surrender. Robinson lifted him up and patted him on the shoulder and then hugged him tight, rubbing his groin into the naked body of the young man.

  Just then, the savage, who had only been knocked out, began to move. Robinson pointed to him, and the native spoke some words, which Robinson could not understand. Yet, the words sounded pleasant to Robinson's ears, for they were the first sounds of a man's voice that he had heard, except his own, in many years. And it sounded so sexy.... he shuddered. But there was no time for enjoying voices now, or dream about the things he planned to do with this awesome hunk, for the savage was already sitting up. The native pointed to the sword hanging from Robinson's belt. Robinson pulled it out and handed it to him. No sooner was the sword in his hand than he ran to his enemy and, with one blow, cut his head off.

  Once that was done, Robinson led the native back to his fortress. There, he gave him food and water and made the bed for the tired young man to lie down.... but he didn't give him any clothes to cover himself up with. Within minutes, the poor creature was sound asleep.

=== ***** ===

  Robinson groaned heavily as his fingers came in contact with the warm globes. He patted the flesh and gently started to knead them.... Moving lower, he slowly parted the full cheeks of the sleeping man and again let out a lusty moan.

  The years of loneliness and the suppressed lust roared at him and he fell on his knees burying his face in the most tantalizing ass crack he had ever seen! With a shudder he opened his mouth and his tongue darted out to lick at the puckered orifice that seemed to wink at him.... !!! He shivered at his tongue tasted the wrinkled butt chute of the slumbering native and he spread the cheeks wider. His wet tongue stabbed at the closed opening and licked around it.... up and down the crack and back at the pink rosebud.... The strong man-smell after all these years was driving him out of his mind as he opened his mouth wide and attempted to pull the whole damned ass into his oral cavity!! On and on he laved at the bottom hole of the sleeping man and unable to hold any longer let his tongue probe and push at the closed hole..... The man's hips rose slightly and he moaned softly as Robinson's tongue slid in.....

  He felt the warm breath and the wet tongue..... blinking, he slowly woke up. He started to raise went he felt the man's, his savior's hands hold him down as his mouth sucked at his bottom. He smiled, he knew what this man wanted, understood his needs..... well, he wasn't named 'Big Dong' just like that.... Back at home too he was in great demand, since 14 he had been pursued, by both the men and women of his tribe and he had learned quite a bit from his numerous sexual encounters. And now this pale skinned man wanted the same..... He was game, he just loved to fuck, be it a tight cunt or the gripping ass hole, be it a man or a woman.

  He parted his legs wider and raised his ass higher, giving the man better access to his twitching hole. He slid his hand under and grabbed his quickly hardening cock to slowly jack off, enjoying the probing tongue and kneading fingers. The man rimmed great thought Big Dong..... he must love eating ass.

  With his head spinning with lust, Robinson gave a last, hard lick and stood up. Quickly stripping off his clothes he stood naked before Big Dong, now sitting up on the bed. Both men looked into each other's eyes and Robinson smiled. Turning around he bent over and parted his ass cheeks, giving the native a clear view of the puckered hole within the deep valley. Looking over his shoulders at the man he had saved from the savages he smiled once more.....

  "Take me man. Fuck me in the ass...... Oh, how I need a cock up my chute!" he whispered in a hoarse voice, choked with lust and need.

  Sex needs no language, never needed any and Big Dong understood what was wanted of him. He rose slowly and still stroking his rampant cock advanced towards the bent and shivering man, his savior. With his free hand he swatted the full cheeks making the man groan and wriggle his ass then swiping the flesh baton up and down the crack he nudged at the bung hole. The hole clamed shut and then stretched open as he applied pressure.

  Robinson was shaking as he hollered, "Fuck me...... fuck me...... shove it right in...... Ooooooooo...... its been such a long time..... fuck the shit out of me......... fuck me shitless!" he blabbered.

  Big Dong didn't understand any of the things being said but he did get the feel..... understood what the pale man meant. Digging his fingers into the slim waist he jerked his hips and rammed in. The sphincter snapped open and swallowed the swollen head in a rapid movement, claming down on the throbbing shaft in a vice like grip.

  Robinson was in heaven as he felt the head nudge him and then bore into his twitching bottom. He let out a heavy groan of satisfaction at the nearly forgotten feel of a rampaging cock tearing into him.... But this was by far the biggest he had ever taken, and he had taken many, he closed his eyes and pushed back at the native, desperately trying to relax his ass muscles to allow more of the magnificent cock to enter. He had already applied a liberal coat of lard to his butt hole before he came into the room to wake up the sleeping man. For he knew that he was big and the goats and dog hadn't stretched him enough to take a man of this size, but even then it was an ordeal to accommodate the massive dick now knocking at his back entrance. He held his breath and pushed back and suddenly felt his inner ring relax and the flesh pole sink in..... He grunted and sighed, trembling with lust as he felt the huge balls smack his jingling nuts and the lush pubic bush of the native tickle his ass cheeks. Biting down on his lower lips to stifle the cry of need he slumped forwards on his hands and gave himself up to the roaring waves of naked passion.

  The stabbing slab of hot meat probed his unexplored depths, pounding his ass walls with the determined head, the abnormal circumference expanding his ass mouth wider, stretching his colon to the maximum. It throbbed and pulsed, making his stomach churn and heave. Each withdrawal was a vacuuming and frictioning that sent delicious thrill through every inch of his writhing flesh, blanking out every other sensation. The effect was that of having his inside emptied and refilled with ever increasing speed, accelerating his pulse and forcing him to answer with his own pelvic gyrations.

  Big Dong fucked him with massive thrusts and surprising speed, sending the bolting shaft deep within his belly, extracting animal cries with every shove and then pulling back completely to ram in again! Robinson was ecstatic..... a real man, a real cock, after so many years and that too one of the biggest. He didn't even have to touch himself as he ground to his first climax, a mind-boggling event that left him nearly drained and panting.

  But the man continued to fuck, never missing a beat, opening up more of his insides, cramming the full length of the monstrous prick up to the thick base with every thrust, scrapping his knees on the rough earthen floor. But he didn't care..... his only wish seemed to be able to go on enjoying the stretching, the probing...... after such a long time and by such a glorious cock. He was loving every bit of it.

  With head bowed low and shoulders slack Robinson slammed his ass back at the man fucking him, the cheeks slapping audibly against the groin, thigh against thigh..... the swinging balls against his own nuts. It felt awesome. He felt his cock stir again, stiffening and lengthening slowly as his prostate got the full treatment with the thick shaft sliding in and out of his stretched bottom. He felt it tingle and throb and then with a sudden twitch he exploded a second time..... He raised his head and let out a loud yell as he balls knotted at the base of his shuddering cock and the first blast left him. His ass quacked and churned violently as shot after thick shot of his sperm splattered out of the jerking penis..... even in the throes of his massive climax, the second within a span of minutes, he felt the cock in his ass twitch and jerk...... it seemed to grow longer and thicker and then with a massive shove he felt the native unleash a torrent of man seed up his ravaged bottom, coating the raw walls, soothing them.

  They fell apart, exhausted and immediately Robin was between the widely spread legs of the heaving native, licking at the wilting shaft, as if trying to revive it for another ass smacking session on his knees.

  Over the next few days it was as if Robinson had forgotten all his duties..... he never went out, to tend his fields, water his plants or even pick the fruits, the only thing he seemed concerned about was the penis between his Man Friday's solid thighs..... He was continually there, his mouth or anus glued to the shaft...... getting all his desires fulfilled after years on the island alone, with only the wild goats and a dog to keep him warm!


  Robinson and Big Dong (whom he had named Friday) finally built a sea worthy boat and sailed away from the forsaken island to ultimately meet other white men like himself. They rescued him and took him home, back to England. He took Friday with him and taught him English and the way of the white man. Everybody knew him as Robinson's private valet..... only did the two know the real nature of their relationship.


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