Moving to the City – 26

That night they made love. Peter, on his back with his legs on Jack’s shoulders looked upto his face. He was going to miss that handsome face, His hands roamed over the broad hairy chest, he could not believe it that he would never touch Jack’s body again. Jack pounded his cock hard in and out of his ass. Peter had to hold back both his orgasm and his tears.

Jack’s groaned louder, with all his force his pushed his cock deeper in to his ass, banging Peter’s head against the wall. Jack threw his head back and shot his semen deep into Peter’s ass. Peter let go to, shotting his load all over the both of them, at the same time tears welled up in his eyes.

After his last spurt Jack withdrew and laid on top of Peter, kissing his on his lips. Peter wrapped his arms aroound him and hugged him tighter.

“I’m gonna miss you, you know”, Jack said into his ear.

“Me too, I love you. Please, don’t go!” Peter pleaded and pusshed his tongue into Jack mouth.

Jack pulled back and rolled off, “Don’t start that again, you know I’ll have to go.”

He regretted it that he had said that, knowing that Jack wouldn’t change his mind. He apologized and laid his head on Jack chest. He felt the Jack’s lips going through his hairs.

“ love.” Jack wishpered.

“Night, I love you.” Peter answered and placed a kiss on his chest.

The next morning the both got up early, Jack didn’t want Peter to come along to the station. Beside first he had to go to work to collect his wages. Jack said goodbye to Aunt Leonora, who fougth back her tears. Then Jack turned to Peter. Aunt Leo left to room to give them some privacy. As soon as the door closed behind her Peter threw himself into Jack arms, forcing his tongue deep into his mouth. First Jack resisted but after a few seconds he opened his mouth further and their tongues mingled. Peter felt Jack getting hard and moved his hand to his hardening cock, he gave it a few good squeezes.

“Mmmmm, no... stop it!” Jack murmured.

Peter continued, running his hands over he outline of Jack’s cock.

“No, I need to go. Please Peter, don’t make it any more difficult!”

There were tears in both their eyes as they kissed for the last time on their lips.

“Write me!”

Jack got his old carton suitcase and left. Peter felt a emptiness in his heart, from behind the curtains he saw Jack walking down the street. He knew that he would never see him again.

Peter felt numb the next days, he went to work but did not have any pleasure. Occasionally he would cum when he was with a client. But somehow he could not enjoyed it. He just laid and let the client do his business. At night he stared at the empty bed of Jack, missing his snoring, missing his warmth, his body, his love.

More than two weeks had gone by when finally a letter arrived from Jack. He had been out for a stroll in the city.

Auntie Leo was excited, holding up the letter the moment he stepped it. It was adressed to him. Peter opened it and started to read. It was just a short note, he quickly read it, disappointed he put the letter down. He met Aunt Leo’s asking eyes.

“He gives you his regards.” He said.

“Is that all?”

“No, he is doing fine, settling in nicely, business is going well, that was basicly all he wrote. He handed her the letter. First she hesitated but then she read it.

“Typical Jack, he is a man of not many words.” She said.

“Well I’m off to work.” Without saying a word he left.

He was angry, angry at Jack but most of all at himself. All these days he had hoped for a letter, a letter telling him that Jack missed him. Damn! He felt a fool, somehow he expected Jack to tell him to come too, or that he would return to Amsterdam. He stopped at a bar and ordered a Scotch, he laid down his money as the bartender placed his drink in front of him, he quickly drank the Scotch and ordered another one. The barkeeper refilled his glass. Once it was filled he raised it, “goodbye to Jack!” he said, and emptied the glass in one sip. He left money on the bar and went out again, he took a deep breath. “Fuck him!” he almost shouted.

Richard opened the door when he rang, “you’re early!”

He entered the parlour, the master was rearranging some bottle.

“Ah, Peter, good that you’re here, I want to have a word with you.”

“I’ll like to have a Scotch.”

“Peter, what’s wrong? I mean the last two weeks you’ve bene different, not that I receive complaints from our clients, but normally they appraise you when they were with you.”

“I know, Sir. A Scotch, please?”

The master poured him a small amount, “Look Peter, if there is something wrong you know you can tell me, if you need a couple days for your self, it’s fine.”

Peter looked at the glass, “I meant a normal Scotch, Sir.”

The master sighed and filled his glass halfway up, “Peter, if you get drunk, Richard will kick you out and I don’t want to see you for at least a couple of weeks. By the way, this will come out of your earning tonight, that is, if you earn anything at all tonight.”

Peter took a sip of his drink, “Don’t worry, Sir, I’m back, believe me, they’ll will be begging for me again, Sir.”

Moving to the city – 27

Peter had not lied. The first man who came in that tonight looked at directly to Peter, then his eyes wandered over the other boys. With a smile he stepped towards Peter. Peter gave him his most seductive smile. They made some small talk for a few minutes before they went upstairs. After closing the door Peter laid his hand on the man’s fly. He felt a nice size hard cock. He gave it a few squeezes, the man moaned and moved his hands to Peter’s ass.

“Mmm. A nice hard ass.” And pulled him closer to him.

Feeling the man’s erection pressing against his crotch made Peter hard too. He mouth went to the man’s ear, with the tip of his tongue he licked it.

“You want to fuck me?” he whispered.

“Hell yes.”

Slowly Peter started to undress the man, he had a nice torso, muscular but not too much. He nibbled at the nipples and let his finger run through the trail of hair running from the man’navel to inside his trouser.

The man moaned loudly as he felt Peter warm mouth going over his chest from one nipple to the other.

“O fuck!” He cried out when Peter’s hand went inside his trousers, and started to play with the moist head of his cock.

Peter unbuckled the man’s trousers and opened his fly, pulling the trouser together with his underpants down. The uncut cock was leaking, he put his tongue under the heavy hairy balls and moved slowly over the balls along the shaft upwards to the head, licking up the pre-cum that was now flowing. He looked up into the eyes of the man and opened his mouth wider, taking the cock in all the way to the base. He licked the shaft while the cock head beat against the back of his throat.

“O man! Easy now, it’s been so long that I’ve been with a man, a real guy I mean.” The man said while he started to mould Peter’s shoulders.

Still sucking the cock, Peter removed his shirt. The man’s hands roamed his naked shoulders and chest.

The man pulled his cock out, “I want to fuck you.”

He kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his trousers that laid around his ankles and sat on the bed, slowly stroking his cock.

Peter got up, kicked out his shoes too and turned around, slowly taking his pants down and pushing his naked ass back to the man.

The man groaned and put his tongue in Peter’s crack, running it up and down till he pushed his tongue into the warm whole.

Peter let out a moan and pushed his ass back, God he felt horny too, his own cock was rockhard and he hoped that he would not cum before the client.

The man got up from the bed, wet his cock with spit and placed it against Peter’s sphincter.

They both moaned as Peter pushed back and the dripping cock slided in.

He fucked Peter hard and fast. Peter used every muscle in his ass to squeeze to pumping cock, his hand went between his legs and caressed the man’s swinging balls. He could feel that the man was close, then the man stopped and pulled out. He was guided to the bed and a pillow was placed under his ass. For a moment the man looked down on him.

“Just perfect.”

The man pulled Peter’s legs up, and aimed his cock. Peter’s ass was still wide open and sucked in the cock completely.

Only after a few thrusts, the man threw his head back, his whole body flexed, he groaned loudly. Peter reached out and pinched both nipples. He felt the warm wet fluid shooting in his ass, the man kept on fucking him while his cock filled Peter’s ass with his seed. Finally he pulled out and laid on top of him.

“Wow, you’re amazing.”

“Thanks.” said Peter, “so are you.”

The man gave his a quick kiss and got up and got dressed. Peter did the same, pushing his erection back into his pants.

Downstairs they were greeted by the master.

“Well Sir, everything allright?”

“More than allright.” The man answered and gave Peter a wink. He looked at his watch and smiled. “Still early, guess we could have drink.”

“Of course, Sir.”

“A brandy for me and for my friend here a .....?” He looked at Peter.

“A Scotch, please.”

“Very well.” The master poured the drinks and this time Peter got a double, together with a big smile from him.

The man told him that his name was Jan and that he was happily married, but every now and then he felt an urge, an urge to fuck a man. “You know with a woman is nice, but fucking a guy that’s ... well, better.”

“Why not fuck only guys then?”

“Because I’m married.” Jan answered and looked as that explained everything.

Why can’t guys be honest about it, Peter thought, he recalled the stuff with Jack and Wilhelmina, why the charade. He couldn’t imagine that he would ever have sex with a woman.

Jan ordered for both of them anouther drink. Peter looked around, it was not busy, the few guest that were in were being entertaint by the other boys. He guessed Hans and Gerard were already upstairs.

“You didn ‘t cum, did you?” Jan asked.

“No, I didn’t, as long as you did.” Peter returned.

Jan took Peter’s hand and placed it on his crotch. He was hard again. “Did I tell you that I also liked to be sucked?”

Peter smiled, “No, you didn’t, but that doesn’t surprise me.” He gave Jan’s cock a good squeeze.

“Man suck so much better than girls, hell, most girls don’t even want to it.”

Peter couldn’t help it but his cock was rockhard again, “Do you suck too.”?

Jan took a sip of his drink.

“Come on, you can tell me, be honest.”

“Yes,” Jan answered at last, “to be honest I do, every now and then.”

Peter moved a bit closed to Jan and took his hand and placed it on his own hard cock. In a reflex Jan squeezed it.

Peter opened Jan’s fly discretely and let his hand slide in, slowly he stroked Jan’s throbbing cock.

He moved his mouth against Jan’s ears and whispered “I do hope it is ‘now’.”

“Finish your drink and let’s get upstairs again.”

“You’ll have to pay again.” Peter said, ticking the Jan’s piss slit with his nail.

“Hell, who cares.”

Without any hesitation, Jan pulled out a banknote and gave it to the master, took Peter by the hand, and went upstairs.

Once in the room they both got naked, ans with their hard cocks swinging in the air, the laid on the bed in the 69 position.

They sucked eachother cock eagerly, their hands and tongues played with eachother cocks, balls and cracks. When Jan shoved two fingers into Peter’s ass, he could not take it anymore.

He cried out that he was going to cum. To Peter’s surprise Jan didn’t let go of his cock, he ever took it deeper into his mouth.

“O fuck!” Peter yelled, now fucking Jan’s mouth really fast, he wanted to withdraw when he felt his balls about to explode, but Jan stopped him.

They moaned loudly as Peter blew his load, filling Jan’s mouth with his seed. After the first spurt Jan’s cock started to spew another big load. Peter swallowed it all, so did Jan.

They kept on sucking till their balls were empty and their cocks clean.

After maybe 15 minutes Jan told Peter that it was time go home. They got dressed and before leaving the room Jan stopped him.

“May I kiss you?”

“It’s you party.”

“Yeah, I know.” Jan got some money out of his purse and shoved it into Peter’s pants pocket.

Jan pushed his tongue deep into Peter’s mouth, their tongues rolled around.

“So differently.” Jan said. “You know I could fall in love with you.”

Peter smiled, “Don’t be silly, how could you, I mean you love your wife, don’t mix love with lust. So love you wife and when you’re horny for cock or ass, you know where to find me.”

Jan followed Peter downstairs, the Master asked Jan if he wanted another drink, but Jan declined, told the master that he had to go home but told him to pour another for Peter.

“Sure, Sir.” The master said, pouring another Scotch for Peter, then rubbing his thumb and index finger together.

“Oh, yes, sorry.” Jan said and pulled his purse again and paid for Peter’s drink.

“Thanks.” Peter said, and raised his glass, “hope to see you again... soon.”

Jan smiled, “you can count on that.” And gave him a kiss on his lips.

Peter and the master watched as Jan went out the parlour.

“Very nice, Peter, one client, two times upstairs, very good. I guess you’re back.”

Peter smiled, “I did tell you that tonight.”

“So you did. By the way, that Scotch you had when you came in.... it’s on the house.”

“Thanks Sir.”

It was still warm outside when Peter walked home. He avoided the crowded streets where people were still strolling, looking at the windows displays of the shops. He felt good, but dreaded the idea of going to bed and looking at the empty bed where once Jack had slept. He walked along the quiet canal, only the sound of the leaves of the old trees overhanging the water could be heard. He missed Jack for sure, he missed his strong arms around him, he missed that big hairy body on top of him. He did miss him but he was no longer angry or sad about it. You had to move on in life. Thinking of Jan he realised that he should be happy about guys like Jack and Jan. Trying to live a normal life with a woman and maybe as a father, it was like Jan said: every now and then he needed a man. Wasn’t that his means of living. What would happen if guys could live happily together, most of the clientele wouldn’t pay to have sex with another man and Peter would be out of his job.

He left the stately canal and walked along the Rozengracht, once also a canal, but now a broad street woth trams and busses, the heart of the Jordaan, the neighbourhood he lived in. He didn’t want to go to bed just yet so he decided to have a drink at the cafe.

He ordered another Scotch, told himseld that this one would be the last one.


He looked up, Auntie Leonora pushed away the people to reach him.

“Peter, do you have problems going to sleep with this heat too?”

“Don’t know really, just got back from work, one last drink before I go to bed.”

Well dear, it’s so warm, I don’t even try to go to bed yet. At least they have these big fans here, the only place in the neighbourhood where it is a little bit cooler. And with this heat one is so thirsty,you know.”

Peter had to laugh. “OK, can I buy you a refreshment then.”

“You’re such a dear, I’ll have a Jenever then, if you don’t mind.”

“Why don’t I give you just the whole bottle!” The barkeeper said to Auntie when he poured her her drink.

“It’s the heat, you must drink a lot with this temperature.” Auntie Leo said in her defence. “By the way, Peter, I just put up an add for another tenant. I really need the money you know.”

“But Auntie, I could pay double, then I would have the room for myself and you won;t have to bother about two people, you just would have me.”

“No, Peter, that wouldn’t be fair. Well, Cheers!” She threw back the Jenever in one sip.

Peter did the same and left, he get into his room and stripped, naked he slipped between the sheet, looking at the empty bed against the other wall. A new tenant!

He thought about the money he had earned ever since he arrived here, maybe it was about time he would find a place of his own, just a small appartment, nothing fancy.

He turned on his side, yeah, tomorrow he would look for a place for himself.

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