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Chapter 9 – Vows

Cybele was primarily a nature goddess, responsible for maintaining and reproducing the wild things of the earth. As guardian of cities and nations, however, she was also entrusted with the general welfare of the people. She was attended by the Corybantes [Kurbantes] and Dactyls, who honored her with wild music and dancing. – Questia

The Oracle’s bathhouse was crowded. Besides the six young eunuchs, Ono was there with an older servant, Avankur, who knew local herbs and the healing arts. Nester was there as well, sent by Eustace to assist. Ten-year-old Rem and two other shrine servants were there with cloths for washing, drying, and tending wounds. The Oracle stood to one side, hugging her arms to herself, still clothed in her garments from the performance.

Ono washed the blood from Jeet’s hair and neck, and then scrubbed down his body, taking care around the obvious bruises. Nester washed Tazaar. The other young eunuchs did the same for each other.

“Oracle,” Ono asked, as he led Jeet up from the water, “shall one of us bathe you?”

She shook her head and drew her garments tighter about herself. “Only my attendants do that.”

Ono nodded understandingly, and motioned Avankur over to take a look at Jeet. They examined the wound below the young eunuch’s ear. “Fortunately, none of you are seriously hurt,” Ono told him. “It could have been worse. It could have been much worse.”

“Why were they like that?” Jeet asked, and then winced. “Damn it, Ono, do you have to put salt in every little cut or scrape?”

Ono laughed and kissed Jeet’s cheek. “Quit throwing yourself at crowds of people and you won’t have cuts and scrapes.”

Tazaar and Nester came up from the water. Rem stepped forward to dry them, and Avankur left Jeet to tend Tazaar’s wounds. Ono kissed Jeet’s cheek once more, and began to comb out the boy’s hair. “I heard Stycus say he wanted to remove Rufus as captain of the shrine guard,” Ono told him.

Jeet frowned, and the Oracle came close to listen. “Can he do that?” Jeet asked.

Ono shrugged. “The high priests are looking for people to blame for what happened, and Stycus would love to put someone loyal to him in Rufus’ position.”

“This whole thing was as much the fault of the high priests as anyone,” Jeet protested.

“Shssh,” Ono murmured, soothingly. “That’s true, but it won’t matter.”

Tazaar moved closer to the conversation, bringing Nester and Avankur with him. The other eunuchs came up from the water.

“Rufus saved our lives today,” the Oracle said. “I won’t let them replace him.”

Ono glanced at her and cocked an eyebrow. “They’d prefer to have an Oracle loyal to them as well,” he warned. “But I don’t think they will send you home; not after all the time and money they have invested in all of you.”

“And Oracles are hard to find,” Nester pointed out, meaning that hermaphrodites were hard to find.

“Their threats could be serious,” Ono said. “They’re frustrated that they don’t have the control over you that they want, and… it’s not beyond Stycus to welcome an excuse to keep Tazaar, Jeet and the others for himself.”

The Oracle and her attendants exchanged glances.

“Don’t give them the excuse,” Nester suggested while drying his legs. “Ask their forgiveness. Promise to be obedient”

“Obedience as far as they’re concerned, means that we become their body slaves,” Tazaar murmured angrily.

“So sleep with them,” Nester said. “They will eventually get tired of you and want new boys.”

“No,” the Oracle said. “If we let Stycus sleep with Tazaar, he’ll want to do it every night. And he’s cruel.”

“Or with Jeet,” Ono warned. “He likes Jeet as well.”

“No,” the Oracle said emphatically.

“We need to do something to diffuse the situation,” Ono said. “And soon.”

Avankur stepped forward. “Forgive me, Oracle, but I may have a suggestion.”

They all turned to the older servant.

“The high priests love good food, and to be esteemed by men,” he said. “Invite them to a banquet here at the shrine in their honor for all that they have done for you. You could invite them tonight for a banquet tomorrow night. Then tomorrow night, you could ask their forgiveness and promise to always consult with them in the future before doing anything that is a departure from routine.”

Ono frowned. “It may not be enough. You may have to let them each choose a eunuch for the night… as a gift to them. If they know that from time to time they might get to sleep with one of you, it will take away some of their incentive to consider looking for another Oracle.”

“I already said no,” the Oracle stated firmly.

“You could give other gifts,” Avankur suggested. “You would have a day to decide.”

The Oracle glanced at Jeet, who shrugged, and then at the others who did much the same.

The Oracle sighed. “Do it. Take them my invitation to a banquet tomorrow night at the shrine.”

After the others left, her eunuchs bathed the Oracle. She was subdued; quiet. At one point, when Jeet stood in front of her to clean her face with a soft cloth, she threw her arms around his neck and rested her forehead against the side of his; and he simply rocked her wet, naked body in his arms.

They returned to the shrine by the inside passageway. It was late afternoon, and they had not eaten since early that morning. Shrine servants brought food to the Oracle’s quarters, but when the Oracle and her eunuchs gathered at the table, they only picked at the meal. The Oracle stared out beyond the balcony to where the sun had begun its descent toward the hills.

Standing to his feet, Jeet sent the other servants from the room. He turned to face the Oracle and his fellow eunuchs. “We will not let the high priests do it,” he told them. “The Oracle is the Oracle, and we are her attendants. They told us when they put us together that it would be for life, and we bound ourselves together. I for one, will do whatever I need to do to for us to stay bonded, even if I have to go from high priest to high priest every night and get fucked by each of them.”

Tazaar stood with a frown. “There are six of us, Jeet. Whatever must be done; we will all do it. If we must supply the beds of the high priests with our own bodies, we will all take turns.”

Anda did not rise, but spoke… quietly. “But have you really thought about it? As long as you are attendants to the Oracle, if I die for any reason, you would die as well. If they send me home now, you will be free from that.”

“No, Oracle!” Jeet protested, but before he could say more, Ptolemy rose.

“We are not free, Oracle,” Ptolemy said. “We will never be free. Apart from you, we are merely slaves and eunuchs. Our lives, however long or short, will be spent in some man’s bed or kitchen or storehouse. We will be bought, sold, and traded. And when our bodies no longer please our masters, our work will grow menial and base.”

Ptolemy pulled himself up to his full height. “But you are The Oracle of Kaleh. Jeet is The Abij-hah. And we are your chosen attendants – chosen from boys over half the empire; chosen for our beauty, and our quality, for your service. We are not mere slaves and eunuchs. We are… The Kurbantes of the Oracle.”

Ptolemy’s proud words struck their hearts. As eunuchs and slaves, they kept their heads down around others – they were less than real men and boys. But at the river that morning they had seen the admiration of an entire city. They were the chosen. They were the Kurbantes.

Jin got to his feet, tears in his eyes. Aruli and Bantu stood as well. “Kurbantes of the Oracle,” Aruli said. “Kurbantes of the Oracle,” the others echoed.

The Oracle now rose to her feet as well. “My Kurbantes you are, and my beloved eunuchs you all shall be,” she said. “I promise it, because I, too, will do whatever the priests require for us to stay together.”

“Come,” Jeet said, stepping away from the table, and motioning the others to follow. “Remember when Ono had us all put our arms over each other’s shoulders?” he asked. “We held each other in our circle, and he spoke to us here in the shrine about being bonded together?” Jeet looked from face to face. “Let’s make our close circle again, with the Oracle in the middle.”

The others came to him, bringing Anda into the midst of them. They put their arms over each other’s shoulders as Ono had them do, and they closed into a circle so tight that each of them had some part of their body pressed to the Oracle.

“I have pledged my life to the Oracle already,” Jeet said. “Others made me a slave and others took my manhood, but I made my pledge to her, and I was free not to. I make it again, now. Oracle, you are my mistress and my master for as long as we live. And you… Tazaar, Aruli,” Jeet said, going around the circle, “Jin, Ptolemy, and Bantu… you are each my brother. I pledge my life to each of you as well. I will have no other family. I will have no other life. You are my family and my life. Whatever it takes to stay together, I will do to stay with you.”

“I pledge myself, too,” Ptolemy said, tugging Jin on one side and Bantu on the other, closer. “I make my pledge with all my heart… to you Oracle, and to you my brothers… to you, Jeet and Bantu and Jin and Aruli and Tazaar. I promise my life to each of you. My life for your lives… and whatever it takes to stay together, I will do to stay with you.”

In similar fashion, and with similar words, each of the eunuchs pledged themselves to the Oracle and then to each other by name. That is, until only Tazaar was left to speak. Tears ran down his cheeks as he looked around the group. “I love you. I love you all. But I don’t know how to pledge myself,” he said. His chest heaved. “I wish to make the same pledge as you do. I love you no less than you love me. But Cyndur owns my heart, too, and what if some day he can take me to his home?”

Jeet, standing next to him, leaned over and kissed Tazaar’s cheek. “Tazaar-hah , make your pledge, but include Cyndur in who you name. If someday he can take you from here, and the Oracle chooses to let you go, you will fulfill your pledge to us from afar; from Cyndur’s household and from his side. But you will still love us, and we will still love you.”

The others murmured their assent.

Tazaar sniffled, chuckled at his sniffling, and then smiled. “Then I pledge,” he said, and, like the others, Tazaar swore his life-vow to their fellowship.

From the center of their circle, Anda spoke. Her voice was soft, but determined. “I pledge myself,” she said. She was facing Tazaar, and put her hand on his cheek. “Dear, Tazaar,” she said. She kissed his lips and then pressed the side of her face to his wet cheek. “I pledge myself to you.” She tried to turn within their circle and they gave her enough room to do so. “Dear, Aruli,” she said, and leaned forward to kiss him. “I pledge myself to you… Dear, Jin…”

She continued around the circle, one by one, to Jeet, and smiled. “Abij-hah.” She kissed him softly on the lips, and just slightly longer than the others. “I pledge myself to you.”

She glanced around the circle. “You shall be more precious to me than husbands,” she said. “You shall be dearer to me than brothers. I love you. I will love you more. Whatever it takes to stay together, I will do to stay with you.” She smiled and her eyes grew damp. “Whatever it takes to stay together, I will do to stay with each of you. You too, Tazaar.” She faced him, laying a hand on his cheek. “My heart will stay with you, even if we release you to Cyndur.” She turned to Jeet. “Jeet. You are Abij-hah. Between us is the strongest bond; the bond of lovers, mates, and life-brothers. In my heart,” she touched her chest, “you are my mate, and my dearest beloved.” She looked around the circle. “But I will love you all. You shall be, each of you, my beloved eunuch; my Abij-hah.”

The sun was setting when Cyndur found them all at the Oracle’s table. He came directly to Tazaar, and dropping to a seat beside him, he kissed his cheek. “Forgive me for not coming sooner,” he said. “I tried to come to you through the mob, but I was pressed by the crowd around me. I was with my parents and once we saw that you all were safely on your way back to the temple, my father wanted to talk with me.”

Cyndur glanced around the table. “My father understands now.” He pulled Tazaar into a sideways embrace. “After seeing Tazaar, he understands how Tazaar captured my heart. And now after we have talked, he understands how deeply I love my brave Tazaar-hah.” He turned to Tazaar, resting his forehead on the side of the young eunuch’s head. “My father still wants me to marry and give him grandsons someday, but he is willing for me to have Tazaar… always.” Cyndur kissed him, firmly on the cheek.

No one said anything.

Cyndur looked around, his brow furrowing deeply. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Jeet leaned forward. “The priests are angry.”

Beginning with their return from the river, Jeet, with the others contributing to the narrative, told Cyndur about the priests, the conversations at the bathhouse, and finally, about the pledges they had made; including the specifics of Tazaar’s pledge.

“I don’t like it,” Cyndur said with a frown. “You are not prostitutes. You are not the priests’ catamites. None of you should ever have to sleep with them. Certainly not you, Tazaar,” he said, pulling Tazaar into his side.

“I have made my pledge, Cyndur,” Tazaar said. “And I will fulfill it. I will do whatever I need to for us to stay together.”

Cyndur’s frown deepened. Then he stood. “So be it. You shall not be the only ones to make a pledge today.” He came around the table to the Oracle and knelt beside her.

“You need make no pledge,” the Oracle said. “You are not bound to us the way we are to each other. You are no slave.”

“But I am a slave; my heart is slave to Tazaar, and through him, I am bound to each of you. My heart is as stout as yours. My word is as good as yours. And my intent is as keen.”

He looked around the table defiantly; as if daring anyone to stop him. Then took the Oracle’s hand. “You have given me Tazaar to be my true mate. Now I pledge. I pledge to always love him and treasure him and take care of him. I promise you that,” he said, tapping the center of his chest with the Oracle’s hand clutched in his. “And I promise to do whatever I can to serve you all, and to help you stay together. Whatever is in my power and any wealth I may ever have, I pledge to your service.”

The Oracle glanced at Jeet, then Tazaar, and then back at Cyndur. “Then you shall be an older brother to us,” she said, “you shall be our beloved friend.”

Cyndur embraced her, and she hugged him back. Then he returned to his seat beside Tazaar. He glanced down at Tazaar’s cup, and frowned again. “Is this all you have to drink? We should seal our pledges with wine. Rich, red wine; wine the color of a blood commitment.”

He stood up and called for servants. The boy, Rem, was close outside and came running. “Do you know where the temple wine stores are?” Cyndur asked.

The boy nodded.

“I mean the really good wine; the priests’ wine.”

Rem grinned and tapped the side of his nose. “I know where they keep the best wine.”

“Ha!” Cyndur said, taking the boy’s hand. “Take me there.” He glanced at the others. “We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, or what will be required of us. But we have pledged together, and we know we are one. Covenants like that are consummated with wine and celebration!” He grabbed Rem and lifted him up onto his shoulders. With Rem’s bare butt showing under his flapping loincloth, Cyndur went out through the door.

+ + + + +

They lit many lamps, and in their warm glow, they decided to celebrate their vows by each drinking to the goddess from the cup of every other person in the group. That required cups to be refilled before they could make a full circle. Sometime after the cups had been refilled a second time, it was further decided that Cyndur and all the eunuchs would sleep in the Oracle’s chambers that night. They brought up the pallets from below and made one large bed.

They moved to the bedding, and the Oracle sat back against the wall with her legs straight out in front of her. Jeet retrieved his harp, and lay back with his head in the Oracle’s lap to play. Ptolemy sat down to their right, and Bantu lay down on his side across Ptolemy’s lap. Cyndur sat down opposite from the Oracle, and Tazaar sat between his legs, leaning back in the young athlete’s arms. To their right and the Oracle’s left, Aruli sat back to back with Jin. Jeet played his harp, and starting with the procession to the platform, they recounted the performance on the river.

They laughed now; the wine had relaxed them, as did the warmth of their companionship and the security of their shared commitment. Of the servants, only the boy Rem remained after the table was cleared of food. He stood to one side, and as they talked, he refilled their wine cups. At one point, he took the wine cups from Jin and Aruli because Aruli wanted to wrestle.

The two rolled around, their small loincloths riding up to reveal bare butts and semi-hard cocks… until Aruli sat up, holding his forehead. “Oh, I think I feel the wine now.”

Cyndur laughed. “You were feeling the wine half an hour ago.”

Aruli grinned lopsidedly.

“Sing your song, Aruli,” Ptolemy encouraged. “Sing like you did this morning.”

Aruli smiled again, and stood to his feet. Even after the wine, he had a strong, pure voice. It echoed down into the shrine and out over the Oracle’s balcony. Shrine guards turned their heads to listen, and down by the river, servants paused.

The other eunuchs and the Oracle sang with him the second time through, and Cyndur listened, holding Tazaar back to himself. The song ended, and they were silent. Aruli sat back down beside Jin.

“Damn,” Cyndur said, “more wine!” Cyndur pulled Tazaar back to his chest as he twisted back to hold out his cup. “More wine and happier songs!”

Rem quickly brought a pitcher of wine and filled Cyndur’s cup. While Cyndur was holding the cup to one side, he nuzzled into the side of Tazaar’s neck. Tazaar twisted back, smiling, and they kissed. The flat of Cyndur’s free hand drifted down over Tazaar’s belly, and the others noticed.

Tazaar closed his hands over Cyndur’s and leaned his head back on Cyndur’s shoulder, gazing up happily at his lover’s strong jaw. He drew a finger along it and giggled.

“Tazaar?” Cyndur asked. “Are you a little drunk?”

Tazaar nodded. “I’m not used to so much wine,” he said. “Is sex fun when you’re drunk?” he asked with a grin. He slid Cyndur’s hand down between his own legs and under his loincloth. Cyndur closed his hand over Tazaar’s growing erection, and the younger boy rolled his head on Cyndur’s shoulder to kiss the inside of Cyndur’s neck.

Aruli, laying on his side across Jin’s lap, turned from watching Cyndur and Tazaar to face the others. “I’m glad we’re all sleeping up here tonight,” he said. “Ptolemy and Bantu got to see Jeet and the Oracle making love. Now we’ll get to see them do it.”

Jeet laughed. “We haven’t had that much wine.”

“But you have to do it, “Aruli pleaded. “All we ever get to watch is each other.” He nodded back toward Cyndur and Tazaar. “And in the night we get to listen to Cyndur grunting like a team of oxen while he plows furrows in Tazaar’s behind.”

Cyndur leaned over from behind Tazaar and pinched Aruli’s leg.

“Ouch!” Aruli cried, jerking back his leg. The others laughed.

“I would like to see you, too,” Tazaar said. His eyes met the Oracle’s. “We all like your body, Oracle. We like it a lot. And the way you danced today…” he smiled. “I would very much like to see you and Jeet make love.”

The Oracle frowned.

“Rem, pour the Oracle more wine,” Bantu said with a grin, waving Rem over. “Ptolemy and I want to watch them, as well.”

“Look!” Ptolemy said, “Jeet likes the idea. I think the edge of his loincloth is rising up.”

They laughed and Aruli stretched across Jin’s lap to look up Jeet’s loincloth. Grinning, he nodded for everybody.

Jeet laid aside his harp and reached his fingers up into the Oracle’s hair. “Are we going to make them go away?” he asked as he gently clinched her golden hair. “Because I do want us to make love. After all that’s happened today, I really want to make love to you.”

Rem had come up beside the Oracle with wine as Bantu had instructed. The Oracle wasn’t looking so he lifted the hand she was using to hold her cup and poured more into it; he also wanted to see them make love, and it showed because poking up from under the front of his loincloth was a long, finger-thin, ten-year-old cock.

“Look at that,” Bantu said laughing. “Rem’s a little excited.”

Jeet looked up from the Oracle’s lap. From his angle, he saw not only Rem’s long, thin erection, but also the two little, nut-sized testicles that hung tightly at its base. “You can leave us now, Rem,” he said.

“Let the boy stay,” Cyndur encouraged. “I was younger than him when older boys at the gymnasium started teaching me about sex. Back then, before I could squirt, I could come over and over and over.” Grinning, he gave Tazaar’s cock a squeeze with the hand he had in his lover’s lap, with each ‘over.’ “Besides,” Cyndur said, “we will want more wine.”

Jeet shook his head. “I promised his brother I would look after him. Go away, Rem.”

Rem, backing away, saw Cyndur wink at him. Encouraged, he didn’t leave the room, but withdrew to a spot away from Jeet’s line of site. He took another small sip of wine, and decided that he liked wine.

The Oracle leaned back to take a sip of the wine Rem had poured her, and she noticed that all her eunuchs were watching her.

“Don’t try chasing us off,” Aruli said. “We’ll still watch from around the corner.”

The Oracle took another sip of wine and felt the room grow warmer. She glanced down at Jeet. “In front of everyone?”

Jeet, whose head was still in her lap, shrugged and rolled onto his side toward her. Other than the Oracle, they had all seen each other make love before. That fact, and the wine, made him bold. Burying his face under the Oracle’s cotton wrap, he rubbed it on her phallus and labia. Her phallus had already thickened. Jeet licked it and her labia, and then sucked the Oracle’s phallus into his mouth.

She gasped. Clutching Jeet’s head with one hand, she held out her cup to Aruli with the other. “Take this,” she said, breathlessly.

Aruli took the cup and the Oracle leaned her head back against the wall, open mouthed as slurping noises rose provocatively from between her legs. She sighed and spread her legs wider.

Aruli slid forward over Jin’s lap and tugged at Jeet’s hip bone, pulling Jeet’s hips back from the waist. He pushed up Jeet’s loincloth and took the young Abij-hah’s long cock into his hand. Aruli gave it a gentle stroke and smiled back at the others. “Getting him ready,” he whispered.

Bantu sat up beside Ptolemy and reached under Ptolemy’s loincloth. Across from them, Aruli’s hips lay across Jin’s lap, and Jin now removed his lover’s loincloth. Tossing it aside, Jin closed one hand over Aruli’s thick erection while running his other hand over the smooth orbs of Aruli’s butt.

“Umm,” Aruli murmured in appreciation while examining Jeet’s cock. Under the influence of the wine, he felt as if he was seeing it for the first time. He stroked it. The foreskin was way back, but skin rose and fell thickly around Jeet’s shaft as Aruli stroked it. Jeet still wasn’t fully hard, and Aruli liked the thick, pliable weight of it.

“Hey, Jeet-hah,” Aruli whispered, kissing Jeet’s crown lightly, “you were a hero today.” He smiled. ”I honor you. I bow to you.” He pulled the end of Jeet’s cock forward to kiss the tip. Then holding it back and gazing at Jeet’s crown intently, he took a deep breath. “I honor you by sucking your beautiful cock.” He leaned forward and took Jeet’s cock into his mouth. As he did so, he looked up and saw the Oracle.

She was watching him from under heavy eyelids, her mouth open and her breathing ragged. Aruli smiled around Jeet’s cock, and reaching over, took the Oracle’s hand. He gave it a squeeze and pulled off Jeet’s cock. “You were a hero, too, Oracle… or would that be heroine?” He smiled, and closed his mouth back over Jeet’s cock. He murmured, pleased at its thickness in his mouth. While he sucked, he released Jeet’s loincloth from around Jeet’s middle.

Jeet’s head bobbed in the Oracle’s lap. She leaned back, and since her hand was still out where Aruli had squeezed it, she absently stroked Aruli’s hair.

Bantu set down his wine, away from the bed, and came forward on hands and knees to the Oracle’s side. He kissed the Oracle lightly on the lips and unfastened her wrap. “We have to get you ready, Oracle.”

The Oracle wasn’t used to wine either. She watched impassively as Bantu loosened the wrap, and when he knelt up beside her to lay it open, the Alexander in her gave in to the urge to close her fingers around Bantu’s thick cock which was jutting out from under his loincloth. It felt different from Jeet’s, and she liked the feel.

Aruli lifted his mouth off Jeet’s cock and, naked, knelt up over Jeet’s body to help Bantu pull away the Oracle’s wrap from the other side.

She glanced at Aruli, and then down at his cock, longer and a little thinner than Bantu’s. She closed her other hand over Aruli’s cock, so that she had a cock in each hand. She looked from one to the other and grinned. “Hello Bantu-hah,” she said, jerking Aruli’s cock as if it were talking, and then giggled. “Hello Aruli-hah,” she replied, jerking Bantu’s cock as if it were answering. Then she laughed.

Aruli and Bantu laid the Oracle’s wrap completely open and then kneeling beside her as she giggled and mimicked a conversation between their cocks, they gently ran their fingers over her hard nipples. Jeet sat up now, and maneuvered around onto his knees between the Oracle’s outstretched legs. Grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her bottom forward and the Oracle slid down the wall onto her back. Ptolemy set down his wine and scrambled forward to help Jeet pull. Still clutching Aruli’s and Bantu’s cocks and laughing, the Oracle spread her legs on either side of Jeet and let him drag her bottom forward into his lap.

Jeet spread her knees out to the sides, laying her wide open. Even Cyndur and Tazaar stopped to watch from behind Jeet. Jin set down his wine and joined the others kneeling around the Oracle. Still holding Bantu’s and Aruli’s cocks, she had quit laughing and had lifted her head to watch Jeet’s long cock wag close over her labia and upward curving phallus as he adjusted his kneeling position.

Ptolemy’s and Jin’s cocks jutted from under their loincloths. Ptolemy pulled off his loincloth and started to stroke himself. Jin did the same as they all gazed down on the Oracle’s thirteen-year-old body.

She lay on her back, knees way out to the sides. Her hips were narrow. Her labia were flush and full; her erection curved up her belly. The skin of her long, thin legs was smooth, soft, and fair. The small mounds of her breasts were firm and her nipples hard. Clutching Aruli’s and Bantu’s cocks, she had bent her slender torso up from the waist to watch Jeet and they could see the outline of muscles in her stomach.

Her eyes were on Jeet; kneeling there, between her legs… slim-hipped… lean boy, his hard cock angling up. She glanced around at the other four boys kneeling over her; all with outward and upward jutting erections. She felt her vagina grow suddenly wet.

Ptolemy reached down and pulled Jeet’s cock to one side to get a better look at the Oracle’s uniqueness. His eyes traveled down the Oracle’s shaft and down to her twin, thick labia which hung beneath her phallus almost like balls. “May I touch you, Oracle?” he asked thickly. “I have never touched a girl there.”

Anda glanced up at him and nodded.

Ptolemy bent down and lightly touched her vulva with his long fingers. Her labial lips felt firm and hot to the touch. Jin, from the other side, bent down to touch them. Then Aruli and Bantu, both careful to not pull their cocks from the Oracle’s hands, leaned forward to do the same.

Tazaar and Cyndur knelt up behind Jeet to see better, one leaning from over each of Jeet’s shoulders. “Does she have an opening down there?” asked Cyndur, the only one other than Jeet who had been with a woman. The young athlete slid a hand down Jeet’s long back and left it cupped over Jeet’s narrow, rounded butt.

Jeet nodded. “The Oracle is a girl as well as a boy.” Then feeling warm and friendly from the wine, he grinned and looked back over his shoulder at Cyndur. “Inside, she was made for me,” he whispered. “She fits me exactly.”

Cyndur smiled and gave Jeet’s butt a squeeze.

Jeet turned forward then, and they watched as he lifted the Oracle by the butt with both hands, and rising on his knees, he pressed the crown of his cock between the base of her labia.

“We are all so drunk,” Tazaar murmured from behind them.

Ptolemy chuckled, but none of them took their eyes off the crown of Jeet’s cock as it spread the Oracle’s labia. Holding his young lover up by her hips, Jeet eased the length of his cock in.

Anda arched back, squeezing the two cocks which were still in her hands. Jeet arched back as well, pulling the Oracle solidly onto his shaft. He was all the way in. He pulled his hips back, and the others watched his shaft reappear, damp and dragging the Oracle’s labia with it. Jeet adjusted his hold on the Oracle’s narrow, rounded hips, and he pushed in again.

Jin scooted back on his knees and then lay down onto his stomach, laying the side of his face down onto the Oracle’s belly. He closed a hand around the Oracle’s erection, and he extended his tongue to give it a lick. “If the Oracle is a boy as well as a girl, I know how to make her feel even better,” Jin said softly. He licked again, and then closed his mouth over the end of the Oracle’s erect phallus. He swirled his tongue around her crown inside his mouth, and then he took her into his throat.

The Oracle gasped, and releasing Aruli’s and Bantu’s cocks, she grabbed for the back of Jin’s head. In addition to Jeet’s long cock sliding in and out of her vagina and giving her deep, deep pleasure, Jin’s mouth and tongue now threatened to overload all of her senses.

Aruli, who had been kneeling on the same side of the Oracle as Jin, now stretched out at an angle on the bed, behind Jin with a leg cocked over Jin’s butt, but with his head beside the Oracle’s. He slid an arm under the back of her head and kissed her cheek. “Are you really like a boy as well as a girl?” Aruli asked in a whisper.”

The Oracle, distracted, nodded.

Aruli leaned beside her ear and laid his hand on her breast. “Do you like to be touched here?” he asked, running a finger over her nipple, “because I like it done on me, and I would think a girl would like it even more.”

The Oracle’s eyes closed. Clutching the back of Jin’s head, she nodded.

Aruli glanced down at his hand and lightly rubbed it open-palmed over the Oracle’s breasts; first one and then the other. “You have nice breasts, Oracle,” he whispered. And then he leaned up over her and kissed her lips. Her eyes opened dreamily, and he smiled down at her. He had been feeling happy and effusive from the wine, now, instantly, he felt maudlin as he caressed her breasts.

“I like your breasts. My momma had big breasts, not small breasts like yours. I used to watch her nurse my little brother. But I like your breasts. I have lots of brothers,” he grew silent and drew a finger around one of her areolas.

Jin, still sucking the Oracle’s phallus, had rolled up on his side, backing his loincloth-covered butt under his lover’s, Aruli’s, cocked leg. While he sucked, he was watching Jeet’s belly slam forward toward his face with each thrust into the Oracle. He slid his side up over the Oracle’s waist to get a better view, and stroked the inside of her outstretched thighs with his fingers. His head bobbed.

“Jin is good, isn’t he?” Aruli said. “He’s my lover. Did you know he is my lover?”

The Oracle nodded.

Cyndur laughed from behind Jeet’s ear. “Aruli is really drunk,” he said as he ran his hand appreciatively over Jeet’s flexing butt. He leaned back to watch Jeet’s thrusting. When he did, Tazaar glanced at him from Jeet’s other side, and gave his lover a knowing glance. Cyndur had wanted to try Jeet for a long time.

Bantu was kneeling beside Ptolemy and watching Jin suck the Oracle’s phallus from the Oracle’s opposite side to Jin and Aruli. His eyes now traveled down the albino boy’s long torso to his narrow bottom. He hadn’t been with Jin much, and that hadn’t been for awhile. So Bantu got up, and came around the others to kneel behind Jin. Jin was still on his side with his butt nested in Aruli’s lap, but Bantu pushed the albino boy’s hips downward toward the bed, turning Jin belly down and butt up.

Bantu was already naked. Now he pulled away Jin’s loincloth and spread oil into the pink crevice between Jin’s white, rounded buttocks. The redheaded boy probed with his oily fingers between the firm globes of Jin’s tight bottom and over Jin’s taut sphincter. Then Bantu spread oil over his own cock.

Straddling the albino boy’s legs, Bantu spread his knees on the bedding to lower his cock and to get the proper angle. He leaned forward over Jin, who never stopped sucking the Oracle’s phallus, and guided his crown down into the soft warmth of Jin’s crack.

The Oracle, her head back on Aruli’s arm, watched, but she had no coherent thoughts. With Jeet pumping between her legs, driving electric sensations up inside her; and with Jin sucking her phallus while stroking inside her thighs; and Aruli caressing her breasts, she was mindless.

Aruli’s eyes were on Jeet, whose head was back and whose eyes were closed. Jeet’s whole body rocked as he pumped into the Oracle. Because Jeet was holding the Oracle’s hips up, his arms, shoulders, and pectoral muscles were tensed, and his light belly muscles were flexing.

“If you hadn’t picked Jeet,” Aruli told the Oracle, “Jin and I would have taken him to our bed to be with us every night.” His eyes traveled up and down Jeet’s thrusting body. “He’s so pretty,” Aruli whispered appreciatively. He glanced at the Oracle, whose eyes were closed again. “They took our balls at the same time, Jeet and me,” Aruli said. His eyes began to water as he remembered that day through a wine-induced haze. “It was so sad, wasn’t it Oracle? They should have never done that.”

Suddenly Tazaar was beside him, grabbing under Aruli’s knees, pulling Aruli on his back from the Oracle. “Come on you silly drunk,” Tazaar said, grinning. Once he had Aruli well away from the Oracle and onto his back, Tazaar spread Aruili’s legs and lay down on him, cock to cock. He smiled down into Aruli’s eyes.

Aruli felt the thickness of Tazaar’s cock alongside his own. He grinned up at Tazaar. “Tazaar the beautiful!” he said happily. He wrapped his arms over Tazaar’s neck. “Are you going to fuck me, Tazaar? I would really, really like that.”

Tazaar smiled, and kissing Aruli, scooted his knees up under the back of Aruli’s legs.

Ptolemy, stroking himself, watched from the other side of the Oracle as Tazaar prepared and then entered Aruli. He watched as they made themselves into a tight, pumping ball. His eyes traveled to Bantu – kneeling astride Jin’s butt, leaning forward, supporting himself on his outstretched hands, his red head down, watching his loins flatten Jin’s white butt with each thrust. Ptolemy glanced to his side, where heavy-lidded Jeet was grinding his cock between the Oracle’s legs. He reached over to put a hand behind Jeet’s neck and pulled Jeet’s head forward into a kiss. As he did, Cyndur moved behind Jeet to run his hands up and down Jeet’s moving flanks.

Grabbing Jeet’s shoulders, Cyndur pressed his hips forward so he could feel Jeet bump back under his upward-curving cock as the Abij-hah pumped.

Ptolemy moved away from Jeet then, giving them room. He stretched out beside the Oracle, laying his arm across her now unattended breasts.

“It’s the wine,” he said in the Oracle’s ear. “I have heard that it can take longer to come if you’ve had a bit of wine.”

The Oracle’s head rolled toward him. It took a moment for what he said to register. Then she closed her eyes and gave a slight shake to her head. “It won’t be long.”

Ptolemy nodded, and bent to kiss her breast. He closed his mouth over one nipple and fondled the other with his hand. Suddenly, the Oracle gasped with the first onrush of her orgasm.

Grasping the back of Jin’s head, she arched up, her mouth open in a silent cry. Jin swirled her crown. Holding her by the butt, Jeet pumped faster. Ptolemy sucked her nipple… the Oracle arched even higher and cried out. Her body went rigid and her mouth gaped open. Her hips pumped once, twice, three times. A low, guttural cry rose up from her throat and then broke into cries and whimpers. She was twisting, pulling Jin off her phallus and gasping for breath. Her head lolled and she moaned exhaustedly with each impact of Jeet’s loins.

With Bantu pumping into his own butt, Jin scooted back, and onto his stomach beside the Oracle. Bantu came with him, and he lay down onto Jin’s back. Wrapping his arms up under the front of Jin’s shoulders, Bantu drove with his hips, flattening Jin’s butt between their bodies.

Jeet fell forward onto the Oracle, pumping more slowly. Behind him, Cyndur smoothed oil into Jeet’s crevice which was damp with sweat.

Anda’s eyes were closed and her breathing was still ragged as Jeet settled onto her. He covered her mouth with his. She responded to him, wrapping her arms over his neck. He slid his hands under the back of her shoulders to hang on, and gently ground between her legs with his hips. But he stopped when Cyndur planted his knees outside of Jeet’s and the Oracle’s legs and leaned forward over them.

The young athlete pushed his thick cock downward, pressing the large, pink crown between Jeet’s firm, little butt cheeks, dividing them. Cyndur probed, found the opening, and eased in. He murmured softly when he felt the boy’s tightness pass over his crown and around his shaft. His eyelids dropped as he felt the tightness pass down his shaft and his glans slid into Jeet’s warmth like water. He pressed forward until he was all in, and then lowered some of his weight onto Jeet’s back.

Jeet felt the strength of Cyndur’s strong body on his back; felt Cyndur’s thick shaft filling him up; felt the young athlete’s hot breath on the back of his neck; and felt Cyndur’s scrotum drape down over his perineum… felt it with the acuteness that only a castrate might feel for another boy’s testicles. He was glad Cyndur had balls and he spread his legs to better feel the weight of them.

Cyndur started to pump. He murmured again. Jeet’s tightness felt good around his cock. The boy’s firm little bottom fit well under Cyndur’s loins. He kissed the back of Jeet’s head and began an easy lifting and dropping of his hips. His loins made soft slapping noises against Jeet’s butt, in an echoing counter rhythm to similar noises Bantu made pumping against Jin’s bottom beside them. On the other side of Bantu and Jin, Tazaar and Aruli were still in their tight ball. The two were kissing and grinding.

Ptolemy, had backed from the Oracle’s side and stroked easily as he watched the others. Suddenly, he realized that he was not the only one watching. Back toward the Oracle’s table, ten-year-old Rem stood; the front of his loincloth lifted by his long twig of a cock. Rem was stroking it with a thumb and two fingers. Ptolemy grinned and the boy grinned back.

Not getting up from his knees, Ptolemy motioned Rem over. The boy came hesitantly, but Ptolemy smiled reassuringly. When the boy came close, Ptolemy took him by the hips and pulled him close. He pulled off Rem’s loincloth and taking him by his narrow, little hips, Ptolemy took Rem’s thin cock into his mouth.

Ptolemy took the boy’s long shaft into his throat, sliding his tongue forward, all the way under the boy’s balls. Rem gasped, clutching Ptolemy’s head, and bent over him.

Jeet was moving under Cyndur now, driving forward into Anda with Cyndur’s thrusts, coming back slightly when Cyndur did, then joining him for the next thrust. His mouth was over the Oracle’s and he could feel her phallus, still hard, between their bellies. He liked it.

Cyndur ground in a particularly long thrust, pressing Jeet’s prostate, and Jeet arched up with a gasp. He glanced to the left.

He saw naked Rem folded over Ptolemy’s head, mouth open and pumping frantically with his little hips into Ptolemy’s throat. It barely registered in Jeet’s mind as his orgasm erupted with Cyndur’s next downward grind. Jeet gasped, arched back even more under the young athlete; and driving more deeply into the Oracle, he deposited his seedless load.

Cyndur drove down hard and held it so he could enjoy the feel of Jeet’s sphincter squeezing his shaft, clinching reflexively as the boy came. The last strong squeezes from Jeet stirred Cyndur’s own climax and he pushed in as far as he could, squirting out the ample issue of a long delayed orgasm.

+ + + + +

“What kind of a yell?” Rufus asked the guard at the door to the Oracle’s chamber.

“I think it was sex,” the guard replied defensively.

“So you didn’t look in?” Rufus asked with a frown.

The guard shook his head.

“But someone cried out?” Rufus asked.

The guard nodded.

“How long ago was it?”

“Over two hours,” the guard said.

Rufus took the torch from the wall beside the guard. “Stay here,” he told him.

Taking the torch, Rufus quietly entered the room. He hadn’t needed the torch; several of the lamps were still burning. The smell of sex and wine was strong. He saw the nearly empty flagons of wine… the cups… the combined bedding… the nude bodies. At the center, the Oracle slept in Jeet’s arms. To one side, the boy Rem was asleep with his head on Ptolemy’s belly. On the other side of the Oracle, Jin slept spooned behind Bantu. Cyndur slept on his back with Aruli under one arm and Tazaar under the other.

Rufus frowned. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like it at all.

Not that he shouldn’t expect as much from a group of young boys… boys who had been trained for and used for sex. But he had liked these boys. Until now, they had remained uncorrupted despite what they were used for. Oh, they had formed their pairs. Each seemed to have a best friend and lover that he slept with. That was better than this.

Rufus glanced at the Oracle. He had liked her. He had been glad she and Jeet had independence enough to stand up to the priests.

He looked around the room. This sort of behavior could ruin them. He bit his lip. How could he stop it? He didn’t know, but he would try something. He did know that.

He glanced down at Jeet. At least Jeet and the Oracle had stayed together. Rufus decided that he might talk directly to the boy, as he would to one of his own sons. Maybe even more directly than that, because he thought he could with the young Abij-hah. Jeet could be a great man someday. He had it in him. Rufus resolved to help the boy rise to that greatness.

+ + + + +

Jarus waved dismissively at the two stewards who had come into his quarters early that morning. “They are hosting a feast for the other high priests and me tonight,” he said. “I’m sure they were getting the wine for that.”

“Why would they need it last night?” the steward asked, puzzled.

Jarus shrugged. The sun was shining. He was determined to have a good day. Anything would be better than the day before. “Forget it,” he said. “Just give them anything they require for tonight.”

“Holy one!” One of the captains of the temple guard rushed into the room. “A crowd of people is approaching from the city.”

Jarus ran out to the temple portico. Stycus and Eustace joined him a moment later. Guards hurried up from the sides. Within minutes, a procession of people entered the temple courtyard. Jarus recognized city elders in the lead. The procession turned unexpectedly toward the shrine.

The high priests glanced at each other, and then dashed down the portico steps and toward the shrine.

They caught up with the head of the procession just as it reached the shrine steps. The priests quickly straightened their robes and positioned themselves above the crowd on the portico.

“We have come to see the Oracle,” one of the city leaders stated.

“The Oracle will not be granting audiences for another week,” Jarus answered.

“Please, holy one. It is important,” the leader explained. “We have come to seek her forgiveness for yesterday.”

Jarus glanced at the other two high priests who appeared to have no more idea what to do than he did.

“Shall I ask the Oracle to come out?” Rufus asked, stepping forward from behind the priests.

Jarus bit his lip, and then nodded. He motioned Rufus forward. “Be sure she wears her mask,” he whispered.

Forty-five minutes later, the Oracle, in her mask and clothed in light cotton garments, came out onto the shrine portico to find the temple courtyard filled with people back past the high altar. The eunuchs came out on either side of her, wearing their ribbon-like silk breechcloths, gold arm bands, and gemstone necklaces. Some of their bruises and scrapes were still visible from the day before, and those in the front of the crowd noticed with alarm that the boys looked haggard and tired. Their eyes were red as if they had been weeping, and none was smiling.

The procession leader – a fat, bald man in his early forties – stepped forward and bowed. Behind him, the rest of the crowd bowed as well. “Great Oracle,” the leader called out in a loud voice, “we have come to ask your forgiveness.”

Anda glanced at the high priests.

“Oracle,” the leader continued with his head bowed, “our city loves you. When you came to Kaleh, the soothsayers said you would be a great Oracle, and we were happy. Since your arrival, we have daily brought sacrifices – greater sacrifices than required or expected of us. Yesterday, at the river, many who saw you, saw a glow around you, and everyone noted your resemblance to the goddess herself. We all know that you have been favored by the gods, Oracle, and that it is within your power to bless our city or… or not bless our city.” He knelt down, clasping his hands together in supplication. “Great Oracle, each of the Oracles who came before you blessed our city. They shared their favor with us, and our city loved them for it. You, Oracle,” he said, looking up at her earnestly, “will be greater than any of them, and we will love you more.”

“The young men who mobbed you yesterday behaved outrageously,” he said. “They shamed us as much as they dishonored you. We promise you that they will be punished. We have brought gifts to show the sincerity of our regret.” He stood, stepped back, and signaled to the crowd behind him. Half a dozen young girls came forward carrying baskets of flowers and flower petals which they laid at the Oracle’s feet. Then came three young boys carrying baskets of fresh fruit, and then three carrying baskets of sweet breads. Next came three older boys bringing large jars of oil. And finally several boys and girls came forward carrying bolts of fine white cotton and colorful silks.

The leader stepped forward. “These are but promises of what we will bring to you in the coming years, Oracle. Let the marriage between you and our city be long, happy, and fruitful.”

The leader stood and suppressed a smile. The words that he and the other elders had crafted together the night before had come off flawlessly. They had been carefully chosen to accomplish several things: To calm the superstitious people of their city who actually feared the wrath of this young girl; and at the same time, erase the unpleasantness of the day before from the mind of the Oracle through a few small gifts and reconciliatory words.

There was one other thing the city leaders had hoped to accomplish. They wanted to make this an opportunity for the leaders to connect more directly with the Oracle. The priests had always controlled the Oracle, and through her, they had made competitive demands on the loyalties of the citizens of Kaleh. But there were rumors that there were already tensions between this young Oracle and the high priests. The elders decided to approach her directly, and with words of endearment. The leader who spoke was particularly proud of his idea to speak of the Oracle being married to the city. She certainly would never marry a man, and the visualization of being married to the city could be compelling. Now all that remained to end this little ceremony was a closing.

The leader knelt once more before the Oracle, and this time, the crowd behind him dropped to their knees as well. At this point, he was to simply ask the Oracle’s forgiveness, but he had a brilliant thought. Didn’t the whole city know that she loved the boy… what was his name? He couldn’t remember the boy’s name, but they all knew that he would be the Abij-hah and have some power of his own. It would be brilliant to include the Abij-hah.

Bowing from the knee, he spoke loudly. “We seek your forgiveness, Oracle, and that of the Abij-hah who so bravely protected you yesterday.”

The crowd waited silently for the Oracle’s reply.

“The Abij-hah has not been chosen,” Stycus called out coldly.

The leader felt his stomach turn. Had he miscalculated by including the Abij-hah? How bad a miscalculation?

“He’s not the Abij-hah yet,” one of the other leaders close by whispered angrily.

“Jeet!” two others prompted in whispers.

The leader was frustrated and confused. What was the Jeet? Was it the title of the Abij-hah in waiting? “Not the Abij-hah,” the leader said out loud, fumbling for words. “The Jeet-hah.”

Jin snickered audibly at the sobriquet, and Jarus frowned in his direction before stepping forward to address the crowd. “The Oracle has not yet chosen an Abij-hah to speak for her. The high priests will confer with her for her answer.”

From behind her mask, Anda had been watching everything. She had observed the nervousness of the priests. She had sensed that it was because they were not in control. She also sensed that they were about to take control of the morning’s events by stepping between her and the people. Acting on instinct more than thought, she stepped forward past Jarus.

“I forgive you,” she said as loudly as she could, but the mask muffled her. She pulled it off. “I forgive you,” she said out loud.

A gasp at her boldness, and then a pleased murmur, ran through the crowd.

“I forgive you, and I forgive your sons who pressed us so closely yesterday. Do not punish them. They only wanted to come close to us.”

She had gone out on a limb by stepping forward like she had. The priests were already huddling behind her and would not be happy. Would this make them angry enough to finally decide to send her home?

She had an idea.

“Tonight,” she said, “I am hosting a banquet in the shrine for the holy ones… for the...” she paused looking for the just the right words and then found them, “for our beloved high priests. I invite the elders of the city to join us.” She thought of the confines of the small shrine. “There is room for three elders,” she said. “And their wives.”

Anda purposefully avoided glancing at the high priests. “I forgive you all,” she called out loudly, waving her arm in a sweeping gesture. “Tonight the city and the Oracle will become friends.”

The courtyard literally exploded with cheers. The city leader who had spoken smiled gratefully because his blunder had been passed over. The priests looked at each other in consternation. The Oracle glanced back at Jeet, and he smiled encouragingly. She came to him, and taking his hand, they retreated inside, followed by the other eunuchs.

+ + + + +

“Jeet,” Rufus said that afternoon, when the boy was returning with Tazaar and Aruli from conferring about the banquet with Temple bakers and cooks. “May I speak with you a moment?”

Jeet nodded. They were standing on the shrine portico. Jeet stepped closer to Rufus and motioned for the others to continue without him. “Be sure the tables are set up right,” he called. “One table at the center for the Oracle.”

He turned back to Rufus and smiled. Despite starting the day with a headache – as indeed had all the other eunuchs and the Oracle – it was going well.

“After midnight,” Rufus said, “I came into the Oracle’s chambers because one of the guards had heard a cry earlier.”

“Oh,” Jeet said, his smile fading. The young eunuch cleared his throat and lowered his gaze, imagining how things must have looked to Rufus. He tried to think how to explain. “We were afraid of what today would bring, Rufus,” he said, lifting his eyes once more to the man’s. “We were afraid they would send the Oracle home and divide us up. We promised each other, with solemn oaths, to do whatever we had to for us to stay together; whatever the priests required of us. We drank wine together to seal our oaths, and then,” his eyes dropped, “we shared our bed.”

“Jeet,” Rufus said, laying his hand on Jeet’s shoulder – he had a sudden surge of affection for this boy just as he would for his own sons, because this boy wasn’t defiant, and he could be. Rufus hadn’t thought of the things Jeet told him; about the depth of the eunuchs commitment to each other and the Oracle. He would consider them. But he was still concerned. “Jeet,” he said, “I say this because I see in you a quality above other boys.”

Jeet looked up, and then looked away.

“Jeet, when a man gives himself to drink, and when sex comes to mean only pleasure for him, he begins to die inside. His heart becomes hard… like those of the high priests. You are not meant to be like them.”

Jeet looked up with a frown. “Rufus, how could I ever be like them? What happened last night between all of us… well it was more than pleasure!” Jeet frowned in frustration. It was so hard to explain. “The other eunuchs and me and the Oracle… we are bound to each other more than one brother to another; more even than a husband is bound to a wife. We are bound together for all our days, and we will die together.”

Rufus dropped his hand from Jeet’s shoulder. He brow furrowed as he considered Jeet’s words.

“Rufus,” Jeet continued, “you cannot know what it is like for us. You have your manhood. You are married and have fathered children.” Jeet shook his head. “We cannot marry. We cannot father children. We have only each other. We will only ever have each other.”

Rufus thought to argue. He thought to point out that he saw Cyndur among them, and the young boy Rem; and they were not bound with them. But would Jeet listen? Probably not. Rufus nodded and started to turn away, but Jeet stayed him with a hand on Rufus’ arm.

“Thank you,” Jeet said. “I have no father, no mentor, no one to speak to me as you have spoken just now. I will ponder what you said.”

Rufus nodded, started to turn, but turned back. “The boy, Rem,” he said, “don’t make him a catamite. High priests have catamites; you should not… not that boy.”

Jeet nodded. “I will try to protect him.”

Rufus clasped Jeet by the bicep and gave it a squeeze. “Be a good man, Jeet. It is in your nature to be good.”

+ + + + +

Jeet lay awake, facing the Oracle. She was asleep in his arms. The others had moved their beds back downstairs, and Jeet had insisted on returning all the wine from the night before, and from the banquet, back to the temple store houses. No one argued.

It felt good; laying there in the quiet night with only Anda. He moved his leg between hers to feel her skin on his, and he kissed her forehead.

The banquet had been perfect. The Oracle said little, but let the others talk. Rallot had made the eunuchs silk turbans for the occasion, and decked them out in jewelry. Other than that, they wore only thin belts of folded, white silk and long, white breechcloths that hung so low they covered little more than the boys’ cocks which had been folded back between their legs. As they passed from table to table with food and wine, the men ogled and the women gushed.

After the debacle of the river performance, the invitation from the Oracle to a banquet in their honor may have given the high priests hope that each would have a eunuch in his bed for the evening, or at the very least, a contrite Oracle from that point forward. But it was no longer necessary to provide them boys for their beds or for the Oracle to grovel. The Oracle had allies now in the city.

Nevertheless, the priests seemed to enjoy the banquet, and they had been pleased with the outcome of events. After all, if the city loved the Oracle, many would be coming to the temple with sacrifices and offerings.

After the banquet, Jeet and Anda had made love. She had been triumphant that night, and Jeet came to her after stripping off his jewelry, prancing like a horse. Dropping to all fours, he wiggled his ass at her and neighed. “Alexander,” he said, “conquering general – ride your prize gelding into the city.”

The Oracle had laughed, and shed her garments. Kneeling beside him she ran a hand over his back and then patted his butt like she would a horse. “Let me remove your saddle, my beautiful pony,” she said, unfastening his silk belt and breechcloth. His cock fell straight down; long, loose, and lengthening like a pony’s. The Oracle smiled.

“Should I rub you down first?” she asked.

Jeet chuckled and neighed. “You rub down ponies after you ride them,” he said.

“Shouldn’t I comb out your mane?” she asked, moving around on her knees to in front of Jeet’s face. He nuzzled her naked belly as a horse would and liked the tip of her phallus that curved upward at him, rigid. She unloosed Jeet’s hair and combed it out with her fingers. He closed his mouth over her crown and sucked lightly. The Oracle gently took his head in her hands and pumped her hips slowly. “My beautiful pony,” she whispered.

She pulled from his mouth and moved behind him. Jeet wiggled his butt once more. “Your cock is already wet, General Alexander. Mount your pony.”

Anda-Alexander edged up on her knees behind Jeet and pushed his butt lower to the height she needed. Then holding him by the hip with one hand, she grasped her erection with the other and pushed in. With only his saliva to lubricate her, her entry was snug, and Jeet’s tightness stretched the skin back on her phallus. She pushed all the way in until his butt was against her lap, then she folded her body over his, wrapping her arms under his belly. “Take me riding, my beautiful pony,” she whispered, kissing high up his back, between his shoulder blades.

Jeet arched his back up, gently pulling his hips forward. Then he swayed his back, pushing his hips back. And up again, and back again. The Oracle caught the rhythm and pumped her hips to meet him… a rhythm like the slow lope of a horse.

She swept her hands over his flanks and under his belly and up under his chest, and she talked to him about the day and how it had gone and how much she loved him and how glad she was that he was hers.

Her orgasm began to stir, but she wasn’t ready. “Turn over, beautiful pony,” she whispered.

Jeet rolled to his back and she stuffed a little bedding under his bottom to lift it to a better height. Jeet opened his legs out to the sides. Grabbing him by the hips, she moved forward, sliding her knees under the backs of his thighs, and she reentered him. She scooted forward until she was all the way in, and the backs of his outstretched legs rested on the tops of hers. She grabbed his cock with both hands. Then as she rose and fell on her knees, she pumped her hands on his cock to the same rhythm… a rhythm like the easy riding of a horse.

Her eyes met his and she smiled. His cheeks were flushed, and she hoped his body was growing ready. “We are riding to the top of a mountain, pony. A high mountain. I’ll drive you on,” she said, bumping into his butt gently. “But you must take us to the top.” She closed her eyes. “Let me feel when you are close.”

Jeet nodded. Grasping the sides of her thighs lightly with his hands, he hooked his ankles behind her butt. And they rode.

When he was close, he clamped down hard on her and squeezed her thighs. Anda-Alexander pumped her hips and hands faster… and faster, and when she came, Jeet came at the same time, giving her the disjointed sensation that her light cum was squirting through his cock and onto his stomach.

But now, as she slept in his arms, Jeet was troubled and unsure why. Eventually, he dozed. And then he dreamed.


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