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Dave MacMillan

Enki, Dedicated To Ky

I, Enki, Prince of Edom, first born son of the Great King Anki whose House descends through all of history in its male members from the gods themselves, am Ky"s whore in the palace of Shlomo of the Empire of Ysrael.

Edom no longer exists - nor does my family bond to the great gods. Both my land and I have become whores at the command of King Shlomo who rules here from Yerushalem - willingly so in my case, my life now dedicated to the goddess by King Shlomo for me.

I sit at my window and stare down at the grounds of Shlomo"s palace and the noble youths playing there. My body is oiled and I wear the jeweled loincloth given me by Shlomo himself, its pocket of fresh frankincense flush against my remaining claim to manhood. I smile as I contemplate introducing this group of the young nobles of Ysrael to the pleasures of their bodies as I did their brothers that week Great Shlomo was too sotted with wine to know it.

My portal tingles its annoyance at being unfilled. Great Ky stands there demanding pleasure as she always does. The giving and the taking of it. I pray Great Shlomo shall call me to him - or to one of his guests. I hear he entertains the Nubian Queen and pray she has retainers who have refined tastes in their pleasures. I have never worshipped Ky with a Nubian before.

The Host of Ysrael had begun to cross the great river with the first cock crow of the day of my commitment to the goddess Ky - by men who did not know her. Beniayah, the Captain of the Hosts of Ysrael, and Shlomo, the King of Kings, rode together at the head of the army that would destroy Edom for all time. Even three candlemarks into their invasion of my land, their men and supply wagons still crossed the Jordan.

Great Anki turned to me, his gaze pulling me from my burning anger. "Ride to Shlomo and sue for peace," he told me.

I stared at him in shock. "Never!" I cried. "Father, he's betrayed his own word. His own treaties!"

"Our duty is to Edom, Enki. We must save the land and our people." There was greater emotion in my father's voice than I had ever heard before. "Nothing else matters. Without Edom, we are nothing. If we are nothing, honor is a thing of the past."

"We must fight them, Father!"

He smiled and I felt his pain. "With what, Enki? The Host of Ysrael is ten times greater than our small army. You would have the sand suck up all the young men of Edom? You would have our people become ghosts? And, still, have Shlomo rule afterwards? He would give our lands to his own servants and the ghosts of our people would be left to cry their loneliness through the wilderness for all time."

Great Anki moved his horse closer to mine and he hugged my shoulder. "Go, my son, and make whatever peace the Ysraeli would give us. Save our people, whatever the cost."

I swallowed my pride. I wiped the tears of frustration from my eyes. I rode toward the Host of Ysrael alone. Without weapons. I was the Crown Prince of Edom, the sole emissary of Great Anki to the disreputable cut-throat Shlomo, misbegotten son of Great David. I rode to seek safety for my people, the salvation of Edom.

Spears held me immobile as I was announced inside the royal tent. The grizzled officer who came to escort me to his King leered as he studied me. "Remove your armor, boy," he growled. "No goy may enter Great Shlomo's presence dressed for war."

I was being dishonored intentionally. I knew it but my mission was more important than my honor. I closed my eyes and repeated that as I pulled off my breastplate and leather girdle. I stood before the Ysraeli rabble in but my tunic and loincloth.

"Now the tunic, lad. Great Shlomo will not be threatened by hidden Edomi bronze this day."

I stared at the officer. My face grew hot with both anger and embarrassment. I wanted only to run a spear through the man. Yet, I knew I had a duty that overrode even this dishonor. I pulled my tunic over my head and watched it fall into the dirt at my feet.

Inside the tent, I squinted to see in the dimness.

"You do not kneel before your master, Enki?" a bemused voice asked from behind me and I whipped about to face its bearer.

I recognized the Ysraeli immediately - Shlomo's fawning dog. " Lord Beniayah," I acknowledged him, conscious to give the Captain of all the Hosts of Ysrael his title, in counterpoint to his ignoring mine.

He studied me silently, his gaze moving slowly from my smooth chest to my flat abdomen. It seemed almost that his eyes sought to peer beneath the loincloth that covered my manhood.

My face flamed in embarrassment at the thought.

"Enki, Prince of Edom-" His face twisted into a leer. "But, then, if there is no Edom, can there be a Prince of it?"

"I come to sue for peace, my Lord."

"Your total surrender is our demand. Your land already becomes another province of Ysrael."

I felt the blood leave my face as I turned pale and a cold fear brought gooseflesh to my body. "I cannot treat with such a demand," I whispered in my fear. "Either I speak with your King and find better terms or I must leave to take your message to my father."

Beniayah chuckled and clapped his hands.

Startled, I looked over my shoulder to see two large slaves separate that they could encircle me. I stared back at the Captain of all the Hosts of Ysrael. "What're you doing?"

"Gag and bind him," he told the slaves.

I stood in shock, rooted to the dirt beneath my feet as one slave grabbed my hands and pulled them together behind me.

"King Shlomo has already sent an emissary to your father, Enki. He left while you were escorted within our lines." The second slave worked a strand of rawhide between my teeth as his companion secured my hands.

Beniayah nodded at the slaves' handiwork. "Our terms are complete surrender with you as hostage." The leer returned to his face. "I suspect you'll come to enjoy your stay under the Great King's tent."

He glanced to the slaves. "Remove his loincloth and take him to the King's chamber." He leered at me. "And make him ready."

My bonds tied to a rafter above me, I stared at the mattress that dominated the chamber. A slave knelt beside me, his fingers dipping in an opened lantern. He smiled up at me as he spread my thighs, opening a path beneath the jewels the great gods deigned to give me with birth.

I struggled to pull away. My eyes widened as his oil-slicked finger made its way behind my purse of jewels and found the portal that led into me.

"It hurts less the first time if you're oiled, Master," he mumbled in broken Ysraeli as his finger pushed into the entrance behind my portal. "The King's member is very large. This is best for you."

I groaned. I tried to pull away from him but he held one leg firmly. A second finger found its way into me, joining the first. I gritted my teeth. My body stiffened and I turned my head, surrendering my buttocks to the slave's preparations for the debasement I must endure but unwilling to watch him do it.

Tears ran down my cheeks. Anger and embarrassment joined as one in my heart. I swore I would kill the man who dreamt my removal from the ranks of men.

King Shlomo entered the chamber followed by Beniayah. He approached me and I smelled the wine on his breath. My stomach growled at the realization he had eaten and I had not. He smiled and touched my cheek, his finger following the line of my jaw from my ear to my chin. He pulled the rawhide from my mouth. "Anki has agreed to my terms, little bird." His smile became a knowing leer. "You're now mine to teach."

"Allow me to dress, my King," I asked, accepting his suzerainty over my fate. I faintly hoped he had but wanted to humiliate me and Edom.

Shlomo ignored my petition and turned to Beniayah. "Help me off with this girdle," he told the Captain of all the Hosts of Ysrael as he would a slave.

I stood erect as befit my station, unwilling to cower before the personification of Ysrael. The robe of King Shlomo, son of mighty David, was freed and flowed down his legs and spread to obscure his hips. I saw with horror that his manhood had come alive and was beginning to tent the garment. I felt my face flame as my member jumped into life, the prepuce pulling back from its crown.

"Do you think our Princeling has forgotten how to suckle?" the King asked his captain. He turned to me. "Have you, little Enki? Are you ready to know something Beniayah claims is better even than mother's milk?"

He stepped closer, our faces but a cubit from each other. My eyes met his defiantly. I still hoped he would relent. His hand shot out between us and grabbed the shaft of my manhood, pulling its cowl over its crown. His face again became a leer as I stared into it with shock. "Your body betrays your defiance, Edomi," he breathed as his lips closed the distance between us. "You desire what your goddess Ky offers."

I turned my head and his lips grazed my cheek as they moved to my ear. I closed my eyes, squinting away my tears, and prayed for death.

"You will know it all, sweet Enki. You will have it all. And you will love it all," he whispered in my ear. He pulled away but did not release my member. "Lift this robe from me, Beniayah," he ordered his captain even as his breath played in the down that covered my cheek.

My face blazed at the shame being visited upon me, at the betrayal of my own manhood as Shlomo continued to pull on it. I opened my eyes and looked upon the King of Ysrael. A silky black forest covered his chest, spreading up to cover his shoulders and down to - I pulled my eyes back from their descent. Never, I told myself, would I willingly look upon that which would debase me.

He stepped back and released me. He leered at me as he pulled his robe from his arm and tossed it behind him. "Now we're both naked for our mutual pleasure, Enki of Edom. Would you suckle the great manhood of Ysrael before you ride it?"

I studied his eyes. I saw only lust there, my own defilement. "Kill me, Great and Wise King," I choked. "Permit me, in my death, the company of all the gods."

"Ahh, little bird, that's not possible. I promised Anki I would care for his son as I would my own." He turned to Beniayah. "Release him from the rafter and help him to the mattress."

His gaze returned to me as the Captain of All the Hosts of Ysrael moved to my side. "This night you learn Ky's embrace from both of us, little bird," he told me.

I was pushed onto the mattress, my face pressed against the thin cloth and corn husks. Behind me, Beniayah grabbed my hips and pulled me to my knees. He splayed my legs before reaching between them and grabbing my manhood to pull it to him. The portal to my passage was raised and open.

I turned my head to the side to breathe, my eyes wide with fear. I stared over my shoulder back at the man who would know me intimately.

"Kill me, Great Shlomo," I pleaded as Beniayah continued to move his hand along my shaft from my side.

"You want it?" the King asked his captain, ignoring me.

"It's long, Sire. A thin dagger that would know my throat."

I heard the lust in the man's voice. My jewels tightened about my manhood.

"Get under him then, Beniayah. You may both suckle at the same time." Shlomo grinned widely. "Young Enki may find that a satisfactory diversion."

I stared at Ysrael's King. Each hair of Shlomo's beard seemed to stand out from its companion, his face had widened so much with his grin.

The Captain of all the Hosts of Ysrael quickly stripped off his war harness. He pulled his tunic over his head and opened the knot of his loincloth. He climbed onto the mattress before me. Shlomo gripped my shoulders and raised my body that his man could slip beneath me.

I stared at Ysraeli manhood before me as Beniayah gripped mine. I mumbled a prayer to all the gods as his lips touched the puckered lace of my prepuce. I groaned my surprise as his tongue sought entry through that lace to what the gods had made me and these men would take from me for the glory of Ky. My eyes grew wide as more and more of me was gobbled until I was sure there was none of me left.

"Lick it, little Enki," Shlomo goaded me as he climbed onto the mattress behind me. "Take all of Beniaiah and feast from the Ysraeli plate before you." 

I gazed at Beniayah's manhood before me. It wasn't long, it was shorter than mine - but thick, much thicker. Its naked crown spread majestically above its shaft and seemed to call to me. Strange and unknown pleasures were growing in my jewels and manhood as he suckled at mine. Shlomo's hand grasped the back of my head and pushed me down toward his captain.

"Suck, little Enki," Shlomo commanded.

I opened my mouth to protest but the crown of Beniayah's dagger was closer than I thought. Its spongy hardness was past my lips before I could utter a word.

"See?" Shlomo's voice touched my ear softly. "Work your tongue over it. Know my captain's glory, Enki - and the pleasure of giving pleasure."

I was in shock. A manhood was lodged at the entrance to my throat. A hand held my head that I could not escape it. My jewels began to threaten an explosion. I only dimly felt the silk forest of Shlomo's abdomen against my buttocks or his legs between mine. Shlomo pushed me further onto his captain's member and I gagged.

"Up and down, Enki," Shlomo whispered and lessened the pressure on the back of my head. I felt his chest press against my back and realized something impossibly large had come to nestle in the valley that split my buttocks and led directly to the entrance of the passage into me. He pushed my face back down onto the manhood in my mouth and I felt stiff hair grind against my chin as my throat opened for it.

My jewels churned within their purse. I moaned around the thickness buried in my throat. And I knew orgasm from other than my own hand for the first time.

I did not feel the walls of my valley spread as the Great King of Ysrael pulled his hips from my buttocks nor did I feel his impossibly large trowel make its way through that valley of flesh. I could not stop shooting my seed into Beniayah's waiting gullet. Mindlessly, I set my lips and tongue to explore the ridges of the Captain's shaft as he humped it into my throat and pulled it away with growing need.

The crown of Beniayah's manhood shoved into my gullet and grew. His every muscle tensed as he held it there. My jewels pumped the last of my seed into his throat and I shuddered as his tongue caressed my shaft.

Pressure arose at the portal before the passage into me but I was too spent to realize its presence at first. Ysraeli seed erupted to spew into my gullet as Beniayah pushed even more of himself into my mouth. My nose was buried hard against his jewels. Another volley of seed splattered against the back of my throat.

Shlomo battered the portal before my passage and plunged home. Pain shot out of my passage into every fiber of my being.

I moaned my protest around the width of manhood that still possessed my mouth and throat. I buried my face between Beniayah's tightly pressed thighs. After forever, I felt Shlomo's coarse, tightly curled hair press against the insides of the valley through my buttocks.

"So tight, Enki," Shlomo muttered above me as he held all of himself within me.

Pain held me as the Great King began to move his battering ram inside me, claiming my virgin passage as his possession. It spread through me in waves. My manhood collapsed in protest. Only Shlomo's hand on the back of my head held me on Beniayah's Ysraeli staff of power.

"Ours shall be a special night," the King mumbled, bending over me to whisper in my ear. "A celebration of Ky's possession of you."

Even pain must pass. As Shlomo continued to plow my passage, possessing me with his glory, I adjusted to him inside me.

My own manhood swung from navel to one thigh and, then, the other in union with his thrusts. It grew as my body adjusted to even Shlomo's presence. My prepuce pulled back from my glistening crown as the Great King plowed slowly on. My jewels churned within their purse and tightened once again around my member under the hammering of the power and the glory of Ysrael.

"Give yourself up to it, little bird," he mumbled and nibbled my ear. His member continued to spread me wide and claim me.

Beniayah's hand encircled my moving manhood and pulled it to his lips.

My manhood and jewels betrayed what was left of me, relishing their surrender to sweet Ky as the goddess made me her own. My seed erupted against Beniayah's lips as he opened them to take me between them again.

I was possessed. I no longer belonged among the great gods; I belonged to the lowliest of them - the whore goddess herself. Given to her. And Shlomo continued to plow on.

I cared not. I moaned my pleasure. I ground my buttocks against his groin when he pressed against me "Ride me, my King!" I cried finally, giving voice to my need.

A discrete knock at the entrance of my chamber brings my thoughts back from the youths below me. I smile to the young Greek slave I have known when neither Shalom nor his lieutenants want me.

"Two Nubians await you, sweet Enki," he tells me. "I'm to lead you to their apartment that you may tend to their needs."

I jump from my seat at the window, my face smiling its surprise. "Nubians? I've never had a dark one." I pause as I reached the mattress and gaze at the Greek. "Are they big?"

He grins. "I think so, sweet Enki."

I thank the goddess for the pleasures she gives me as I begin to follow the lad's backside and remember the power of his thrusts. Perhaps he can come to me tonight if the Nubians are satisfied early. Ky is an ever-hungry goddess.