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Chapter 23 – Letradoisan

[In ancient Greece] Prostitution practiced by a youth, though not in itself a crime, debarred the person when grown from participating in the Assembly and deprived him of certain other rights of citizenship. – TruthTree

His head hurt. And it was hot; they were lying on him. Letradoisan opened his eyes. Bantu’s sleeping face was inches from his own. The eunuch was asleep with his leg over Letradoisan’s butt and his arm over Letradoisan’s shoulders. Letradoisan turned his face in the other direction. Ptolemy lay sleeping, backed up to Letradoisan’s side.

It had to be morning. People were moving around in the shrine hall outside the booth. Fresh air was finding its way in through open doors. He could hear birds outside. Letradoisan groaned.

He groaned because he hadn’t had nearly enough sleep, because his head hurt, and because he remembered the previous night. He’d let them fuck him; both of them. The first time, he was fucking Bantu and Ptolemy just moved in behind him without even asking, but Letradoisan was so worked up by then, he didn’t care. And then it felt so good being pressed between their bodies – everywhere between their bodies – and the feelings inside his rectum had grown so powerful as Ptolemy thrust rapidly from behind while Letradoisan lay in Bantu’s arms, his own cock grinding into the redhead’s tight bottom, stretched long into the redhead’s tight bottom, driven deep by Ptolemy’s pumping from behind.

He came, but they kept going; fondling, kissing, groping, keeping him hard… and then he was fucking Ptolemy and Bantu moved in behind, and the feeling was so different in the tall boy’s arms and between those long legs and Bantu’s hot skin and the weight of his firm body so comfortably on Letradoisan’s back and his banging cock feeling so damn good up Letradoisan’s rectum.

He stifled a second groan. He’d let slave boys fuck him… all night long. And it didn’t matter that it felt so incredibly good. What if someone found out? But wait. Who would find out, this far from Antioch? He could make sure Obenedes wouldn’t say anything. He frowned. What about Antiochus?

And what about Jeet?

What Jeet knew could be important. Just the night before, prior to that old temple slave dressing them in flowers, Letradoisan had asked Antiochus why the eunuchs were being given classes.

They had been in Antiochus’ chamber, the one that had been used by the prince from the East. Antiochus waved the twins closer to answer, and they sat at his feet. “Because, fair Letradoisan,” Antiochus told them, “Jeet is being groomed for the king’s service. That is the whole reason your uncle agreed to you coming on this trip. We need to make Jeet an ally, or barring that, compromise him as a rival.”

“What do you mean, ‘he’s being groomed for the king’s service’?” Obenedes asked. “Jeet is a eunuch, and boy prostitute.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time a king’s lover, or a eunuch, or a prostitute, has gained power in a kingdom,” Antiochus replied. “My brother is stupid over the boy.” He shook his head sadly. “I want Jeet, too, but I’m not going to be stupid about it. That boy, Jeet, with all his beauty, was born for one thing, to be fucked. But my love-addled brother intends to make Jeet a minister in his court.”

“Not a minister like my uncle is a minister,” Obenedes said with a frown.

Precisely a minister like your uncle,” Antiochus replied.

The twins frowned.

“Understand,” Antiochus said, “The main reason I’m back here in Kaleh is because I’ve wanted Jeet since I first saw him; hell, since I first heard of him. I’m going to bed Jeet because he is beautiful. We all want to fuck his little butt, and we all will fuck him. But keep your wits about you and do it the right way. Don’t treat him like some slave boy to be used. Make love to him. Make him a friend and an ally we can use later in the king’s court. And then, if he does not become our friend, the fact that we have all fucked him – that half the world has fucked him – will be something that we can use against him at the right moment when we need to.”

Antiochus had told them that, and within a couple of hours, Letradoisan was letting himself be fucked by slave boys. He stifled another groan. It was the wine, he decided. He would be more careful. He would reassert himself. Beginning now.

He pushed up on his hands and knees; getting up from under Bantu. He backed off the bed.

Bantu stirred slightly, then moved over to spoon Ptolemy’s back and returned to sleep.

Letradoisan, rubbing his head, stumbled out of the booth to see who was about in the shrine hall.

Servants were cleaning up. Other servants were bringing baskets and earthen jars into the hall through the shrine doors. The Abij-hah, in a short loincloth, was quietly directing them all. He saw Letradoisan emerge from the booth, and with a smile, waved him over.

“Good morning,” Jeet said with a slight bow.

Letradoisan frowned. “My head hurts.”

The Abij-hah smiled, and smoothed the blond boy’s disheveled hair. Letradoisan closed his eyes; Jeet’s hand felt good.

“Come,” Jeet said, leading Letradoisan over to several waist-high, earthen jars sitting just inside the shrine doorway. Jeet dipped a ladle into one of the jars and handed it to Letradoisan. “Drink. This will help.”

Letradoisan took a taste, and then swallowed more.

“It’s good, isn’t it?” Jeet asked. “It’s spring water.”

Letradoisan didn’t answer, but water ran down onto his throat and bare chest as he drank the entire ladle. Jeet watched the rivulets run down the twin’s body, admiring the thirteen-year-old’s lean lines, and tight musculature. The water raced down the midseam of Letradoisan’s rippled belly. Jeet watched one rivulet almost reach Letradoisan’s small pubic patch, but it beaded first. He was disappointed that it didn’t make it into the light brown hair.

“This time of year, there are fresh springs just up river from the temple,” Jeet told the twin, watching as Letradoisan dipped another ladle full. “The Oracle likes spring water, and they bring us several jars every morning.”

Letradoisan drank.

Jeet waved over a servant carrying a basket of bread. He took a small loaf, broke it, and then dipped an end into another, much smaller jar of honey. He offered it to Letradoisan. The clear, golden honey was slowly oozing down the bread. “Try this,” Jeet said. “It’s fresh, spring honey; it’s got a slightly floral scent, and there’s nothing like it.”

Letradoisan put down the ladle and took the bread. He bit into it and glanced up in surprise. The honey they had in Antioch was never so fresh. He chewed the bite, and took another.

Jeet smiled. “That might help clear your head.”

Letradoisan nodded. He was feeling better. He dipped the bread into the honey himself, and took another bite… and glanced up and down Jeet’s body as he chewed.

Jeet grinned. “I think you are feeling better. Eat as much of the bread and honey as you want.”

“What are these?” the blond twin asked, lifting a small melon from others in a large basket.

“It’s an early, spring melon,” Jeet said, running his hand over another melon in the basket. “The Oracle has made many friends among the merchants, and one has brought these to her from far in the south. He loaded a whole barge with them and came up the river selling them, and he saved some of the best for us.”

Letradoisan looked around at the various bowls full of vegetables, early fruit, honey, and fresh-baked bread. “Too much of this could make you fat,” he said.

Jeet nodded. “The fruit and honey are mainly for our guests,” he said. “We like it, but we confine ourselves much of the time to soups and broths, and lean meats. Those are better for us, because we are eunuchs.” He grinned. “When boy athletes stay here for a week, and eat what we eat, they always protest, but by the end of the week, they say that they feel good, and some even loose a little fat.”

There was sudden laughter from one of the booths. Letradoisan recognized it as his brother’s.

Jeet started to turn away.

“What are you doing?” Letradoisan quickly asked.

Jeet turned back.

“I mean, what are you going to be doing this morning?”

Jeet cocked his head, studying the twin, then smiled. “After last night, my body needs washing. I was going to find one of the other eunuchs to bathe with me. Would you like to? We can bathe each other.”

Letradoisan paused only a moment. He didn’t bathe slaves, but Antiochus said to make Jeet an ally, and this was different. His eyes dropped back down Jeet’s body, and Letradoisan decided that this was very different. He nodded.

Jeet smiled, lifting his own eyes once again to Letradoisan’s disheveled, blond hair. “I think we both need a bath for the same reason,” he said. He grabbed up one of the small melons, and a knife which he tucked in his loincloth. Then he offered the twin his free hand.

Dropping the heel of bread for a servant to pick up, Letradoisan took the offered hand, and Jeet led him toward the side of the shrine hall. Letradoisan walked alongside so that their bare shoulders brushed.

“Did you enjoy your night with Bantu and Ptolemy?” Jeet asked with a grin.

Letradoisan frowned. “It was alright,” he said.

Jeet turned them down the side hallway toward the back of the shrine. “I will have to tell Bantu and Ptolemy that they are slacking to have earned only an ‘alright’.”

Letradoisan said nothing. Walking alongside Jeet, their bare shoulders brushing, the twin’s cock had begun to swing more heavily. They turned down the passage to the Oracle’s bathhouse. There was a guard close to the doorway, inside the bathhouse.

“Good morning, Nyler,” Jeet said.

“Good morning, Abij-hah,” the guard answered with a bow.

“We will be bathing,” Jeet told him by way of dismissal.

The guard nodded, and left the bathhouse, stepping outside.

Jeet reclaimed his hand from the twin, and removed his loincloth, keeping the knife in one hand. “Sit,” he said, tossing the loincloth aside and motioning for Letradoisan to sit on the floor above the steps. Letradoisan took a seat, cross-legged.

“Open your legs,” Jeet instructed.

Frowning, annoyed because he didn’t know what Jeet had in mind, Letradoisan spread his legs out to the sides.

Jeet took a seat between the twin’s outstretched legs, facing him, stretching his own legs out over Letradoisan’s. In the small space between their open genitals, Jeet set down the melon.

“Why are you being so friendly?” Letradoisan asked suspiciously.

Jeet laughed, a high clear laugh. “Why are you being so unfriendly?”

Letradoisan frowned, and lowered his eyes to the melon.

“Last year,” Jeet said, “the Oracle blessed a field for a farmer and his wife. We had heavy rains after that and the farmer had a bountiful crop. He and his wife started a second field and then a third. We pay them to grow things for us, and it was they who brought the honey. The Oracle had blessed and given counsel to merchants, and they’ve prospered. That’s why one brought us these melons.” Jeet smiled as he cut the melon lengthwise in half. “Perhaps you will be a friend of the Oracle’s as well.”

Jeet shook the seeds out into the water. Then he cut the halves into slices. He set the knife down outside their legs, and lifting a slice, scooted closer to Letradoisan, pushing melon slices into the twin’s genitals with his own. “Taste this,” he said, holding the slice up to Letradoisan’s mouth with a smile.

The twin leaned forward and bit into the melon’s flesh. As he did, his eyes dropped down Jeet’s belly where a very thin line of flesh folded at the eunuch’s waist. There was no fat on Jeet. Lower, Jeet’s long, limp cock lay out along the inside of one thigh.

“Ummm,” Letradoisan murmured at the taste in his mouth.

Jeet grinned at where the twin’s eyes were looking when he murmured. “Good, isn’t it?” Jeet asked, with an intended double meaning and a twinkle in his eye.

Letradoisan lifted his eyes from Jeet’s cock, saw the twinkle, and grinned. “Yes it is,” he said, closing a hand around Jeet’s long forearm to hold the slice of melon steady. Jeet’s skin was absolutely smooth; his forearm was solid bone and muscle. Letradoisan ate the flesh out of the slice of melon, and then lifting Jeet’s arm, he licked at juice that had run down from Jeet’s wrist.

Jeet chuckled. “If that is how you wish to bathe me, I will not object.”

Letradoisan smiled.

“You have a good smile,” Jeet said, lifting another slice of melon. “You should use it more often.”

Letradoisan frowned.

Jeet laughed and held the slice of melon up for Letradoisan, but Letradoisan took the slice from him and held it up for Jeet.

Taking Letradoisan’s golden-haired, thicker forearm in his long-fingered hand, Jeet smiled and took a bite of melon, and his eyes dropped, pointedly, down Letradoisan’s rippled belly.

Letradoisan cocked an eyebrow. “Good?” he asked.

Jeet grinned while chewing, and nodded. He pushed the melon slice toward Letradoisan. Letradoisan took a bite.

They went back and forth, Jeet smiling, and trying to coax another smile from Letradoisan. The twin resisted through two more slices of melon as juice dripped onto their bellies and genitals. Then as Jeet was tilting his head and grinning, trying even harder to get a smile from the twin, Letradoisan shoved the melon slice at Jeet’s mouth, spreading juice and melon onto his face. Letradoisan did smile then, and laughed.

Jeet grabbed up another slice of melon and Letradoisan tried leaning back from him, but Jeet came forward, onto him, rubbing the slice over his mouth. Letradoisan fell onto his back, Jeet landing on him, their juicy bellies sliding on each other, both of them laughing. Their thrashing legs forced melon slices from between them.

Letradoisan still had a slice of melon in his hand. Jeet grabbed his forearm and Letradoisan started to resist, but then Jeet took a bite of Letradoisan’s melon. Moving Letradoisan’s forearm and the melon aside, he bent down to kiss the twin’s lips. Jeet parted them with his tongue, and with a muffled giggle, Letradoisan accepted the sweet melon into his mouth.

They passed it back and forth between their mouths. Letradoisan could feel Jeet’s limp, juicy cock dangling between his legs, draped over his own juicy cock and balls. He liked that, and he liked the weight of Jeet’s slippery body on his own. Letradoisan’s cock began to stiffen.

The melon liquefied and they swallowed. Jeet pulled Letradoisan’s forearm up and took another bite of the melon. They repeated the exchange.

“Is this how you always eat melon?” Letradoisan asked when they swallowed.

Jeet smiled, and shook his head. “I never did this before.”

“Not with anyone?” Letradoisan asked as Jeet took another bite.

Jeet shook his head before covering Letradoisan’s juice-covered mouth with his own. He passed the bite of melon to Letradoisan and they wrestled it with their tongues.

Letradoisan had never related to another boy this way – in this relaxed, intimate way – not even his brother. He had been trained to look upon other boys as lessers or rivals or opportunistic allies. Even when he had sex with them, it was only sex. He had no close friend other than Obenedes.

Jeet did not behave like a lesser. Nor did he act like a rival, though Antiochus warned that he could be. Jeet’s friendliness was disarming. For the first time in his short, thirteen years, Letradoisan felt his heart start to open to another boy.

But had Jeet really done this with no one else? They swallowed, and Letradoisan asked. “Not with the Oracle? You haven’t eaten melon this way with the Oracle?”

“No,” Jeet said.

“What about the little one. Rem? Is he your favorite?”

Jeet had started to pull Letradoisan’s forearm forward for another bite, but paused. Letradoisan felt their damp bellies press as Jeet took a breath. Their bellies pulled apart with a soft, wet sound. “I love all of my brothers,” Jeet told the twin, “but yes, other than the Oracle, Rem is dearest to me.”

Jeet knelt up, astride Letradoisan’s legs, and pulled up their juice-covered, and thickening cocks. He stroked them together, smiling, and then stood, shaking juice from his fingers. Jeet’s stiffening cock arched out and down. He stepped into the water, and shuddered. “It always feels so cold in the morning.”

Letradoisan leaned up on one arm, watching Jeet’s slender form. The young eunuch bent over the water, and with long arms, splashed water up onto his long-muscled legs. Jeet’s spine showed, low, where he was bent over. The perfectly smooth skin of his dimpled butt looked soft in the half-light of the bathhouse. Then Jeet stood upright and loosed his long hair, shaking it out down his back while he tossed the binding aside.

Letradoisan had had sex with boys who won beauty contests back in Antiochus. He had seen the bodies of beautiful boys before; elegant proportions, creamy skin, muscled butts, long torsos, and strong arms and legs … he had seen beautiful boys’ faces; pale eyes and fine features. But Jeet’s was a combination of features and form beyond other boys and worthy of his reputation. As vain as the twin might be, he was willing to acknowledge that.

Letradoisan enjoyed watching him. Jeet was a long boy and graceful in his movements, and he was an athlete in his own right. Every feature drew the eye, and the eunuch was so friendly, it was easy to admire him.

Jeet turned and saw Letradoisan watching. He smiled and waved Letradoisan forward while taking another step farther into the water himself. Letradoisan got up and joined him, descending with him into the water until the next step would take them from mid-thigh to hip-deep. Letradoisan paused. “It’s cold,” he said with a frown.

“Melting snow in the mountains. The river is always cold this time of year.”

Letradoisan glanced at Jeet with a knitted brow. “You don’t have balls to freeze by going deeper.”

Jeet took the next step down. “Maybe not. But it’s still cold.” He splashed his belly. “It feels good.”

With a grimace, Letradoisan stepped deeper, and gasped, sucking in his belly.

“Here,” Jeet said, stepping up beside him. He ladled water up onto the other boy’s stomach and back, rubbing it in with his warm hands.

Letradoisan shuddered and leaned into him.

“Do you swim?” Jeet asked.

Letradoisan nodded.

“That could help clear your head,” Jeet said, falling into the water. Letradoisan sat back onto the top step as he watched Jeet swim out to the closest column of the colonnade and then back. When Jeet stepped up from the water, it was with his head back so that his wet hair clung to the sides of his head and hung long and heavy down his back. Water beaded over his smooth chest and belly. His high pectorals and trapezius, and his tight hips and long, dangling cock, drew the twin’s eye appreciatively up and down.

For the first time, Letradoisan understood why eunuchs were sometimes called the third sex. Not feminine, nor masculine, the slender eunuch before him was more enchanting than either, and more desirable; and yet, rising from the water like that, he seemed as ethereal as a unicorn.

Jeet’s soul was unguarded. He was instantly intimate and that invited an intimate return. Letradoisan had a sudden vision of himself with his head in Jeet’s lap, and Jeet stroking his hair and Letradoisan being able to talk to Jeet about things deep inside himself that boys like him could never discuss, and Jeet would understand the twin’s heart the way only another boy could understand, but Jeet wasn’t another boy, and Letradoisan knew Jeet wouldn’t judge him as another boy might.

Letradoisan, who had been trained to guard his heart, regarded Jeet with the longing every boy has for someone to talk to; the longing every boy has for a friend. It made the eunuch, even more desirable.

Jeet smiled and Letradoisan realized he had been staring. Letradoisan leapt into the water and swam, as Jeet had done, out to the colonnade and back. He rose from the water as Jeet had, head back, his shoulder-length, blond hair slicked back from his head. He was pleased when Jeet looked at him in the same way he had looked at Jeet, knowing that Jeet admired his body. He felt his shoulders and gut tighten and his balls churn in that reflexive way a male does when he’s admired by one he desires. He felt a longing, down between his legs, and his cock rose.

Silently, Jeet left him and stepped from the water. As Letradoisan watched from the second step, Jeet took vessels from an alcove to one side. He mixed salts and oils in a shallow dish. Again, Letradoisan found pleasure in the slender eunuch’s movements, the gracefulness of his smooth limbs and the easy flexing of his lean muscles as he worked. Letradoisan’s heart was being captivated. He knew it. He liked it. He let himself be swept along with the novel feeling.

Jeet returned to him with a small smile. “Hold this,” he told the twin, handing him the dish. They stepped back into the water to mid-thigh. Jeet soaked the sponge and dipped it into the dish. He stepped behind the twin and began with the sponge on the back of Letradoisan’s sinewy shoulders. A few light freckles dotted the perfection of Letradoisan’s skin and Jeet obeyed the urge to kiss them lightly.

Letradoisan wasn’t the only boy to admire another that morning. While Jeet held the twin by one shoulder, he sponged down Letradoisan’s back and sides, sweeping over his firm muscles. He scrubbed up high, doing the back and sides of the golden twin’s neck, and then he scrubbed back down Letradoisan’s spine and over his tight buttocks.

Jeet glanced down between their bodies. Letradoisan’s firmly mounded bottom was only an inch from his own loins, and the two globes looked as smooth as a marble statue’s… but warm. Jeet lightly pressed his loins forward, and his dangling cock, he pressed between the beautiful mounds of Letradoisan’s bottom. Jeet whispered behind the twin’s ear. “What has brought the young god, Adonis – most excellent of all the gods – down to humble Kaleh?”

The twin smiled and turned back over his shoulder. “He comes because it is rumored that Attis, fairer than mortal eyes can bear, lives again, and dwells at the temple of Cybele.”

Jeet slid the sponge around the front of Letradoisan’s narrow waist, and pulled the twin gently back against himself. “From where I stand, Lord Adonis, there is none fairer than you.”

Still holding the dish of oil and salt in one hand, Letradoisan turned, smiling. He took the sponge from Jeet’s hand and turned the eunuch around with it. He soaked the sponge in water and then dipped it in the dish. He handed the dish around front to Jeet. Then he took Jeet’s shoulder in one hand and with his other hand, applied the sponge to the back of Jeet’s angular shoulders. “From where I stand, Lord Attis,” he said as his eyes traveled down the sweep of Jeet’s back to his narrow waist and mounded buttocks, “there is none fairer than you.”

The twin softly scrubbed Jeet’s back. The eunuch’s skin was tight over the long muscles on either side of his spine. Letradoisan pressed his lips to the back of Jeet’s shoulder. He licked the oil and salt from his lips, and then touched his tongue directly to Jeet’s skin. “What if,” he whispered, “the Lord Adonis desires the Lord Attis?” He wrapped his arm around Jeet’s belly and pulled the eunuch back to himself. He rubbed the side of Jeet’s butt with the sponge in his other hand. “What if the Lord Attis delights Adonis’ eyes and has stirred his loins?”

Jeet reached back on either side, pulling Letradoisan’s hips forward. “And how could Lord Attis refuse him,” Jeet asked, “when his own eyes have been delighted and his own loins stirred?”

Jeet turned and took the sponge from Letradoisan, their eyes meeting. He kissed the twin lightly on the lips and pressed the sponge to the boy’s chest. Letradoisan’s semi-erect cock pressed thickly between Jeet’s own, dangling cock and the inside of Jeet’s leg.

Jeet scrubbed the front of Letradoisan’s throat and his collar bones with the sponge. Letradoisan closed his large, adolescent hands around Jeet’s narrow waist and pulled their bellies together.

Their faces were close. Breath from their nostrils washed down their wet necks. Jeet leaned to one side, Letradoisan still holding him by the waist, and he set the dish and sponge down on the top step. He dipped the fingers of both hands into the salted oil, and leaned back up to Letradoisan. The twin pulled their bellies together again and Jeet pressed his fingertips lightly on both sides of Letradoisan’s face. The blond boy closed his blue eyes and Jeet gently rubbed the salted oil over his cheekbones and cheeks, his brow, his temples, and the line of his jaw.

As Jeet was finishing, Letradoisan took one of Jeet’s fingers and kissed it, licking off the remaining oil and salt. He took it into his mouth and sucked. With a soft sigh, Jeet leaned against him, the side of his face against Letradoisan’s.

Letradoisan took Jeet’s next finger into his mouth. Eyes closed, Jeet rubbed the side of his face on Letradoisan’s and licked salted oil from Letradoisan’s cheek and then back toward his ear; licking off the oil and salt he had applied.

Letradoisan sucked all of Jeet’s fingers one by one, and Jeet cleansed the twin’s face with gentle sweeps of his tongue. They pulled their erections up between their bellies, and pressed their bellies together.

Jeet finished the twin’s face, licking Letradoisan’s lips, then inside them. They kissed, and kissed again, nibbling kisses, and then again.

Pushing Jeet back by the hips, Letradoisan stepped away and dipped his fingers into the dish. He came back to Jeet, and the eunuch pulled their erections up between their bellies again, pulling Letradoisan to himself by the twin’s waist, just as Letradoisan had done to him.

The golden-haired twin carefully smoothed salted oil onto Jeet’s face with his fingertips. With Jeet’s dazzling eyes closed, Letradoisan could freely gaze on the eunuch’s features without hiding his admiration. His breath washed over Jeet’s mouth and cheeks.

Letradoisan finished spreading the oil over Jeet’s upturned face, and the eunuch’s pale blue, almost-silver eyes opened again. Jeet smiled and took the first of Letradoisan’s fingers into his mouth. Letradoisan’s brown eyes closed, and he rested the side of his face against Jeet’s. Warm breath from his nostrils tickled the nape of Jeet’s neck.

Letradoisan brushed the eunuch’s cheek, just in front of his ear, with his lips and the tip of his tongue. Then, like Jeet had done to him, Letradoisan licked salted oil from the face of the slender eunuch.

Jeet finished the last of Letradoisan’s fingers. Their lips brushed and their mouths opened. They pulled each other into a full embrace.

“They say,” Jeet whispered beside the twin’s ear, “that sex in the morning helps when you don’t feel well from the night before.”

The twin smiled. “But first, I must finish bathing you.” Letradoisan stepped back, reaching for the sponge. He may not have ever bathed a slave, but he had bathed his brother. Jeet rested his arms across the twin’s shoulders as Letradoisan scrubbed down the eunuch’s chest and stomach. When he reached Jeet’s erect cock, he took it into his hand. They both looked down as he pushed Jeet’s thin foreskin back and then pulled it forward.

It was not done, for a Greek boy to openly admire another boy’s cock, not the way Letradoisan now admired Jeet’s. He caressed it, moving the skin up and back, watching the pink crown emerge and then hide. Letradoisan smoothed oil up and down the long shaft and glanced up with a small smile. “Of all Attis’ perfections,” he said, speaking softly, “there is none more perfect than this… unless… ” he said, reaching behind the young eunuch. He cupped one smooth globe of Jeet’s bottom in the palm of his hand. “Unless,” he continued, “it is this perfection.”

Taking his hand from Jeet’s butt, he laid it on Jeet’s cheek. “Or this perfection,” he whispered. Jeet took the twin’s palm and kissed it. Letradoisan pressed his forehead to Jeet’s temple. “Young Attis has many perfections,” he whispered.

“Attis pales as the moon pales beside the sun,” Jeet whispered, “when Adonis stands beside him.”

The twin smiled, ruefully, brushing his lips on Jeet’s cheek. “Do not lie, young Attis. You pale beside no one. You are more beautiful than any boy I have ever seen.” There, he said it, out loud; the last of his pride evaporating, he openly declared his heart. He wanted to. Jeet was beautiful, and Letradoisan was enchanted, as if by the gods.

“Letradoisan,” Jeet said, rubbing the side of his face against the twin’s. “I think you are beautiful. You have a perfect body, and… ” he ran his fingers into Letradoisan’s dense little pubic patch, “you have perfections of your own.”

Letradoisan leaned back from Jeet and grinned.

“Come,” Jeet said, taking the twin by the hand. “Let’s rinse.”

Moments later, they came up from the water, hand in hand, their erections wagging in front of them.

On the top step, they faced each other, smiling, and slipped their arms behind one another’s waist, pulling their loins together. “It is fun to pretend we are gods,” Letradoisan said with a grin.

“Pretend?” Jeet asked with a straight face.

Letradoisan went blank for a moment, then laughed.

Their erections pointed up from between their bellies; Jeet’s pointing noticeably higher. Letradoisan glanced down at them and then back up at Jeet with a twinkle in his eye. “Truly, your staff is like that of a young god.” He pulled Jeet’s belly more tightly to his own. “Be honest now, Abij-hah. Last night, you wished to make love to me instead of hairy, old Antiochus, didn’t you?”

Jeet didn’t answer. Instead, he kissed the twin, full on the mouth. Letradoisan’s lips immediately parted for the slightly taller boy, wanting Jeet to thrust in his tongue the way he had done the previous night and earlier that morning. His hands dropped to Jeet’s butt, pulling their loins together. They melted into each other, probing mouths and murmuring pleasure. Jeet ran his fingers into the twin’s wet, blond hair. Letradoisan kneaded Jeet’s bottom.

Jeet backed Letradoisan to the straw mats above the top step, and laid him back on them, lowering his body onto Letradoisan’s. They wrapped each other up in their arms, and Letradoisan let Jeet’s legs drop between his own. They ground their erections together and wrestled with their tongues, grunting softly and moaning.

Their breath came faster.

Jeet reached down to pull up one of Letradoisan’s legs. It was clear what he wanted to do. Letradoisan resisted though, keeping his leg down… his first impulse to refuse being fucked again… by a slave.

Jeet didn’t mind. He would let Letradoisan do the penetrating. But not just yet. He liked what they were doing for the moment. He liked it a lot.

As they kissed, open-mouthed, and ground their cocks between their bellies, Letradoisan’s hands swept the eunuch’s body. Jeet’s slender frame and high voice were deceptive. The eunuch was tightly muscled. And yet his skin was soft and warm. The feel of him, the sensations of Jeet’s firm body on his own, excited Letradoisan more than any boy had ever excited him... because Jeet wasn’t like any other boy, and because this wasn’t like any other sex.

As Jeet sucked on Letradoisan’s neck and ground his hips between the twin’s legs, Letradoisan’s desire grew hot and aching in his balls and cock and perineum, even down into his rectum where Letradoisan felt a rare longing – he wanted to feel Jeet’s cock inside him; pumping inside him. He wanted to hold this writhing, naked boy-god in his arms and between his legs and feel Jeet inside him. The twin spread his knees wider and pulled them up. “Go ahead,” he whispered. “I want you to.”

Their brief swim washed little of the oil off, especially in the crevices between their buttocks. Jeet simply lifted his hips and reached down between their bodies to grab his cock and guide it in. He watched Letradoisan’s eyes; watched them tighten as Jeet pressed his crown at the twin’s sphincter, watched them roll up as he entered him and he slowly eased his cock in.

Letradoisan moaned softly. The eunuch wasn’t unpleasantly thick like Antiochus, but rather, Jeet filled him, exquisitely stretching the right places… deliciously warm and rigid. He felt the firmness of Jeet’s groin press into his bottom, the eunuch’s pubic bone into his perineum, and it felt incredibly good. Jeet drew back and thrust in, and Letradoisan felt pleasure at the impact; overwhelming pleasure, pleasure that filled his bottom and the root of his cock, and came up through his body to a lump in his throat.

Jeet lay down on the twin and into his open arms. He pressed his lips once more to Letradoisan’s. His taut belly rested on the underside of Letradoisan’s cock and rubbed it as Jeet thrust his hips. Jeet wrapped his arms under the golden-haired boy, and Letradoisan wrapped his arms over Jeet’s shoulders. He looped his legs around Jeet’s waist, and it all felt so good; so achingly good.

Letradoisan let himself go, moaning into Jeet’s mouth. He rocked his pelvis under Jeet, rubbing his erection on the press of Jeet’s belly.

Jeet did what he knew how to do so well. He ground deeper, stretching his entire length into the twin, and he whispered praise for the young athlete’s body into Letradoisan’s ear. The twin moaned and pressed the side of his face against Jeet’s, and he listened; listened as Jeet’s whispers became only breaths… rhythmic, regular, heavy breaths in his ear.

+ + + + +

They lay, spooned, long after Letradoisan’s softening cock slipped from inside Jeet. They talked. When Jeet eventually rolled to his stomach, Letradoisan stayed close, touching, and cocked a leg over Jeet’s butt. He propped his head on an elbow and stroked Jeet’s long, black hair, still damp from their bathing.

They talked the way two boys in the first flush of friendship talk; in gushes of compared experiences and likes and mutual discovery. There was no rush; Antiochus had cancelled all the shrine activities for a week. Though Jeet would still bless children in the afternoon, there was nothing scheduled for the morning.

After a while, Jeet rolled up to his side to face Letradoisan, and they entwined their legs, all the way up to their crotches. They talked on, occasionally pausing to kiss, as friends might pause to take a sip of water together.

+ + + + +

Antiochus woke slowly; to sounds at first – birds… one on the balcony… people, down in the shrine hall, curtains blowing… he felt the breeze. He opened his eyes. The room was full of light, and it felt like midmorning. He looked left and right on the bed. Tazaar’s warm body was backed up to Antiochus’ side; the soft skin of his butt to Antiochus’ hip. Jeet was gone already.

Antiochus was disappointed. When he had arisen, just before dawn, to relieve himself, Jeet was still there. In the predawn light, he had gazed upon the young eunuch, asleep on his stomach, for a full minute before he climbed back into the bed. Like any beautiful thing, Jeet’s body pleased the eye.

He had studied the boy. Then, before he lay back down, Antiochus cupped one of the smooth mounds of Jeet’s butt in his large hand – his hand covered it almost completely. He squeezed its firmness and thought about fucking the boy again. He lay down beside him and stroked the eunuch’s slender back with his fingertips. Jeet hadn’t stirred.

And because his head was foggy, and he was still tired, Antiochus had rolled to his back and closed his eyes. Now Jeet was gone.

In the clarity of midmorning, he remembered the night before. The two boys were not only beauties, they were expert lovers; really incredible. He could see how Seleucus would fall in love with Jeet. Antiochus was beguiled himself. He recalled Jeet’s lithe body under his own, the boy’s beautiful face showing such pleasure, those lips, Jeet’s scent, that long hair, the way the boy moved. Jeet liked sex; Tazaar, too. That made it fun; a lot of fun.

They probably enjoyed sex with whoever bedded them, Antiochus mused. And yet, he felt like he and the boy had made some special connection. There were moments… the passion… the look in the boy’s eyes. Antiochus smiled and fondled his balls. But then, Antiochus frowned. It occurred to him that Jeet might make every lover feel that way. The boy had an open, friendly spirit.

The king’s brother stroked his hardening cock. It didn’t matter to him, even if Jeet did make every lover feel like they had made some special connection. Jeet made Antiochus feel that way, and he would enjoy the connection. He smiled. He might even simply closet himself away with the boy for the entire week.

But for the moment, he had Tazaar, and he rolled up behind the long, slim boy and pulled the sleeping eunuch’s body back to his own.

+ + + + +

Antiochus descended into the shrine hall in only a loincloth. If not for the Oracle and the servants, he would not even have bothered with that.

Servants and eunuchs greeted him with smiles and bows. Tazaar had descended before him, and now offered him spring water, bread, and fruit. Antiochus ate and drank while standing and watching as servants went about their tasks. Obenedes emerged, nude and scratching his balls, from one of the booths. His hair was disheveled and he wore a morning frown.

Obenedes saw Antiochus, and ambled over. He walked stiffly, with his legs slightly bowed. Antiochus chuckled. Tazaar offered the twin some water. “Long night, Obenedes?” Antiochus asked with a grin.

The twin nodded, grimacing slightly because his head ached.

“Which two did you have, again?”

Obenedes nodded back toward the booth from which he had emerged. “The albino boy and the one with the large, dark eyes. Letradoisan had the redhead and the tall one.”

“Was it good?” Antiochus asked.

Obenedes gave him the first smile of the morning.

“Which booth is Letradoisan in?” the king’s brother asked.

Tazaar pointed to Bantu’s booth. “That one.”

With a wink, Antiochus headed for it.

“Do you always sleep so late here?” Obenedes asked Tazaar.

“Hardly ever,” Tazaar replied. “We usually have classes and audiences.” Smiling, he offered Obenedes a slice of melon.

Antiochus returned, frowning. Letradoisan wasn’t there. He hadn’t seen Jeet either. “I’ll be back in a moment,” he told Obenedes and Tazaar, distractedly.

Perhaps they were with the Oracle, Antiochus thought. He was annoyed as he climbed the stairs to the Oracle’s quarters. It would be like Letradoisan to try to get a piece of Jeet’s ass, knowing Antiochus had reserved it for himself. The twin might be following the Abij-hah around, trying to get to him.

Thinking that they must be in the Oracle’s quarters, Antiochus turned down the hallway toward her apartment. The boy, Rem, was coming from that direction and bowed as Antiochus passed. The man stopped. “Is the Abij-hah with the Oracle?” he demanded.

Rem, intimidated by being addressed by the king’s brother, took a moment to answer. “No, Great One,” he said.

Not satisfied by the timid answer, Antiochus proceeded on. He would see for himself.

He brushed past the guard at the Oracle’s door and entered her chamber. His eyes went immediately to the three, nude bodies on the bed. It looked like a boy between two young girls; a boy on his back. It took a moment for Antiochus to realize that it was the Oracle and her two serving girls. The Oracle’s flaccid phallus lay down the crevice of her vulva, and at first glance, her labia under it looked like balls. Her breasts were partially concealed by the girls draped on her sides.

Realizing that it was the Oracle, Antiochus looked around the room. No one else was there.

The guard had followed him in, and the Oracle stirred, lifting her head. She frowned.

“Oracle,” the guard said, bowing. “He didn’t give me a chance to stop him.”

“Go back to sleep, Oracle,” Antiochus said with a dismissive wave as he turned to leave. “I was just looking for Jeet.”

They left, and the Oracle sat up. “Get me my clothes,” she told Maracee.

+ + + + +

“There you are!” Rem said, hands on his hips as he gazed down on the two naked boys in the bathhouse. “Everybody is looking for you two, and Antiochus is not happy.”

They were laying on their backs, side by side, cocks still flush and thick. Letradoisan’s balls nested in their moist sack between the blond twin’s legs like large eggs. Rem’s eyes darted to them with the natural admiration of a boy who would never have such balls.

Letradoisan glanced at Jeet and chuckled. “I bet the old hen’s ready to lay an egg.”

Jeet sat up with a frown. “How late is it?” he asked.

“Almost midday,” Rem answered, stretching the truth a bit. It was still an hour to high noon.

They came back into the shrine hall, hand in hand, still naked. Rem followed. The Oracle was standing with Antiochus, Obenedes, and two of the eunuchs, Bantu and Aruli. Only Aruli and Bantu were smiling.

“Did you two fuck?” Obenedes demanded, angrily.

With a smile, Letradoisan slipped his hand behind Jeet’s waist. “When Adonis and Attis make love, it’s not called fucking, it’s called… ” he turned to Jeet with a grin. “It’s called Spring.”

“Asshole, Letradoisan. You were supposed to wait,” Obenedes complained.

“Come with me, Letradoisan,” Antiochus said with menace in his voice. “You, too, Obenedes.” He turned and headed for the back of the shrine hall. The twins followed.

Jeet came to the Oracle and embraced her, giving her a kiss.

“I smell him on you,” she said with a frown.

Jeet smiled sadly. “Poor Anda,” he said, giving her a strong hug. “Always afraid I’m going to fall in love with someone.” He leaned back, keeping her in his arms. “I like him, Anda.” He glanced over at the retreating twins. “I like him a lot.” He turned back to the Oracle. “I think we’re going to be good friends.”

Rem frowned. He didn’t like the twins. Jeet saw and reached from his embrace of the Oracle to tussle Rem’s hair. He stepped back from the Oracle. “I’m going to find a breechcloth,” Jeet said.

He seems happy,” Bantu observed, as Jeet disappeared into his booth.

Rem and the Oracle exchanged frowns.

Letradoisan didn’t wait for Antiochus to speak first when they were alone at the back of the hall. Instead, he met Antiochus’ and Obenedes’ frowns with a dreamy grin. “It was incredible,” he told them.

“Damn it, Letradoisan!” Antiochus growled. “I told you to wait until I said you could have him.”

Letradoisan chuckled and hugged his own shoulders. “He likes me, Antiochus. He called me Adonis and I called him Attis, and we pretended we were gods.”

“You’re acting stupid,” Obenedes complained.

“Shit on you,” Letradoisan said with a flash of anger. His eyes darted to Antiochus. “Let me be with him, Antiochus. I… we… ” His eyes dropped as he fumbled for words. Then drawing himself up, he met Antiochus’ gaze. “I love him Antiochus. And he loves me.”

Antiochus crossed his arms, and smiled thinly at the boy’s surprising naiveté.

“I mean,” Letradoisan continued, struggling again to find the words he wanted. “It’s the way I’ve heard it can be, like instant friends. You wanted us to make him an ally, Antiochus. Well he’s my ally now.”

“Like your brother told you, you are being stupid, Letradoisan,” Antiochus said, angrily. “You sound like an infatuated girl. You think Jeet loves you? He’s trained to make you feel that way. They’re all trained that way. Don’t be blinded by his looks. Don’t be sucked in by the way he responds to your love making,” Antiochus warned, and in his heart, he wondered if he should listen to his own words. Antiochus made a sweeping gesture. “They’re all simply high class, boy whores, Letradoisan. They’re trained to make you feel like you’re the most incredible fuck they’ve ever had, but you’re just another body to them. Tomorrow, you’ll mean no more to Jeet than that Sungan prince did.”

Letradoisan frowned angrily. “You don’t understand… ” he started to protest.

“No, you don’t understand,” Antiochus said. He leaned forward, dangerously. “I’ll state it simply. Keep your damn, fucking hands off Jeet until I say you can have him. If I say you can have him. You, too, Obenedes. No trying to one-up Letradoisan.”

Letradoisan glared at the king’s brother. “I’m not stupid, Antiochus. You think I don’t know that you say all this because you’re jealous? Well Jeet would rather be with me than some hairy old man like you.”

With difficulty, Antiochus restrained himself from striking the boy. Through gritted teeth, he spoke slowly. “If you even think about touching him again, I’ll send you back to the citadel to wait until I’m ready for us to return to Antioch.”

Letradoisan glared back.

“Jeet!” Antiochus called out, and taking his eyes from the twin, he looked back toward the front of the shrine hall.

Jeet was there in his breechcloth and came forward. Antiochus took the eunuch’s hand. “You will stay at my side from now on, do you understand?”

Jeet’s brow knitted. He glanced at Letradoisan. The twin frowned back, unhappily.

Beside them, Obenedes, shifted uneasily. He felt a stirring of dislike for this beautiful eunuch, whom he couldn’t have, and who threatened to steal the heart of his brother.

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