My Gladiator 02

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Chapter 2

Our arrival in Rome was, for me, highlighted by the arrival of Obitum Prorenata, principle factor of the gladiatorial school to which Vastus Procumbus owed a great deal of money. The two men argued for a bit over my worth and then I was turned over to the evilly scarred Obitum Prorenata. The men reluctantly restrained Bollix as I was lead away to my new life.

Freeman Prorenata took me directly to the stable of Bastinado Precipitius , one of the many contractors at the coliseum, and traded me for a gambling debt of some sort. Precipitius was the bondsman and factor for Senator Refulguanti. I was thrown in to a dark, dank, sewer smelling underground chamber and the simple robe I'd been given by Sarge and Bollix was quickly taken from me and a thorough beating quickly administered. Misery enjoying company as it did, I was subjected to stories about what was to be done to me, the torture, disfigurement and eventual death at the hands of the Senator's party friends. It seems as though the Senator made a considerable living by having his in-town villa converted into an establishment where gentleman of refined means could, for a price, do whatever their imaginations could conceive of to certain select slaves, of which I was now most certainly one. I spent the day being abused by my fellow slaves and regaled with tales of what would be done to me by the masters.

It was after dark when they came for me. I was terrified and tried to get away from the big brute who came for me. That got me beaten by a leather thong and then dragged out of the pen by my hair. I was lifted, again by the hair, into a barrel of ice cold water and roughly washed off, or rinsed I should say as no pretense of soap was used. My hair was used to lift me out of the barrel and then I was harried up a narrow flight of stairs. Ser Refulguanti was making arrangements for a special party that evening. He was... amazing? At first I didn't know if he was a man or a woman. It looked like he had the shadow of a beard, yet he wore a woman's flowing robes. His hair was delicately curled and elaborately arranged. His skin was scrubbed and heavily perfumed. His lips painted and entirely too much makeup had been plastered to his otherwise sallow face. He spoke in high, imperious tones and carried a whip that he used freely on everyone around him.

"This is the new boy then?"

"Yes, Master." whined the brute holding my hair.

"Humph! Provincial lout. Probably has no concept of proper behavior, nor any idea about how to properly mouth a man. Ohhh..." he sighed, as if very put upon. "Oh, well! Put it in a presentor and if one of those toy louts of Imperious' wants someone to demonstrate his sword work on, use it!"

The brute pulled me away but his masters voice stopped him, "Oh... If that Proconsul visiting with the Emperor wants someone else to torture to death, use it. I'm tired of losing my trained boys to his idle curiosity."

I couldn't believe what I'd heard, or what I saw when taken upstairs. Men sprawled on couches, closely attended by slaves of all sorts. Feeding like pigs and swilling fine wines like gluttons. I saw one man fucking a little girl who couldn't have been more than five or six, while they watched her little brother slide down a greased pole he'd been impaled on, and then left to his own resources to keep the thing from coming out his mouth. The man was avidly watching the boys struggles while he beat and fucked the little girl.

I saw even worse things as I was led to an alcove filled with an iron frame. I shuddered and tried to not look as I was lifted, folded in half and stuffed into the frame. A leather harness held my head back and a double iron ring held my mouth open. Clamps and straps held my legs and arms back out of the way so that my asshole and mouth were presented to anyone who cared to use them. The frame quite easily adjusted up or down to make it easy for customers to do whatever they chose to my exposed body. Almost immediately a man so drunk he could hardly stand came over and pissed all over me. In my eyes, up my nose and flooding my held-open mouth. He actually paid little attention to me, using me as if I were a blank wall or something.

Several hours went by and I had cried all I could cry. The pain of being held in an awkward position in that strange torture rack joined with the sickness I felt from what I'd been forced to watch happen. I was about to pass out when a large boisterous party came in and the entire place filled with noise and renewed activity. It didn't take long for a man in white robes with wide purple edging to find me. "AH! What have we HERE?" he exclaimed. "Fresh meat!" He drew his sword and I knew that the pain was about to end --- but I was badly mistaken. Using the flat of the heavy blade the party-happy man began to beat my ass, laughing and joking with his friends about the noises I was making, trying to beg for mercy or to just scream in pain. They thought I was delightful and one of the party wanted to see the Proconsul beat me entirely black-and-blue before skinning me for a colored lampshade the way he had for Maximus. The man positively simpered as he begged the Proconsul for the favor. They were going to kill me all right, but just a little at a time.

"Proconsul Titus! I see you're playing with your sword again. Did you need another lesson?"

Twisting rapidly to face the voice, the Proconsul turned white, and his back stiffened. "We are not pleased with your interruption Braxipilius. Leave us!"

"Tietarse," drawled the voice, "You horse-dung eating dick-sucking butt licker." A huge shape glided smoothly and silently out of the shadows, only to loom over the frame I was trapped in, which creaked and groaned as he leaned his weight against it. "I can't leave my toys for even a few seconds without you trying to damage them, can I?"

"You don't fool me, Braxipilius!" The Proconsul said angrily, "This is nothing but another of Ser Refulguanti's wall decorations."

"Are you calling me a liar, Pompompitious?"

The quiet voice filled the room with sudden silence and all eyes glided to the Proconsul, to see how he would choose to die. As was explained to me later, Braxipilius was the Emperor's favorite gladiator. Winner of over a hundred bouts and part owner of the three best gladiatorial schools in Rome. Astute businessman and accomplished gambler. Suave, cultured, and very, very dangerous. Even a Proconsul had to be careful around him, especially a Proconsul who owed him several large gambling debts.

"N-n-n-no! Of c-course n-n-not! I j-just th-th-thought..."

"See what happens when you think, Proconsul? Now. Leave us!"

Shamed, the Proconsul and his friends quickly scurried off to torment someone else. To take out their shame and anger on some poor innocent who couldn't fight back.

"Take him out of that damn thing and bring him to me!" Braxipilius ordered the room servants.

Unable to stand or walk on my own, I was carried into a private room occupied by Braxipilius, a few friends and servers of both sexes. "You idiots," he said, barely looking at my semi-crippled form, "take him to a hot bath and massage him until he can walk. I don't need a cripple!"

The servants carried me off to a real bath and gently cared for me until I could walk on my own again. While they worked on me we gossiped shamelessly. I learned that Braxipilius was six foot eight, weighted three hundred and twenty pounds, had the balls of a horse and the dick of a donkey and was a tireless and knowledgable lover who had a predilection for nubile boys. Especially eager, playful, virgin boys. I had the servers completely shave what little hair I had managed to grow except on my head and around my eyes. I looked into the big bronze mirror that decorated the wall and saw a boy who was a little bruised, but otherwise healthy. Enlarged penis and dropped testicles bespoke my nubility, but my body was as hairless and smooth as a six-year-olds. I had them mix a little white wine with olive oil (a trick Sarge had shown me) and rub me down with the mixture until my body had a soft, smooth gleam in the lamplight. Then I had the much taller men get one on either side of me and take my hands to lead the little boy back to his daddy. Braxipilius' eyes gleamed when he saw the results of the servers efforts. "Thank you!" he said, tossing the taller a silver piece. "Thank you very much indeed!", and the shorter snagged his silver piece out of the air.

I let go of the servers hands and, with all the aplomb of a favored child, climbed up on my, hopefully soon-to-be, Daddy's couch, babbling on about what I'd seen and what a nice bath the nice men had given me and all the strange things the people outside were doing. I wandered around the room, artless as a small child, snitching bits of food here and there, joking with Braxipilius' friends and playing around as innocently as any child who hadn't been beaten and tortured that very same evening. Whenever I got too disruptive or bothered, or seemed to bother one of Braxipilius' guests too much, Braxipilius would call me back to him and admonish me as if I were his favored child, even lightly smacking my bare butt a few times when I got a little too excited. I'd cuddle up with him each time, letting him ply me with choice tit-bits as he showered me with his attention. Something always distracted me though and I'd be off running around until I was once again called back to his couch for being too loud, too nosy, too giggly, too forward, too too! Or whatever. I was like a little lark, adding grace notes to the evenings talk and entertainment, pealing with easy laughter at the various performers that came to the room to entertain, I was very much the small, very favored son of a proud and indulgent father.

Braxipilius' friends were indulgent, and amused ---- and not... unaffected by the childishly open relaxed sexuality of his new 'little boy'. I was talking with Theuses, a Greek business associate of Braxipilius', and playing patty-cake with his member when Braxipilius told me to quit bothering his friend. "I'm not bothering him, Daddy." Purposely adding in a childish lisp, I continued, "Ththith is telling me a story about when he was a little boy."

"Did Thesuses..." Braxipilius was careful to give the name it's proper Greek pronounciation, 'play with men's privates when he was a litte boy?"

I was leaning over the edge of Thesuses' couch as I played with him. Very much in a 'Man of the World' manner" I rolled until my back was to the couch and my legs were casually crossed, my elbows on the couch, the head of Thesuses member still in my hand. "Ththith said that little boys should learn to play with their daddies things so they can be good sons, and then good fathers themselves. Ththith ith really smart, Daddy."

"Somebody's little butt is going to hurt if you don't quit bothering Thesuses and get over here."

Sighing a very large and grown-up sort of sigh, I turned back to Thesuses and carefully laid his 'little puppy' down on the couch, patting it's head because it had been a good puppy. "Sorry Ththith. Daddy don't want me to play with your litte puppy any more, n' I gotta go too!"

Struggling to keep the laughter out of his voice, Thesuses ruffled my hair and said, "That's ok, son. Maybe you can play with the puppy later, and even teach him some tricks, like sitting up and begging or how to spit into your mouth."

I laughed a joyous child's laugh and threw my arms around Thesuses' neck to kiss him. Thesuses kissed me very thoroughly, getting a good feel of my stiff little dick and small balls. He gave my naked little butt a pretty good going over as well, even going so far as to insert a finger a goodly distance into my still somewhat tender behind. Jumping down and laughing, I ran back and jumped up on our hosts couch, snuggling my warm little bottom right into where his staff swelled to greet it. I wiggled my butt around until 'Daddy' had something of unprecedented proportions pushing me away from him as it stiffened. I was definitely impressed.

Another of the party pulled one of the slave girls down onto his couch and proceeded to mount her. I quickly flipped over and buried my face and little pecker in Daddy's thick chest fur, peeking over my fist at something I didn't want to miss but was afraid I wasn't supposed to see. "What's that man doing, Daddy?"

"He's making love to the slave girl, Little Puppy."

"I'm not, 'Little Puppy! 'Litel' Puppy' is over there with Ththith."

Trying not to laugh at my artful ignorance, Braxipilius said, "That's Thesuses' Little Puppy. You're my little puppy."

I looked down between Braxipilius' legs. "I don't know 'pilius. It looks to me like your litel' Puppy is a great big doggie!"

Thesuses snorted about a cup of wine out his nose as he and the rest of Braxipilius' friends broke out into hilarious laugher at the new boys word play. Braxipilius' size was well known and his current erection quite obvious. My pretended ignorance just added to the hilarity. Braxipilius smacked my bottom, but it was the smack of a father proud of a wayward son. It was a smack much as my father might have given me.

I was suddenly deeply sad and exhausted. Suddenly overwhelmed by the stress and strain and striving for survival, I broke down into hysterical sobbing.

"What the...?"

"The boy is in shock Braxipilius. How well could you handle being used in this place?" Thesuses said angrily.

Huge arms engulfed and lifted me up against a chest hard enough to be a wall. Voices said `good-bye' and `We'll meet again soon.' Soon after a voice loudly demanded payment. Braxipilius' chest vibrated in anger and suggested that if restitution for a dead boy were wanted, perhaps the Procounsel would care to pay, I held very still, limp and unbreathing. Braxipilius strode off and soon kissed the top of my head, "That's a brave, smart boy! You can breathe now." Breath brought back the crushing weight that threatened to kill me. Sobbing as silently as possible, the quivering and twitching of my abused body and mind drew me to an ever deeper and darker place.