For those of you that do not know my work, I grew up hearing stories from other boys about self-exploration and sexual partners with other boys and girls. I have not had any such experiences in Real Life as some of us call it. However, that does not mean I do not think about it and wish that things turned out differently than they did.

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Grapes of Italy Chapter 08

Quintario had a rough time explaining his ideas to the powerful Roman Consul Brutus. On top of that, Brutus was busy and really did not care to hear more ideas from naked boys, although he realized Lothario and Dino were being quiet for a change. Finally, after several questions Brutus understood what Quintario was suggesting. Brutus smiled, "That is a good idea you have. The men, and I would love to see a games display. However, we are moving the camp this morning to the other side of the river. General Fedele has already secured the area and the slaves are setting up camp. Once the main force moves over there and everyone is settled you may have your games this evening, but not after dark because too many of the men will be on watch. Is that fair?"

Quintario jumped for joy that made Brutus laugh, "Fair enough, we will see you at the games this evening."

When the three boys left the tent and told everyone else that Consul Brutus gave his permission there was a roar of happiness. Inside the tent, Brutus shook his head and laughed. He turned to a couple of Centurions, "Do you remember when little things excited us that much?"

Dino grabbed Lothario by the arm as they walked to the horses, "Tell me friend, how about the camp moving across the river, how you knew about it before anyone else did?"

"I think father told me, or maybe it was Tito. I really don't remember. I was only half paying attention." Lothario answered.

"Paolo said you were not in good spirits this morning Lothario. How are you now?" Dino asked.

"I am okay but not great. I think Yesterday was too much, and I seem to be overly tired."

Quintario had a worried look on his face, "None of us will forget what you did Yesterday. It was great, it was noble, but we are all pained that it was you that suffered so much."

Lothario gave a pained smile, "Father says I will never get over what I did, but over time I will heal some inside. Right now, it does not feel like it will ever go away. On the other hand, I hope to have a good time this evening. If we stick together throughout the day, and I can keep Giulio on top of things so we can move as soon as father says we can." Lothario looked for one of the other boys, "Pictoran, has your father said anything about moving to the other side of the river?"

The boy shrugged, "He never tells me anything unless he is telling someone else. No he hasn't, the word will probably come to your father first, but my father hears about it I will have one of my slaves standing by to hear it so we can prepare."

Giulio frowned; he was hoping to be with Lothario all day. Now he realized he would be hanging around Don Nico and his officers that teased him so much. He also had to keep his distance, and they knew he was spying on them, which did not help matters at all. He looked at Paolo; maybe it was fair in some ways. Paolo working so much the last few days could have its reasons. Lothario may have known Paolo sucked him silly that night and is exacting punishment of some sort. Usually the noble boy would have chastised them as well as exact punishment. So no, that was not the reason.

Lothario thought Dino, Quintario and their slaves were staying closer to him than normal. When Giulio and Paolo were not arguing they were on top of him. Maybe it was in his mind but he was sure that the boy slaves were talking and whispering more to their masters than he allowed Paolo and Giulio to do to him. He wondered what they talked about so much. Anytime another person came too close the boys immediately stopped talking. When they were talking, they seemed to giggle and make many faces, including laughing. This was puzzling to Lothario. He wondered what he was missing that seemed to make others happy.

Dino had never seen Lothario act so strange. He had told Quintario and a couple of the other boys to stay near. They knew Lothario, overly stressed about yesterday's events, hurt. Dino even suggested to Paolo that he get Lothario in private, give him a massage... and finish off by milking Lothario. Paolo would have nothing to do with it, "I want to but if he is not in the mood then I will be in trouble. You have no idea how much it hurts when Fedele spanks your bottom with that piece of wood."

Emilio grinned, "Don't even look at me. You can get him to do about anything Master Dino, why don't you get him all sweet and cute? Make him shake all over. He would love it if you gave him attention!"

Dino frowned but said nothing. Emilio cocked his head and giggled, "You love him! You want to see others do things to him and you get jealous but you won't do anything yourself!" He half whispered to Dino.

Dino blushed, "That is no one's business. He doesn't love me like that and it is a good thing. Can you imagine what would happen if they caught me? Can you imagine what they would do to him if they found a big dick in his behind? We are sons of nobles; we will be citizens, soldiers and Magistrates, Senators or other things they have planned for us.

Emilio became a little upset, "Only because you are the sons of nobles? Boy play is accepted all over the continent. Men can do things to boys all the time. Boys can kiss and hug in public, even friends can do that. You are telling me because you are sons of nobles you would be in trouble?"

"It is not the same Emilio. Not what I want anyway." Dino became solemn, "I want him like a boy wants a girl, and I want it forever."

"So it's not the same as you do to me?" Emilio grinned.

"No it is not. He is young and has no idea about such things except for the little bit he has seen. He sure doesn't know about that kind of love." Dino explained.

"Oh and we do I suppose? You stick me and talk about sticking Lothario but only in love. I don't understand. When you stick me are you thinking about Lothario?"

"We are friends Emilio, and you are a slave, and we do things we both like to do. It wouldn't be the same with Lothario. He doesn't care about that stuff..."

"Excuse me but you are full of shit, sorry master but you are. If Lothario sits down, you are standing next to him with your hand on his shoulder or both hands for that matter, as if you are protecting him. If you are talking to boys your age, he is right there hugging on you so no one can get closer than he can. It is as if he is saying Dino belongs to me, and you are always the same with him. Have you seen the looks Paolo gives you when you are around Lothario? Pure jealousy, he is afraid you will take him away, the same with Giulio. You can't keep your hands off Lothario and everyone else sees it too."

Emilio paused for a reaction and when Dino did not answer he continued, "When you found out Lothario was going to be on the front, you didn't care what happened as long as you could get here. You came to be with him. When Lothario saw us in the tent, you were embarrassed; you were ashamed. You love him, but what are you going to do about it?"

"First you need to shut up before the other boys hear you. I am doing nothing." Dino grimaced.

"You have to. When you sleep with him, you make sure he is sound asleep, and you touch him all over, everywhere. Eventually he is going to catch you, or one of his boys will see it and tell on you. You want to hold him and love him and slide that big juicy dick into him and tell everyone he belongs to you."

"That's enough Emilio! Even if that were true, Lothario is his own leader. For now I may be able to get him to do things he wouldn't normally do, but in a couple of years someone like me isn't going to get away with those things anymore." Dino decided.

"Then you better make your move fast before it is too late!" Emilio stated.

Giulio turned to the two, "You know I heard every word of that. Lucky for you I don't tell secrets. Just keep in mind that the closer Paolo gets to what he wants the less chance you are going to get what you really want." Giulio rode up to Lothario once more.

Paolo turned to Giulio, "What was that about?"

Giulio smiled, "Emilio mouthing off again. I told him Fedele was on the other side of the river if he wanted to visit him. It shut him up."

Paolo grinned, "I wish he and Dino both visited Fedele every day."

"You know Lothario owns us, we don't own him right?" Giulio asked.

"Si, but can't I love him a little? If Lothario finds a girl or another guy, you realize he has no need for us, and we could be sold to some bad person, like Don Moretti."

"Don Romano was always nice, but his overseer was mean. No, I don't think I want to be sold. Lothario can be rough on me, but he has never hurt either one of us. He has kept his slaves and has branded no one. The worst we had is a spanking with that board by Don Fedele. Really, we deserved it each time we got it." Giulio thought back.

"Then you see what I mean. We have it good, even compared to your brother. We get to sleep in a soft bed and when it is cold out, we get to sleep with Lothario; we get two baths a day, all we can eat and nice clothes. We get to play and have fun when other slaves work from dawn to late at night." Paolo explained.

"Si but you want more Paolo!"

"I guess so but it probably isn't what you think. It is what I know and I like it. All I get now is my finger and that is only if I can be alone for a time. It is not the same as having someone with muscles like Master Dino or Master Lothario inside you." Paolo smiled.

"You said Master Lothario isn't big enough for that yet." Giulio corrected.

"Well he could rub it on me right now. Either on my stomach or on my back it would still tickle us both. Then later when he is bigger he could put it in me." Paolo grinned wide thinking about it.

Giulio looked behind him at Dino, and then turned back to Paolo, "What if Master Lothario would rather have one put in his bottom?"

Paolo looked at the younger boy, as if he were insane, "He is a noble silly, he would never let anyone do that to him."

"But at the baths some of those boys were doing it to nobles." Giulio countered.

Paolo thought and then said, "Well those were older guys." That stopped the conversation while it troubled Paolo.

Quintario turned his horse to the battlefield, "They have buried everyone." He pointed. "Let's go down to the village."

"There is no one alive down there Quintario." Lothario pointed out.

"Well we have ridden all over the camps. I am getting bored." Quintario looked sad.

"We could stop and eat something and rest. We have been riding awhile; you don't want to have a flat butt now do you?" Lothario laughed. "Let's go to the food cart and get some grapes and something to drink. Maybe some fresh goats milk, or Dino milk, maybe even some bread and juice to wash it down with." He laughed more.

From behind, he heard Dino shout, "Yea smart butt you think you are funny but you are not."

That made about ten of the boys laugh. Quintario turned his horse to the nearest food cart. The man standing at the cart saw the fifty boys and their slaves riding up. "By the gods, we are getting ready to move and you just now come for lunch?"

Quintario frowned, "I didn't realize it was so late!"

"Well tomorrow you better be on time or I won't be so forgiving. Have your boys get enough for everyone I have packing to do, and have them clean up any horse shit those horses leave behind, I don't want my area stinking!"

The boys dismounted and found seats while the slaves stood in a line to get food for their masters and themselves, and the bodyguards that seemed to be all over the place. Some had to make more than one trip to the cart. The cook looked them over, "It is supposed to be the slaves that are naked, not noble boys." He laughed when he saw the slaves packing so much food onto each plate, "Well, at least you have good appetites. Be naked while you can, because when you get to my age you will want to hide everything!"

The boys in earshot laughed with the man. Dino nodded, "Si before long we will all be old and grey, if we are lucky enough to keep our hair. Not to mention our stomachs sticking out from too much wine."

The man laughed, "That is not wine, it's my cooking!"

The boys laughed even more. Lothario stood there eating grapes and Dino smiled, "Come sit on my lap Lothario, there is no reason to stand there." Lothario did not hesitate. He went and sat on Dino's lap and continued eating. Emilio and Paolo were not the only ones to notice.

Then an old Greek man came walking by and the boys became quiet. He walked in between them as if they were not even there. He went to the cart and got some food. He turned and sat on the ground. He was wearing a Greek tunic with a large necklace. He had a long speckled beard and a nice smile. He paused his eating and broke the silence, "Who was it that beheaded the General yesterday? I was there but did not get a close look at the boy, and my eyes are bad."

Everyone looked at Lothario. The man smiled, "Si I thought so. I did not get a good look at that beautiful face. I hope you will allow me to draw it today."

Dino spoke up, "I think that is a great idea. What are you going to do with the drawing?"

"I will make a statue out of it. A wonderful statue, I will make many of them. But the first will be a gift to the boy's family so they can display it." The old man smiled.

"Very well, he will do it." Quintario spoke up.

Lothario looked around, "Are you talking about me?"

Dino leaned around to look at Lothario's face, "Of course he means you. Weren't you listening?"

"I was eating."

The old man laughed, "Then it is settled." The old man pulled a scroll and pen out of his satchel and began drawing. "I drew the body, sword and the head from memory; I just did not have the face and the hair. I hadn't seen a boy braid his hair like that before. When I am done, many boys will want to have it that way."

Lothario stopped eating and looked directly at the man. The man smiled, "Now if you can hold still just a few minutes I will be done. You have more leg muscles than I remember."

Quintario stood, went over and looked over the man's shoulder. His eyes widen in surprise, "That is because he is a real Roman, most are mixed, or Latin and do not have that build. That is him that is exactly what he looked like after he picked up the head!"

Lothario continued eating his grapes, and only held still when the man looked up at him. Then the man asked him to stand. The man walked around Lothario quickly making changes to several sheets. Satisfied he smiled at the boy, "You really don't have an interest in this do you?"

Lothario shrugged, "It's not like I am a god or anything. I know people say I am cute, but I have never been happy with how I looked. So no, I really don't have an interest in what others think I look like."

Quintario smiled, "Oh Lothario, this is you."

Dino ran over and looked at the four drawings. "He even has your ding exactly like it really is!" The other boys laughed. Dino frowned, "Seriously it really is."

"When I am finished with it I will make a mold, then I can sell them. Therefore, if anyone wants to make an order I will be happy to take it. I am sure many of the officers will want one." The old man smiled.

"Payment on delivery I assume." Lothario frowned.

"Of course." The old man smiled, "It will be life size, and befitting any hall or garden."

"I am afraid not many people will want one of me." Lothario sat on the ground since Dino was salivating over the drawings.

Dino grabbed the man and brought the pictures down to where Lothario could see them. Lotharios eyebrows rose, "This is what all of you saw?"

The old man grinned, "This is more beautiful and inspiring than the statues of Perseus and Medusa, and this is not a myth."

Lothario looked at Giulio, "Take the old man to father, let my father see this."

Giulio took the man by the arm and led him away. Giulio yelled back, "Please don't leave without me!"

Several of the boys stopped the man so they could see the drawings. Many of them followed the man wanting their fathers too see it as well. With twenty-five percent of the boys taking off Quintario sighed, "Well now what?"

Dino looked at the troops packing their horses, "I think now we need to get ready to cross the river. I hope they finished the bridge."

Quintario smiled, "Well if they didn't finish the bridge all the infantry will get really wet, so I am sure they did. As soon as we find our tents I would like to start working on the games arena."

Lothario grinned, "And exactly where did you get the equipment for that? Because I know you didn't bring it with you."

"Well cute butt, we can't do all of them but we can do some. We can have the races, that can't hurt anyone, and the wrestling. We don't have the bars and swings, and the river current is too fast. That doesn't mean we can't have fun Lothario." Dino explained.

Lothario was used to Dino telling him he was cute or had a cute butt, anything to get to him, so it did not bother Lothario. Lothario decided that Dino and Quintario were right and the games would be fun and relatively safe. He smiled, "In that case we should have the games. Would you guys have done them without me?"

Dino sighed, "I would have missed you there, but Si we would have done them anyway."

A Capo rode up to the boys, "Get your things packed. The slaves want to get the camp packed up before nightfall. Get yourselves placed somewhere in the formation they will be moving out in less than an hour." He looked around, "Where is the rest of your group?"

"Some of them went to see their fathers. They will join us when they see the formation." Quintario answered.

"They better do so; I don't want to have to deal with stragglers today." The capo said as he rode off.

Quintario frowned at the man, "He is not in a very good mood today."

Lothario and Paolo mounted their horses, and then went looking for Giulio. Quintario had the others mount up and get into a formation, trying to mimic the troops. Emilio raised an eyebrow when Dino insisted to Quintario that room be left in front of him for Tito, Lothario and Lothario's two boys. Quintario gave in but only because Dino wanted to argue, and it really was not something to argue about.

It was then it occurred to Emilio that Dino had been this way with Lothario much longer than the last few months. It had been since Dino was twelve or so. He had to be right on top of Lothario all the time, or behind him. Now he watched Dino looking over his shoulder for Lothario to join them. Then like a lightning bolt, Emilio remembers how Dino and Lothario kissed. They were not the kisses of friends they were tender gentle kisses, not like a boy and girl, but they were gentle and sweet. Not only did they do that but also Dino made sure there was never space between the two of them. Whenever the two hugged he had Lothario pressed him against him hard, and his hands were all over the younger boy.

Lothario rode up with his little band, and Dino motioned for them to come forward. Dino suggested that Paolo and Giulio ride ahead and Tito and Lothario next. Dino and Emilio would ride behind so Dino and Lothario could talk. When Lothario said that Dino should just ride next to him, Dino told Lothario that Tito belonged there since an attack could happen at any time. Lothario smiled and threw a kiss and waited with everyone else to get into formation. The formation actually began moving before all the boys were into position. Quintario was a little upset but knew they could come charging up apologizing for being late.

The boys stopped their horses when they arrived at the bridge, "That is not exactly what I expected." Quintario said.

A Centurion rode up to them, "You are holding up the line, what is it?"

Quintario pointed, "It's the bridge, and it is made out of wood!"

The Centurion looked, "Well other horses have gone across it, and yours can too!"

Lothario smiled, "Come on Quintario, they wouldn't have us cross here unless it was safe."

Quintario looked at the rushing river water below them, "If you say so." He swallowed hard and slowly crossed on his horse.

Tito looked at Lothario, "Is he always that afraid?"

"He is not afraid so much as he worries about... Okay I guess he is afraid." Lothario grinned, "A lot of leaders are afraid. Papa said if you are not afraid, then something is wrong in your heart."

The rest of the boys crossed over without blinking an eye. When they stopped, Emilio reached for a cotton towel from his knapsack. He handed it to Dino, "Your stiff ding is leaking. I thought I emptied it this morning. I guess you are excited about seeing Lothario's behind wiggling all over."

Dino wiped himself off and kept the towel to catch any more that would come out. He frowned at Emilio, "It is just the rhythm of the horse, it happens to a lot of boys."

"Si, it does. It doesn't usually happen when a boy is drained only a few hours before." Emilio whispered.

He received another glaring frown from Dino, "You really are pushing it today."

Emilio smiled, "I will empty it again when we get to the tent. We can't have you going around all day leaking, and you can pretend like always I am your cute little Lothario."

"Shut up Emilio I am warning you!" Dino growled, "You are beautiful and I think of you when we do it. I can't help how I feel though."

"Maybe the next time you are holding him and feeling him up and kissing those tender kisses you should ask him how he felt about seeing your ding in me." Emilio pushed.

Dino backhanded Emilio, knocking Emilio off the horse. Dino slid off his and took a small whip to Emilio, "I have had it with your remarks, I have warned you three times."

Lothario and the others stopped and looked at the scene. The rest of the boys continued along with the soldiers. Dino hit Emilio's backside several times with the whip until the other boy cried out. Dino remounted his horse and looked at Emilio, "When I say shut up I mean it. Now get on your horse and let's catch up to the others."

Emilio was having trouble getting up. He was not bleeding; the small whip inflicted a terrible pain and welts. Tito looked at Lothario as if asking to help the boy. Lothario nodded. Tito slid off his horse and helped Emilio mount his own horse. Dino glared at Tito, "Why are you interfering with my slave?"

Lothario piped up, "I told him to help Emilio. It is one thing to whip him like that, but to expect him to move without help isn't funny Dino."

Dino looked at Lothario and melted, "He just gets so mouthy."

"Si and I am sure he deserved it. That is no reason to insult him on top of hurting him." Tito mounted and said nothing. Lothario continued, "If I irritated you all the time would you hit me like that?"

"Of course not Lothario; you wanting attention or teasing me is not the same as what Emilio was doing." Dino replied.

Emilio wiped his tear stained face. As soldiers marched by them Lothario asked, "What did he say that upset you so much?"

"It is not what he said. I asked him to stop, I yelled at him to stop and he continued with it." Dino explained as he shifted nervously.

Giulio listened to the older boys talk. He could imagine that they were talking about Lothario. If Lothario would just look, he could see Dino's wet looking ding, the blush on his face at feeling caught, and how nervous the older boy was being. Giulio looked at Dino and shook his head. He spoke to Lothario, "Master we need to catch up to the others."

When they caught up to the others and slowed the pace, Paolo looked at Giulio, "I know what Master Dino was doing. I bet Emilio did too and warned him about it. That is why he got beat."

"How would you know what they were talking about?" Giulio asked.

Paolo turned around to see if Lothario was paying attention and then he said to Giulio, "Dino rides behind Lothario so he can see his body without being caught. His ding was all wet and probably stiff before he hit Emilio. I think Emilio must have been warning Dino, I really do. I just think that Dino wants to put his ding inside Lothario and take Lothario away from me... us." He corrected himself.

Giulio shrugged, "It doesn't matter what you or Emilio want. It matters what Dino and Lothario want. You really need to get it together Paolo, he owns you. You don't own him. If you keep thinking that way it is going to come out of you and if Fedele finds out how you are thinking you will be getting more than just a wooden paddle on your behind."

"You watch. As soon as we get to camp Dino will want Lothario to hug him. He will have his hands all over Lothario and kiss him as much as he can." Paolo sighed.

"Si, just like they always do. That is nothing new and everyone knows that." Giulio thought a moment, "Maybe you are right in a way though. I am not blind. Maybe they are already doing stuff we haven't seen. Maybe it is in Dino's mind that they do stuff. Face it, anytime we oil Lothario any more he gets a stiffy, especially when we oil between his legs from the back. Maybe he would like Dino in him, or maybe Dino has already been in him and that is why Dino gets so excited."

That did not help Paolo's mood at all. "Well I don't think he has got in Lothario's behind because Lothario would have acted differently when he saw Emilio and Dino doing it."

"Maybe Lothario isn't as jealous as you and Dino are." Giulio smiled.

It was not long before they reached the new camp. Many of the soldiers and slaves had already set up their tents and started fires. The fires were not so much for cooking, as they were to keep warm if the night air chilled them. Military cooks did almost all the cooking, but occasionally the men had to cook for themselves. The food carts were busy preparing dinner when Paolo found the General's tent. When they stopped, they took the packs off the horses and put Lothario's things away. Then they found the closest vacant tent, Giulio, and Paolo put their things away.

Lothario put his helmet, purple cloak, on a stand and went back outside to take care of the horses. With saddles off and put away, he started brushing and talking to the horses. Paolo came running up with Giulio following. "We can do that master!"

"Why don't the two of you go get our dinner? Maybe get a melon if they have any, but at least grapes. I would like that new white bread and maybe a little cheese... but if you want more cheese have them put the normal amount on mine, and then we can share it." Lothario smiled, he then looked at Tito "You may as well go help them. No one is around here to bother me."

Tito sighed, "Of course, just don't leave here."

"It takes almost an hour to take care of my horses, I am sure you will be back long before that." Lothario laughed as Tito followed the two boys. He unbraided the mane of the horses and brushed them out well. The manes were not long, the hair cropped short for looks, but he did not want the hair to break either and oiled the manes. He took care of his animals. When he finished, he released the horses so they could go play. He started for his tent and heard moaning coming from nearby. He decided to investigate. Someone may need a surgeon.

He found the tent where the moaning was coming from. He entered and let his eyes adjust to the light. He heard a voice, "Master Lothario, we are doing the things men do right now. Why don't you come back at a later time?"

When Lothario's eyes focused he saw a boy, older than himself, on his back lying on a table. The boy was naked and well oiled. His body squirmed and wiggled and his face looked like he was in heaven. A man was standing naked against the boy's bottom pumping his legs ever so slowly. Lothario looked around and saw seven other men that were naked, all of them with raging stiff dings.

Lothario swallowed hard and spoke to the boy, "Are you alright? Are you being hurt?"

The noble's son did not see the strange looks the men were giving him. One of the older men smiled, "Master we would not hurt him or any other boy. He is enjoying it as much as we do."

The boy finally turned his head to see Lothario. The boy smiled and nodded, "I love being tickled."

Lothario walked around the table to get a better view of what was happening. The man's hands were rubbing the boy over his lithe body. The man's ding was going in and out of the boy ever so slowly it was almost impossible to tell. The man gasped, "I won't last long if you keep squirming and squeezing Auriel!"

The boy whimpered and his body went stiff. Lothario watched as milk shot out of the boy's ding. In disbelief, Lothario's eyes widened. The slave boy was having fun, and the men were there to help him. The man's body then went stiff and the boy yelped, "It's hot I feel it shooting in me!" and the boy stiffened again.

Another man turned to a boy soldier, who had to be at least sixteen but looked a little older. The man said to the slave boy, "If you want more Auriel, Crius is next, but it will be his first time. We will help teach him, but he may not last long. Is that okay with you?"

Auriel held the big man in place. He did not want the man to pull out of him until the last moment. The man smiled and looked at Lothario, "See master, he is not being forced. Boys like Auriel are here to take care of our needs since we are gone so long from our wives."

"I understand." Lothario answered, "I would like to stay and see more."

"I see you are excited too young one." The man nodded at Lothario's protrusion, "You are a little young but if you want to stick Auriel I am sure he would like it."

Lothario looked down to see his ding throbbing. He grinned, "I will be alright. I just want to watch this time."

The teenager was smiling, his ding was leaking fluid and it was throbbing and bobbing up and down. A man set a chair for Lothario close to the table. The teenager looked at Auriel, "Can I hold him?" He asked the men, "I would like to lay on him and hold him if that is allowed."

One of the men lifted Auriel and pulled his head and pillow to the other end of the table. Then they put two pillows underneath Auriel's behind. Crius climbed on the table over Auriel and began touching the younger boy gently. Gobs of goo came out of Crius as he touched the boy. Then carefully Crius laid on Auriel and slid his ding up between the boy's legs. Lothario watched closely as the boy's big ding penetrated Auriel. The older boy was still for a moment and went in deeper and he hugged and kissed on Auriel. Then Crius yelped I can't hold it!" Then his body went stiff and the little one's body tensed and he held the older boy tight and let him shoot his milk into him.

Auriel touched the boy's hair, "It is okay. In a little while you can have more and you will last longer."

The older boy kissed Auriel on the lips, "I promise I want more and will last longer." Lothario watched as the men pleased the boy and the boy pleased them. Man's milk and boy milk went all over the place. Some men shot it in the boy; some would pull it out and shoot it all over the boy and everything else.

From outside Lothario heard Paolo and Tito calling for him. The next man pulled Auriel back down to the edge of the table and turned him over. Auriel giggled, "Now this time don't get really fast until you explode!"

Lothario stood and told everyone he had to leave, and he enjoyed what he learned. He left the tent and met up with his three slaves. Paolo of course was the first to notice Lothario's stiff ding so tight it was against his stomach. The deep purple color, which you could not see in the tent, was more than visible outside in the light.

Tito grinned, "Master, maybe Paolo and Giulio should take care of that so you can eat your lunch."

Embarrassed, Lothario nodded, "Si I can't get it to go away."

Paolo and Giulio looked at each other and smiled, "Si!" Paolo took Lothario by the hand and led him to their tent while Giulio took the food skipping behind them. Tito grinned, "I don't know what happened master, but I hope you aren't too tired for the games this afternoon."

Lothario ignored the comment. His body was so far-gone that he could not think. Whatever Paolo and Giulio did to him it put him to sleep an hour later. Paolo and Giulio came out of the tent smiling. Tito raised an eyebrow, "And what happened?"

"It was great. We wore him out though and he fell asleep." Paolo grinned.

"I am happy for you." Tito smiled, "I hope he wakes up in time for the games. The boys will be looking for him soon."

Paolo's face cringed, "I don't think he will be awake for that."

Giulio frowned, "He better be before Master Dino finds out. If Master is not at those games, Master Dino will go into a rage. Whatever you do don't tell Master Dino what we did."

Paolo looked quizzically at Giulio, shrugged and then said, "I would like to know what got Master Lothario so excited."

"Whatever it was it must have been in that tent he came out of." Giulio guessed. "Too bad I don't remember which tent it was. We could go back and see what was going on in there."

If Tito knew anything, he did not tell the boys. Interrupted by Quintario Dino and many of the other boys the three stopped talking. "Where is Lothario?" Dino asked.

Tito smiled, "He had a busy day, and he is sleeping."

"I will wake him up we are getting ready to start the games." Dino smiled. Paolo was able to hold his giggle back, but Giulio was not. Dino looked stressed, "Okay, where is he?"

Paolo pointed to the tent, "Over there, but he is out cold."

Dino became angry, "I knew the two of you would do something to him!"

Tito raised his eyebrows, "They did nothing that Master Lothario didn't want them to do."

Dino did not hear Tito; he ran to the tent and found Lothario fast asleep. Dino sat on the ground next to him and pulled Lothario onto his lap. He whispered, fingered him and touched him where he knew he should not. He kissed him and spoke to him softly, "Lothario, we have the games in just a little while. I need you awake." Lothario truly was out cold. Dino sighed, "Now what am I supposed to do?"

Paolo was at the door watching the entire scene and spoke, "Maybe sometimes it is not my fault. Then again, maybe I didn't know when to stop. But he loved it."

Dino rocking Lothario looked up, "I know, I just worry about him. He is so fragile in many ways. Everyone sees him as a good fighter, I see him as a little boy."

"Then that is why you haven't done anything with him. You are probably the only one he would do anything with you, if he only thought you wanted him. Today I don't know what happened, but he needed help. That is the first time he asked for help. Mostly he pushes us away. He would do anything you wanted, and that is sad because I could take care of everything he needs and that is what I want to do." Paolo stated, looking puzzled and pained.

Dino became grumpy and spoke in a low voice, "What on earth are you talking about slave boy? No, don't answer me; just leave before I beat you to death."

Paolo grinned, "Si I will leave. Just remember that if you ever do that, it will be the last time Lothario would talk to you." Paolo left the tent.

Dino turned his attention to Lothario, rocking him gently in his harms. Quintario came inside the tent, "Is he going to wake up? We need to get started."

"No, whatever they did, they wore him out. He will be lucky to wake up in time for dinner." Dino answered as he laid Lothario on the pillows and then stood. He left with Quintario.

Quintario smiled, "Well you have to remember there are two of them and only one Lothario. Sometimes it's bad enough with just one. Some of the older guys have a girl and a boy, imagine how worn out they would be." He said as they neared the games area.

Hundreds of men already congregated and others were on their way. Brutus and his General staff seated to the center at the edge of the arena stood and gave applause to the boys as they entered. Wearing only their robes, it gave the men a succulent look at their well-formed, athletic bodies. It really was easy for everyone to see the difference in the bodies of the young true Romans compared to those who were not. They legs were more muscular even without the rigorous exercises compared to the thinner legs of the other boys. The chest arms and pectoral muscles more defined. Greek boys were more stocky, Latin boys had the legs but not the chest. The lighter Spanish and European boys had much thinner legs and no chest to speak of at all, except a very few that worked out daily.

To Don Nico, it was apparent that Lothario, Paolo, Giulio and Tito were not at the games. Nico looked around nervously, not just for Lothario, but for Don Romano who was bringing something special from Rome, a gift for Lothario from his father. The first race had begun. The soldiers and officers, who had already placed bets, were shouting loudly for the boys they wanted to win.

The games began without Lothario and Don Nico had to wait to get close enough to one of the boys to find out why his son was not present. Many of the noble boys that were present were not a part of the games. Dino for instance was not an actual member of the training program that Quintario and Lothario were. However because he was friends with many of the boys he and others were invited to participate. The races took most of the evening, and then, after winners announced, Brutus decided it was time for the men to eat and prepare for the night. He told the boys he hoped that during the war, he and the men could see more of their athletic prowess.

Auriel sat in the tub resting after he finished bathing. He was almost raw from working all day, but he had made a lot of money so he was happy. Although he was hardly a citizen, he was free. He paid off the man who bought him and now worked on his own making good money, doing the same thing he had done since he was eight years old. Setting there in his dream world deciding what color he wanted for the horse he was going to buy made him giggle with delight. A horse, saddle, another nice tunic, people would pay attention to him now.

He always made good money before and after a battle. This one however was the bloodiest the men had seen in a long time; at least that is what they were telling him. Auriel knew that as soon as the games were over the men, excited by what they had witnessed and desired would be at his tent, pushing their way in to be next in line. His thoughts and giggling interrupted by a voice of a boy he recognized. He turned his head slowly to see Paolo walking with another boy, both were dressed as slaves, but in very nice tunics.

Auriel slid into the tub as far as he could go. What was Paolo doing here? Auriel knew there were at least sixty boys with the troops and at least thirty girls. All of them letting the men have their way with them for profit. Not that Paolo would sell himself, but it was not something Auriel would have guessed. The fancy tunic told Auriel that Paolo must make good money to wear such a thing, even if it still looked like a slaves clothes. Did Paolo earn his freedom or was he working as a prostitute for some scum slave owner?

When the two boys passed, Auriel stepped out of the tub. He dried, dressed, and then went looking for them. He realized how silly he was for hiding from them; it was not as if he were modest. He found the two at a food vendor. They were not collecting just for themselves. He listened to the conversation, "No he will want fresh grapes fat man!" Paolo fussed.

The man laughed, "You little fart I should whip you myself! Where is your master so I can tell him how rude you are for a slave?"

"You are rude and you know exactly who my master is you smelly old fart. Now just give me the fresh ones so he will not be upset at you." Paolo laughed.

A centurion stepped up behind Paolo and smacked the boy's head so hard it hit the food booth, "Watch your mouth before I call a magistrate and have you skinned alive."

Paolo held his forehead and tears rolled down his face. The food vendor looked disgustedly at the soldier, "He is a friend, and so is his master. We were but joking with each other!"

"Then joke in private. Talking in such a way in the public could get them executed, and they probably should be... they have to be guilty of something." The Centurion turned to walk away and fumbled over another boy, knocking the boy and himself to the ground, "All these damn slaves running around making a mess of things!" The man yelled as he picked himself up.

Lothario shook his head and grabbed his helmet, "How rude are you Centurion? Now help me up you buffoon!"

The Centurion looked at the boy on the ground. He sighed and put out his arm, "Sorry master, I was agitated at two other boys."

Lothario pointed to Paolo, "That one?"

"Si master he is one of them, the other must be hiding." The Centurion complained.

From behind Lothario Giulio yelped, "I am not hiding, you dirtied master's cloak."

The Centurion in seconds took the scene in. The big man dressed as a warrior but not a soldier, the slave boy cleaning the noble son's cloak and the crying boy who was trading jabs with the vendor. The Centurion took off his helmet and knelt, but said nothing. Giulio frowned, "Tito you have a cloth? His knee is bleeding."

Tito went to his horse and brought back a towel. Lothario was in pain but did not show his discomfort, "Be on your way Centurion. Remember my boys and never touch them again."

Paolo looked at Lothario and smiled, "We didn't think you would awake so soon, we went to get you food."

"It is a good thing Tito stayed by me or I would really be upset. At least one of you should always be with me!" Lothario shouted. Then he turned to a giggling voice, "Who are you? And what do you think is so funny?"

Several soldiers were sitting nearby. One looked at Auriel, "Beware boy, that family is not to be messed with."

Auriel hesitated before continuing, "It is me, Auriel we met briefly early this afternoon."

Lothario recognized the boy but said nothing at first. He called to Paolo, "Come here." Paolo ran to Lothario who looked at the bump on the boy's head. He took his cape and wiped Paolo's teary face, "You can tell me what this was about later. Both of you get our food." Lothario turned to Auriel,"So you are free? You have very nice clothes."

Auriel was dressed in Egyptian styled silk clothing making him look sexier than he should, for a free man at least. "I am a free man, but hardly a citizen or anyone of importance, except to the soldiers." He bowed to Lothario.

Paolo kept his eye on Auriel, not sure if he should hug him because they were friends, or strangle him for talking to Lothario. He knew what Auriel was, and if he did not like what the boy was saying, Dino would surely hear about it. Lothario smiled, "You are free, that is what matters, and you are Roman, so citizenship will be waiting for you. I have two Roman slaves. I handpicked them. Someday I will free them and they will be citizens too."

Giulio looked at Paolo, "Did you hear that?" He whispered.

Paolo nodded, "If he said it, it will happen."

Auriel looked at Paolo, "The older one I know. We were trained at the same place."

Paolo brought the food to Lothario. Lothario turned to Tito, "Tito can you get me something to sit on?"

Auriel looked at Paolo, "Are you afraid of me old friend?" He put out his arms to hug Paolo.

Paolo looked at Lothario for permission, Lothario nodded. Paolo ran to the older boy and hugged him tight. Lothario raised an eyebrow, "I guess you are old friends. Giulio sit down, don't stand there and eat."

"But master you are not sitting yet." Giulio frowned thinking about the Centurion.

Paolo drew back and looked at Auriel, "You have grown, and are much bigger between the legs.

"Let me get something to eat and then maybe Master Lothario will let us eat with him." Auriel walked away.

Tito came back with a chair, Lothario sat and then Tito and the boys sat on the ground near him. Giulio handed Tito a plate. Auriel came back and asked for permission to sit with them and the noble boy nodded that it was all right. Tito spoke up, "Dino and that other boy came looking for you. Dino was upset with Paolo and Giulio for making you sleep through the games."

Lothario frowned at the two boys, "Is he angry?"

Giulio grinned, "Not at you master, he is pissed at Paolo though. He threatened to kill him too."

"Dino is not going to kill anyone, well at least not the two of you." Lothario explained.

Paolo looked at Auriel, "What are you doing here?"

"I am working of course. I have saved enough for a horse and saddle and new clothes. My sandals are worn from all the walking I do, but by tomorrow I will have enough to get new ones."

"Rome is a long way from here." Tito said.

"I will try and find someone to give me a ride when the war is over. Sometimes it works but I am in no hurry, I have worked a long time to save money and still be able to live. I have an apartment in Rome. It is just a common apartment, but it is better than living in the streets. Except when the soldiers are out like this I have to buy my own food, so it is hard to save." He turned to Paolo, "Does Master Lothario allow you to work?"

Lothario looked up, "No I don't. I don't want anyone touching him or Giulio. My father and I save back money for our slaves, so when they are free they have something of their own. Neither of them, or my other slaves have to work. They just need to take care of our needs."

Tito smiled, "That is right; we won't be rich when that time comes, but we will have enough to take care of ourselves so we can do what we want. Master Lothario provides us with everything we need, and more."

"Is that so? Then you are truly blessed to have such a master. How does the task master treat you?" Auriel asked.

Giulio spoke up, "He knows better than to touch Master Lothario's slaves, but it is Don Fedele we have to watch out for. We don't get in trouble much, but he has a wooden paddle he uses on our bottoms if we mess up, and believe me it isn't nice at all. I have to say it is better than getting the whippings some of the other slaves get."

"I can imagine." Auriel half smiled. He turned to Lothario, "So mostly you let your slaves do what they want to do?"

Lothario stopped eating and looked at the boy, "They have their duties. If they do them properly, they have free time, but they do not do what they want."

"You must be very wealthy to treat slaves so well." Auriel smiled.

Tito frowned, "No he is not. He has just started his farms and ranch. It will take years to develop them, but he does make money and has a small allowance."

Auriel looked at Tito, "You are his slave, but you are Greek?"

"I was born Greek, but I am a Roman...I am Roman." Tito sighed. "The difference between your ex master and Master Lothario is that Master Lothario insists on you fulfilling your obligation for your freedom, it is not something you can buy. His father is a little different, a little crueler and he only allows slaves that have proven themselves to be good and loyal to be freed. But still Don Praetorio is a fair and just man."

Auriel choked on his water, "You are the son of Don Praetorio?"

Lothario squirmed but said nothing. Giulio yelped, "Si, and he is a great warrior like his father. Everyone knows him and he is famous, good, and takes care of anyone that needs help."

Tito kicked Giulio lightly, "Shush."

Giulio frowned, "But it's true."

"I doubt if I am that great, and I am hardly a warrior, but I do get tired of the two of you saying those things all of the time. I just want to be me." Lothario explained.

Auriel stood, "You will have to forgive me, I must go to work. The soldiers will have finished eating and will want attention." He bowed to Lothario, "I hope to meet again, and you are a decent man." He turned to Paolo, "I hope to see you as well, I have missed you."

After the boy left, Paolo was eating a piece of bread then it dawned on him what was going on in that tent. He looked up at Lothario, "Master, you met him in a tent where he works and saw what he does?"

Lothario blushed. "Just maybe I will watch again!"

Paolo frowned and lost his appetite. He brushed back his hair, "I am not as fun to watch?"


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