Head West Young Man


B. Clark

Chapter Nine

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Previously in chapter eight:

"Kyle...you are a queer aren't you," he said as he got up.

"No Nate I'm not a queer, I just love you and Ethan is all," he said and realized it after what he had said.

"Ethan...is that what you meant earlier? You pulled this on him and he got pissed at you didn't he," Nathan asked as he paced the floor.

"At first he did Nate, but once he realized how much we meant to each other as friends, he saw how I felt and made love to me."

"Ethan fucked you Kyle," he shouted as he stood there in shock.

"No Nate he didn't fuck me, he made love to me as one friend showing his love to another. Now I want to show you how much I love you Nate by giving myself to you," and he held out his arms.

"Oh fuck Kyle, this isn't right," he said as he looked at his friend through different eyes. "I've never been interested in sex with men," he told him as he looked at his outstretched arms.

Now chapter nine:


"I'm not asking you to be interested in men Nate, just love me," he asked as he pulled back the covers to expose his hard body.

Nathan looked at his body long, and he moved closer to the bed. Kyle sat up and he undid Nathan's gun holster and placed it on the floor. He looked up at Nathan and his eyes were closed, but a tear rolled down his face. Kyle slowly undid his jeans and let them fall to the floor. He reached down and helped Nathan step out of them. He stood up and removed his shirt, and let it also drop to the floor, as he kissed his way down to his nubs. He gently nibbled on Nathan's nubs as Nathan stood there, stiff as a board. He started to relax as the sensations coursed through him. By the time Kyle had moved over to his other nub and started to suckle on that one, Nathan was moaning as he held Kyle to his breast.

"This ain't right bud, but don't stop," Nathan said as he continued to nibble and suck on that nub, and when it got sensitive he turned Nathan around, and laid him down on the bed. He knelt beside the bed and took his cock into his mouth, and Nathan cried out as the feeling overwhelmed him.

"Fuck yeah bud, suck that cock," he said as he pushed Kyle's head down all the way on his cock.

Kyle's lips were pressed hard against Nathan's balls, and his nose was buried in his pubes.

"Mmmm," Nathan moaned as Kyle began to suck hard on his cock, and he cried out when he sucked harder on the head.

"Holy fuck bud for a man you sure can suck dick," he said as he held onto his head and kept feeding him his cock.

He was just about to cum when Kyle pulled off his cock, and Nathan sat up and got all pissed over it.

"What the fuck Kyle, I thought you wanted my juice," Nathan yelled at him, but Kyle turned him so that he was entirely on the bed.

"Relax and enjoy my deputy," Kyle said as he began to suck his balls.

"Ahhhhh fuck man I'm shooting," he yelled as the sensation of having his balls sucked sent him over the edge and Kyle quickly took his cock into his mouth.

Nathan held his head firm as he fed Kyle his cum, and he didn't release it until he was spent. Once he had drunk every drop that Nathan had to give him, he lifted his leg and moved down to his hole. With the cum in his mouth he lubed his virgin ass with it, and he pushed his tongue deep into it.

"Ooooh fuck man now what are you doing," Nathan asked as he lifted his head to see what he was doing.

He dropped it back down and went with the feeling, because he still was deep into his afterglow. Once Kyle had his ass lubed he sat up between his legs, and spit the rest of the cum on his hand. Nathan looked at him as he wondered what he was doing, and he rubbed the cum on his own cock. He lifted both of Nathan's legs and Nathan began to worry, but before he could do anything, Kyle slid his cock into his cum lubed ass.

"Stop you fucker that hurts," he yelled out as Kyle buried his cock deep into him, and he bent down and kissed him before he could stop him.

He kissed him hard and rough as the two began to fuck. Nathan couldn't get up because his legs were in the air. Kyle was slowly fucking him as he continued to kiss him, and now Nathan started to push back. Kyle broke their kiss and lifted up on his hands, and he began to fuck his friend now more aggressively. Nathan held Kyle's waist, as Kyle fucked his ass hard and furiously. He knew this was wrong but he had to admit it felt good. Each time Kyle shoved in his cock rubbed against Nathan's nut deep inside, and soon he had Nathan to another climax.

"Ahhhhh fuck I'm shooting again," Nathan yelled as his cock spurt forth its offering, and he stroked it hard and fast. "Ahhhhh fuck this is so fucking good," he said as he continued to shoot forth his cum.

That was all it took for Kyle to reach his edge, as Nathan's ass contracted around his hard cock.

"Ooooh fuck cowboy here it comes, I'm shooting," and Kyle's cock began to throb as he shoved it deep into Nathan's sore ass, and shot forth his cum deep into it. "Ride my cock stud," Kyle said as he pounded Nathan's ass with all the fury of a stallion in heat.

Nathan didn't understand why he was pushing hard and furious against Kyle's thrusts, but he knew that he wanted that cock deeper inside of him.

"Fuck me Kyle," Nathan howled as he shot again one last time, jerking his cock as fast as he was being fucked.

As the two friends slowly came to the end of the sex, Ethan stood at the window and watched.

"Well I'll be fucked, Kyle and Nate fucking," he thought to himself. "I thought that Nate at least didn't do that shit."


When Kyle had finished his climax, he dropped down and kissed Nathan on last time.

"I'm sorry if I took advantage of you Nate," Kyle said as he wiped the hair from his forehead.

"I could have killed you Kyle when you shoved that dick of yours in me, but fuck it felt good after a while. Is this what you did to Ethan," he asked as Kyle laid on him with his cock still in him.

"No he fucked me Nate, are you angry that I fucked you?" he asked.

"No, but why did you fuck me then," he asked.

"Because I love you Nate, I like Ethan but I love you Nate," and he kissed him again. "Can I ask you something Nate," he said as he looked down at his friend. "Would you move in with me and be my man?"

"Are you fucking crazy, the whole town would know that we were queer," he said. "I'm not a fucking queer, you raped me if you want the truth," he said as he got angry with him and pushed him off him.

"Nate you just said that you liked it," Kyle said crying because he had hurt him with his words.

"Anyone would like it when their nut is getting off with you fucking them, but you still raped me and I have a notion to turn you into Kris," he said.

They were both standing there naked and shouting at one another, as Nathan turned and saw Ethan standing at the window. Nathan motioned for Ethan to come in, and Ethan froze when he realized that he had been caught.

"You're both queer Nate," Ethan asked as he looked at the two men.

"I'm not a queer Ethan, Kyle took advantage of our friendship and raped me," he said now crying more out of shame for being caught.

"I saw you both fucking and you didn't look like you were being raped," he said to him. "You sure looked like you were enjoying his cock up your ass buddy," he said now almost shouting at him.

"Well buddy," and he emphasized the word buddy as he said, "I hear that you did you fair share of fucking Kyle last night," Nathan said and Ethan turned to Kyle in rage.

"You fucking little queer, you told me not to tell but you had to tell him," didn't you and he hit Kyle hard across the face and knocked him to the floor.

"I'm sorry Ethan, it just came out," he cried as he cowered on the floor.

"Well let's see who the queer really is now," Ethan said as he pulled Kyle up from the floor and threw him on the bed. "Hold him there Nate," Ethan said as he began to pull down his jeans.

Nathan held Kyle down on the bed on his stomach by kneeling in front of him and pressing him down to the bed. Ethan spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock, and then he shoved his cock deep into Kyle's ass.

"Please don't do this Ethan, stop it hurts," Kyle cried out in pain, as Nathan grabbed his hair in his fist and lifted his head.

He lifted it up and Kyle opened his mouth to talk, but Nathan shoved his cock deep down his throat. While Ethan forcefully fucked him with all the anger, he felt, Nathan fucked his face in his anger also.

"Although I used trickery to get my friends into my bed, I don't deserve this treatment," he thought.

Ethan fucked his ass savagely now, and he slapped his ass each time his shoved his cock into it. Nathan had backed off some to allow Kyle to breathe, and then shoved his cock back down his throat.

"Ooooh fuck I'm cumming," Ethan crowed as he brutally fuck him and shot his cum deep into the man.

"Take it queer and ride his cock," Nathan shouted as he as he approached another climax and shot

Nathan froze with his cock deep down Kyle's throat and blew his cum. He pulled back when he noticed that Kyle was struggling to breathe, and continued to shoot in his mouth. Ethan was fucking his ass harder now and he pulled Nathan to him and kissed him. The two kissed as they tortured their friend's body and fought for dominance with their tongues inside their mouths. Once they were spent the fell onto the bed, and Kyle laid there and cried.

They got up and looked at their friend as he whimpered on the bed, all curled in the fetal position.

"We'll be back queer, so be ready for us to give you it again," Ethan said as he slapped his ass hard, which caused Kyle to cry harder.

"Don't bother, I'm leaving this town," he said between sobs.

"You fucking leave and we'll find you queer boy," Nathan said as he pulled on his jeans.

Why guys, all I am guilty of is loving the two of you," he said. "For years we were friends and now this, you hate me so much that you raped me," he said. "So what if I'm a man in love with two men, I have respected and admired you all my life guys. So now who's going to report a rape to the sheriff?" he and he turned his face into the pillow.

"The fuck you will queer boy," Ethan said as he jumped on top of him and held him face down in the pillow.

Kyle struggled to get free so that he could breathe, and Nathan stood there frozen with fear watching.

"Stop man," Nathan said as he pushed him off Kyle, and Kyle lifted up and gasped for air. "We're all wrong Ethan with what we done here," Nathan said as he held his face in his hands. "You, me and Kyle, we all done wrong and there is no one person to blame," and he starred intently into his eyes.

"Oh my God Nate, what have we done," he asked and looked down at a frightened Kyle. "I'm so sorry Kyle," he said as he started to cry. "Forgive me my friend, please," and he cried hard on Kyle's chest.

"Forgive me also buddy, I was just as wrong," he said as he laid his head on Kyle's shoulder and cried.

Kyle looked at his two friends as the cried, and he put his arms around them both.

"I am the one that's sorry guys; I tricked you into having sex with me. Yes I am a queer Ethan, but one thing is true," he said as they both looked at him. "I do, and will forever love you both," and he cried hard.

"No Kyle, we treated you like an animal," Nathan said through his tears. "Can we still be friends here, the three of us," he asked as he looked at Ethan.

"I'd like that too Kyle, but you are the one we mistreated and raped Kyle," he said and they both looked at him.

"I would really like that Ethan and Nate, and I promise not to ask you to have sex with me again," he told them.

"Well let's not go to far there buddy," Ethan said. "I kinda liked your ass, and I promise not to be so rough if you still want me to do it with you? Besides, it beats those nasty gals over at the saloon," he added and Kyle smiled.

"Hey I was the one he said he loved," Nathan said as he jealously reared its head.

"Guys, I think we can find a way for all of us to be together," he said.

"Yeah I know," Nathan said, as he remembered what Kris had told him. "Kris mentioned switching us every other week so that we each have a chance working at night. So on the week one works it, the other comes here to love on you Kyle," Nathan told them

"That works for me Kyle if it works for you," Ethan said as he now realized he was supposed to be working. "Oh fuck, I'm supposed to be working," he said as he got up and looked for his things.

Once Ethan was dressed, he ran out the door, and left Nathan and Kyle alone naked still in the bed.


"I am sorry for the way I treated you my friend," Nathan said as he held Kyle in his arms. "I would have never imagined myself like this, making love to a man," he said as Kyle lifted his head and looked up at him.

"I'm sorry Nate, really I am," and Nathan leaned in and kissed him sweet and tenderly. "You wanna make love to me deputy," he asked once they broke their kiss.

"No not really bud, but you can do it to me," he said as he laid back and pulled Kyle on top of him. "Just be gentle this time man," he said as they kissed softly as Kyle got between his legs.


Ethan got back to Kris's office all out of breath from running, and Kris was sitting there and he looked pissed. Ethan stood there gasping for his breath as Kris asked,

"So where have you been Ethan, and why the shortness of breath," Kris asked finally as he broke the silence.

"I...ah..." and he broke down crying.

"What is it Ethan," Kris said coming around his desk and took him in his arms to comfort him.

Once Ethan calmed down, he took off his badge. He handed it to Kris who just looked at him and asked.

"What is this for Ethan," and he looked at him and wondered.

"Kris I went over to Kyle's today when I should have been making my rounds," he said. "Nate said that he was going over, and because of something that happened last night, I went to spy on them."

"Can I ask you what happened last night Ethan," he asked as he looked at him and could tell he held a secret.

"Oh my God no Kris, you would hate me for sure," he said as he held his head down crying.

"I would never hate you Ethan, and I want you to know that you can trust me," he told him.

Ethan looked at him and started to say,

"Last night Kyle and I we had..." and he couldn't finish it because of the shame he felt.

"Come with me please," Kris, said getting up and taking him into the back room.

Once in the back, Kris closed the door. He turned to Ethan, took him in his arms, and kissed him hard. Kris offered him his tongue and Ethan opened his mouth and accepted it. Kris knew he shouldn't be doing this, but he felt bad for Ethan.

"You're this way too," Ethan asked once they broke their kiss.

"Yes Ethan, Jon and I are lovers," he told him as he took a chance on telling him. "So I take it that you and Kyle made love last night," he asked.

"Yes Kris, and then today I watched Nate and him do it," he told him, then broke down, and told him the entire story as he cried.

Kris held him the entire time as he spoke and comforted him through his crying. When he finally got him to calm down, he looked at him and kissed him once again. Only this time he felt himself slip, and he started to undress the young man. It was when he had him almost naked, that he came to his senses.

"I'm sorry Ethan, get dressed," he told him as his own tears began to fall. "Jon loves me and I him, and he don't deserve to have me cheating on him," he said.

"I'll never tell him, honest I won't," Ethan said as he began to undo Kris's pants.

Kris held onto his pants, and Ethan pulled them finally from him. Ethan knelt down before him, and he pulled them down to the floor. Kris stood there as Ethan took his cock into his mouth.

"Oh fuck stop please," he asked but Ethan continued to suck his cock.

Try as he did, he just couldn't get it past down his throat without gagging. He then turned his attention to the head and sucked hard and fast on it as Kris now held his head.

"What would Jon say or even do if he knew what I was doing," he thought to himself as the lad worked feverishly on his cock.

He was getting to the edge and he pulled his cock from his mouth and said,

"I can't do this Ethan; I can't cheat like this on the one man that has loved me."

Ethan got up and took him by the hand leading him to the cot that was against the wall. Ethan laid down and pulled Kris down on him between his spread legs. Kris spit in his hand and rubbed it on his cock. When it was wet he placed it to Ethan's ass, with a firm and gentle push the head popped in and Ethan went white with pain.

"Ooooh fuck stop Kris," he begged as the pain became almost intolerable.

Kris leaned down and kissed his deputy softly as he worked more of his cock into him until he had bottomed.

"I'm all the way in Ethan," Kris said once he broke his kiss. "Are you alright," he asked and Ethan only nodded.

He lifted up and pulled his cock out to almost all the way, and then he pushed it back in just as slow. After several times of doing this he began to search for a rhythm. He was fucking the boy faster now, as they soon found a rhythm that worked for them both. Ethan relaxed and was soon pushing back to Kris's thrusts, and he knew just how Nathan and Kyle had felt earlier.

"You good bud," Kris asked as he lifted Kris's legs higher.

"Yeah Kris, fuck me like the man that you are," he said as he grabbed Kris's hips to help him keep rhythm.

Kris was slamming his ass hard now as he lifted his legs higher, and he got deeper in.

"I'm fucking going to shoot Kris," and he shot his cum onto his chest. "Fuck me Kris I need it deeper in," and Kris gave it as deep as he could as the boy shot.

"I going to cum Ethan," he said as he felt his cum moving up from his balls. "Aaaaah fuck," he shouted forgetting where he was as he filled Ethan's ass.

He slammed that boy's ass and filled it with his cum until he was nearly done.

"How could you Kris," Jon said as he suddenly appeared in the door, and he turned and ran out of Kris's office.

"Oh fuck, Jon," he said as he tried to stop but the rhythm was carrying him along.

He finally stopped cumming, and got off Ethan who was crying with shame now.

"I'm sorry Kris, I so fucking sorry and ashamed," he said and cried.

Kris didn't say a word, as he got dressed and ran out after Jon.

"What's wrong with Kris," Nathan asked as he came into the office.

"Jon caught him fucking me Nate," said with a blank look on his face.

"What the fuck Ethan," was all he said as Ethan walked out.

"Wait buddy don't leave like this," Nathan said but it was as if he didn't hear him and kept walking.

Ethan went back to his house and found a rope, and tossed it over the tree limb...

To be continued...

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