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Hash Knife

An overcast sky is watched by a young man as he sets on a canyon wall looking down across a tangled group of small canyons below him. Jim is a stranger to this area as he was visiting with an uncle. It is a sad story as the young man had lost both his parents to a fire at their store. He watches a lighting strike hit a pine tree way below him. It seems like nothing he sees can bother him. He just watches the shadow of the storm clouds as they change the whole picture below him. A cloud parts to show a sun lit group of trees, a small pond reflects the sun, and then is hid from sight by another cloud. Sound is heard as thunder rolls from the distance. Jim set with his back against a rock as he reached into a saddle bag to get his sketch book so he can capture the sights below him.

He started to sketch the trees, and the walls of the canyon below him. Jim soon was happy as he had not been for so long. He forgot the storm, and was not seeing anything other then what he was putting on the paper. Page after page was worked on as he quickly turned the pages. Jim saw a tree, and leaned over as he placed it in the book. A small falls soon joined the tree. A cloud was sketched as it broke off from the main storm cloud.

Jim was soon breathing hard as he tried to put everything he saw in the book. He was startled when a soft voice asked him if he was crazy? "What? Who said that, and what do you mean?" Jim jumped to his feet, and fall over on his side as he screamed in pain. He had set too long in one spot, and his legs would not work. Jim groaned as he hit his head on a rock. He came to almost at once to see a boy somewhat younger then him dressed in old cast off clothes holding him in his arm. Jim's eyes opened to see the fear in the boy's eyes as he asked if he was okay? A slow nod of the head as his own hand touched the side of his head said he was okay. The younger boy drew back, and his face lost all expression as he stood up. "You better come with me kid. This part of the canyon gets hit hard when a storm moves this way, and it is moving fast."

Jim looked around, and saw the clouds were covering most of the world below him. He started to jump up as he saw how bad it was going to get. A quite word was said, "slow down." The boy held out a dirty hand to help him to his feet. The hand held him till he was steady on his feet. The younger boy reached down for the loose leafed pad of papers, and some of the other stuff laying around. He stuffed it all in the saddle bag, and throw it over the flanks of the horse loosely tied in a small clearing near by. Jim was grabbed by the hand, and led away along with his horse. They were soon almost running as the storm rolled up the steep stone wall behind them. The storm could be heard snapping at their heels as they rushed who knows where. Jim sure didn't know anywhere that would be safe from this wild storm.

Almost too late the younger boy pushed thru some pine trees, and pushed some wild ivy away from an opening in a cliff wall beside them. The horse was led in first, and then the two boys rushed inside out of the first fall of rain. Jim turned to watch a wall of water outside as the darkness of the storm hid the world. 'Oh Lord I would have died out there. Thanks kid." "Kid, I'm not a kid. I'm at least smart enough to get out of the storm." "Sorry, but we have not exchanged names yet. I'm Jim, Jim Peters." He held out his hand to shake with the kid as he had been taught by his now dead folks, and saw the kid turn away. He wondered what was wrong, and then the kid turned back to hold out his own hand, "Freckles, is my name." He hung his head as if he was not proud of his real name, and could not tell it to anyone. Jim shook hands with the Freckles, and grinned as he said, "I can see how you got that name. I was so glad you found me. How the heck did you turn up at the right time anyway?"

Freckles hung his head as he said, "I have been watching you mope around on the trails for a week now. I wondered what you were doing on our land." "Hun your land. I didn't know anyone owned all this wild land. What the heck do you do with it anyway?" "Well my uncle is always saying it is his so I just wondered what you were spying on us for!" "Spying. Heck no I'm just well I'm not too well kid. I lost my folks, and my uncle lets me ride out here to see if I well get better. I almost died with the pain of losing them."

The two looked at each other for a long time, and then Freckles asked what he was writing in the book he had? "Oh I'm not writing, I do painting, or I did before my folks died. This is the first time in a long time I felt like sketching some of the canyon. Here let me show you." A few minutes later the boys were leaning over the papers spread out on the floor looking at the sketches Jim had done. One of his horse was almost like a portrait as the boy looked back, and forth at the horse beyond them. "Gee your good. That is just like him. Old Paint would be proud to be drawn like that." "You know my horse's name?" "Sure around here we know everyone, and the horses too. Heck I know he was the one on the trail before I even saw him. His hoof has this strange hump where his hoof was injured a few years ago. They always have to shoe him carefully. Old Sam has to earn his pay working on that one shoe."

The rest of the pictures were looked at carefully, and Freckles looked at one that showed a view of a far off stream, and a smoke trail in the dark sky. He pointed at the smoke, and said, "uncle Seth would have a fit if he know you had seen that smoke. I guess he had some wet wood, and was not careful with it." "That's your home then?" The boy's face shut down. There was nothing to see as he looked at the boy. "You shut up. I should kill you for knowing that." "What do you mean?" "I mean no one should know where we live, and don't ever tell anyone what you seen." Jim pulled the sketch out of the pile, and handed it to the boy. Here take it. I don't know what's going on, but it is yours to destroy if that is what you want." The boy looked at Jim for quite awhile, and then placed the sketch on a shelf of rock. I well keep it here till I can take it home. Thanks Jim."

A fire was started, and the boys spoke of many things. Jim soon found out that the boy would not speak of his family, where they lived, or even a last name. He decided to speak instead of his own life. Jim waved his arms as he spoke of being born in Kansas, raised on the flat plains. Dad had a farm when I was younger. I loved the farm, but it failed, and he started a store in this small town. Gee it maybe had a dozen people at any one time. It was a living, but I missed the farm. Gee that was too many people most of the time." He had to grin as he said the above. "Well anyway there was some thief who wanted the little money we had in the store. I was out riding, and he killed my folks. The fool knocked over a lamp, and the whole store burned to the ground. Jesse saw the man running from the burning building, and tried to get my folks out It was too late when we saw them both with big holes in their faces where he shot them. At least we could bury them, and they didn't burn to ashes. I felt so bad for weeks, hell I still feel bad. My uncle is always saying I should move on, but it is so hard."

The young boy touched his arm as he said, "you have to live. It is hard. I know....... He stopped talking as a tear fell, and then turned away as he continued, "I have lost someone too. You... I...... never can forget, but you... I... have to live my... our.... lives." Jim grabbed the boy as he cried. He held the boy from behind as he spoke, nothing that could be called words, just sounds every mother has used when there is too much pain to handle.

After awhile the two were silent. Then a loud clap of thunder announced the end of the storm. It grew lighter, as the clouds were blown away. It was gone as fast as it had appeared. Jim looked at the wet world startled as the younger boy started to kick the fire apart. "Time for you to head home. It is not safe to be wondering this far off the trails. If your going to wonder thus far let me guide you. I well show you a place where you can leave a note for me when you want to wonder the trails. I can meet you some day, and show you around. I know some places you well love to drew."

Jim was led to a rock pile near the main trail, and showed what Freckles called a mail place. "Just move this rock, and leave me a note. I well do the same. If you don't find a note from me don't go onto the trails. It means some of the men are around." "Men, who do you mean?" "I can't tell you, just stay away. You have been lucky they were all out, and about. You would be dead if they had seen you."

Over the next while the two boys met often. Jim was led to many out of the way places. Sometimes he drew in his book all day. Other times the two set talking, hunted for food, or even just got naked, and swam in ponds, or cold streams. Jim often set watching the naked boy in the water. He after awhile started sketching the boy in many poses. Jim called for the boy to hold still as he quickly did a sketch. He often just outlined some pose that struck him. Jim never did the face of the boy, just an outline of something that looked good to him. He never even thought as he looked at the boy as he did his drawing. It was just like drawing the trees around them. The two boys were happy with the friendship that was growing between them. They never spoke of the younger boy's people, well almost never. Once as they stripped to swim Jim was startled to see some bruises, and open wounds on the boy's back, and tail. Jim yelled out, "who did that to you, and way?" Freckles jumped, and tried to say it was nothing. Jim was having nothing of this, and demanded that the boy let him see his back up close.

A soft hand trailed across each wound as Jim inspected the ugly wounds. He tried to talk the boy into going to the doctor in the next town. He was told heck no, "I can't do that. My uncle would kill me if they see me in town. I, well he does not hurt me. It was one of the men. I didn't jump quick enough when he wanted something." The two boys had their first fight that day, and Jim lost it. Freckles told him he could be killed if he was seen in town. My uncle is not to well liked around here."

Jim wanted to know more, but know the boy would just shut up if he pushed on him. He looked at the dirty blond hair, and the tan skin. He spoke softly as he apologized for yelling at him. Look kid I just got upset at the pain you must feel. I know you have something you can't talk about, but I have found out a lot about you, and have never said a word about you to anyone. I won't ever betray you. I love you like a brother I never had. Okay?" He soon had a crying boy in his arms, a naked crying boy. Jim was taller then his young friend. He held the boy's head on his strong chest as he cried. A glance down the boy's back let him see the bubble butt. He shook his head at the thought of how nice the boy's ass looked.

Later one night as Jim tried to sleep in his lonely bed room. It was really a small room above the kitchen. The house was made of logs with the two parts of the cabin joined in the middle by a covered walkway. It was almost the same floor plan used all over the South, and the West at that time in the United States. A Bedroom above both parts of the house, and if there were a lot of kids the family heads lived downstairs on the one side, and all the kids climbed the ladder to the bedrooms under the eaves. Jim could not sleep. He went to the outhouse, and when he came back into the kitchen he dropped another log in the fireplace. Jim stood before the fire thinking of his days with his young friend. He lit a lamp, and set down by the fireplace. As time passed, and he still could not sleep Jim climbed to the loft to get his sketch books. He laid out all the sketches of his buddy, and looked at them.

After much time passed Jim set up his easel. He spread out his ideas as he called his sketches. A slow start, and then it all started to flow into his fingers. The boy in the panting was naked, but nothing sexual showed at all. Oh his body was there, but tree limbs covered parts of the body. A pool behind the boy reflected a back view. The trees were around the boy like a frame made of green, and brown. At last the sketches were no longer of any use. The boy had never even thought of putting the boy's face in any of the small pages he had done. It was not that his face was not nice, it just seemed to never be right to place it in any place someone might see it.

Well it was a long night as the boy welded his brushes. When the sun came up he was touching up the last of the background. Jim stood back looking at the painting as he thought about the boy it showed. He never heard his uncle come into the room behind him. The first he know he was there was when he started swearing. "What?" "Where did you see that boy?" "Why? It is just a picture I decided to paint." "No it is not just a picture. It is my nephew. That is my brother Robert's son. It looks just like him when he was a kid. Now where did you see him?" Jim looked at the picture as he wondered what to say.

At last he decided to ask some questions of his own. "Why is he not with your brother?" "Robert is dead, and his wife too. I thought Terry was dead too. The fire was so bad nothing could be found of any of them, but some fillings in his teeth, and her glasses near what might have been some bones. I always wondered why they were killed. We found some shells around to show there was one hell of a fight. Terry was not to be found, and I always wondered if he might of been taken. away. Now tell me where you saw the boy, and why is he naked?" "Oh shit Herald I met him way back when that large storm hit the canyon. He saved my life, and as he didn't want anyone to see him I have been meeting him for a long time in secret. We have been swimming often, and I did some sketches of him." The boy displayed the pictures in his books, and saw his uncle cry at some of the pictures showed him things that reminded him of his brother.

After they spoke for what seemed like hours, but could not have been Herald told the boy to take the pictures upstairs so his wife would not see them. Jim jumped to do this as he heard his aunt moving around in the other room. Nothing was said as the food was prepared, and ate. Later the two men set outside under the arbor. Jim spoke often about the boy's fear for his life. "I don't really understand all of this, but he thinks I would be killed if I was ever seen." "Is he safe then?" "Yes, and no. I mean he seems to be okay, but one of the men beat him rather badly a few months ago. I never found out why, but he always speaks well of his uncle Seth." "Seth? You said Seth?" "Yes why?" "Oh Lord that is all I needed to understand what happened. Seth was in love with Robert's wife, and she decided to marry my brother. He always said he should have been her wife. I bet he did this to my brother, and he took Terry for some wild reason."

Jim spoke up to say, "we can't just go in there to get him out. He has some secret that he is hiding. I don't know what it is, but he is afraid." His uncle nodded sadly. He asked Jim to tell Terry what he has found out, and see if he well meet with his uncle?

It was many days later when Jim found a letter in the hidden hole, and could meet Terry. He walked with the boy to one of the pools where they swim often. After awhile he said softly, "Terry." The boy jumped to his feet with a look of fear in his eyes. "Don't run away Terry. My uncle Herald is your uncle too. Your father Robert was his brother." Jim stopped talking as he watched fear cross Terry's face. At last the boy slid down in a heap at Jim's feet. Jim touched the bare shoulder as he asked, "will you meet with your, and my uncle? Can we do this soon?" A nod as he demanded they won't try to make him go home with them.

"Okay I well tell Uncle Herald your demands, and he well have to give his word you can stay, for the minute at least. You have to come home sometime. He well take you in just like he did for me." A stubborn head shake is his only answer. Jim let it lay, and they settled down to talk with Terry in Jim's arms. He looked up at Jim as he asked, "do you like me Jim?" "What brought that up kid?" "Kid again why do you call me kid so much?" "Oh shit your younger then me by at least two years, and it feels like I have seen so much more of the world. I guess I should call you Terry now, and stop with the kid stuff. Oh darn I guess I should tell you the truth. I had a buddy back home, and we did some stuff. I have been treating you like a kid because I don't want to take advantage of you. I was looking at your body the other day, and had to tell myself you were just a kid, or I would have jumped your body." "You really want to jump my body?" "Yep." "I wanted you to jump my body too." The two were quiet for a long time, and then Jim asked softly, "do you understand what your saying Terry?" "Yes I do."

There was a long pause as they looked at each other. Jim broke the silence at last to whisper, "no way Terry. I won't do that to you here. If you come home with us we might do it in my bed. A soft kiss on the forehead, and he stood to get dressed. "We need to make a plan for uncle Herald to meet you, and you better be ready to talk to us when we get here." "It can't be for a few weeks. The gang is going to be in, and out of the hideout for awhile. They pulled another robbery." "Ha, I thought that was what was going on. Your uncle, or whatever he is a crook?" "Yes, but he is not my uncle. He just always wants me to call him that. Never mind I well tell Herald all about it when I see him. Watch the mail place in about three weeks. It well be at least that long before I can get out there."

It was a long four weeks later when Jim found the short note, and saw that Terry had asked them to meet in the cave where he had first met Jim. The two of them rode the horses into the wild canyon to meet the younger boy. They planned to stay out overnight. A small fire was soon burning inside the cave. Jim led Herald to the rim of the deep canyon, and pointed out the small stream far down one of the small canyons that held the hidden home Terry lived in. His uncle pulled out a map from the government, and with a compass laid out some lines on the map. While Jim was pointing out where he had seen the smoke that first time the two boys had met Terry the boy walked up behind them to ask if they have the location on the map yet? Herald dropped to his knees as he cried, "Terry."

Terry was crying as he saw the man as he could see he was really related to him. His red hair, and the freckles were just like Terry's. The three held each other tight till they got it all together. Jim was the first to get his emotions in hand. He set there holding the other two as they got over the shock of meeting.

At last Jim led the two people he loved to a fallen tree. He pushed them down, and asked, "how long can you stay out Terry?" "All night if you guys don't mind." His uncle held his face in his kind hands as he said, "all month if it well get you home with us." Jim was watching the two form almost the same bond he had with his young cousin. He smiled at the way they were hanging onto each other. At last he said what had to be said. "Why can't you just leave with us tonight?"

Terry looked scared, and hung his head as he said, "my mother!" "What do you mean your mother?" Seth has her hid away somewhere, and has threatened her if I ever try to get away she will die.... starve to death. He will just let her die." "Ruth is alive?" A sad boy nodded his head as he spoke of trying for years to find out where his mother was hidden. Mr. Peters started thinking, and pulled the map out of his pocket. He placed a finger on the boy's home, and asked, "is this right son?" Jim pointed out some points like a small falls, and a pond near the house on the map. Terry shook his head as he took a pencil to place the X on the other side of the stream, and about a hundred feet up stream. Herald grinned as he pointed at the spot the boy had marked. "Look at the map, and tell me what the small print says."

The two boys leaned in to crack their heads together as they both tried to read the small print. "Ouch," came from both mouth's as the uncle smiled behind a hand. He rubbed both heads as he spoke the words, "cave, and it is almost a mile deep guys. I think we know where Ruth is at now."

A crying boy is hanging onto Herald as he wondered out loud how they are going to save her. Jim looked down the wall of the canyon to see smoke raising from a cabin he know was on fire. He yelled out, "fire the cabin is on fire." They all raced to the edge of the canyon to see for themselves. A yell from Terry, and he was turning to run to the fire. "Stop," Mr. Peters yelled, "we can ride double. You, and Jim lead the way. I well be right behind you."

It was a wild ride down slopes with the horses sliding on their tails. Many trees tried to brush the riders off the horses. Streams were forded at full gallop. It took awhile, but they were soon at the scene of the fire. The last of the cabin was falling into the ashes as they raced up. No one was to be seen around the area. Terry ran to the barn to look at the horses. He called back that they were all there. "No one has left on horse back."

Mr. Peters grabbed a shovel, and attacked the hot ashes. First he asked where the man's bedroom was located. As soon as Terry pointed at the spot he was busy throwing ashes aside. He was asking questions about the place as he worked hard. The two boys watched till he yelled for them to help him. "We have to find the door way. It has to be a trap door. Did he have a closet, or a rug it could have been under?" A finger pointed at a spot on the dirt floor, and the man soon had the trap door open. He climbed down with his colt in his hand. He waved for the boys to stay back as he went down the ladder.

A shout was heard followed by a shot, and then another shot was heard. Jim looked around for a weapon, and picked up a stick to use to defend himself with as he raced down the ladder. He waved Terry back as he fall out of sight into the dark hole.

He was ready to shit himself when he heard his uncle swear at him for being a fool. "Oh well help get your aunt up the ladder. Call Terry down to help you. I need to see if I got that scoundrel." Jim just nodded in the dim light of a lantern. He rushed to the lady, and helped her to her feet. A slow walk to the ladder, and Terry screamed, "mother," as he almost fell down the ladder.

The two had to hold her tight as they climbed the ladder to what used to be the bedroom above them. Ruth covered her eyes as they saw the sun for the first time in years. Terry was holding her close as he cried on her dress. Jim stayed by the trapdoor, and watched close for movement below him. He saw his uncle drag a body to the light from above, and drop it at the foot of the ladder. Jim called down, "do you want a rope dropped down to drag him up?" "Nope he can stay here till the sheriff gets here. I found all kinds of loot down here. You guys well have to go get some help while I stay here to secure the loot.

A wagon was hooked up to a team, and the lady was helped aboard while Jim mounted up to ride ahead of the wagon as an outrider. Terry drove the horses with his arm around his mother. Jim had his uncle's rifle in his hand as they rushed to the town. Ruth was dropped off at the house on the way to town, and Jim's aunt welcomed her with open arms. The two boys raced down the road to get the law, and a posse to return with them to the cabin.

The old sheriff asked for names, and Terry spoke of all the men he know. A murmur was almost heard by Jim, "the hash knife gang." The man rang a bell mounted on the roof of the jail. People with guns drawn rushed up yelling, "what's going on?" A wave of the hand shut them up as the man started pointing at men, "go get all the guns you can carry, and lets get mounted. Food for a week, and tell the wives to expect us when we get back. You is now a deputy. A wave of his hand, and he threw badges around like candy. Jim reached out, and snagged two of the badges, and pined one on Terry as he placed the other on his own shirt. A call to the sheriff had each of them handed guns, and belts full of bullets as well. One of the older men wanted to know why kids were going along? "They know where the Hash Knife outfit is hiding."

There was a rush to horses, and a tail of dust as the two boys led the way. Terry led the way with the wagon, and Jim rode beside the wagon most of the way with only a few places where he had to fall back as the road got wild, and he could not fit beside the wagon. The sheriff spoke to him in these times, and was told about Terry's years hidden in the canyons. "He is my cousin sir. I met him quite awhile ago, and just found out we are related. My uncle saw a picture I painted of him, and know at once who he was. We took his mother to our place just before we called on you."

There was much to say about where the cabin had been located, and Jim spent some of the time speaking of times when he was not able to see the boy. The law man asked for dates, and soon had an idea about when the gang had been doing their dirty deeds. He passed on what he had found out to the rest of the men. It was a rough looking crew. Beards, moustaches, all dressed in rough clothes. There were guns of all types. The guns ran from old cap, and ball pistols to some Colts that had been brought home from some place outside the area. Rifles were in better shape as everyone hunted for their own food. The horses at first were looking some what underfed, but as time went by Jim saw each of them was not being worn down by the fast pace. He looked close at the horses, and soon realized they were some good horse flesh. He saw even some of the younger men as he thought of them were mounted on some fine horses. A closer look showed the men were not much older then he was himself. Jim asked why he had heard some of the men ask about his age, and blushed as he heard they thought he was not used to using a gun.

Jim blushed as he said he didn't really do much with a hand gun, but was good with a long gun. "Heck I didn't even have a gun with me when my uncle went down into the cave after Seth. I went down there with a stick, and got yelled at by my uncle for that too." "You went down there with a stick?" "Yep. You want me to go home now?" "Hell no kid. You have some guts. I don't think any of the rest of the guys would do that." The man passed the word alone the trail to the rest of the group, and many a person shook their head as they looked at the two young men. When a stop was made to cook up some coffee they gathered around to ask if what they heard was true? Jim hung his head at first, and was told he needed to be proud he was so welling to help his uncle. He blushed, and turned to point out his cousin was much braver. "Heck he stayed out there till we found his mother. That was years of pain for him guys."

The stop was short, and they soon pulled up to the burnt out cabin in the clearing. A look around found Herald Peters lounging behind a tree watching them with a straw in his mouth, and a gun under his arm. He stepped out when he saw the two boys to wave the sheriff to his side. A whispered conference soon had a group of the men leaving for wagons to remove the loot.

A week later the hunt was stopped when the Hash Knife gang was seen many miles away, and it was seen they were not coming back.

Jim, and Terry Peters returned home with their uncle. Ruth set rocking on the porch waiting for them to return, and spoke with her son, and his uncle softly. "Dear son, I must leave you here with your family." Freckles cried out that he did not want her to leave him, "I just found you mother!" "Sh my fine son, you have to understand I am not well, and the doctor has found a place for me to live out my life. No son I can't stay here with you, and these fine people. Sh son hear me out. You have grown so much since I last saw your small body." She spoke of her love, and also spoke of him, and his young friend coming by to visit with her often.

The boy sobbed for awhile with both his mother, and Jim holding him tight. "You know about my love then?" he asked his mother. "Yes I saw the picture he painted of you son. It is full of love son." "He explained, "but mom we have not done any wrong." "My fine son there is no wrong in love. Do you trust Jim to do nothing to hurt you, and you in your turn should think of the same thing. You must be ready to tell him you well never do anything to hurt him in your turn." The lady patted her son, and held Jim tight as she asked, "you do love my son? Right?"

A head hung down as Terry thought hard, and was only raised when a strong finger touched his chin. "I love you kid, and yes I have done some playing around back home. Kid I said play around. What I feel for you is so far beyond playing around. I want to love you for ever my young cousin." A soft sound was heard, "playing around?" A glare as the young man spoke of learning early that he could never love a girl, and some young kids playing around as he called it. "Oh most of them are out chasing girls now, but I'm sure at least one of them is in love with an older friend of ours." "Do you still love him?" "Oh no lets not go there. It is more like some of the girls having a buddy they talk to long after they get married. They aren't in love, just good friends."

Beth slapped two pairs of tight buns as she told them to go for a ride. "Go to that place in the painting. Talk this out, and then if you find love it would be a fine place to do some of this playing around as Jim called it, but be sure it is love." The boys walked slowly to the horses, and vanished from sight for what seemed like forever. It was a long day, but it was full of talk, and Jim had the naked boy in his arms with his naked buns setting against his equally naked chest. The talk was at first about Jim, and he spoke of how the boys played, and spoke of jacking off. A grin as Jim told him about standing around with the group of naked boys each hard, and jerking on a hard dick. Later with a smaller group a shaking hand stroking a hard dick that was not his own. Still later one boy with a single other boy doing more. Talk of the first time a tongue tasted cum, and the first kiss. A blow job, sucking each other off. "Oh kid it was not love, just some kids finding out what we both liked to do."

Terry turned in his arms to ask what love was? "Jesus guy that is hard to tell about. I well try. Lets think about the first time I really saw you. I saw a small young boy, freckles, tan, and one fine looking face. The brown hair falling into your eyes, and the way you always brushed it back, then you shook your head to settle it back in place. Then we talked for a long time. I think the first time I really saw you was when I fell for you." "I liked you too, but didn't know anything about love." "Well do you like me a whole lot Terry?" A look in each others eyes was held for what seemed like the rest of the day, and then Jim said, "OW Terry you do understand what love is. You love me too!"

Terry leaned forward an inch, and their lips touched. His eyes closed, and a whine was heard. Neither of the boys know if they had made the sound, and neither of them cared. A long time passed, and a pair of lips was forced open by the other boy, and a wet tongue was forced into his mouth. Another sound was heard. Neither of the boys thought about the sound. It was almost a whisper, and went on the whole time the kiss lasted. At last Jim broke the kiss to look close at his cousin. "Your okay with this child?" "Why?" "Why what?" "Child, kid?" "Oh! Well love of mine your younger then me, but that is not why I call you all that stuff. It is more in the way of me having done so much, and your not doing anything. It is also my way of warning myself to not push you too fast. You have to learn what love is before we do any real wild sex." "What kind of sex do you mean?"

A sad boy turned the other boy back around so he can hold him as he rested his chin on his shoulder. "Gee I spoke of what us kids did. That was just some fun among kids, but it could have been love if we had wanted it to go that far. I spoke of touching dicks, but there is much more to the body that can be fun. There are the nipples, ass, and even the toes." "Toes, and your not thinking of fucking me in the ass are you?" The boy was settled down with some fast talking, and told at last, "yes I want to have sex with you all the way, and asses do come into it someday, but not till you speak up, and say you want it. That is a long way off lover." "Lover, I like that better then kid." "Yes I think I do too. Look guy there are many ways to speak of love with fingers, lips, and just touching. We have days, months, and even years to learn all the ways we can love each other. Heck just holding you in my arms is so much fun."

"Your not even hard, and I'm not either. Why not?" "This is not sex, and if either of us gets hard we are not going to do too much about it. This is the first day of our lives. Lets keep it just talk, and some holding." "Okay I was afraid you were going to push me to fast." "Nope your the one controlling the speed, and if you get out of hand I well slow you down."

The two boys spoke of much that day. They were late returning home, and spoke to Ruth, and their uncle as well. The two were happy when everyone blessed them. "Children all of us the four brothers have all learned to love each other in the same way you are doing now. We loved each other, and even a few friends who still are our best friends yet. I would guess that you either of you well ever marry a women." The two boys held hands as they swore their love for each other. Jim said, "Terry might, but I'm sure I well never marry." Terry spoke up to swear he would not be getting married. "Not after what Seth did to me. I can't think about love of any girl after all this. Heck your lucky I can love anyone after all that."

The two boys had no sex for weeks, almost a month. Oh they went everywhere together. Hands were held, and Jim had an arm around the shoulder of the smaller boy most of the time they walked around the farm. A soft kiss was exchanged often. Terry as often as not made the first move to kiss his cousin. Then the boy's mother went to stay with the doctor, and the two boys spent the time in each others arms for hours. After Terry was over the first shock of loosing his mother again he was asked, "you ready for more then kissing?" A soft, slow nod with a blush was all that was needed to have Jim kiss the young man harder then ever before. The kiss led to them going to bed earlier then they had done before. Jim held the young boy close as he kissed him softly. His hands felt his hard dick for the first time. They were both hard, and Jim led the boy by showing him how good it felt to have a lover touch his body.

It took weeks before they the two young men went beyond just touching the naked bodies. They slowly found the love for each other that both know was part of their lives. One late night Terry screamed as Jim brought him to a climax with his lips. He heard a giggle from Jim as he swore softly. "Oh no I didn't want uncle Herald, and ma to hear the first time we really had sex. Oh well they both know your not a virgin anyway. Was it really that good lover of mine?" Terry settled down at last, and giggled as well as he reached for Jim. "Yep, and if you don't scream as loud I well bite you." He was giggling hard when he got done with Jim, and heard him scream in turn. "No virgins up here guy. Why didn't we do this before Jim?"

"Terry this was more then just lust. You had to know it was love with every kiss I gave you, and kissing your most secret place had to wait till you were ready. I saw your hard dick for a few days, every time I touched you, and know it was time. I have done this for fun with my buddies, and now I have made love with my lover." ""Yes this has to be love. Till now I thought it would feel dirty to really touch your dick with more then my hand. When do we do the rest of the stuff you spoke of?" "Oh no that well wait for a good amount of time. Lets keep it for later. I don't need to invade your other secret spot for a good long time. You well get first crack at me anyway. You really have to know it does not hurt before we do it." Terry thought hard, and asked how it would hurt? "Oh guy lets think about the size of our dicks, and then the size of the poop hole. You have to know it could be hard to do it. My first time doing it was hard on me. It hurt bad for awhile." A smile as he went on to explain how much fun it was later when a real friend showed him how it was done with love. "Why did the first one hurt so much?" "Terry if you didn't love me, and only wanted to please yourself you could hurt me. That is what happened the first time. He just pushed his big old dick in with out helping me get ready first. It was as bad as rapeing me. You have to use a finger to open the hole up, and slip some grease inside first. You both have to go slow at first, and ask often if it is okay."

Jim went on to show the younger boy how a finger can be used to open up that brown ring, and even showed him how good a tongue can feel when it licks an ass hole. There was a muffled scream as Jim kissed the boy while he was showing the boy how good a finger can feel. They giggled a-lot that night, and were still sleepy at breakfast the next day. Herald smiled a lot as he spoke about a need for the two boys to go hunting for a deer. "We really need some meat. Take the day off, and go shoot a deer for me."

Herald watched as the two boys headed off for the day. He told his wife it was no use expecting the two to do any work anyway. "They would just mope around looking at each other all day." There was a lot of kissing, and hand holding that day, but they did return with a fat deer. It was more like luck they saw it then anything else. Oh well the talk that day was about love, and both of them said they loved each other.

The love grew, and as they grew older the two wondered back to that clearing with the burnt out cabin. They stayed in the barn overnight, and it was the place where they both first dipped the wick as Jim called it. Jim was gentle with his lover, and found he loved the love making.

In the morning they walked the land, and spoke of building a new cabin for themselves. They spoke to Herald about who might own the land, and were told it was there's if they wanted it. Herald wondered into town that day, and stopped in a few places. The bank, and the sheriff were the most important places he went. Well maybe not. Herald spoke of what the boys wanted to do, and most of the young men, and many of the older men that know the two boys nodded at what he had to say. The old sheriff told him to go to the land office, and tell him to place the boy's names on the file. "They both earned the right to claim the land. There won't be anyone to say it is not their right to claim it. The banker spoke of a reward that he had been holding till the boys, and Herald came in to claim it. "It should be more then they well ever need to get a farm started." Early the next week dozens of buggies, and farm wagons pulled up in the road by Herald's farm. A yell drew all on the farm to the road. Jim's eyes were big as he heard someone call out that they were there for a house raising. The ladies were along to cook the meals, and their men folks to raise the house. A day was spent with all cutting, and shaping logs. Then with the first light a horse dragged the first log to the site. It was the first of the logs, but many others soon joined it. Axes flow. Mud, bark, and moss stuffed each crack as it rose from nothing to a complete house. Chairs, tables, and even beds were either made on the spot, or brought with them from someone's home. The women hung curtains, and covered tables with a tablecloth. The bed was made by the ladies, and there was much joking about who would have to sleep in the barn as there was only the one bed. Then as a bonfire was lit everyone fell to eating, and drinking as they welcomed the two boys to their new home.

Late that evening as the fire died down there were two happy young men watching as the last of the people drew away in the light of the full moon. An arm around each-other was enough to say this is the first day of the rest of our life. Terry asked only one question, "do they all know of our love?" Jim kissed the boy, and nodded with out a word. Later that week there was a group of men drew up to the fence line. When Jim walked over to ask, "set a spell," he had a hand wave at all the men, and most of them held out a hand to their partner. "Some of us were here for the house raising, and waited till now to give our own welcome. Everyone knows we be lovers, but no one says anything about it. Few if any well ever say anything about you guys either. We have many friends, and watch out for our own." A few names were spoke, and they were warned to watch their back with them. Other names were spoke, and they were told they were just like you guys, but with out partners yet. "They will drop in when out this way. Just say howdy, and set a spell."

A hand was held out to shake, and every man shook. Jim had his arm around Terry as he invited all to step down, and have a bite. "We just killed a deer the other day right in the front yard so it is time to have a roost." Many a jug was handed around as the men enjoyed the evening with the boys. Names were spoke if the boys had not met them before. Later the group headed off for home. Terry asked how many people do what we do? "Many more then you might think. I spoke to Herald, and he said most of the men here about had all fooled around if not downright made love. He was going to introduce some friends to me someday, but I guess it will not be necessary now." Later as the harvest moon slipped behind some tall pines on the rim of the canyon the two boys walked to their bed to tell each other of their love.

This ends a story Zane Gray might of wrote if he had lived today. It is my small effort to tell a tale that could have happened one day in the past.

A few of the people spoke of above

Ruth wife to Robert, Peters and Terry's mother
Robert Peters' brother to Herald Peters
Jim Peters Nephew to Herald Peters cousin to Terry
Freckles = Terry Peters Robert's son-Nephew to Herald Peters
Seth uncle of Terry's
Old Paint horse
Sam = blacksmith

The End