Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens

(Account of Six Friend's Life in the "Dark" Age)


Ruwen Rouhs

Chapter 3

Birds Die in Cages


The sun was already down; in the dusk, the cold wind from the mountain ridge made Ruwen shiver. He had to hurry home to get his share of dinner. Halfway home a timid meow made him stop. Was there a stray kitten trapped high in the apple trees across the high fence? He tried to locate precisely where the sad sound was coming from. He rose to tiptoes to have a better look into the garden. He couldn't recognise details; it was too dark already. At the age of 10, he was still a midget compared to Bastian. During the 2 years he lived in Cumberville, his new brother had grown to 5ft 1in, while he stalled at about 4 foot. He had to fetch Bastian. Together they could surely rescue the poor mite.

In the moonlight, the boys they had to scramble over the fence. They had to be quiet as a mouse because the garden belonged to that jerk Tanko. This crooked man was the thug of the village. Not only was he strong, Tanko was also devious and unpredictable. Furthermore, he was also an exhibitionist who loved to scare little girls as well as boys. Moreover, the gossip was Tanko was even into fucking goats; he was a fucktard. Bastian pushed Ruwen over the fence and then followed. They checked all the trees, but no kitten was there. The meow persisted. It seemed to come out of a low shed. Did Tanko hide a kitten there? For what purpose? What did he plan do to the kitten?

"The door is locked; we have to break the lock."

"Let's try tomorrow while Tanko is out. It's just too dark now."

Later Ruwen tossed and turned in the small bed he shared with Bastian. He had fallen asleep late and woke up in the dead of the night, trembling like a leaf. A dream made him wake up, that terrible dream that haunted him nearly every week. In the dream he was back home in the burning, conquered city. His brain replayed every terrifying moment; the assault of the marauders, the crying of his sister, the despair of his raped mother, the getaway. He wanted to run, but someone pinned him down. He was trapped. He tried desperately to jerk himself free. Just when he was about to break away he recognized who was holding him so tightly. It was Bastian. His brother was spooning him, comforting him. His last thought before he drifted back into sleep was, "I have to rescue the poor creature in the shed."

Ruwen watched the homestead of Tanko, especially the shed, from behind some wild shrubbery. Tanko headed out of the house, into the barn, then to the stable and back again. He shooed away the chickens, kicked his watchdog and cursed the bleating goats. He was whistling then muttering to himself. Coming from the hen-coop, he carried a struggling poult to the shed and entered. Ruwen was still wondering when Tanko started cursing, "Damned creature! You bloody vulture! You want to get killed?" Furiously he bolted out of the shed and left his farm.

Ruwen slipped into the shed. In the dirty, cluttered shed full of dust and full of cobwebs, his eyes had to accommodate to the low light first. There was no kitten. He started to meow to allure the animal, but there was no answer. Ruwen got worried even more. He opened the door to allow more light to enter. Now he could see a small wooden box, with a grid, on a heap of planks. Through the coarse grid he caught sight of a handful of feathers with two yellow eyes over a pointed peak. It was not a kitten, it was a young bird. He opened the wicker.

The bird started hissing and ruffled up its feathers. Ruwen tried to touch it, speaking soothingly to the fledgling. But it answered with its sharp beak. It was a small raptor! It still carried white down on the shoulders, but the pinions had already grown about the length of half a finger. Ruwen removed his shirt, put it over the bird then grabbed it reluctantly. Ruwen had never handled a raptor before, but he was familiar with doves and chickens. He did know that if you turn a bird over on its back it became immobile. With the bird wrapped in his shirt, he dashed away through the gate of the farm. It was a close thing. Just out of sight, he could hear the loud swearing of Tanko, who found the door of his shed wide open and the birdcage empty.

"You are late Ruwen! My goats are hungry and their udders are full of milk! Hurry up boy, there is a lot work ahead! Where is your shirt? Lost it?"

"I am sorry, Aunty; but look," and Ruwen displayed the bird - still on its back, scanning the new environment with scared eyes.

"Where did you get this lovely creature? Did you rob him from his mother? I tell you, that's an ugly sin!"

"Never aunty!" and the boy started to tell her the story.

"You did right! But now you have to assume the responsibility for the fledgling. You have to feed it, to put away its droppings; you even have to teach it to fly!"

"I can look for his well-being and I know Bastian will help! But I can't teach him how to fly; I am no bird!"

"But you can! Touch his spirit; do it with your spirit! Teach his spirit to fly as I taught you to soar above all desires. Touch its spirit and as a big bird he will sail above land and sea. These birds are the guardians of our valley and of our mountains; they are the keepers."

In the evening, on his way home, Ruwen tried to avoid Tanko; but in vain! The thug waylaid him and a gasping Ruwen just made it to the door as Tanko caught up.

"You offspring of a gypo and a whore, you lousy thief, you ...! Where did you hide my bird? You stole it; you raided my home, you grandson of a witch!" He seized Ruwen's shoulders and kicked him through the open door. The scared boy collapsed at the feet of his foster mother. Muriel got furious and smashed a rolling bin she had handy over Tanko's head. Hearing the noisy encounter, Klas came running from the barn, followed by the twins armed with muckrakes and hay forks.

"Dammed bugger, what has this little boy done to you? Built like a brick shit house and just brave enough to beat up small boys."

"Ask that cheeky monkey, he knows! He deserves more than a banging! Robbing a dirt-poor man!"

Now the sobbing Ruwen started to accuse Tanko furiously, "He is the thief! He is the robber! He raided the buzzard's nest!"

A broken-hearted Ruwen charged Tanko "He plucked the baby buzzard from his mother's heart, that bloody thug!"

"Stop accusing me; it's my right to catch as many wild birds as it suits me! No damned witch boy has to give me advice! Pass the bird back to me or pay for it; 20 pence! Hand over the bird or the money."

Much to Tanko s surprise, Ruwen took the small purse off his belt and started counting. Pence, halfpence, quarters, even a rappen. But he only had 16 pence, the whole earnings of 2 years. His shoulders slumped. But he didn't think of Bastian. His blood brother weaselled up the stairs, ransacked his treasury and came back with the missing coins.

"Here is the ransom! Now get lost Tanko; never touch my brother again! I swear, you will pay a hundred times for heisting a fledgling of the guardians of the valley!"



During the last two years the four boys had grown. The twins had grown into strong but lanky lads already half a head taller than Klas. They still looked the same; nobody could tell these blond giants apart. There was only a mark that made the boys distinguishable. Bendrich had a birthmark at his left buttock, close to the cleft. This secret was known only to the boys and naturally the parents. This brown mark was so suspicious that the others made a joke out of it.

"Hey, poor Bendrich, did you forget to clean your ass properly?" one of the brothers asked insinuatingly. Bendrich, not a fool at all, rubbed the mole with his index finger and offered the fingertip to his offender saying maliciously, "Smell! Do you smell the delicious honey of our outhouse?" This always ended with a lot of laughter and teasing.

Bastian was nearly a head taller than Ruwen, already sporting his first pubes. But his face was still soft and gentle like one of an angel. All four girls were a smaller, spitting image of their mother, soft bodied but strong, always smiling and chatting, despite the hard work of the house and at the farm. All four had long, blond, braided hair and a freckled, snub nose. Eileen, Ruwen's sister, stayed small like her brother despite the constant efforts of her new mother to feed her up. Because of her dark curly hair, she shone out against the other village girls.

Recently, Geroldt and Bendrich constrained their wanking competition to the first days of the week. They had discovered girls and at the same time a new sport, a really age-based fun which needed all her brains and a lot of their potency. They needed all their brains to trick the girls. The game was thrilling and fun at the same time; and the fun wasn't over after the date. The game was very simple. Both of the twins tried to impress a different girl. That was pretty easy, as both were great looking and quite appealing. At the Friday night dance, each one of them did his best to get a girl hot and into the hay. On the Saturday night date, however, they switched the girls. Not one of the girls got suspicious that they were fooling around with the other twin that night because ... well because they looked and behaved nearly identical. After returning from their nightly adventures, the rascals compared the assets and shortcomings of the girls in the hay - roaring with laughter. If only one of them was lucky to get a girl, they switched during the date and impressed the girl with their stamina.

The twins didn't want to share all of their secrets with the smaller brothers anymore. Therefore, they upgraded the small storage room in the rear corner of the attic into a room for Bastian and Ruwen. The small lodging could accommodate only the small bed, a chest, a table and a chair, but had ample crannies for their treasures behind some loose planks. Both boys preferred it to their former bedroom; because it was theirs alone, because of its window overlooking the garden and, what was even more important, because the window offered a means to slip away unnoticed.



Ruwen went to bed exhausted. This day was a very stressful day; in the morning the dangerous rescue of the fledgling, followed by the first attempts to become friends with the frightened bird and, in the evening, the fight with this thug, Tanko, and now a new bedroom. He slumped onto the mattress and was asleep in no time. Bastian found his snoring blood brother sound asleep. He slipped under the cover and snuggled down at Ruwen's back. Lately they had discovered humping. Both liked humping each other belly-to-belly, belly-to-bum and they enjoyed the friction of their sensitive pricks. Spooning Ruwen, Bastian started humping involuntarily.

"Hey randy baby, stop it! I am so tired!"

"Oh come on peewee, we have to celebrate the first night in our own room! Come on, lets make out!"

Bastian attacked Ruwen joyfully, tickling him until he squirmed and turned over on his back. Belly-to-belly they started grinding and humping. Bastian got more and more frantic, increased his grinding speed then stopped humping suddenly. Five to six hot spurts of spunk creamed Ruwen's belly! An exhausted Bastian rolled off and breathed heavily. He just had had his first wet climax.

Ruwen was excited. He stirred the warm puddles with the tip of his index finger and put it to his nose. Bastian's spunk smelled so nice. It smelled much sweeter than the semen of the twins that he had smelled often enough. Curiously, he licked his fingertip with his tongue. That stuff didn't taste strong. Actually, it nearly had no taste at all. But it was so smooth. He turned over to Bastian..

"Hey bro, you are my big brother now; congratulations! Do you want to smell your own spunk? Want to taste it? It's nice!"

Scooping up more semen, he touched Bastian's lips with his spunky finger and the big boy started to suck the digit like a baby. Dipping his index finger again into the puddle, Ruwen began to draw a big character onto Bastian's chest, a straight long line from the throat down to the navel and a short one beginning at the lower end of first one. Ruwen repeated his drawing several times then asked "Do you know the letter?"

"It's not a B like in my name; it's not an R like in yours. Do it again!" Ruwen repeated his drawing. But Bastian didn't get its meaning.

"Should I tell you? Come closer my big boy!"

Then, putting his mouth to Bastian's right ear he whispered "It's an L! Do you know words starting with L? I'll tell you! Its L like in I LIKE YOU, its L like in I LOVE YOU!"



Ruwen raced down the narrow road and cut the corner into the doorway of Aliah's home. He was breathing heavily. Today he was late, very late indeed and his aunt was surely waiting impatiently. He and Bastian had overslept, but he didn't regret it, because they had enjoyed the first undisturbed night in their own tiny retreat without the nosy and ever joking twins. He even didn't mind the bawling of Klas as they hadn't shown up in time for feeding the cows. He nearly tripped at Aliah's doorstep and lost the small wooden box he was clutching to his breast. Geroldt had presented this box to him this morning.

"It's my present for your birdie. Do not open it until you're there! It's dangerous!"

Ruwen was curious, because something was chirping inside. He crossed the barn in a hurry. In the shutdown henhouse, he stopped in front of the fledgling sitting on a roost.

"Hey birdie, how are you today? Are you fine? Do you remember me? I got a name for you. You are my Buzzie, because you're a young buzzard!"

The bird retreated to the far end of the roost and started hissing anxiously. It looked haggard and his wings dangled down weakly. Ruwen approached the bird cautiously.

"Don't be afraid, it's I, not Tanko, remember! This is the present of the twins, just for you alone!"

He opened the box. It contained a perfect present for a young, weak and hungry raptor. Five neat hairless, chirping mice were cuddling in the box. Ruwen had a soft heart, he really was sorry for the little creatures, but Buzzie needed food. He needed help! He took one of the nestlings by its tail and swayed it in front of Buzzie's eyes. The bird focussed on the prey, caught it in one fell swoop of his sharp beak and down the mouse went into its stomach headfirst.

"Well done Buzzie! Will we be friends now?" But the bird didn't answer; it was busy digesting his breakfast.

Ruwen was worried about the bird's health. For distraction, he busied himself with cleaning the goat's house, milking the goats and helping Aliah to prepare cheese from curdled milk. Suddenly a wailing meow, meow reminded him of the bird. Buzzie seemed to have recovered and its feathers looked shining. This time it didn't turn away at the sight of Ruwen. It approached the boy; its head cocked, and started begging. This looked hilarious.

"Hey Buzzie, you are a dangerous raptor and not a sweet little sparrow. Stop it. Here is your mouse".

The poor suckling vanished headfirst in Buzzie's gullet in no time only its wriggling tail was seen poking out of its beak for a jiffy.

Later on, one young villager after the other turned up to marvel at the bird. Bastian arrived first, then two more of his friends. Finally, Eileen came around with her best girl friend accompanied by both of her stepbrothers. Even after two years, the well-tempered, sturdy boys cared for their new sister like a piece of gold and tried jealously to scare away any other boy. The miller's sons brought dead mice as chow for the bird. Mice were an easy catch for the two, as there was no shortage of these rodents in the mill. Ruwen decided he had to stay on good term with the boys to get enough life food for the bird. Buzzie however was scared of the many visitors and tried to hide from view in a corner. To the great disappointment of the lads, the hungry bird accepted the food but only from Eileen. Apparently, it did recognize the girl to be Ruwen's sister.

The raptor only accepted Ruwen, Bastian and Eileen as friends. To their big surprise, they were allowed to fondle the fledgling. It even begged for petting by moving close and producing a heart-rending meowing.

Buzzie showed tremendous growth spurts. In only two weeks, it lost its baby down and its wing and tail feathers sprouted to full lengths. Therefore, Ruwen decided to give the bird the best possible chance to become a wild-flying bird like his parents.

"Bastian, let's build him an aerie in the big bear tree in the orchard behind our house, so we can watch Buzzie's flying progress closely from the window of our room".

"Great, but do you think he will learn flying without the help of his parents? None of us has wings!"

"Aliah told me to use my spirit to teach him flying. We both have to use our spirit, and then he will fly".

Ruwen was right. About two week later Buzzie spread his wings in the up draught of the mountain ridge, caught the ascending wind and started his first gliding flight as a guardian of the valley. Ruwen and Bastian embraced each other and started a tomboyish dance.



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