The Adventures of Stampley Plantation - Chapter 4


The Adventures of Stampley Plantation

By WannabeWhitman (Mmb, nc, 1st, ds, hist, interr, va)

DISCLAIMER: This story is a homosexual fantasy involving slavery in the antebellum South, non-consensual sex with minors, and racial epithets. If you think any of this might offend you, DO NOT READ. If you live in a country, state, or jurisdiction that prohibits you from reading this material, DO NOT READ. If you are a minor, DO NOT READ. I realize these stories might contain material distasteful, even shocking, to some, but nobody is forcing you to read it. Keep in mind these are only FANTASIES based on our country's racial history and my own conflicted imagination. My intention is not to condone or encourage racism, sex with minors, or rape.

Although this story is set in the antebellum South, I have not done extensive research and cannot guarantee complete historical accuracy. Most of the names, however, are taken from actual records of slave-owners and their slaves.

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Chapter 4: The Bribe (Part 2)

Five days earlier, Thad had gotten into the first fistfight of his ten-year-old life.

The rumor had been spreading throughout the slave quarters that his older brother Elijah was spending most of his time in the Big House.

Some of the children believed he'd been hired as a house-slave. Others guessed that he was going to be sold, and that the Master was feeding him night and day to bulk him up and get the most for his money. The more imaginative children speculated that Elijah had secretly murdered the new Master, hidden his body, and was now in charge of Stampley Plantation.

Thad never knew how to respond to his friends' eager questions. All Elijah had told him was that he was the new Master's personal slave, but Thad knew there was more to it than that. Most people in the slave quarters envied the slaves in the Big House, but his mother's and brother's behavior didn't make it seem like Elijah's new job was anything to celebrate. In fact, Thad was sure that whatever it was the new Master made his brother do, it must be pretty awful. Maybe Elijah had to scrub floors or shovel horseshit out of the barn. Maybe he had to fan the Master for hours at a time. But what puzzled Thad was that even the worst chores he could imagine didn't seem worthy of the tears he witnessed on his mother's and brother's faces every night.

Other than Elijah's absence from the daily games, swimming, and fishing, everything had seemed pretty normal until Lil Rooster opened his big yellow mouth.

A few of the boys were hanging out in a field behind the slave quarters after a rowdy game of "catch a nigger."

Out of nowhere, Lil Rooster said, "Hey, Thad....I hear 'Lij been turned into the new massuh's pussy. That true???"

Thad whirled around in surprise. He didn't know exactly what "pussy" meant, but he knew it had something to do with girls, and calling another boy a girl was the gravest of insults.

"That ain't true at all, and you know it!" Thad said defiantly. "Take it back!"

"Awwwww, is baby brother stickin' up for the new massuh's pussy-boy?"

At almost 15 years of age, Lil Rooster was the resident bully of the slave quarters, but all the kids looked up to him. Folks said he'd gotten his name from the way he squawked like a rooster when he was born, but since that time he'd also taken on the strutting confidence that his name suggested.

A lot of his cockiness was due to his looks. He had piercing blue eyes, high-yellow skin, a full head of black, "good" hair, full lips, and strong, high cheekbones that made him look both masculine and feminine. Rumor had it that he was a mix of white, Negro, and Indian.

Even at his young age, Lil Rooster already had a reputation as a lady's man. Gossip circulated that at 13 he'd seduced Miss Bessy, who was more than twice his age and married at the time, and hadn't stopped bedding females of all ages since. Out of that rumor came another rumor that he had the biggest dick of any man on the plantation. Some even said that his mother named him the second she saw her newborn baby's enormous cock.

Needless to say, all these rumors combined to make Lil Rooster an intimidating but popular presence among the slave children.

"I thought you was his friend," Thad protested. "You ain't supposed to be talkin' 'bout him behind his back. Who told you that rotten lie anyway?!?"

"My Mama," Lil Rooster claimed convincingly.

Thad was speechless for a second, trying to think of what to say.

"I heard her last night," Lil Rooster continued. "She was tellin' Daddy 'bout how the new massuh likes to put his thing in boys 'stead of girls. And how he took a liking to 'Lij and made him a full-time pussy-boy. He probably up in the Big House suckin' Massuh's dick right now!"

Thad was confused and angry. He didn't understand half of Lil Rooster's accusations, but he knew they were ugly, hurtful lies. He tried to picture his brother's mouth on another man's penis, and the whole idea seemed absurd beyond belief to his sheltered mind.

"That ain't nothin' but an ugly low-down lie and you knows it!" Thad shouted.

He ran over to Lil Rooster and shoved him with all the strength his little body could muster. Lil Rooster was caught off guard and fell to the ground laughing, sprawled on his back.

"Calm down, baby brother!" Lil Rooster said, grinning the big smile that had already charmed half the females on the plantation. "I'se only repeatin' what I heard. It ain't your fault if 'Lij turned sissy on us! It don't make YOU a cocksucker, do it?"

The other boys looked to see what Thad would say. The young boy stuttered to come up with a worthy response.

"Or do it?" Lil Rooster asked again, laughing and grabbing the huge bulge in his crotch.

He decided to take his teasing to another level.

"Hey, Moses, come over here!" he called out.

A cute kid about Thad's age with charcoal-black skin ran over to Lil Rooster's side.

"You be 'Lij, and I'll be the new Massuh," Lil Rooster suggested in a mischievous tone of voice.

He pushed Moses down on all fours, dropped to his knees behind him, grabbed him by the hips, and began grinding into the boy's tiny upturned buttocks with exaggerated thrusts.

"Oh, Elijah!!!!" Lil Rooster cried out, throwing his head back in the air. In a melodramatic motion he moved his hand across his forehead, as if wiping sweat from his brow.

"I DECLARE!" he exclaimed in an accent he thought sounded like the few white men he'd encountered. "I believes this be the best nigger pussy I done ever tried! How DOES you make your pussy so tight?!?"

He accelerated his comical pumping against Moses's backside until the two boys collapsed on their backs on the grass, laughing hysterically. The other slave boys were laughing too, even those like Thad who didn't completely get the joke.

All Thad knew was that he wasn't about to let anybody call his big brother a girl, especially a WHITE MAN'S girl.

With Lil Rooster flat on his back, Thad saw his chance. Shouting at the top of his lungs, he straddled Lil Rooster's chest and began pounding away at the older teen's face with his fists. He was only able to get in a few good punches, however, before the bigger boy grabbed him by the throat and flipped him on his back. Thad knew he didn't stand a chance, but he continued screaming like a madman and throwing kicks and punches in every direction.

Lil Rooster held him down by the shoulders as if he were pinching a butterfly between his fingers. He had an amused smile on his face.

"Don't you ever fuckin' hit me again, you hear?" Lil Rooster warned. "I was just fuckin' with you anyway. I hope I'se wrong about the whole thing anyhow. We ALL best hopes I be wrong about it," he added softly, looking around at the other boys.

None of the boys had been the same around Thad since that day. They still talked to him and played with him, but they seemed cautious and suspicious in a way Thad had never noticed before. Almost like he was sick or something.

He didn't tell his mother about the fight, figuring she had enough to worry about. He'd been lucky that Lil Rooster had left nothing more than a small red mark on his neck.

Thad began sleeping in late, and playing alone more often. He missed his older brother, and hated how drastically his life had changed in just one week's time. He didn't see his older brother as much anymore, and when he did see him, Elijah never played or laughed like he used to. His mother cried all the time, even though she thought he couldn't tell. And now the friends he'd grown up with were treating him like he had cooties.

On the morning five days after his fight with Lil Rooster, Thad was just getting out of bed when Elijah burst through the cabin door. His hair was sticking up all over the place, and he looked like he'd been running from a ghost.

"What's the matter, 'Lij?" Thad asked in surprise.

Elijah didn't answer at first. He stared blankly ahead, like he was trying to decide what to say.

"Massuh James is gonna help us find Daddy!" Elijah blurted out, his face breaking into a huge smile. "He's gonna track him down and bring him back to us, right back to this cabin!"

Thad's eyes shot wide open. Then he started jumping up and down, hopping all across the cabin's dirt floor and screaming for joy at the top of his lungs. Suddenly he stopped and looked at his older brother with confusion.

"But 'Lij, that's like the bestest news ever!!! So why you look like you done seen a ghost when you walked in?"

Elijah's smile turned once again to a troubled frown when he remembered the high price he and his brother would have to pay for their reward.

"Ummmmm...." Elijah stuttered, not sure how to prepare his little brother for the trials to come. "Before Massuh helps us, he wants....he wants me to bring you with me to the Big House."

Thad's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"The new Massuh wants ME?!? He wants both of us??? What for???" he asked, trying to wrap his young brain around the circumstances closing in on him.

"I reckon he wants another personal slave," Elijah explained, feeling ashamed of himself for lying to his little brother. He was afraid if he explained the total truth all at once, Thad would run screaming from the room and never come back. Elijah didn't want to spoil their one slim chance at reuniting their family.

"Sometimes....sometimes he makes me do gross things," Elijah added guiltily, looking at the floor. "He might ask you to do gross things too, but the thing is, Thad, we gotta do 'em or we'll never see Daddy again!"

Thad felt a pit growing in his ten-year-old stomach. What did Elijah mean by "gross things"? Was Lil Rooster right about his big brother after all? And did that mean the Master was going to turn HIM into a "pussy-boy" too???

"I dunno, 'Lij," Thad said with a little boy's fear in his voice. "I'se scared. I'se more scared than I get when it thunders at night. Massuh ain't gonna hurt us, is he?"

"Naw, he ain't gonna hurt us," Elijah said guiltily. "Besides, I'll be with you the whole time, and I ain't gonna let nothin' bad happen to you."

Elijah wanted to cry. He was betraying his own brother, handing him over to the enemy when what he should be doing was taking his little brother in his arms and protecting him from nasty white men like Master James.

"Listen, we ain't got much time," Elijah explained. "Do exactly what I tell you, you hear? Take Mama's soap and wash up in the creek. Wash REAL GOOD, the way Mama likes when she rubs her fingers in our ears. Then meet me in front of the Big House. And HURRY!!! Massuh James is waitin'."

Thad fetched his mother's soap, gave his older brother a quick hug goodbye, and ran toward the creek.

He recalled Lil Rooster's taunting about "pussy-boys" and "cocksuckers." The image of Lil Rooster rubbing his crotch against Moses's rear-end flashed through his mind. He remembered his mother's screams on the first night they took Elijah away. He wondered why Elijah had been so insistent that he bathe in the creek first.

Thad's little-boy-body shuddered in fear as his innocent mind struggled to picture the possibilities.

But hadn't the Master promised to help them find their father? Didn't that mean he was a kind and generous man? With a Master like that, the afternoon couldn't be TOO bad, could it?

James sat fully clothed on the edge of his bed, the same way he had on the first night he met Elijah. Standing in the middle of the floor, facing him, were Elijah and Thad, visibly scared, the older brother with his arm around the younger.

"This my little brother Thad, Massuh James," Elijah said in a nervous voice.

Thad looked sheepishly at the ground, scared to utter a word. He was still in shock from his walk up the marble staircase, having never been inside such a big and fancy home in his entire life.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Thad," James said, grinning.

Thad's looks far exceeded his highest expectations. Ten-year-old boys were definitely on the low end of the spectrum of what James typically found attractive, but for some reason Negro boys Thad's age were far more appealing than white boys the same age. And for a little boy still years away from puberty, Thad was strikingly good-looking. One could only tell the two boys were related by looking closely, and Thad's looks far surpassed his older brother's in attractiveness. His hair was cut close to his head in a thin layer of crispy Negro curls. His skin was a lighter shade of brown than Elijah's, more like the color of coffee with lots of extra cream. He had a small, bony build, typical of a ten-year-old Negro boy and without an ounce of body fat. Two tempting round curves filled out the back of the boy's pants, so tiny that James could cover the boy's ass with the width of one hand. He had the cutest little button-nose, smaller than his brother's and without the wide, flared nostrils typical of African ancestry. His lips were a rich dark red, full but thinner than Elijah's. The boy clearly has white blood running somewhere in his veins, James thought to himself.

"Come here, boy, and stand in front of me," James ordered kindly but firmly.

Thad looked up at his older brother as if asking permission. Elijah nodded his assent, but seemed reluctant to release Thad's arm. Thad walked slowly over to James and stood before him.

"Let me have a look at you," James said, shaking in anticipation of what he might do with the helpless boy's little body. He was feeling bolder and more relaxed than his first time with Elijah. He reached up and took the boy's face firmly in both hands, running his fingers sensuously across the contours of the boy's face as if he were a blind man struggling to feel out a stranger's appearance.

Thad's body tensed at the white man's touch, but he was still too terrified to say anything.

Elijah winced as he watched his Master pet his little brother like a puppy.

James pulled Thad closer to him, so close that the front of Thad's body pressed tightly against James's crotch. Thad could smell coffee and biscuits on the man's breath.

"Did your brother tell you why he brought you here today?" James asked, curious to know the extent of Thad's innocence.

"He says you wants another slave for yourself, Massuh," Thad answered, looking back at his older brother for approval. Elijah nodded nervously and looked away.

James laughed at Elijah's half-truth.

"I guess in a way you're right," James said, smiling wickedly. "Your brother's been doing some real good work for me this past week, but he told me you'd be even BETTER suited to what I'm looking for."

Elijah started to speak up in protest, but James continued talking over him.

"Your brother tells me you and him like to play games, Thad. So consider today a game. A competition between brothers to see who can please your Master more. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"I reckon, Massuh James," Thad mumbled, still staring at the floor. He had a strong sense that he was being lied to.

"I'm afraid I'm going to need to see more excitement than that before the day's over," James added sternly. "If I'm pleased by BOTH of you, I'll keep my promise to bring your father home. You do want to see your father again, don't you?"

As James said this, he reached his hands around the boy and cupped Thad's tiny round buttocks in his hands. Their smallness was surprisingly appealing to James. They were the tightest, firmest two mounds of flesh he'd ever touched. James had no doubt he was the first man to touch Thad in this way, and his dick sprung to life at the thought of touching, tasting, and tearing open what must be the tiniest and tastiest of treasures hidden just beyond the boy's clenched butt-crack.

Thad's entire body stiffened defensively, but he didn't say a word. It felt weird to be standing so close to his Master. It felt wrong to have the man's hands groping his bottom. Thad wondered if having another man touch your bottom automatically turned him into a "pussy-boy."

"I wants to see my Daddy again real bad, Massuh James," Thad mumbled, trying to ignore James's intrusive touching.

"Good!" James smiled. "Do everything I say, and you'll have your father back in no time. What do you say, Elijah, don't you think it's time we teach your little brother here a few things?"

James pushed Thad aside, walked to the other side of the room, grabbed a wooden chair by the window, and placed it in the center of the floor, facing the bed.

"Have a seat, Thad," James ordered, motioning the boy to the chair.

Thad gave Elijah a confused look, then slowly walked to the chair and sat down.

Elijah was frozen to the floor, terrified of what would happen next. He kept his eyes glued to the ground, hoping that by avoiding eye contact he could somehow postpone the inevitable.

James crossed the floor to Elijah, grabbed him firmly by the back of the neck, and guided him to the edge of the bed. James sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Elijah into a sitting position between his legs, both males facing the perplexed and petrified Thad.

"Watch carefully, Thad," James instructed. "I'm going to show you what your new Master likes to do with cute nigger boys like yourself."

Thad tensed at the sound of the ugly word, looking on in dread and curiosity.

James began licking and biting the back and sides of Elijah's sweaty brown neck.

Elijah looked at the floor and closed his eyes, hoping this was a bad dream from which he'd soon awake.

As James nuzzled Elijah's face and neck, he slowly unbuttoned Elijah's shirt, watching Thad intently as he did so. The unfolding scenario was erotic beyond his wildest imagination. He quickly realized that the only thing more thrilling than taking a young Negro boy was taking a young Negro boy in front of his younger and more innocent little brother.

Thad was confused and distressed. Why was Master James holding and kissing his brother the same way he saw the older slave men sometimes hold and kiss their wives?

James spread open Elijah's shirt and pulled it off the boy's arms and back. He increased the intensity of his kisses and rubbed his hands all over Elijah's naked chest, brown and shiny with sweat. He eagerly untied the string fastened through Elijah's pants-waist, pushed Elijah into a standing position, then yanked the boy's pants to the floor.

Stepping out of them, Elijah now stood completely naked before his little brother. Elijah looked at the floor in shame.

Thad looked away, embarrassed for his brother and increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of the morning's activities. Of course he'd seen Elijah naked plenty of times before, but this was the first time it ever felt strange and shameful.

"What do you think of your brother's dick?" James asked Thad playfully.

Thad looked to his brother for some sign as to how to answer. His brother's eyes were clenched shut.

"I don't know, Massuh James. Looks like it's 'sposed to, I reckon," Thad answered matter-of-factly.

James laughed at the boy's diplomatic answer.

"You'll be mighty lucky if yours ever grows this big," James continued. "This is what white folks call a REAL nigger dick. Thick and long and straight from the jungles of Africa. Your big brother's gonna make some girls real happy one of these days."

James sat Elijah back down between his legs and fondled the boy's soft six inches.

Thad gasped when he saw this. Boys and men weren't supposed to touch each other that way. But for some reason, he couldn't look away. The whole thing felt like a blurry dream.

Impatient with Elijah's stubbornly soft dick, James pushed him back into a standing position, whirled him around so his backside was facing Thad, and then shoved his head down so low that it was nearly touching the floor. Elijah grunted in protest, uncertain what his Master was trying to do. The curves of Elijah's ass - rounder and fleshier than his little brother's - now jutted into the air.

James stood up and violently spread Elijah's ass-cheeks with both hands, exposing the boy's shy wrinkled pucker to his little brother's shocked eyes.

It was the first anus Thad had ever seen. He was only barely aware of his own anus's existence, and certainly had never had any desire or expectation to see another boy's anus, especially not his brother's. Thad stared at the place where his brother's shit comes out, wrinkled his nose in disgust, and wondered why the new Master was showing it to him.

"You turn up your nose, Thad, but this right here is a nigger boy's most prized possession," James explained, smiling lecherously. "You have no idea how many men have probably looked at your brother's ass when he's walked through the slave quarters or played with the other pickaninnies, wishing they could be right where I'm standing this very moment."

Thad looked away, embarrassed and disbelieving.

Elijah gritted his teeth and stared in deep, blushing humiliation at the dirty floor just inches from his face. Bent over and legs spread, Elijah felt like his body was going to snap in two. It felt weird to have his asshole exposed to his little brother.

James continued: "Of course nobody talks about it, but it's the part of a cute boy lots of men wish they could see and touch. You don't know it yet, but your own little asshole's probably going to provide a lot of pleasure to many men over the next few years. Hell, it might even give YOU some pleasure if you learn to take the dick right."

Thad was utterly confused. For the life of him he couldn't understand how his shit- hole could ever bring anybody pleasure. Pieces of a disturbing puzzle floated through his virgin brain, but he couldn't put them together in a way that made any sense. He saw his brother's winking asshole just a few feet away. He knew from Master James's speech that dicks had something to do with the pleasure. He recalled Lil Rooster's exaggerated impression of a white man complimenting Moses's tight "nigger pussy." It vaguely seemed to connect with Master James's words, but he still couldn't solve the mystery. He wasn't sure he wanted to.

"Just three weeks ago, I was one of those men drooling over the butts of Negro boys like you and Elijah," James confessed. He knew Thad couldn't care less, but he relished his power to corrupt the boy's mind with his words.

"I was too scared to do anything about it....until now, that is. You're my slave, meaning I can do anything I want with you. Some Masters enjoy whipping their niggers....but me, I prefer other pleasures."

His eyes still locked on Thad, James spit crudely on his right hand's index finger. Parting Elijah's ass-crack with his left hand, James shoved the entire length of his finger into Elijah's dry asshole.

Elijah cried out from the unexpected pain. He could see between his parted legs Thad's expression of disgust and dismay. The younger boy's mouth literally hung open in shock.

Thad couldn't understand why any grown man would want to put their fingers in the place where a boy's shit comes out, especially when it seemed to be causing Elijah so much pain.

"Stop, Massuh James! You hurtin' my brother, Massuh!" Thad started to jump up in protest.

"Don't forget your FATHER, Thad," James reminded the boy loudly, stopping Thad in his tracks.

Thad leaned down to see his brother's face through Elijah's spread legs. "You okay, 'Lij?"

"I'se okay, Thad," Elijah muttered sullenly. "Do what Massuh James tells you, else he ain't gonna let us see Daddy."

Thad hopped his tiny body back up on the chair, squirming uncomfortably.

James pushed his finger in and out of Elijah's ass, making gross squishy noises that sounded like little farts. James spit on his middle finger, then pushed both his index and middle finger into Elijah's stretched asshole. He closed his eyes and sighed with pleasure at the exquisite feeling of the teenage boy's warm, slimy insides.

Thad thought the new Master must be insane if he actually ENJOYED such nasty behavior.

Spitting again onto his fingers, James slid THREE fingers into the bent-over Elijah, whose low groans expressed the intense pain of the intrusion. James thrust his fingers in and out of the boy's asshole, which sucked tightly and noisily at his fingers.

James's dick was rock-hard from the feel of the young slave boy's taut sweaty body arched beside him, as well as the psychological thrill of corrupting Elijah's ten-year- old brother.

James pulled his fingers from out of Elijah's ass, yanked Elijah upright by his wooly tangled hair, turned him around to face his little brother, then rudely shoved his messy fingers into Elijah's mouth. Elijah cried out in protest.

Thad's entire body convulsed in disgust at the sight, and he lifted both arms to cover his eyes. He felt sorry for his older brother, but a guilty part of him deep down inside was glad it was Elijah licking the man's slimy fingers rather than him.

James laughed in amusement at Thad's expected (and desired) reaction.

"No need to cover your eyes, boy," James explained. "I'm sure your brother's butt- juices are delicious. Why don't you tell us, Elijah? How do they taste?"

Elijah wanted to disappear. He knew what his Master wanted to hear, and knew he had to play along no matter how much it might shame him in front of his little brother.

"They taste real good, Massuh James," Elijah mumbled quietly, the fingers still jammed in his mouth mangling his words.

Thad looked up at his brother in disgusted surprise.

"See, I told you so, Thad," James teased. "Now watch your big brother show you what a nigger boy's asshole is REALLY good for."

James shoved Elijah down to all fours on the dirty wooden floor, just four or five feet from the boy's little brother. James hastily stripped off his own shirt, pants, and shoes until he was standing completely naked in front of the stunned little ten-year- old.

Thad had never seen a white man naked before, and the sight both repulsed and fascinated him. The man's skin looked so pale compared to the complexions he was accustomed to, and his dick looked red and veiny, like those he'd seen a few times jutting out of dogs in heat. Thad felt amused pride when he realized his big brother's penis was almost as big soft as his Master's was hard.

James dropped to his knees between Elijah's legs. He spit into his right hand, smeared the saliva on the dick jutting in front of him, and thrust it violently into Elijah's asshole.

"What the....?!?" Thad cried out in sincere surprise. Suddenly Lil Rooster's obnoxious charade made complete sense. The ten-year-old stared at the sight before him as if aliens had just dropped from the sky.

James held Elijah's hips tightly in both hands as he pumped furiously into the rectum of the slave boy below him. He reached for a pillow from the bed and placed it beneath his knees, giving him greater comfort and a better angle for his pummeling of the boy's brown bubble butt. He could hear Elijah panting and groaning with every brutal thrust.

Thad looked on, appalled and entranced.

"Little Thad looks sort of scared," James told Elijah in the midst of his own heavy breathing. "Tell your little brother how your Master's dick feels!"

Elijah's head was smashed against the floor as James slammed into his body from behind. He was looking away from his brother in complete embarrassment.

"It feel real nice, Thad," Elijah moaned unconvincingly.

"You can do better than that," James barked, harshly smacking Elijah's right butt- cheek.

"Oh, man, Thad, there ain't no feelin' like this in the world!" Elijah moaned. "Fuck my ass, Massuh. Fuck the shit out of me, Massuh James!"

"Tell your little brother who you are, boy!" James demanded sadistically.

Elijah's body stiffened with shame.

"I'se just a low-down no-good nigger who loves white cocks shoved in my ass!"

Thad couldn't believe his eyes and ears. It pained him deeply to see his big brother, who'd always seemed so strong and masculine in his eyes, abused and degraded in this way. And it disappointed him to see the proud brother he respected say such filthy things, things he hoped he didn't mean. He wanted to rescue his brother from his nightmare, but felt tiny and helpless compared to the angry older white man.

Elijah was trying hard to fight back his tears. He turned his head to his brother and tried to communicate with his eyes that his words were empty lies, spoken solely to satisfy Master James. But Thad's eyes seemed magnetically drawn to the Master's dick pumping in and out of Elijah's butt. Elijah had tried so hard to be the man of the house since his father had been sold away, but he knew now that this one act of submission before his little brother's eyes had swept all his efforts away. He knew he would never hold quite the same respect and admiration in his little brother's eyes, and that realization broke his heart.

James continued thrusting into Elijah's asshole, which was now sloppy-wet with saliva and the boy's natural ass-juices. He smacked Elijah's legs and buttocks hard with every stroke, enjoying the sound of his hands slapping violently against the boy's sweaty skin. He loved watching Elijah's firm teenage ass-cheeks tense up in taut muscles every time his dick slammed deep into his guts. He savored the heat and wetness and tightness of Elijah's adolescent asshole.

He looked over at the cute little Negro boy sitting on the chair and imagined the ecstasy it would be to force his way into Thad's tiny little butt, splitting it in two.

Feeling an oncoming orgasm, but eager to prolong the day's pleasures, James pulled his cock out of Elijah with a noisy slurping sound.

Elijah's body collapsed to the floor in relief. His respite lasted only seconds, however, before James, still on his knees, forced Elijah to face him on all fours so that he could feed the boy his dick still dripping with spit and ass-slime.

Elijah shut his eyes tightly and took James's cock in his mouth, instinctively gagging at the first taste of his own ass-juices. James grabbed the back of Elijah's head and impaled the boy's face on his cock. He arched his hips in a back and forth motion, shoving his dick repeatedly into the back of Elijah's throat.

Thad sat on the chair with his knees now pulled to his chest. He buried his head between his knees, lifting his eyes every few seconds to peek at the horror before him, only to hide his eyes again in disgust. He felt sorry for his suffering brother. For some reason the sight of Elijah gagging on the Master's dick disturbed him even more than the brutal ass-fucking, perhaps because it was easier for him to imagine how awful it probably felt. He had no idea why the grown white man would want to do such things, and could only conclude that he was a mean, hateful white man who got pleasure from hurting young Negro boys.

Thad's initial curiosity in the show in front of him gave way to the fear and panic one would expect from a boy his age. His little-boy-body began convulsing with sobs.

"Stop hurting my brother!" Thad cried out in between heaving sobs. "Please stop hurting him, Massuh James! I'm sorry, 'Lij, I'm so sorry, 'Lij....I wish I could stop him but I can't."

James had a momentary vision of the beast he'd turned himself into, and felt a brief pang of sympathy for the tiny little boy sobbing on the chair.

"I think your little brother's seen enough," James said with a disgusted shrug, more at himself than anything else.

He released the back of Elijah's head and pulled his dick from between the boy's thick Negro lips. He stood up, walked over to the washbasin beside the bed, wet the cloth beside it, and washed off his dick. He then crossed the room and stood beside Thad's chair.

The two boys watched his every move with bated breath, desperately hoping this was the end of the morning's ordeal.

Looking down at Thad, James said, "Now that you know what's expected of you, I think it's time we break you in and give you some practice."

Thad tried to say something in protest, but the words caught in his throat. He shot Elijah a look of pure panic.

Elijah nodded his head in weak encouragement to cooperate, then looked sadly away, ashamed that he was helpless to rescue his little brother from his fate.

"I'm a little worn out from all this excitement," James continued, patting Thad on the shoulder and smiling devilishly at Elijah. "I think I'll let big brother do the honors. He's been working so hard for me, it's only fair to let him in on some of the fun."

Thad's head whipped to look at Elijah in surprise and confusion.

Elijah backed away from the center of the room, shaking his head in vehement defiance.

"Awwwwww, HELL NO!!!" Elijah shouted, forgetting for a moment that he was in the presence of a white man who could whip, sell, or lynch him with impunity. He clasped his hand to his mouth in hasty contrition. "I mean....please no, Massuh James! Don't make me do nothin' to hurt my little brother! Show us some mercy, Massuh James!"

Elijah had been so worried about the countless ways Master James might harm Thad, the idea of them being forced to do gross things TOGETHER never crossed his mind.

"The way I see it," James explained calmly, "this IS mercy. Like it or not, Thad's gonna see and do things you can't protect him from. And isn't it better he learn them from an older brother who loves him, rather than someone like me who just might not show him any....MERCY???"

Elijah looked anxiously at his little brother.

Thad looked back with an expression of helpless panic, clearly waiting for his older brother to make a decision.

Elijah felt his heart pounding in his chest. He wanted to grab Thad by the arm and run from the Master's bedroom, far away from the Big House, but he knew such resistance would lead to brutal whippings for his whole family, the end of any chance to see his father again, and probably being sold away from his mother and brother.

Elijah felt dizzy and trapped. He squeezed back his tears and tried to make peace with what he realized he had to do. The idea of sex acts with his little brother seemed weird and gross, but not nearly as despicable or humiliating as sex acts with an older white man.

"I guess I don't got no choice, Massuh James," Elijah consented, hanging his head in shame.

Thad looked surprised and betrayed. He'd been hoping Elijah would fight the Master and lead Thad bravely from the Big House, his pride and purity intact.

James smiled lustfully, trembling in anticipation of the forbidden fantasy about to play out before his very eyes.

"You're a smart boy, Elijah," James said. "Now here's what I want you to do. Pretend you're the Master. Sit on the bed and repeat EVERYTHING I just did to you, only of course you'll be doing it to your little brother while I sit in the chair and watch. It's that simple."

James grabbed Thad's arm and pulled him up from the chair, pushing him toward Elijah and the bed. The little boy stumbled as if he was sleepwalking. James sat his naked body in the chair and faced the show about to begin.

This was Elijah's ultimate punishment, James thought to himself. Forcing him to be complicit in his own little brother's corruption.

The two boys faced each other awkwardly, as if to say, "Are we really about to do this???"

Elijah's mind poured over everything he'd just been subjected to, racing ahead to imagine himself doing the same things to his little brother. He couldn't think of any way to avoid causing his brother pain and humiliation.

Elijah reached out nervously for his little brother. Pulling Thad close to him, Elijah tenderly whispered, "This gonna hurt real bad, but I'll try to make it easy on you as I can. Remember Daddy."

Thad looked anxiously up into his older brother's sad eyes for reassurance, and squeezed his hand as if to say, "It's okay. I'll be brave for you, Mama, and Daddy."

Elijah sat on the edge of the bed as James had done a half hour earlier, and pulled Thad to him so that the younger boy was sitting between his older brother's legs. Thad thought it felt strange to be pushed so close to his brother's naked body. Elijah could feel his little brother's body shivering with anxiety.

Elijah closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and clumsily began nuzzling Thad's creamy-brown neck. He licked and kissed his brother's neck for the first time in his life. Thad stiffened from the strange, ticklish sensation. Elijah could smell Thad's freshly washed hair, and his little brother's skin tasted salty but clean, sweeter than Master James's.

James found himself intensely aroused by the taboo scene taking place before him, and moved his right hand to his hardening dick.

Elijah licked Thad's neck, cheeks, and ears, nibbling as gently and lovingly as possible. The weirdness of the situation creeped him out a little bit, but at the same time he found his brother's soft, warm skin strangely comforting. He wished something as simple as doing this all afternoon would satisfy Master James, but he knew there was more to come and was eager to have the whole thing over with.

As he tenderly pecked at the back of Thad's neck, Elijah slowly unbuttoned his brother's tattered shirt. Whispering words of reassurance in his little brother's ear, Elijah gently pulled the shirt off of Thad's shoulders and arms, tossing it to the floor.

James smiled in admiration at the naked little-boy-chest in front of him, and continued stroking his seven inches to life. He could easily circle Thad's skinny arms with his index finger and thumb. Thad's chest was flat as a washboard, with only the faintest hints of where the muscles of young manhood might develop in future years. He had the smallest nipples James had ever seen, cute specks of dark brown standing out from Thad's toffee-colored complexion. His belly button jutted out in the same way as his older brother's.

Thad shivered, more from self-consciousness than from the cool morning breeze coming through the bedroom windows. He'd been shirtless thousands of times, but never like this. He couldn't comprehend why the Master was drooling at the sight of his chest like it was a Christmas turkey.

Elijah awkwardly rubbed his hands across his little brother's chest. His hands wandered nervously and aimlessly, uncertain where to devote the most attention. He fondled the little boy's nipples, barely discernible from the rest of his soft skin. He tickled Thad's belly button and moved his hands back up the length of his brother's chest. It was embarrassing to be touching his brother this way, and he knew Thad was just as uncomfortable.

Remembering his next move, Elijah clumsily untied the string fastened through Thad's cloth pants. He whispered another word of encouragement, then gently pushed his brother into a standing position. Taking a deep breath, he slowly pulled the pants to the ground, helping the trembling Thad step out of them.

Thad's entire body stiffened. James's lascivious stares sliced his boyish modesty into shreds like dozens of sharpened daggers. He felt ridiculous and scared as he stood there awkwardly, his front exposed to the ogling white man, his bottom just inches from his embarrassed brother's face.

James drank in the sight of the naked, trembling boy. Thad's penis was little, hairless, and slightly darker than the rest of his body. James could just barely make out the beginnings of testicles bundled tightly in a brown wrinkled ball-sac. Prepubescent penises didn't usually do much for James, but the beauty of the entire package was a wonder to behold. If nothing else, the taboo of the boy's youth was enough to thrill him to an erection. Another perk of slavery, James thought to himself - the ability to explore one's deepest, darkest fantasies, totally free of consequences.

Feeling compassion for his exposed brother, Elijah pulled Thad back down to a sitting position between his legs. Recalling his next required activity, Elijah reluctantly began fondling his little brother's soft stub of a penis. Thad's body grew tense in his arms. Other than Master James's and his own, it was the first dick Elijah had ever touched.

Similarly, it was the first time anyone had touched Thad in such a private part of his body. He was surprised at the pleasurable tingling sensations it gave his body, but his embarrassment under Master James's intense gaze kept him from getting hard.

Stroking his rock-hard cock more aggressively now, James gave Elijah a stern and urgent nod to proceed with the inevitable.

This was the moment Elijah had been dreading most. He remembered the shock, then disgust, then unbearable pain when his own virgin asshole had first been violated, not so long ago. He knew his brother's age and small size, combined with a dick which was considerably larger than Master James's, would make Thad's deflowering all the more difficult and agonizing. He desperately wished he could freeze the scene and jump in his little brother's place - anything to spare him the shock and humiliation from which he knew his little brother would never fully be able to recover.

Elijah pushed Thad into a standing position, gently turned him around so that his backside faced Master James, and then pushed down on his brother's back so that he was bending over, ass in the air.

Thad squeezed his eyes shut in embarrassment, hoping it would all be over soon.

Elijah blushed as he reached over and grabbed his little brother's tiny, firm globes in both hands, pulling them gently apart to expose the tiny brown cherry between them. It felt weird to be groping his little brother's ass. Other than teasing each other about farts, it was a part of Thad's body he'd never really noticed or thought about. It felt small and smooth in his hands, and the winking hole now open to view looked ten times tinier than Master James's small asshole.

James gasped in delight at the sight of Thad's anus. As expected, it was far tinier and tighter than his older brother's. He had to stare extra hard just to spot it. To James, it appeared a delicious fruit, not quite ripe but still too tempting not to have at least one taste. James wondered how Elijah was going to fit a FINGER in the tiny opening, let alone his massive manhood.

Elijah sighed deeply, whispered a warning in his little brother's ear, licked his index finger, and then poked his fingertip against the sealed entrance to his brother's rectum. The tiny hole stood strong against the intruder, refusing to give way.

Elijah looked at Master James with a pleading look, but the older white man was lost in a lustful daze. James nodded impatiently for Elijah to continue his efforts.

Elijah spit a gob of saliva into his hand and smeared it all around his brother's butt- hole. Licking his index finger again, he pressed it against his brother's clenched anus a second time, pushing a little bit harder but being careful not to damage anything. Just as he was about to give up, Elijah felt his index finger push past the stubborn barrier, slowly sinking into the warm cavern behind it.

Thad screamed a high-pitched shriek of pain that seemed to last forever and echo across all 3,154 acres of Stampley Plantation.

"Take it out, 'Lij! Take it out!" Thad shouted in agony, trying to lurch his body away from the intruder. "I'm serious, 'Lij! Take it out!!!"

Elijah felt sorry for his brother but knew that removing his finger now would only cause more pain in the long run. Half of his index finger was now swallowed up in his brother's virgin asshole. It felt like the ring of Thad's anus would choke the circulation from his finger before they were finished. He wiggled the tip of his finger, feeling for the first time the strange texture of his little brother's insides.

He grabbed the pillow off the floor, the one Master James had been kneeling on earlier, and handed it to his brother to quiet his blood-curdling screams. Elijah inched his finger a little deeper, feeling his little brother's body tense up at each new millimeter of violation. After what felt like hours of effort, Elijah's entire finger was eventually sucked into the depths of Thad's bony boyish mounds.

James was hypnotized by the sight of the younger brother's virgin body being violated by his older brother's probing finger, all in obedience to HIS orders as their Master and owner. With his left hand he fondled his balls; with his right hand he pumped earnestly up and down on his rock-hard cock, wet from saliva and precum. His voyeuristic pleasure was so intoxicating that at no point did he consider jumping up to join the fun. There would be time for that later. To disrupt the show now would be to break a spell he'd been waiting a lifetime to cast.

Even with Thad's face buried in the pillow, Elijah could still hear his little brother's muffled screams. But the older brother knew he had no choice but to continue. To stop now would mean everything that came before had been endured in vain.

Elijah slowly withdrew his finger from the grasp of his little brother's asshole, relieved to see it come out slimy but clean. He was glad he'd had the foresight to plan Thad's bath in the creek. He then pushed his finger all the way back in, feeling his brother's anal walls reluctantly making way for the unexpected visitor. He wiggled his finger around again, trying to block out his brother's shouts and groans.

He wrinkled up his nose when he thought about what he was doing - poking fingers in his brother's shit-hole! But at the same time, against his conscious will, Elijah imagined that it was his DICK sinking deep into Thad's hot, wet insides, and his dangling appendage began guiltily twitching to life.

Elijah tried to cleanse his mind of these dirty thoughts, reminding himself of the pain such action inflicted on his own young body, and the even greater pain he knew getting fucked in the ass would cause his brother. He knew he had little choice in the matter, but he could at least choose not to ENJOY his brother's suffering....couldn't he???

Elijah hurried to get the whole thing over with. He licked his middle finger and pressed TWO fingers against his little brother's tight pucker, pushing firmly until it gradually inhaled the thickness of both fingers. Thad tried to scramble away and escape, but Elijah held him firmly in place with his left hand. He hated Master James for forcing him to rape his own brother.

Elijah pushed both fingers as deep as he could, wriggling them around to familiarize Thad with the feeling of having his rectum filled. He thrust them in and out, in and out, listening to the funny suction noises made by the friction of muscle, saliva, fingers, and air-bubbles.

The sounds made him think again of what it would feel like to fuck his little brother, and his dick continued growing in spite of himself. He looked down with horror at his semi-hard dick, jerking into the air like a snake rearing its head up to strike. How could this be happening?!? He hadn't even touched himself. It just wasn't right to want to do to his little brother what Jacob had done to Sophy that day in the barn.

But it's natural to be curious, he tried to assure himself. Then he remembered that before he'd met Master James he didn't even know a boy's body could be put to such uses! That must be it, he concluded angrily. Master James had somehow brainwashed him, polluting his mind with ideas it had never considered before.

Elijah felt like his hardening dick was going to betray his shameful thoughts to Master James and Thad, but he was helpless to do anything to stop it.

Elijah now pried open Thad's anus with three spit-lubricated fingers, stretching the hole in preparation of the larger intruder to come. Convinced that his brother's ass was as loose as it was going to get that morning, Elijah pulled his fingers out.

Thad stood up on wobbly knees, looking scared and shell-shocked. His eyes shot wide in dismay when he saw Elijah's rock-hard monster, grown to its full nine inches, jutting out menacingly before him.

Elijah looked guiltily away, holding out his slimy fingers for Thad to lick. Thad wrinkled his nose in disgust, convinced he was going to throw up. James laughed and continued stroking his dick.

"C'mon, Thad," Elijah coached gently. "I did it, and it ain't TOO bad."

Thad literally held his nose and dove in for the taste, licking Elijah's fingers thoroughly clean in a matter of seconds. They tasted weird and slimy, but not as gross as he'd expected.

"This the worst part," Elijah warned, still embarrassed of the throbbing teenage dick reaching out for his ten-year-old brother's asshole. "I'll try my best to get this over quick."

Elijah helped position Thad on all fours, on the cold wooden floor where Elijah himself had been brutally raped by Master James less than an hour earlier. Instead of using the pillow as a kneepad, he kindly gave it to his brother to once again muffle his inevitable screams.

Positioning himself behind his brother's tiny bubble-butt, Elijah awkwardly poked his thick brown cock at his brother's small wrinkled hole. His manhood looked grotesquely huge in contrast to Thad's frail little body. He rubbed his cock against the saliva still smeared around Thad's asshole, left over from Elijah's probing fingers. Realizing that wouldn't be enough lubrication, Elijah spit in his hand and stroked up and down on his dick until it was thoroughly wet. He nervously pushed the thick dark head of his African python against his little brother's asshole, pressing harder and harder until it finally broke the surface and sank two or three inches into the depths beneath.

Thad's body convulsed in a pain beyond screams.

Elijah kept still as long as he could, allowing Thad to grow accustomed to the burning sensation. Eventually the warm wet bowels beckoned his cock deeper, and he shoved it in another two inches, splitting open Thad's narrow virgin tunnel.

Elijah was torn between empathy for his little brother's excruciating pain, and an overwhelming temptation to take pleasure from the firm round ass clutching his dick in its unbelievably tight grasp.

Struggling to find a comfortable position, Elijah pushed Thad flat on his stomach so that he could rest his own body atop his little brother's, and bury his dick fully in the younger boy's unexplored depths. It took a surprising amount of strength for Elijah finally to sink his shaft all the way into Thad's ripped-open ass.

Elijah gasped in sudden pleasure at the new sensation. He was amazed at how good it felt to have his dick totally engulfed by the warm, squishy tightness of his brother's rectum. No wonder Master James craves Negro boys' asses, Elijah reflected guiltily.

Delirious from this newly discovered pleasure, Elijah forgot about Thad's pain for a moment and pumped in and out of his brother's asshole. He was forced to take it slowly at first, so restricted and resistant were his brother's anal walls. Eventually he tore them wide open, however, and started slamming in and out of his little brother's limp body with greater speed and intensity.

Thad felt like the flames of hell were burning away at his insides. Elijah's monster dick felt like a sharp tree branch spearing his little body. He smashed his face into the pillow and muffled his terrified sobs. He felt angry and betrayed that Elijah seemed to be enjoying himself so much, after promising to take it easy on him and get it over quickly.

This was a fate far more painful and degrading than anything Thad's unpolluted little mind could have ever imagined. At ten years of age, the innocent boy had no concrete, conceptual understanding of "virginity," but he still felt instinctively that with every one of his brother's thrusts, something serious and permanent was being damaged and changed inside him. He imagined Lil Rooster in the corner of the room, pointing at him and laughing and calling him a "pussy-boy." But wasn't that exactly what he'd been turned into - a pussy-boy performing dirty acts for his Master's pleasure?

James felt like he was on the brink of orgasm. He smiled in amusement at Elijah's unexpected enthusiasm. His jaw dropped in awe when he realized Thad's tiny ass had taken all nine, thick inches of Elijah's African beast. Surely the poor boy would be limping for weeks!

Elijah was caught up in a frenzy of selfish, sweaty, irrational lust. He slammed his huge cock again and again into his little brother's body. Thad's face was smashed awkwardly into the pillow, his bony little body jerking rhythmically forward in a rocking motion with every painful thrust. The smell of Thad's hair, skin, and ass was intoxicating as the little boy's flesh offered up to Elijah its previously unimagined pleasures.

This being Elijah's first time fucking another person, boy or girl, orgasm overtook him without warning. Elijah let out a wild, guttural scream as shot after shot of creamy teenage cum exploded into his little brother's stunned body.

Thad felt like someone was inflating him with hot water. He felt his brother's thrusts weakening and moaned a sign of relief.

Seeing that the teenage boy's out-of-control hormones had altered the plan, James leapt to the floor and joined Elijah in his dramatic climax. The sight of Elijah's thick dark dick still impaling his little brother's pert golden-brown ass-cheeks was enough to send James over the edge. Kneeling beside Thad's prostrate body, James unleashed four ropes of thick, hot cum all over the little boy's back and hair. With a loud sigh, he released all the pent-up lust and guilt from the morning's adventures.

Elijah looked shamefacedly at James, knowing his Master had seen him take pleasure from fucking his little brother's ass. He pulled out his soggy, softening dick, and watched a puddle of cum run out of Thad's asshole. The boy's anus gaped open in a dark circle the thickness of Elijah's dick.

James stood up and collapsed contentedly upon the bed. He called the two slave boys to lie beside him, one on each side, resting each arm beneath each boy's head. The three lay there breathing heavily, chests heaving up and down, staring up at the ceiling.

Thad, still covered in cum, felt disgusting and wanted nothing more than to run to the creek where he could wash and cry. He wondered if boys like Lil Rooster and Moses would be able to tell just by looking at him that he too was a pussy-boy now. He thought of the father he could barely remember, and wondered if having him in their lives again would make the morning's suffering worthwhile.

Elijah felt a rush of guilt and regret about selfishly taking his little brother's virginity. He wondered if Thad would ever be able to forgive him. How quickly and darkly his life had changed since meeting Master James! He hoped nobody else would find out that he'd taken pleasure from the anal rape of his little brother.

James was drunk with power and pleasure. He heard the heavy, troubled breathing and felt the warm bodies of the two slave boys at his side and knew he couldn't free them, or any of his slaves for that matter. At least not yet, at least not until he'd explored the numerous temptations of his new role as slave-owner to their fullest.

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