story codes: M/B, oral, anal, hist, reluc?


This story is (historical) fantasy and should be treated as such!

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. In fact, there is a big difference between fantasies like these and reality. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and a teen boy, if this offends you, do NOT read on.

Homo Erectus

Some 40,000 years ago, wandering bands of Homo Sapiens – modern humans of the species we all belong to, in fact our DNA can be traced back to one African 'Eve' who lived 200,000 years ago – entered Europe and trekked north. Eventually they would have met their distant relatives, evolved from an earlier migration of 'Homo Erectus', or upright-man. These people are now known as Neanderthals. This is the story of Nrg – a boy who came along with one of the first bands os Sapiens to enter Europe.

It was the warm period of the year and the hilly landscape was green and lush. Food was abundant – berries, wheat, fish, game, everything was readily available. For a prehistoric human, life didn't get much easier. The band, consisting of roughly two families, was relaxed and cheerful, gayly grunting, wailing and whistling their primitive language to each-other, basically asserting time and time again that life was good here. Nrg smiled and wandered over to the lake, the still waters reflecting Nrg's naked body. He examined it. Having only recently migrated from more southern regions and still closely related to their African ancestors, Nrg and his kin still had dark skins, although not as dark as Africans'. The grown-ups were pretty hirsute, their thick, black hair contrasting against their brown skin, but the children weren't. Had Nrg been a modern boy, he could have told you that he was twelve. Being prehistoric, however, he would have grunted that he was about as many warm periods old as he had fingers on both his hands. Prehistoric man didn't bother with birthdays. Nrg looked at his reflection: his slender, hairless body was quite fit from al the exercise you get hunting and gathering all the time. He stared into his own dark eyes for a moment, then let his glance wander back over his button nose, sensuous mouth (although he wouldn't have recognized) with its full lips and down over the tiny nipples and flat tummy. He looked at his hairless penis and ball sack that was only showing the slightest hint of developing into the dangly, flopping appendages he so often ogled on the older men. Nrg looked up and scoped the men of his pack, busy preparing for the next hunt or just chatting and playing. Some of them were wrestling, sporting half to full erections without really noticing or caring. Others were talking to the women they had claimed and some were even copulating right then and there, children watching inquisitively. When he looked down again, Nrg noticed that the tingling feeling below his tummy had indeed meant that his own penis was now pointing ahead like a little finger. He turned around and stretched his neck to look at his back. It shone softly in the sun, Nrg being mercifully unscathed by disease, and arched toward the narrow bubbles of his ass. He pulled the left cheek out, revealing the little hole that his poop came out of. Instinctively he crouched down, dipped his fingers in the cold water and started washing the crevice. Eventually, he reached the hole, dipped his fingers in the water again and entered himself with two of them, thoroughly cleaning the hole. Nrg wasn't unique in his behavior as all members of the band washed themselves elaborately when encountering water. Nrg also wasn't the only one gaining pleasure from being extra thorough on certain body openings so the spectacle of the panting boy rapidly moving his hand to and fro behind his back, penis sticking out and almost quivering, was nothing exceptional.

A little while later Nrg was alone and panicking. He had insisted on coming along with the hunt and felt very foolish for it because he was now completely lost. None of the trees or rocks looked familiar to him and secrets of using the sun to determine which direction you are taking and what time of day it is hadn't been revealed to him. So he wandered around sweating, naked, with only a pointy stick to protect him. He started running through the thickets cutting himself on the thorns but stopped after a while. Destitute, he looked around, then sunk to his knees and started sobbing softly. When he heard the leaves rustle, he looked up again and spread his eyes wide like saucers.

They didn't really have names. The two stocky, muscular men with their low foreheads and thick ridges above the eyes didn't have much use for names, especially since they had been made outcasts by their tribe. They were both good hunters and this was the abundant season, so they had no trouble surviving. A meal was never to be ignored, however, and when they heard an obviously panicking animal come crashing through the woods, they followed it. But what they found was no animal. It looked a bit like their own young, but entirely hairless apart from the thick black hair on his head. Their own kind was hairy from birth so this wasn't one of them, but – apart from having a slighter build – it looked remarkably like them in every other respect. Reactions to the surroundings and living beings occupying those surroundings were quite simple back then, and still are under the veneer of civilization. You either ate, fought or had sex with the creature you met, depending on your mood and their demeanor. It was fairly obvious that fighting would not be needed and wouldn't be much fun anyway. That left food and sex. In this season food was not in short supply and the Neanderthals, much like most other species, disliked eating their own when not in despair. Maybe they could keep it and eat it when times were slim. All this really left only one thing – a thing both of them enjoyed. Questions of sexual orientation are modern constructs that didn't trouble prehistoric man. Even the connection between heterosexual, vaginal sex and pregnancy was only suspected at most. They looked at the handsome creature looking back at them with big dark eyes in a flat, long face with far less ridges than their own but two striking patches of hair above the eyes and grunted to each-other in approval.

Nrg looked at the creatures and now they apparently weren't going to lunge at him, he found the time to observe them more closely. They were short, stocky and incredibly hairy. Their muscles were much bigger than he'd ever seen before. They looked like humans but more feral and quite impressive, so it nearly made Nrg laugh when he heard the high-pitched shrieks coming out of their mouths as they apparently communicated. At the same time he noticed their crotches and the thick, veined members pointing out from them and he guessed their intentions, although he hardly noticed his own tiny penis stiffening in reaction as he got up and backed against a tree.

The two men approached the frightened-looking boy, noting with satisfaction that his own sex was evidently on the same mental track as theirs, more or less. They approached the boy and started stroking the smooth skin, exploring the young body so like their own, yet so different. His skin was smoother than almost anything they'd ever felt but the muscles felt much the same. The explored his back, thick fingers feeling the ass crack and finding yet another anatomical similarity .

Nrg grunted as the rough hands moved over his skin, feeling his muscles and zeroing in on the parts that made him feel weirdly good. His nipples were tweaked, then pinched painfully – Nrg letting out a yelp that didn't disturb the men. The hands touched his rock-hard willy, stroking and manipulating it, cupping, caressing then tugging the ball sack. A hard tug made Nrg yelp again, feeling curiously excited by the rough hands manhandling his young form. Then a hand crept up behind him, explored his ass and found its target. Nrg inhaled sharply and, for the first time, tried to escape as a thick finger entered him.

These were prehistoric men, but they weren't stupid: they knew about friction and lubrication in connection to sex. Both men were fundamentally of a kind disposition, not naturally inclined to inflict suffering, so the man removed his finger and moved it to the place where humans produce their best lubricants: the boy's mouth. The boy obviously had an inkling of what was happening as he opened it and sucked in the finger, then another, suckling and covering them with his saliva.

The man removed his fingers from Nrg's mouth and moved them back to his ass. Helpfully, the boy grabbed his ass cheeks and parted them to give the probing fingers access. They waste not time and Nrg grunted again as he felt two digits working their way into his tight hole. He felt the fingers fuck him for a while, the pull out as the man guided his head down towards the body part Nrg knew men used to penetrate the bodies of their lovers. He understood that the same drill was required so he opened his mouth and it quickly filled with hot, throbbing meat. He moved forward until he felt the tip against his throat but the man grabbed his head and thrust all the way in. Nrg gagged and coughed when the thick pole rammed through the resistance his throat was putting up, expanding it visibly.

The man held the boy's head close to his heaving belly as he felt the young mouth engulf his penis. The boy was obviously in some kind of discomfort, gagging and with some tears running down his cheeks, but he didn't struggle and it all felt too good to stop anyway. He moved his manhood back and forth in the boy's mouth, relishing the sensations, grunting and panting.

Again, Nrg noticed the high-pitched shrieks this mighty body emitted. He felt the big member move in and out of his mouth for a while, giving him occasional chances to breathe, then it withdrew. Suddenly two things connected in Nrg's mind: the thickness of the man's penis and the place where it was going to be next. He panicked for a moment and struggled as the man put him on all fours and kneeled behind him. He shrieked.

The man grunted reassuringly at his little lover to indicate that he would be gentle. The boy still struggled but was no match for the four strong hands holding him down. He positioned the tip of his manhood, gently throbbing and glistening from the boy's saliva. He pushed, grabbing the boy's narrow hips. It took some time, but eventually the resistance diminished and the head slipped in.

Nrg felt his asshole ripped open and cried out. His panicking mind pieced together that the big penis was doing the same thing to his body as the fingers had. The member didn't move and the hands stroked his back and thighs, trying to relax him. For the life of him, Nrg couldn't imagine the big thing in his hole moving any further, or moving out for that matter. It was trapped.

The boy's anus was clutching at the Neanderthal's manhood with all its might. He stroked the boy's back and thighs to make him relax and accept the invasion but it didn't seem to work at first. Eventually, however, the grip lessened and he moved again, forcing more of his member into the slender body. Although he could now move, the tight hole still gripped and the boy still cried and whimpered. When he had forced himself halfway in, the Neanderthal noticed a substantial change: it was as if the tiny opening finally accepted what was happening. It gave in and the penis was now free to move, so the man started fucking, pounding furiously into the boy who let out soft whimpers.

The pain hadn't gone but a teary-eyed Nrg felt the man's penis move in and out of him much more easily. Now it reminded him of his own fingers moving in and out of the hole, only much, much bigger. So big in fact, that he thought his entire body was filled up. Though painful, it felt good and Nrg started to move, pushing his butt into the man when he thrust.

The young, panting boy and the big grunting man were copulating furiously now and the other Neanderthal thought he'd awaited his turn long enough. He moved toward the boy's sweating face and grabbed the back of his head. The mouth opened and the penis slid in. Just as he was starting to suck, the other man thrust heavily into the boy, moving his while body forward into the man in front of him.

Nrg gagged again as the penis was rammed into his throat. Part of him was amazed that his little body could accommodate the big pieces of meat that were invading it. The man behind him had slowed his pace and was making long, deep strokes until he pushed all the way in in again with all his might. The big member seemed to get even bigger and harder and Nrg let out a muffled cry as he felt his insides fill up with a sudden jet of hot fluid.

Exhausted, the Neanderthal pulled out and collapsed. The other man pulled his manhood out of the boy's mouth and moved to his back. The gaping, stretched hole between the narrow buttocks seemed to invite him, dripping some white fluid so he plunged all the way in at once. The boy winced, then froze as something seemed to happen to him.

When Nrg felt the second penis invade him, the feelings that had been building suddenly erupted into a climax. The man, however, didn't stop fucking him, taking quite some time to release the second load of hot fluid into the boy. All three now lay exhausted on the ground. Eventually the men got up and beckoned. Nrg made up his mind in a split second: he would never find his own group again so he'd have to take his chances with these two men.

The next day, Nrg woke up between the two Neanderthals. He heard a sound: his group was blowing their bone horns to indicate they were leaving. Nrg yawned and snuggled up to the man behind him. He felt something grow hard against his back and smiled.

Eventually, Neanderthal man disappeared after having coexisted with Homo Sapiens for some time. No-one knows what happened. Were they out-competed, did the species interbreed with Sapiens DNA proving stronger, or did they try to interbreed but did Neanderthal man simply not like Sapiens females...?