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Chapter 6 Jeet and the Oracle

A strigil was a small, curved, metal tool used in ancient Greece and Rome to scrape dirt and sweat from the body, (in the age before effective soaps). First perfumed oil was applied to the skin, and then it would be scraped off, along with the dirt. For wealthier people, this process was often done by slaves..

As the others descended the stairs from the Oracle's chamber, Aruli followed the Oracle out onto her balcony with a sense of dread. He had expected to take a turn at the foot of the Oracle's bed, but he had not expected to be chosen the second night. And if things went badly with Tazaar, who was older and more assured, how well could he, Aruli, do?

The Oracle intimidated him. She might be his age. But she was so self-assured, almost regal. Her confidence shook his.

She paused at the edge of the balcony and looked out over the moonlit river. Aruli stopped behind her.

"Have you ever been out on a boat?" she asked.

"No, Oracle," he answered quietly.

"I was on the governor's barge once; not this governor, of course, but the governor in my home province." She leaned back against the wall at the side of the balcony, back in the shadows. Aruli could see the glimmer of her eyes. They were still on the river. "We were out on the barge a whole afternoon," she said wistfully. "They grilled partridges and gave us country wine that had chilled in the water." She glanced at Aruli and smiled. "You remind me of my brother."

Aruli smiled, hesitantly.

"You even smile the same," she said, looking away from Aruli so that she wouldn't cry.

Aruli stood quietly, waiting.

She went back inside, walking past Aruli. "I don't feel like bathing tonight."

"But Oracle," Aruli protested, "the bath is ready."

She glanced at it. Water lilies floated on the surface. "I will bathe myself," she said. "I don't need to be scrubbed. Let me just wash off the dust of the day."

"Yes, Oracle," Aruli said quietly.

She stripped off her clothing and stepped quickly into the water. Aruli waited patiently, towel in hand as the Oracle submerged her body in the water and rubbed her skin lightly while she soaked. When she stepped from her bath, Aruli dried her, and stepped back as she crawled into bed.

He lay down on the pallet at her feet, wondering whether he could take off his breechcloth for sleeping.

"Aruli," she said quietly.

"Yes, Oracle."

"Tell me about your family, and I will tell you about mine."


"I'm used to sleeping with Aruli," Jin said. "He and I have slept together almost every night since we got here."

Jeet nodded as he untied the back of Jin's breechcloth and gathered it up for him as it fell away. "I will sleep with you tonight," Jeet said.

Jin leaned back against Jeet's naked body. "We always fall asleep with him behind me," he said.

"I will sleep behind you," Jeet told him, wrapping an arm around the front of Jin's waist and giving a kiss to the side of Jin's neck.

"It is supposed to be you, you know," Jin said as Jeet rocked him in his arms. "You are the one who is supposed to be Abij-hah. I have Aruli. Bantu has Ptolemy. Tazaar has Cyndur..." The two of them glanced over at Tazaar's pallet where Cyndur's muscled butt was rising and falling between Tazaar's legs.

Cyndur had been waiting for them impatiently when they came down from the Oracle's quarters, as if two days without Tazaar had made him desperate. Jeet wondered what Cyndur would have done what he would have insisted on doing if Tazaar had spent a second night with the Oracle.

Jeet hugged Jin back to himself and continued rocking him in his arms. Bantu and Ptolemy were pissing together into a chamber pot in a back corner of the room. Outside was quiet, except for the distant sounds of the smoothly flowing river.

Jin lay down and Jeet lay down behind him. He slid an arm under Jin's neck and another around his waist, and he pulled his albino friend's body back to his own. He kissed the back of Jin's neck, and his mind drifted once more to the Oracle.

Bantu and Ptolemy lay down on the other side of Jin, lying in opposite directions. They buried their faces between each other's legs, and soon, the quiet, wet sounds of their lovemaking joined those of Cyndur and Tazaar.

"Did you want to have sex?" Jin asked quietly.

"If you want to," Jeet said.

Jin shrugged.

"Yeah," Jeet agreed. "I feel that way too."


Jeet woke just before dawn, with his bare butt against Jin's. When he opened his eyes, he saw Tazaar in Cyndur's arms. They were kissing, and it was obvious that Cyndur was about to leave for the day. Jeet glanced back over his shoulder and saw that Bantu was running a comb through Ptolemy's hair.

It struck Jeet that it was all wrong that Jin was without Aruli and he wasn't up with the Oracle where he belonged. And then he remembered the dream he had in the night; the dream where the Oracle kept calling his name, and he kept trying to answer.

Jeet felt a surge of hopefulness. Certainly the dream must mean that the Oracle would choose him. He sat up, wishing that the Oracle had the same dream.


"We talked for hours," Aruli told them, as they cleaned the Oracle's chamber that morning. "We talked about all sorts of things. She's really nice."

Jeet tried not to show it, but Aruli's success with the Oracle was unsettling.


That afternoon, while the high priests met with the Oracle, her attendants had an acrobatic workout behind the shrine. Afterward, they rinsed quickly and returned to the shrine to find that the Oracle was being introduced to the two leaders of the female, temple prostitutes.

The prostitutes, the Oracle, and others in the shrine, turned to watch the young eunuchs file in, dressed only in linen breechcloths, armbands, and sandals. They were freshly bathed. Their skin was aglow with light oil. All six had their hair bound back high, in thick manes, and their breechcloths dangled from their bare, rounded bottoms like tails that swished as they walked.

The older of the two prostitutes turned to the Oracle with a knowing wink. "Like young ponies aren't they?' She leaned closer with a leer. "They may be eunuchs, Oracle, and they're barely more than boys, but I would trade anything for your stable of ponies. Give them two or three years to develop and they'll be the talk of the whole empire." She leaned closer. "They say you're trying a different one every night. You ought to have all six of them, every night."

The Oracle stiffened and her face flushed. She glanced at the eunuchs, wondering if they had heard, and flushed even more deeply when she saw that they were looking her way, though she had no idea whether they had heard or not. At barely thirteen years of age, she had never had sexual relations with anyone. She had been protected by her age, her household... and by her reputation it was known that she was a hermaphrodite. No man had ever expressed interest in her.

However, it had already occurred to her that having six beautiful eunuchs as slaves might present her with opportunities to have sex... someday. But she hadn't even begun to think about how she would ever take advantage of the situation; much less when. Like many, she assumed that eunuchs were incapable of erections or even having an interest in sex. And though she had a working penis in every sense of the term, the thought of forcing any of the eunuchs to have sex with her was unexciting.

"Especially Jeet," the older prostitute continued confidentially. "You will certainly enjoy him. Some goddess birthed that one."

The Oracle glanced over at Jeet, and their eyes met. It was frustrating. Every time she looked his way and it was hard not to look at him he caught her looking.  She turned back to the prostitute and frowned angrily. "I don't know why everyone wants me to pick Jeet to be Abij-hah."

"Oracle," the prostitute said with a laugh, "I don't care if you pick him to be Abij-hah. He belongs in your bed, dear, whatever you call him."


Jeet had seen the Oracle frown. She looked stressed. He retrieved the harp that Ono had brought him, and began playing quietly at the side of the chamber as three more popular male and eunuch prostitutes were introduced next.

"Hoping she'll finally pick you tonight?" Bantu asked with a grin. "Are you playing the harp to get her attention?"

Jeet shrugged. "I thought it might be soothing for the Oracle. They keep her so busy; none of them are thinking about her."

"I'm sure Anda will like your harp playing," Aruli said.

The other young eunuchs all turned to look at Aruli. "Anda?" Tazaar asked.

Aruli grinned. "That's her name... Anda. I told you all that we talked for a long time last night."

"Bragger," Tazaar said, coming up behind Aruli. He grabbed Aruli's breechcloth in the back, gave it a jerk up, pulling it up hard into Aruli's butt crack and lifting Aruli onto his toes.

"Ayee!" Aruli squealed, and every eye in the hall turned to look at him. The boys quieted and backed to the wall.


"Bring your harp," the Oracle told Jeet when it was time for her to retire for her evening meal. Dutifully, he brought it, and he played while the other young eunuchs waited on the Oracle.

She ate alone and quietly, watching her attendants with a new and different interest since the prostitute's suggestion that, as Oracle, she could have sex with them. She was thirteen years old, and she was interested.

Jeet saw the way she looked the eunuchs over, and he frowned just as the Oracle turned to look him over once again. She noticed the frown, and when the others carried dishes and the remains of food out of the room, leaving them alone while he continued to play the harp, she turned to Jeet with a frown of her own. "Are you angry?" she asked.

The question surprised Jeet. He shook his head and dropped his eyes. "I am a slave, Oracle. Slaves do not get angry."

"You are annoyed," she said.

He shook his head, keeping his eyes down. "No, Oracle."

"You think I should choose you to be Abij-hah, don't you?" she asked impatiently.

He didn't answer; he was afraid to answer. He was afraid he could lose her.

"Why?" she demanded. "Why am I supposed to choose you? Because you're so... pretty?"

"No," he said, angry now that she was totally misunderstanding. The Oracle saw Jeet's eyes flash. She had never seen a look like that from a slave. At first, it surprised her, but then she realized that something deep down inside her thrilled at the display of his spirit.

Jeet set down the harp and stood up, composing himself. "Pick whoever you want for Abij-hah, Oracle," he said, crossing to the door. He paused and turned back. "But I'm the one who will love you."  

He bowed slightly. "With your permission, Oracle, I will go help the others get your bath water."

The Oracle nodded numbly. The Greek word and phrasing Jeet had used for "love" were not those for the adoring love it was expected the eunuchs would have for their Oracle. The word and phrasing he used were those for romantic love; the love of a lover.


The servant boy, Rem, led Jarus up the stairs while the young eunuchs were pouring the last pots of water into the Oracle's bath. "How are you, Oracle?" Jarus asked. "I haven't seen you all day."

"I am tired," she answered. "I do not wish to meet any more people... ever!"

Jarus smiled. "There will only be a few more, Oracle. But we can wait a few days for that." He glanced around at the young eunuchs. "Will you let your attendants bathe you this evening?"

She shook her head. "I don't need a crowd to bathe me."

"Have you chosen which one will attend you tonight?"

"Not yet," she said.

All their eyes turned on her, expectantly.

She deliberately looked away from them all. "Jeet," she quietly said. "Jeet for tonight."

Rem, Jarus, and the other eunuchs glanced at Jeet. Rem grinned. Jarus smiled, pleased. The other eunuchs smiled or nodded encouragingly.

As they all started to leave, Jeet followed them. "I will be right back, Oracle," he promised. Her eyes met his, and Jeet smiled; just slightly... an intimate smile. Then he left hurriedly.

The Oracle assumed that he had gone to relieve himself, but in moments, Jeet was back with a leather bag slung over his shoulder. He knelt by the bath and removed several jars, a long metal object, sponges, a smooth stone, and a small, alabaster bowl from his bag, setting them down beside the bath.

The Oracle came up beside him. "What are those?" she asked.

Jeet looked up at her and smiled. "Salts and oils for your bath," he said.

"Where did you get them?" she asked, as Jeet stood and came behind her to lift off her garments.

"Someone gave them to me." He removed her clothing and she didn't resist, but covered herself with her arms and hands as she stepped into the water. Jeet fetched wash clothes from where they had been stacked earlier and set them beside the tub. Then he unfastened and removed his breechcloth.

"What are you doing?" the Oracle asked with a frown.

Jeet stepped into the water naked and knelt beside her. "I'm bathing you, Oracle."

She started to say that he didn't have to undress for that, but stopped. The body she had stolen so many glances at was suddenly kneeling beside her, fully naked. She had brothers. She had seen many boys before; even naked boys as old as Jeet, because they swam that way in the river near her home. But she had never been this close to a naked boy; not even Tazaar who had knelt outside her bath. And not even Tazaar's body had looked this beautiful; no boy's body had ever looked so beautiful to her. And no boy's face had ever taken her breath away as Jeet's did, now that he was so close.

Her eyes traveled down his lean torso as he bent over the side of the bath to retrieve one of the bottles. Long muscles in his side and back showed themselves. The muscles in his small, rounded butt dimpled.

Jeet poured a small amount of salt into the alabaster bowl. Next he added a small amount of oil. He carefully set the jar down outside the bath, and then mixed the oil and salt in the bowl with his finger. "Kneel up, Oracle," he said softly.

Hesitantly, because her phallus had begun to swell, the Oracle knelt up. Jeet moved up on his knees behind her. She felt his nearness. His clean scent filled her nostrils. She felt his breath on the back of her neck. And then she felt his hands boy's hands spread the mixture over the back of her shoulders.

His touch was gentle, but not hesitant; familiar, yet skilled. She slowly relaxed and her head fell forward at the comfort of his touch. "I have wanted to tell you, Oracle... you have been wonderful," Jeet said softly. "When they made you walk without clothes before all those people in the temple, I thought you would cry or shrink back. But you didn't." His hands worked down her back, and he was pleased with it. It was almost a boy's back. "And all the people you have had to meet," he said. "It took me many days to learn all their names."

Her eyes had closed, but they opened again. "You know all their names?" she asked, surprised.

"Not all the people in the procession of course, or when the governor came," Jeet said with a chuckle. He had reached her bottom. Placing more of the salted oil in his hand, he began rubbing it into her skin there, and was pleased to find that her rounded butt was firm; almost like a boy's. "But the people that the priests have brought to meet you the last two days... I know them all."

The Oracle closed her eyes again and nodded. "You've had a long time to learn their names."

Jeet nodded in agreement. "Yes, Oracle; a little over a month now," he said as his hand slipped into the crevice of her butt to clean there.

The Oracle widened her knees to give him better access and found it hard to believe that she was letting him do this. She swallowed hard. "Only a month? You must learn names quickly."

"I suppose I do," Jeet said, soaking a sponge.  Laying a hand on the top of one of the Oracle's shoulders, he squeezed water out of the sponge and over her back. Then he began wiping the water and oil back down to the bath. "For a long time, I didn't have much opportunity to meet people."

Jeet continued with the sponge, squeezing water and then rubbing down the Oracle's back and over her butt. Next, he picked up the scraping tool and scraped remaining water and extra oil off, moving downward once more.

"How old are you?" the Oracle asked.

"Thirteen or fourteen," Jeet answered. "I don't know for sure." Turning the Oracle with his hands on her waist, Jeet moved around at the same time on his knees to her front side so that they were on their knees, facing each other. At the surface of the water, the Oracle's phallus was almost fully erect. Jeet's own cock had lengthened.

Lifting the bowl once more, Jeet began on the Oracle's arms and then her shoulders and chest, working down to her breasts where he worked confidently but gently. His cock rose higher.

The Oracle looked down and gasped. "I thought you were a eunuch," she said, eyeing his erection.

"I am, Oracle," Jeet answered, caressing her breasts with his hands.

She placed her hand onto his sides to steady herself. His hands on her breasts and the sight of his erection, made the Oracle's phallus that much harder. "I didn't know eunuchs could get erections," she murmured.

"Eunuchs can, Oracle," he said. "We can even ejaculate. But there is no seed in our issue." His hands worked down to her belly. "We don't get erections as easily or as often," he said, "but one reason Ono and Nester make us exercise and do gymnastics to keep our bodies strong and responsive."

"Why do you have an erection now?" the Oracle asked quietly.

Jeet's hands paused and his eyes met hers with a slight smile. "Why, for the same reason you do, Oracle."

She looked away and said nothing. Jeet soaked his sponge and washed down her front, and then scraped off the extra oil. "Please stand, Oracle," Jeet said.

The Oracle stood, her erection jutting out in front of her. Using her hips, Jeet turned her around, thinking that she and Weela had very similar frames, and that maybe Weela and him were thirteen years old as well. He worked on the backs of her legs; all the way up to the seams under her butt and between her legs. She shuddered slightly, as the sides of his hands brushed under her labia.

He finished in back and turned her to face him. He worked up her legs from the calves. "Oracle," he said, as his eyes came level with her rigid erection and her flushed vulva, and he felt the skin of his own face grow warm. "May I ask... do you have... you know... a vagina?"

His hands were working inside her thighs now and the Oracle's eyes were closed. She nodded first, and then answered hoarsely. "Yes."

She didn't see, but Jeet's cock twitched. Her body was familiar to him, like Weela's. And yet, in obvious and not so obvious ways, she also reminded him of his fellow eunuchs. Her soft skin and slender legs excited him. He could almost feel the heat from her vulva, close to his face. And her erection, though smaller than his own, was nevertheless male, rampant, thick, and flush. His hands had reached the tops of her thighs, and once more he caressed inside them. He paused.

Holding his breath, Jeet pressed the flat of his hand against the Oracle's labia so that the base of her shaft was in the V between his thumb and fingers.

The Oracle's breath caught and her eyes popped open.

Jeet pressed with his palm flat and the skin stretched back over the length of her shaft. He pushed up with the V of his hand under her erection so that it lifted up, and he kissed the crown.

The Oracle watched breathlessly as Jeet did what Praxis had taught him to do in the bath long ago. He closed his mouth over the glans of the Oracle's phallus. She saw him do it, and felt his warm wet mouth as almost two, disjointed things. And then his mouth slid down her shaft, and she shuddered. The entire length of her shaft disappeared into his mouth, and she could feel the length of his tongue under it. His face pressed forward, and she almost fell over him, clutching onto the sides of his head.

Jeet pulled his head back slowly, and the Oracle watched her shaft reappear from inside his mouth while, at the same time, she felt his tongue draw back up the underside. And then he came forward again, and the Oracle moaned.

Jeet lifted his other hand to further cup the Oracle's vulva, and, as he worked with his mouth, he gently caressed her labia, letting his finger slide softly along the crevice between them.

The Oracle's hips began to pump; reflexively at first, and then with more purpose. Jeet matched her rhythm with the working of his tongue and fingers, pulling the Oracle forward with his hand under her vulva with each thrust of her hips. And with each little pull, he let his finger press gently at her opening.

When she began to come, he inserted just the tip of his finger and wiggled it the way Weela sometimes liked. The Oracle gasped and went rigid. She pumped her hips hard... once, twice, whimpering. And then she shuddered violently, and Jeet tasted her meager issue in his mouth.

It tasted not unlike that of his fellow eunuchs, and he readily swallowed as he teased more from her shaft with his tongue. When she clutched hard at the sides of his head, trying to hold him still, Jeet knew that her orgasm had passed.

Gently, he withdrew his fingertip and, gently, he released her erection from his mouth, licking it clean. And then he resumed his work on her legs, even as her hands remained clutched in his hair and she slowly caught her breath.

As he softly scraped the inside of her legs with the strigil, she let go of his hair. He leaned over the side of the bath then, and picked up one of the Oracle's combs. He stood up and moved face-to-face with the Oracle to begin combing back her hair.

She closed her eyes and let him. When he pulled her head forward onto his shoulder, she opened her eyes again and looked down between their bodies where his cock, still erect, lay upward against her belly. Her eyes traveled over the seams of his abdominal muscles and the lines of his ribs as they moved with his work on her hair.

She slid her hands lightly down his sides to his slender waist. Water had beaded up on his wet belly and lay in the seams of his muscles. She glanced once more at his cock. It was long and as perfectly proportioned as the rest of him. "You're beautiful," she whispered.

"So are you, Oracle," he said softly.

She glanced up at him with a frown. She knew people considered her grotesque. She had been taunted about her mangled sexuality as long as she could remember; even by her own siblings. But her look softened as she saw only sincerity in Jeet's eyes; even an admiration.

He smiled at her, and then surprised her by kissing her lightly on the lips. It was her first kiss by anyone other than her father.

The Oracle closed her eyes, laid her head onto Jeet's shoulder, and wrapped her arms around his back as he continued to comb her hair.

Finally, he stepped from the bath and drew her after him by a hand. He dried her, and then himself, quickly. He laid the Oracle down onto her bed on her stomach and came to her with the gardenia-scented oil. Using only a little, he rubbed it into her skin over the whole length of her body. And then he rolled her over.

Her eyes were closed as he oiled her arms and chest. As he caressed her firm breasts with the oil, the Oracle's phallus rose again. When he moved to her legs, the Oracle became fully erect.

He worked up her legs gently, and then with the softest of touches, spread the oil lightly onto her vulva. Her labia were swollen and flushed once more, and her skin was hot to his touch. Her labia were much firmer than Weela's, and Jeet liked that. And then when he had oiled everything else, he knelt astride the Oracle's legs and took her erection once more into his mouth.

He brought her to a second, longer, orgasm one with quiet exclamations and wordless cries from deep in her throat. Then Jeet quietly lay down beside her, sliding an arm under the back of her head, and he stroked her brow as she fell asleep to the feel of his still erect cock pressed slightly to her side.

When the young eunuchs came into the Oracle's chamber in the morning, they found the two sleeping naked, belly to belly, legs entwined. The Oracle was nuzzled under Jeet's cheek, and he had an arm protectively around her back.

They paused for a moment, admiring the entwined, slender bodies. They glanced at each other, all thinking the same thought; that the Abij-hah had been decided. Silently, they set down bread and vessels of blended fruit juices. They drew back the drapes from across the Oracle's balcony and removed the chamber pot.

"If it had been any of the rest of you, I would have been really jealous," Aruli said, as they descended back down the stairs.

"I know," Ptolemy agreed.

"I would have been sad if she choose Aruli," Jin said, throwing an arm over Aruli's shoulders as they reached the bottom of the stairway. He nuzzled in under Aruli's ear. "At least now I have you to sleep with every night."

"And fuck," Aruli said with a playful twist to Jin's left nipple.

Jin howled.

"And I have Bantu," Ptolemy said, hugging Bantu from behind.

"And I have Cyndur," Tazaar said with mixed emotions as he set down the chamber pot for a moment. "I would have liked to have been Abij-hah."

"But then Cyndur would sneak in at night and fuck all of us," Bantu said with fake horror. "I've seen how he is with you. We'd all have sore butts."

Tazaar grinned and gave Bantu a hug. "It is best this way," he agreed.

"Except," Aruli observed, "we will not have Jeet for our bed."

They were quiet a moment, reflecting on that.


The Oracle made no attempt to conceal her glances at Jeet that morning. Nor did he take his eyes off the Oracle for more than a few moments at a time. It was noticed, and word spread through the temple, and rumors spread through the town.

At midday, Jeet retired with the Oracle for her rest.

He smiled at her as he reached to remove her clothing, and she smiled demurely as he discovered that she already had an erection. Her eyes rose to his, and she trembled slightly as he folded her garments and set them to one side. Then he came to her and gently pulled her naked body into his arms.

She embraced him, burying her mouth in the nape of his neck. Her breath was hot. Her hands eagerly explored his back, and then she grabbed the butt she had been admiring all morning.

"Oracle," he whispered. "Your penis... have you ever used it... that is... have you ever put it into someone?"

Her hands froze. She shook her face against his neck, her erection suddenly much harder.

Jeet reached behind his back and unfastened the belt to his breechcloth. The Oracle stepped back and let the breechcloth fall to the floor. Jeet's cock was as erect as hers.

"Lay back on the bed, Oracle," Jeet instructed.

She did, her erection pointing up from between her legs just as a boy's would. Jeet brought oil to the bed and applied it first to the Oracle's erection and then into his own bottom. He set the oil aside and then watched the Oracle's face as he straddled her and guided her erection to his entrance.

Their eyes met as he held her crown at his hole. He smiled and backed onto it.

The Oracle's mouth dropped open, her head arched back, her eyes closed, and she grabbed the sides of his thighs as Jeet lowered himself onto her shaft, and she felt his tightness slide deliciously down its length. He was hot inside. She lifted her hips and grabbed the muscles in his legs more tightly.

Jeet began to lift himself and fall back. His hands were oiled and he closed one around his cock to begin stroking himself. The Oracle opened her eyes again, and she watched as Jeet's rhythm picked up. Besides rising and falling, he pumped forward and back with his hips, then circled his hips, and pumped again.

The Oracle reached down and forced Jeet's hand away from his shaft so she could replace it with her own. When she did, he smiled gratefully, and then put his hands behind his head to dance and grind on the Oracle's shaft the way Praxis used to like for him to do.

He smiled at the way the Oracle was reacting. Her eyes were locked on the wildly erotic movements of his slender, young body, while at the same time, she was experiencing the results of those movements on her shaft and middle. She began to buck with her hips.

Jeet's expression grew more serious. Both closed their eyes in concentration. The two thirteen-year-olds rocked together with small grunts and moans of appreciation.

Jeet reached behind himself to rub softly on her vulva as he pumped his hips. She was damp. He rubbed. She squeezed his cock.

The Oracle came, partially sitting up, her mouth open, gasping. Jeet rocked hard, driving her orgasm longer, harder. He dropped his hand to his cock and she let him take it. She was still coming and gasping as the first of his clear, viscous semen splashed up her belly, between her breasts, and under her chin.

They slowed and stopped. Jeet bent and scraping his issue from her neck and throat with his fingers, he tasted his own cum for the first time. When she slipped from inside him, he licked her clean.

They were slow returning from the Oracle's rest that afternoon, and word spread that Jeet had found favor with the Oracle.


"Which of your attendants will you summon to your bedchamber tonight?" Stycus asked.

The Oracle was just finishing her evening meal, and the young eunuchs, along with Rem and another servant, were clearing away the food and dishes. "Jeet," she said, simply.

Jarus smiled, but Stycus frowned. He had been afraid of this. "Oracle," Stycus said, you must allow all of your attendants an opportunity to sleep at your feet. How can you make a wise decision otherwise?"

"Jeet will sleep at my feet tonight," she said, and glanced at Jeet whose eyes were downcast before the priests. Her eyes lingered on his long limbs and lean torso... and on the firm butt she had enjoyed earlier.

"We understand, Oracle," Jarus said. "Perhaps a different attendant can sleep at your feet tomorrow night."

She glanced back at the priests and frowned. "It is late. Please leave me."

With Jarus still smiling and Stycus still frowning, the high priests bowed and left.

Jeet felt a hand on his butt and turned to find Tazaar grinning at him. The older boy gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

After the others left, the Oracle stood and Jeet came to her. "That kiss that Tazaar gave you," the Oracle said, as Jeet stepped behind her and lifted off her garments. "Are you close friends?"

"Yes, Oracle," Jeet answered quietly. "We all are."

He came around in front of her, and she glanced up at him, her brow slightly furrowed.

"Oracle," Jeet said softly, "the six of us are bound together for life." He slipped an arm behind the Oracle's waist and pulled her belly gently to his. "And now we are bound to you."

His eyes were at a slightly higher level than hers, and she gazed up into them, running her hands up his arms and shoulders. He smiled. Her eyes dropped to his lips, and as if reading her mind, Jeet kissed her lips softly. She felt his arms close around her back. His belly pressed her stiffening shaft out to the side. And then she experienced something totally new; she felt his tongue probe between her lips.

She opened her mouth for him, and he probed in. His tongue found hers and the electrical feel surprised and excited her. She melted to him, pressing her loins to his, sucking on his tongue.

His hands roamed her back, down to her bottom. She loosed his long black hair and it fell to his shoulders. Then she unfastened the cord that held up his breechcloth and it dropped to the floor. She ran her fingers into his hair, and Jeet backed the Oracle to her bed. He laid her back on it, following her down.

He laid his body down onto her, easing his knees between her legs as he once again covered her mouth with his own. His chest flattened her breasts, and her fingers ran into the sides of his long hair. As they kissed, he ground his hips, rubbing their erections between them.

And then Jeet did as he had done with Weela many times. He kissed down her throat and onto her chest. Sliding down her body, he nuzzled between the Oracle's small breasts, brushing his cheeks against their sides. He closed a hand around each firm mound, and kissed first one and then the other.

They gave him pleasure, just as Weela's breasts had done. He delighted in the Oracle's form and murmured his delight. He sucked one nipple, and then another; going back and forth until both nipples were erect. The Oracle clutched his hair, and her legs spread to feel the weight of his belly between them.

Jeet slid farther down her body, drawing his mouth and his tongue down the midseam of her belly, and down to her bald pubic mound. He licked her upturned shaft and then dropped lower, licking down under it.

Jeet spread the Oracle's knees wide and flat out to the sides, and he probed with his tongue into her young labia. The Oracle shuddered, and reached once more for Jeet's long hair, sitting up slightly to clutch at the sides of his head as his tongue probed her crevice.

Jeet explored her, finding differences between her and Weela; differences even in taste. The Oracle's taste was unique; her scent part boy, part girl. She was different inside as well. Beneath her labia lay the root of her shaft like a boy's thick perineum. Beneath that, Jeet found her opening; as soft and moist as Weela's. Jeet probed with his tongue; exploring, teasing, stimulating... until the Oracle's hips writhed.

He moved up her body, sliding his chest up over her belly, his belly up over her upturned shaft until he was looking down at her, and the Oracle felt the damp head of Jeet's cock press at her labia.

"Jeet," she whispered. "I have never known a man."

"I will be gentle, Oracle," Jeet promised, and he pressed forward with his hips. He felt her labia part for him.

She felt it too; felt his crown, bigger than her own fingers with which she had probed herself before... much bigger. He stretched her, but it was a delicious stretching. And then he was at her maidenhead. He paused, pulled back, and then plunged forward.

She arched under him at the brief, burning pain, and then he was all the way in. She felt the firmness around the base of his shaft press her labia flat, and his length extend into her. She felt the glans of his cockhead press the inner limit of her vagina and stretch her length.

He held himself there as she pawed at his back and slowly adjusted to his presence inside her. And then Jeet began to move his slender hips, and she began to meet his thrusts. She was no longer the Oracle, but simply a thirteen-year-old girl with a thirteen-year-old boy between her legs; a slender boy who was beautiful beyond her imagination and who she had instantly adored... a boy whose quiet passion and skillful movements now overwhelmed her mind and senses.

Jeet didn't know that the Oracle had no uterus or cervix. He didn't know that she had a slightly shallow vagina. He only knew that he had never hit bottom with Weela the way he now did with the Oracle. It was a close fit; as if the length inside the Oracle's vagina had been designed to match his own length exactly, and her tight fit caressed his length with each, slow pump of his hips.

Jeet settled his weight onto her and held her close in his arms as he savored each thrust. She wrapped her arms over his lean back and kept her knees splayed widely out to the sides so that the warm, smooth skin of his firm belly pressed her own, rubbing her upturned shaft between them as they moved together. Their cheeks pressed and their breath ran hot on each other's necks. His scent filled her nostrils, as hers did his. They sucked at the napes of each other's necks and murmured, mindlessly.

Jeet moved as he had countless times with Weela and with the other eunuchs, but this was different. The Oracle moved with adolescent instincts... and the passion of both a boy and a girl. They pumped with their hips and quietly grunted at the increasingly harder collisions of their pelvises.

The Oracle came first. Her semen, as clear and watery as Jeet's own, seeped between their bellies. Jeet slowed, rubbing his face on hers; their breath hot over their faces. He covered her mouth with his, and he began to pump firmly again while he probed for her tongue with his. She whimpered with each impact, and her whimpering grew stronger as she rose to a second orgasm.

Her muscles contracted around Jeet's shaft and his mouth opened wide in a hoarse cry as he came with her. Jeet drove in hard and pumped through the longest orgasm of his young life.

He stayed inside her afterward, and they gently caressed and rubbed faces. "You know why I didn't choose you the first night?" the Oracle asked. "I was going to, you know."

Jeet lifted his head slightly. "Why didn't you?"

"Because that pompous high priest, Jarus, wanted me to," she said with a grin. "He just looked so smug, like he knew I would pick you. So I didn't."

Jeet smiled. "So why didn't you pick me the second night?" he asked.

She frowned slightly. "Because you looked so smug."

Jeet frowned.

"Well you did," she challenged. "That first day, you squeezed my hand in the temple to get my attention. And then the next two days you kept trying to get me to look at you. And everybody seemed to want me to pick you. And then that night you looked so smug when I started to pick you..."

"Oracle," Jeet interrupted. "I squeezed your hand in the temple because I wanted to encourage you; to let you know that you weren't alone. I've tried to catch your eye at times to encourage you."

"Oh," she said quietly. Stroking back his hair, she smiled up at him. But then she felt him start to slip back from insider her, and she squeezed the muscles of her pelvic floor to hold him in.

Jeet's eyes went wide and he jumped, but he stayed in. They giggled. Then she frowned again. "But you did look smug that night."

Jeet considered, trying to recall what he was thinking. "I thought you would choose me," he said, nodding. "I had dreams."

"Dreams?" she asked.

Jeet described his dreams to her, and he did slip from inside her as the Oracle became distracted by what he told her.

She frowned skeptically. "So do your dreams mean that I'm supposed to choose you as Abij-hah?"

Jeet shrugged. "My dreams may mean only that I hope you choose me as Abij-hah."

The Oracle stroked his back with her fingertips, feeling his cool skin as she thought about what he said. "You really do hope that? You would spend every day and night for the rest of your life with me," she warned.

"Yes, I would," Jeet agreed. "And I do hope that. I think it is my destiny." His eyes dropped to hers. "Our destiny." He smiled. "For me, it would be a happy destiny, Oracle." He kissed her on the lips. Their mouths opened, and their tongues gently wrestled. The Oracle's phallus grew hard between their bellies.

"Can you get another erection?" she asked.

Jeet shrugged. "It doesn't matter that I do if you want to do what we did this afternoon."

The Oracle shook her head. "Tonight was the best of all. I want to do again what we did tonight." She put her hands onto Jeet's shoulders and rolled him so that she was on top. Then slid down his body. "You may have to teach me how to do this," she said, taking Jeet's semi-erect cock into her hand. She licked up its length and smiled at Jeet.

"That's a good start," he said with a smile.


The Oracle had been listening to his heart; her head on his chest. Jeet had fallen asleep while she rested on him and gently fondled Jeet's shrunken, empty scrotum with her fingers. Now she moved her body up alongside his and shook him awake.

Jeet's eyes opened, glimmering in moonlight that reflected into the chamber from the balcony. She gently stroked his cheek. "If eunuchs can have sex," she asked, thoughtfully, "does that mean my other attendants have sex together?"

Jeet rolled up on his side to face her. "We have all had sex together, Oracle," he said honestly.

She frowned and her hand paused on his cheek. Then she rolled away.

Jeet scooted up behind her, spooning her body with his and laying his hand on her arm. She didn't pull away. Despite turmoil in her emotions, she liked him there. She liked him there... forever. Quietly, she took the hand he had laid on her arm, and clutched it between her breasts.

Jeet slid his other arm under the side of her neck and pulled her back to him with the hand she had clutched to her chest. "Oracle," he started to say.

She quietly shushed him, and they lay silent for a moment.

"I have a secret name, Jeet" she whispered. "Only I know it." She twisted back from the hips to look up at him. "Sometimes," she said, "in here," she rapped her chest with Jeet's hand, "...sometimes in here I feel like I am a boy, not a girl." She searched his eyes for a reaction. He nodded, knowingly. She swallowed. "My secret name is my `boy' name for myself," she said. Her face grew earnest. "It's Alexander."

Jeet nodded. "You have a strong spirit, Oracle. Alexander is a good name for you."

"I told you that," she whispered, "because I can understand the..." she searched for the word, "the... appetites of a boy. Sometimes," she whispered even more quietly, "I feel like I am both, a boy and a girl."

"Sometimes," Jeet whispered, "I feel like I am no longer either."

"Do you want me to be a boy, Jeet?" she asked, searching his eyes. "A girl?"

He kissed the side of her cheek, then looked down into her eyes. "Oracle," he whispered. "I am your slave. Be what you want with me as the mood strikes you."

She looked away and her jaw worked for a moment. Then she looked back at him. "If I could give you your freedom instead of being Abij-hah, would you take it?"

Jeet smiled sadly. "You cannot give me my freedom. You cannot give me back what has been taken from me."

"But if you had the choice?"

Jeet kissed her cheek. "I would go free and take you with me."

"Truly?" she asked, searching his eyes.

"Truly," he said. "And if I could still father children..." he swallowed hard and looked away. His eyes were suddenly wet and he wasn't completely sure why.

She rolled toward him so that they were on their sides, facing each other, and she took his face in both hands. Her eyes bore into his. "Will you be my Abij-hah?" she asked.

"You don't have to ask," Jeet pointed out. "You only need to decide."

"But I am asking. I am asking as Alexander. I am asking as Anda. I am asking as Oracle." She put her forehead to his, and closing her eyes, took a deep breath. "I am not simply asking about being Abij-hah, Jeet. We are talking about spending our lives together. We are young, and it will be different for us, but... you know what I am asking."

He nodded his forehead against hers. "I ask you the same."

She pushed his head back to look into his eyes. "I say yes," she said.

Jeet pulled the Oracle tightly into his arms, clutching her to himself.  "I say yes," he whispered.

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