The Lord and His Squire
by Magicmark (

My new lord Sir Gawain and I were traversing the dark and mysterious forest of Lhaw, on the road to a meeting of knights in the far city of York, when a strange chance befell. We happened upon a castle which appeared deserted; though night was falling no candles glimmered from its window-slits, and my quick ears caught no sound for miles around. There was no moat or drawbridge, but a high archway with a tall iron gate that lay open, swinging slowly on its ancient hinges. Cautiously we entered, closing the gate behind us, to discover what had befallen this forgotten tower, and also perchance to find quarters for the night, which looked to be bitter cold.

We dismounted and let our horses stray in the inner courtyard while we entered the keep. It was not an unusual castle, in fact, much like my father's in Cornwall, but its abandonment lent it an eerie feel, and though we found torches close at hand in a storage nook off the main hall, we rounded every corner with a enhilirating mixture of curiosity and fear.

At the top of a spiral stone stairwell of many steps was a chamber reserved for he who had once been lord of this tower: the room was richly tapestried, and very tall, nearly twice the height of my lord, who was accounted tall among men. To one side of the circular room was a bed of great size heaped with thick skins and furs; Sir Gawain and I smiled at one another, for we knew we had found a place to fend away the cold. There was also a great fireplace which to our fortune was supplied with firewood alongside, and I immediately busied myself in building a fire.

While I was thus occipied my lord was skirting the room, examining the tapestries, armaments and other devices which were hanging on every wall. When I completed my task and came up behind him, he was examining a small tapestry on its own, which hung from a simple leather strap. Though somewhat faded, it clearly depicted two comely men embracing in a Greek manner.

Sir Gawain seemed strangely drawn to it, and approached to regard it more closely. Then he turned to me and asked me what I thought. I replied that I saw nothing of interest in the device, apart from its admirable craftsmanship.

"Do you not recognize the ones depicted here?" he said.

I looked again, and saw all at once that one of the figures bore the strongest resemblace to my lord. I looked up to see his face -- easily the comeliest of any man's -- regarding me intensely, his bright gray eyes glinting in the firelight. I felt a warmth within me that was not all displeasing.

"The face .. resembles yours, my lord," I said haltingly.

"And not only the face!" he added, and when I frowned he quickly shed his mailshirt, jerkin, and tunic to reveal his strongly muscled torso, which did indeed resemble the godlike form in the tapestry.

I admitted as much to Gawain. "But surely, lord," I added, pointing to the prodigious manhood depicted in the tapestry, tokening an endowment greater than any I had ever seen, even within my own family (much the stuff of frank and coarse legend in this regard, I hesitate to reveal, in my home village). To my amaze he thereupon shed the balance of his clothes and stood before me naked, revealing to me the full beauty of his form. His member, though not aroused, hung heavily from his loins.

As I stared at my lord I realized that my shock and distress at having him stand before me thus was exceeded only by my desire that he never shield that beauty from me, that he remain unsheathed before me thus until God should come again.

My lord elected to interpret my speechlessness in a surprising manner. "You cannot decide," he said, "because it is not in a like state. Come, help me to awaken it," he added.

My eyes widened. "How am I to do that, my lord?" I said faintly.

"Kneel before me, squire," he commanded, "and take it gently into thy mouth."

I hesitated only a moment before doing as he commanded. As I fell to my knees my face was very close to the large, thick organ already awakening from its slumber. Plunging headlong into this new experience I steeped myself in the musk of his warm loins before taking his massive, thickening manhood into my suddenly eager mouth.

In my young years I had never encountered so enjoyable a feeling, and I felt enraptured as my mouth and tongue and lips received as much pleasure as they gave to my lord's rapidly swelling organ. As it grew my mouth and then my throat seemed to wrap around it as if it belonged there. By the time it was stiff within my mouth it had nestled deep into my throat, more comfortable there than a dragon in its cave. Gawain was thrusting slightly and pulling back, thrusting slightly and pulling back.

I became acutely aware of my own need and pulled aside enough of my clothing to free my own, very rigid dragon, eliciting a shart intake of breath from my impressed master as I held it in my hands. He withdrew from my mouth, and reluctantly I stood as he removed my clothes until we stood naked and flushed before each other. We stared briefly at each other, then pushed our lips together with terrible passion, our fiery tongues wrestling each other as my broad hands stroked his muscled back and long, flowing hair and he caressed my achingly hard manhood with both his strong and talented hands.

I could not hold back a volvanic eruption of white-hot liquid, which shot straight up to hit our necks and shoulders as we kissed. Sir Gawain then took the liquid in his hand and brought it around to my backside, and as he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth I felt two of his fingers inside of me, a sensation which nearly caused me to swoon in pleasure. He inserted another finger, then another; then he turned me and, pressing on my brawny shoulders, compelled me to bend somewhat at the waist.

Then I gasped, for he was inside me, thick as a tree and hotter than melted wax. Inch by inch he slid into my body, until I felt I could hardly take such an effusion of pleasure; but his organ was so prodigious that it was some time -- how long I do not know -- before it was all within me. He held me by my lithe waist as he began to rhythmically start to pull out, then push all the way in. I was in ecstacy, and my own organ, stiffer than it had ever been, was fire in my hands. Sir Gawain sped his rhythm, and faster and faster he thrust, when suddenly we cried out together, and he filled me with the fiery nectar of passion while I spilled great quantities on the slate-flag floor.

Nearly overcome we moved over to the nearby bed and fell upon it, Gawain's beautifully sculpted form against my thickly-muscled frame. Our mouths feel upon each other and we passed some time in that fashion until he raised his face and smiled impishly at me; I could feel his dragon, which had been slumbering, was awakening again. As it grew and stiffened, we regarded it until he said, "Now, what think you? It is like the tapestry?"

I smiled at my lord and said, "My lord, it far surpasses it."

We delved beneath the covers and, immune to the chill, passed the most blissful of nights.